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$100K Fortunes Keep CDL Tournament! Ricochet Anti-Cheat BIG Update! Ep.11

October 17, 2022 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 11
Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast
$100K Fortunes Keep CDL Tournament! Ricochet Anti-Cheat BIG Update! Ep.11
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What's Up Goons!!!!  We have a action packed episode!!!
-100,000 Fortunes Keep CDL Tournament Drama 
-New Meta in Warzone
-Ricochet Releases Big update
-Faze Swagg Sponsored byCronus? 

U Guys are going to love this one!!!  Let me know what you think with a rating and comment!  

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Hey guys. Welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins, goon squad and keto boo. All right, welcome back to your goon squad with the Kido goon we're back again. What's up? Yo, what's up, guys? So I can't do it. I can't do it. You I thought you were gonna beat me out it anyways. Okay, we are troubled interest. We're done with it. We'll put it behind us. That's done. So we got some big things to talk about. To be honest, we got some big some big points. So there was 100 Key fortunes keep tournament that just finished. So we're gonna run there's a bunch stuff, we got to talk about how Nadiya played, the final standings, some drama that went on. So we'll go over all that stuff. And then we have the Ricochet anti cheat update, which is really interesting. So we're gonna read over that and talk about it. Give you guys our opinions and some of that stuff that's going down to what else we have in there. Oh, on the 20th we're going to be doing a live stream of the campaign for him w two. Yeah, that'll be fun. We've never livestream a campaign. I think people would like to see it. I want to see it. Well, I want to play it. So it'll be great. You guys can see it, I can play it. And then I'll have Quito here show up over at the house. So we'll do it together on stream. So it's not like he's gonna be at his house. He can sit next to me and we'll just like, you know, talk some, but Well, hopefully, hopefully we can trade off right? It's not going to be just you playing the whole time. Right. And not only pus out of that. I don't know, we can we can talk about that as it goes. Anyways, so before we start anything new? No, no, I I'm just been watching that. I mean, I was watching the kids all weekend. But in between that I was watching that fortune scape stuff at the tournament. And it was pretty fun to watch. I enjoyed it, except for the one problem I have is like the whole time I'm watching. I can't stop thinking is this guy legit? Or is he cheating? You know? We can't start into that yet. Hold on, you hold your hold back a little bit. This is like this is like letting them get to know you. You know what I mean? Like you're jumping right in. So okay, so I've been watching Sister Wives as well. That's a great show. You don't have to learn everything out hold back a little bit about that. You know, it's funny because you were home with your so we both have three kids. So six total. Different family the number he said sister wives, this ain't like brother, husbands. You know what I mean? Let's be clear. I'm watching the show. I do not support the polygamous lifestyle. that needed to be said, because let's make that really clear. My wife took off for this retreat for a few days. And then your wife was gone. And we're both home with the kids. So it kind of like messed up our whole live streaming stuff last week. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But I mean, did you use survive? Do you got littler kids than me? So you have a little bit of a tougher deal? Yeah, no, it was easy. We just found things to occupy our time played outside that kind of stuff. He you live on the he lives on the country so he can go play a walnut orchard or whatever you guys do. want to call it? No, I had to because I have a kids. The kids have their little electric motorcycles and their four wheeler thing all electric so it's funny watching him ride down the road to the barn. It's like a madman All right. Now you learned a little something about us. All right. We'll get more next one. If you guys haven't yet, please. homestead like and subscribe. This isn't YouTube, but I can do that. Yeah, you guys should check that channel out. Our YouTube channel. Good squad. Check it out. It's in the links, descriptions, all all that stuff anyways, but if you guys liked this podcast, please leave us a comment and give us a five star rating. It's very much appreciated. podcast is growing. It's amazing. And let's just keep it moving. Yeah, absolutely. All right. So let's get into well, I want to talk a little bit about like campaign so the 20th is it now is that a pre order thing is is now has to be because it's like the game doesn't actually come out till like seven days after that or something. Right? Yeah. Then then I'm sure that's what it is like, Hey, you pre ordered we'll throw out this campaign, you know, as a little treat for you. Yeah. Which it's like, well, you could also throw that multiplayer. Oh, that'd be pretty cool. To buy we'll take the camera. No, I'm excited. I'm actually like really excited. I hope. I mean, dude. Honestly, I think we both been just slammed busy lately, but I'm excited to play. I haven't like, done a full campaign in a while either. So, dude, it's been years. You know what? It's a smart idea. Because think about it if they throw out the campaign with a multiplayer, how many of you guys are actually going to play the campaign? You know? An answer. I don't think they can answer you. It was rhetorical. Yeah, but not many people play the campaign. So by putting out early everyone wants that content. Everyone's gonna go play the campaign. And then when the multiplayer comes out, obviously see a campaign. Then it's all about multiplayer. Then when Warzone comes out, see multiplayer? It's all about wars. Yeah, you know, that's just the way the game is right now. Like, nobody, like has fun anymore. It's all about I have to grind. I gotta grind guns. I gotta unlock guns. I gotta find the meta. I gotta like, get ready for multiplayer or for warzone. You know, man? Well, that's a good point. I wish you're totally right. I wish they would just give you the attachments right off the bat. Don't make us grind them or at least make the grind less difficult. Because that's a that's a hard problem for me. Like, you know, we talked about doing metal things and really showing people what like actually works, right? Like what guns actually are the meta, dude. But I don't have time to even grind to unlock all the attachments. Yeah, it is. And it also makes you angry. When these apps go. You'd like that be been playing around with it. You guys will hear it a couple times. Here there. Anyways, no, and these guys have these unlocked tools. And just like they're not come on. I mean, I understand some of these streamers. Legit, probably don't have the time to grind and unlock stuff. But like, Dude, it's just I don't know, I feel like I'm always playing behind, you know? Oh, no, that well, that's that's the point, though. Well, that's what's unfair about it is they can just get an unlock tool, and then it unlocks all their weapons, so they don't even have to grind. And then they have more time to get better at the game. If you're a normal casual player, you have to spend the time to unlock the freakin weapons in order to even use it. You know, by the way, you know, it comes with unlocked tools. All the sheets. So anyways, just want to throw that out there. Although I guess a few claim they paid people to unlock them. But come on, let's be real about what's going on here. Yeah, no. I mean, how could you trust a random person with your account? Yeah, and it's Yeah, we don't even need to get into that part. But speaking of unlocking things, let's talk about the meta. Okay. All right. So this is one thing I noticed I was watching that fortunes Keep turning. And I had saw, there's a little rumble about this weapon a few weeks prior, maybe a week prior to Greenco. That it's like this sniper with a three. I think he had three bullets, three shots, and then you have to reload. Have you seen this? Yeah, I've like, unfortunately, these last couple days. I've been at work. So I've been like, and I work like couple days at a time. So I didn't have time to really watch a ton of the tournament. But yes, I saw that gun in action. And it looks pretty good. Yeah. So it from I'm pretty sure it's a one shot like a headshot and they're down. I mean, that's the way it looked in the tournament. That's the way it worked for me. So that's what it is. So if you're accurate, obviously knock them down quick. And it has a pretty good um, like I said, you get three shots with it and then reload. I had no I don't have all the attachments unlocked. All's I know is ever a lot of people were using it in the fortunes keep tournament, when I use it. Again, with just some crappy attachments, in plunder, trying to level it up. It works really good. So I definitely would say that's the ticket managers replace your AR with that. And you'll be just down on people. You know, what it kind of reminds me of is the DMR it's exactly what it is. That's what people said it was different. Yeah, they said some version of it the DMR. Yeah, I was gonna say because that's what it sounds like, because you get a few shots out of it. And I mean, if you can, if it's a sniper, and you don't have to, like reload, like bolt action, you know, every shot and kind of DMRs Oh, oh, yeah. You just spam it and you'll just get a guy down if you hit him a couple of times, or one shot headshot. I love the DMR. So looks like I know what I'm doing with the rest of my day. Playing the game unlocked. No, I started working on it. And like I said, I like it. I think it'd be fun to run plus, I mean, honestly, you just if you get the skin leveled up, you can ride this out until Warson two comes out. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I don't. I wonder if they're gonna they're always doing these little stupid weapon tuning updates. Let's just write this. Yeah, just write it out. Let's don't do any more updates. I mean, just gotta make it what three more days to the 20th and then we're good to go. Yeah, yeah. Then we'll play the campaign and the multiplayer one and the armor gear is still seems like it's it's meta or close enough to it. Okay. Like, seriously, I've been saying this. I mean, how long have we been talking about this guy? I know. Everybody knows it's really good. But like everybody's putting on these stupid metal videos. constantly talking about how Oh no, this one SMG isn't new, but I know this one says Jesus a new better. And I'm like this armiger still feels like it's great. Like I don't get it, you know? Yeah. Well, the problem is we didn't like, you know, we talked about that I spent Isaac said the type 100 was mad at but okay, so we didn't have time to debunk that one. And really there's almost no point now because the game was almost dead. But I'm pretty sure it's not better because guess how many people were using the type 100 in the fortunes keep tournament? Zero. No one used to type 100 So that was that had to be complete BS. So you will know I don't think I don't think it was complete BS it probably did have like the fastest TTK but I bet you the fiery is just slower than normal gear, you know, as you can have an awesome TTK which is time to kill a few guys. Oh, no. But it doesn't have like a high fire rate. Like, I mean, the Armor Hero could mean I mean, I don't this is just hypothetical. If a gun can get off a few more shots and like the same time period, you know what I mean? You can put more damage with more bullets. I don't know. So I did. We obviously didn't go that deep into it. But our Maghera and the Greenco I guess is the way to go. That's what I've run. Absolutely. Just take Greenco like I said, Write that thing out. We got to get a couple games in here. I know. I mean, actually, when I was playing with a it made me actually want to play the game again. So well. We were gonna do some caldera too, which probably slipped that in? Well, because that gun will be good on caldera. Obviously it's a sniper. So what you doing tonight? Oh, I think I'm working. All right. I'm probably working editing this two. So we'll call it even. Alright, let's move on. We've kind of teased it a little bit. But let's talk about the 100k fortunes key tournament. Okay, so first, let me say this. I don't know why they don't have more of these tournaments. Like this was actually a lot of fun. Thoughts. Well, they do have some I mean, they've they just did one not too long ago. Right. The Rebirth tournament. There was Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they had, but I feel like there was been a big gap between like, so there was the rebirth. Yes, there was this one. And then in both, it's like, there's a huge gap between the last tournament like the last legit tournament, you know, I mean, I, I hear you that it's fun. But the amount of cheaters that get into these tournaments, not so fun. It's fun when you put on the blinders and just imagine everyone's legit. Honestly, dude, you're totally right. When you watch him, I have to do that too. Because my head like, I can't take like myself out of it, you know, into the hacker Hunter realm getting out of that. I just want to cancel and it's just sometimes it's just too much. No, I legit can't stop. Like, I'll be watching them. I'm like, Oh, this guy looks good. Like, you know, he's looks like they're all very good at the game. Regardless, if they're using anything. They're all very good. And so I'll tell you this. The rule one, the one thing I really liked about the tournament is watching rotations. And how long people stayed in the gas and the gas plays that were made in the game. Like I didn't. I've done gas plays but I didn't realize how much you can actually stay in that gas. Especially if some stems and that deployable guests. Peter, is it a PDS? I don't. Portable, you guys are talking about the thing. You throw in the gas and then it keeps the gas away. Yeah, makes it sound like yeah, I'm telling you, they're great. Good job. Thank you. I'm telling you, their, the way they use that and the way they use the stems and the gas and the rotations they made in the gas. Like I was impressed. And I thought man, I could really we could use those in our gameplay for sure. Okay, I just didn't realize you could stay out there that long. Yeah, I want to make a point on this. Okay. Even though we think a lot of these people cheat, I'm going to be I do think that they are highly skilled players. All right. So it is fun to watch in that aspect. I totally agree. I like watching their rotations because I mean, let's be real dude. We're at that level where we're making like these gas plays. Like I mean, we'll do gas plays and stuff. But I mean, they're they play a lot more so their their strategies at times can be pretty cool. So I do like that as well. Here's the here's what you do. You just imagine you like I said, you just imagine that everyone or you could hear you can imagine the two different ways you'd imagine one everyone's cheating just go that way. But the fun part about that is you can actually think like if they're both using cheats, it's kind of fun to see how they navigate around each other. You know. I've played that game in my head before like, alright, they both have walls on they both know each other are near each other. Now how are they going to play this and you want to move around a little bit and see whether or not it's I don't know. There are no walls but I'll tell you what I do think like a high majority of these people are running is a Cronus Yes, absolutely that and so that leads us into our well I just did a short it'll probably come out tomorrow but that's the thing. No one No one talks about that at all right. Right. I don't hear anyone speaking about this. The Coronavirus and has still it's still not able to be detected by ricochet, right? And if you guys don't know, a simple basic part of what a cremisan is, you take away recoil, and you get increased Aim Assist. That's huge. That's huge. Like that is it sounds like it doesn't take much to give you that edge in those gunfights. You know what I mean? And people, people don't even like we all talk about aimbot we talk about walls, we talk about all that stuff. Dude, a Cronus. Xin where you can like you'd have that less reclaiming recoil is like the hardest thing in the game at times, right? When you pick up some gun, and especially when you get into like further distances. What I will say is when I was watching some of these players, I did not see a ton of recoil or issues with recoil control. Yeah, it's hard to do it. It's hard to even talk about recoil, like I've said before, because they're all use the excuse that they're just so skilled with the weapons that they don't, you know, recoil is not a thing for them. But you're right. I don't, there's times where I just see it's like a beam, it doesn't move. And that's the thing like you're talking millions of these things have been sold, and it's undetectable. So why when you're talking about cash prize, right? $100,000 So winning team gets 30,000 10,000 between split between three. Why wouldn't they use Cronus? In no one's gonna ever catch you? Oh, dude, you nailed it there. Good job. You nailed it. Because seriously, just think about this all these guys in some of these guys are not like the top level guys. Right? They're kind of like upcoming nobody really knows them that will engage followings. The winning team had I think they said 60,000 followers between the three of them. Right? So that's not huge. Right? Right. If you're going into this tournament, you're playing from home. We're gonna talk about the monitor cams here in a minute. There's basically zero oversight, zero oversight. You're playing for money. Why? I mean, I know why I wouldn't do but I mean, I'm telling you, people are going to cheat. Like right now. I'm 100%. If we put on a tournament for $100, we're gonna have a ton of cheaters in our lobbies. Without a doubt, like no doubt. And you think at this high level for 100,000 on the line, you think that are playing at home? No oversight, you think those people are not going to use every advantage that they can get? Right? Right. And these guys don't have like, again, these a lot of these people don't have big followings. They don't have a lot of extra money. They're probably just grinding, right? Trying to get money. And hey, guess what you throw a Cronus on, you have a good chance of winning some cash, you know, cash money in this $100,000 event? Why wouldn't you especially have no morals, right? Yeah. I mean, if I mean, let's be I mean, again, you guys can make up your mind. Take a look at the people listen to what we say, make your own decisions. I'm just telling you any competition where money is on the line, people will cheat when you're in a video game and cheats are prevalent everywhere. And there's little to no oversight with that, then of course, there's going to be rampant cheating. Now, you're not like I'm not seeing like hardcore aimbot. Like, no, we're This isn't like you're letting guys in that are like out of control. But there's a lot of softer stuff going on. That's that's like what I feel about it. Also. I mean, what is this tournament? Like? What are we doing here? The people that they're inviting into it. So well, hold on before you transition? Okay. That was a great transition. But two things. Again, let's keep it real simple. Everyone could use a Cronus. Xin and no one would be detected. That's a fact right now. Yeah. Coronas in helps you. It helps you with your aim, helps your aim assist and helps your aim. Be steady, be steady, you know what I'm saying? I mean, that's really all right. That's what that did fact get through to everyone, they could all use it, and no one would be detected. So to think that someone wouldn't be using it as almost like crazy. No, I mean, I personally do think it's crazy not to think there's a high level of cheaters in that tournament using the Cronus. And I think the Cronus has been used for years. No one knew about it, though. Like not nobody, but the guys that are in that type of game, they understand that that's kind of like, just how it is, you know what I mean, at the higher level? Yeah, I think that's like a common thing that they use. It's just not spoken about. And now I feel like it's being opened up. And no one it's like, we all jumped to the aimbot it's always aimbot anybody but I think it's simpler than that. Because, like, let's be real. Some of these guys would be nervous to put an aimbot on their computer, you know, even though it's so advanced now that you can get away with it pretty easily. But still, you're taking that risk, you know what I mean? But you throw a Cronus on now we're it's there's no risk. There's like literally zero risk. Yeah, unless you're stupid and you're like it's like a mutex you have Cronus and like a desktop icon. You Yeah, which of course, yeah, that was for tournaments years ago. Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was, well, well don't want I mean, you can't discount it that much. Because they're they did use to use it in tournaments, I guess to reduce the input lag or something. But there's there's a difference between the type of Cronus is they use the Zins, the one that they use for aim assist, and no recoil type stuff. Okay. Oh, I think you're right. All right. That's an easy excuse he probably just made but I'm just saying that you could argue that point. It was the fact that it was still in his desktop isn't a great look. That's all I'll say about it. I know. Whatever, we can move on from that. We're so what was my great transition? What do I need to get back to? I don't even know where you're going. Oh, I don't either. But I have something better that we can jump to. Let's talk. Okay. So the one thing that they must have required this, I didn't read any rules on this one, but they had monitor camps. Well, yeah, yet again, I don't again, I'm with you. I have no idea what they said you can and can't do. But you they must have required. Okay, excuse me. Jesus, sorry, I killed myself on that one. So they must have required it because I saw everyone had some form of monitor cam, if you want to call it call it that, because some guys had the camera just facing them. And some people had it with the worst camera angles ever on the monitors, right. So what I will say is every monitor cam, because I watched basically what I watched was that live feed on Twitch where they just jumped from player to player. And every monitor cam that I saw was it was the there was no good monitor camps, either. It was like a camera pointing at one single monitor with nothing else in the shot. Maybe even half of that monitor at times are it's the guy the ones pointing at the players where it's like, in some of it some I mean, this doesn't even matter. Because I mean, who cares if it's pointed towards the player doesn't mean it's just showing them you know, it's not proof of anything other than they're sitting somewhere, you know, right. And some of those were just like a forehead shots. It wasn't even like their whole head. And I'm like, anyways, it's just you guys, it is honestly not that hard to put a monitor a camera behind you to where you can show yourself sitting there and show your setup and your monitors like I don't if I don't understand how nobody does that. Well, if I'm if it was me, and I'm in this tournament, and they want to monitor can do just by like a camera stand, you know, behind you. And then you'll put the camera in maybe if it's a USB extender or something big money, right, and just put the camera behind you. And then you'll get the whole shot of the room. Like when you don't even need the nuts out of the whole room. But all your monitors, it's not a hard thing to do. It should be the minimum requirement for these tournaments, that you have a camera behind you showing your whole setup. And that's like a minimum. There's always ways around these things. Even with that. I just think something like that makes people uncomfortable enough that they will not try to use something fishy. You know what I mean? Like, no, that's your right, because there's always the chance that something's gonna pop up on the screen when I using cheats when I see Diaz befalls monitor cam. What do you have to tell me? That's him, I would immediately say that guy's hiding something. Because all he shows is a monitor you like, literally it's a monitor, you see nothing else. And it's not even a good it's like a side shot. You came to see all the details on that monitor. And that's all he shows you. He doesn't need it doesn't you don't even know if he's even playing on that monitor. He again, I have four monitors in my room. I could have cheats on one, I'm gonna cheat on three of them show you the one in the middle. And I'm not even looking at that monitor. You know what I mean? Or the one on the side, whatever, you know, I'm saying? Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed with his two. It's so funny. He did that last tournament to just the worst thing. Well, it's almost like he just puts it right at the bottom of the monitor and faces it upwards towards the end. Yeah, you can't see anything else in the room. And like you said, you don't even see him in the shot. So who knows if he's even looking at that monitor. Do it is absurd. The last by the way, the last term his monitor froze. You're supposed to have a live camera the whole time. Again, that tournament had no regulations either. It was like heavy camera on you could I think you literally could turn a camera on the wall and you would get away with it in that tournament. organizers have these is this uh, this is a CDL thing, right? Yeah, this like Call of Duty sponsored event in okay, we're going to transition off the monitor cam because I want to talk about the participants that were in this tournament. I was just gonna say one more thing. The fact that there's no oversight, it just shows you it's a new set the last time it is a PR thing. Because if you're gonna monitor cams, you have to watch them right to see if they're using cheats, or they I guess maybe they're putting it on us like hey, you guys watch them and let us know if you see anything. Well, it's Yeah, it is just a PR thing. And you have to understand there is no such thing as competitive warzone. Like that literally does not exist. There is no such thing as competitive warzone. Because no When he plays on lands, they've done a couple and if you talk to me at the Baka bros land I just can't listen to that one. But you know what I mean? But again yeah, like I said, I mean put it this way Nadia, okay. Is in this tournament. Right? Right, Nadia, this one who pub stomps on her stream all day long dropping these crazy high kill games, and yet she comes in this tournament. And how many kills does she have? What was her Katie in it? Her Katie for the final the final eight games was a point four four. Right. So do you think there's something strange about that? No, because not is and good. And she never should have been there in the first place. Well, what is strange is that Call of Duty would invite her to the tournament. When it's pretty clear. She's cheating. Again, base level VPN unlock tool. She has used an unlock tool to get all these camos from your game to steal from you. But then you invite her to your game. Tournament. Yeah, VPN to bring skill based matchmaking that is like at a minimum. I also think she's using a Cronus or something too. But anyways, yeah, I do too. And she Yeah, again, the unusual awareness as well. But anyways, yeah, you know, this is like, not even like, a debate like that. I think that's just like a thing. It's just true. She did that stuff. And they're inviting her to this tournament. Again, that just shows you how little they actually care about the integrity because again, there is no competitive Warzone man, well, this tournament 100% is not about the integrity of the game they it's about getting views on the game, you know, and also to promote the upcoming game that's really where this all goes because honestly, who gives a about this game? I'm not actually I'm just hitting a button just let you guys know we'll keep it transparent here. Keep doing it. No, seriously, though, like these like they don't care anymore about this game. They've already lost a ton of the player base. They're trying to get hyped for the next game, which again would be I liked that they do tournaments I like watching them but man you got Nadia in there. You got shifting in there. Who else do we have? That's the best that shifted shifted TVs back in the mix. If you guys don't know shifty was under like a lot of heat a while back even some like top level pros and stuff were accusing him of cheating. He actually got kicked not kicked out but I don't think he got let in some tournaments. He might have been kicked out of one I don't know. Yeah, he was blackballed. Yeah and so again, there's all this heat on him people know he's he did something that he was up to something right and this is like not our side of the fence not the hacker Hunter side we all like we're like of course yeah, a ton of these guys do but they actually on the other side there are pros that thought this as well right? So the pros are the ones that were I think it's Cummins as name yeah, there's two guys another guy I don't remember his name, but you guys call them out but you know what the funniest thing is I feel like everyone's like hey, you're calling shifty out but he looks like before looks just like that his aim was just like shifty is like how he's been able to get away with it and I feel like you know some time went by and everyone's like Yeah, well, I think you're right maybe we'll just let him pass here's dude here's what honestly happens is there's no way to prove it. Like you can see it if you play enough you can see this stuff you can see the unusual like awareness you can see the lack of recoil and in either guns or I shouldn't say any you know any all that but you know a lot of the guns lack of recoil you know at times there may be a toggle hidden there's all of a sudden this unusual tracking with players but until cheats pop up on the on their screen which again, I think that's just not happening anymore. I think the cheats are past that point. But no one will it's like at that level I think they've all decided hey, you guys do what you you do you all do me and we're just gonna let it go. Yeah, I think the reality I think they honestly don't have any idea. I think there might be groups within like the top guys they talk to each other maybe some of them no, maybe some of them use cheese some of them don't I don't know. But I don't think I think that's a general like consensus around like they don't know what each other are doing. Like like no one knows if shifty is is actually legit or not in the top pro wars and pro circles. I think there's I think there's a lot of people that have some good ideas. But again, everyone's so worried about themselves with all this stuff. They're not nobody wants to put their reputation on the line which I understand you know, and you do get a little bit of like blackballed if you call someone out like people start turning on you because guess what, if you call someone else and people start getting worried about themselves, you know, like when when sensor pulled his stupid son and was gonna call out naughty or whoever. He saw a lot of people getting worried about that, you know what I mean? And then of course, since her you know, tuck tail and pulled it off his mouth