Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast

Giveaway! Warzone 2 Update, Tips/Tactics, Tactical Nuke. Ep.19

November 25, 2022 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 19
Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast
Giveaway! Warzone 2 Update, Tips/Tactics, Tactical Nuke. Ep.19
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Warzone 2 Update 

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Meta Weapons 

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Warzone TIps/Tactics

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How to Get a Nuke in Warzone 2 
Randomized Gun Recoil 

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad and keto boo All right, welcome back to the podcast. Yeah, goon squad with the Keto goon. What up keto? What's up dude? Chillin bro. chillin with a full belly just had Thanksgiving. So God, yeah, we'll get into some of that. But before I like to, here's a rundown of what we're going to talk about. So the first thing we hit some huge milestones. We're gonna go over here in a minute. We're gonna go over what do we got? We got some patch notes that just came out well, few days ago, but we're gonna go over the patch notes what we like well, we don't like give you guys the rundown on that. We're going to talk about current feelings on the game couple storytimes and things went down hilarious hilarious antics going on right now. So we're also have a common giveaway that we're going to go over that's really big. You guys need to hear that. So stay tuned. We're gonna go over the metal weapons show you guys the list what we've been using what we haven't what i Man metal weapons are hard, dude. We'll go over it. We'll go over that. But it's hard. I still don't have all the barrels and stuff unlocked. We'll get into it. You know, we're gonna go over some tips and tactics, we we put out a few shorts recently with some I mean, I think they're huge, like tactical improvements just as far as like your settings to set yourself up for success. So we want to give you guys what we actually believe. So we're gonna send it over to you there. And we're gonna go over how to get a nuke and gun coil, roof and coil. coils. Recoil being random. That's interesting. This guy over here just mentioned it to me. And I really want to hear what he's going to tell us. So we'll get to the very end. But before we do, first of all, how was your Thanksgiving? It was good. I went over to the in laws ate a bunch. My father in law is super weird over there. So that's interesting. He's a giant human, by the way, like the dude is massive. Like he's tall. Oh, he looks like an ex NFL like lineman. He's huge. And he's just one of those naturally big like, dudes, his fingers are the size of like, two of mine. Three. I don't know. He's big. And we're not people. We're not little people. Now, you know, six, three, we don't have to give you the weights. But you know, yeah. Anyway, so it was a little awkward either. Well, yeah, because we always go over to my wife's grandma. Does he see put on the pod did he doesn't know how to use. Whatever we'll get to that. But it's so funny because we always go over to my again, my wife's grandma's house. And they have food. It's great that people are nice there. But he has chosen that when he goes over there. There's obviously some issues that have happened in the past but not really like valid issues to be upset right now. He just goes over there and he just sits like in a room by himself. He won't hang out. He'll kind of come over or like hang out with a group but he'll just sit there kind of like water is so weird. Like him. One may say a corner camper. Oh, yeah. watch football. He's made a stance. You know. He's against it. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Well, that was a good time, though. Yeah, I know. I know. I mean, I know you eat well over there. There's always Oh man. Yeah, dude. It's just like turkey ham. You know, the basic Thanksgiving stuff and then dessert. It is just, I gotta take Okay, Turkey sucks. Like, controversial. I feel like that's like I feel like everyone's saying now and it's the truth. Ham is way better than turkey. Yeah, I think there's there's a revolution going on right now. Because I mean, I've I've had some pretty good turkeys. I usually like smoke them and stuff. And they're good but I'd still rather have other meat I'd rather have like I try to our you know the thing is you have to make you have to work so hard to make turkey even taste decent. Oh, yeah, it's almost like there's some look at some orangey involved. Anyways, do boba I went to I had another Thanksgiving Day with some friends. And my buddy, you know, smoked a turkey. He you know, he had soaking the day before he did the whole nine yards, 10 yards, whatever that saying as well. And then we ate it and the taste was good, but it was kind of dry. And I'm like, yeah, and he admitted. I'm not throwing them under the bus here but spend all that time to make it okay. Turkey duty. Yeah, it takes time. Well, that's everything with holidays. We are big family, India, there's, like there's so much prep time in making food. And it's like, it's over so quick. You're just exhausted by the end, you know. And that's I was lucky because normally at the firehouse like we I've been on Thanksgiving for the last like few times and for years, and it's like, Dude, it is like between running calls and cooking dinner. Your whole day is just like shot like it takes forever. And you're cooking for not just the guys in the house. I'm at a nine personnel. So you're cooking for all the families that come in. It's really cool. It's fun. It's just a ton of work. Wait, so when you're cooking at the fire station, if a call comes in? Do you just other people that just don't go on the call? They just have to cut? No, no, everybody goes, we'll just shut it down. And hope for the best. It gets interesting. But I mean, we tried to do things in like crock pots, not a ton of crock pots, but like smokers and stuff where you can just like turn them down and take off. You know, I'm saying okay, yeah, anyways, well, my Thanksgiving since you asked Aaron. It's funny. We live. We live by children. We didn't even hang out for Thanksgiving. We went with our own families. It's kind of funny. But no, I went over I did my family's wife. My wife's family's Thanksgiving was fine, whatever. And then I went to hang out with my dad and my uncles and they're like football, guys. You know, their watch. They like watching football having beers. They're usually a blast to be around to be honest. Like we have a great time. But I know it was later in the day and I know they'd started like having a few drinks around like noon. So Anyways, long story short, I head over there thinking that it's going to be like, like fun party time. Let's say this. It was supposed to be both of us. But I got sick last night so I couldn't go. You decided still to make the trip late like I like five or something over there. Yeah, so I get over there. And oh, it was just it was it was a disappointing disappointment. So I show up my dad's there my uncles and as soon as I get there, it already started like one uncle was like, Oh, man. Yeah, I gotta I gotta get out of here. I gotta take off in in there in the next one like, yeah, it is pretty late. Boom. Both gone. Now I'm over there. You know it wasn't it wasn't too bad but it was one of those the party The party and left you tell it was dying down. But we did what everyone's already tired. Well, that's what happens on a scheme. Everyone eats and dry new tire. That's the thing. I knew it. I knew this. I called my dad up. He was over there. I'm like, Hey, I know. You guys have like, had a couple drinks. Like, want to make sure it's gonna be cool, right? Like everyone's gonna be like, have still have energy people aren't gonna fall asleep. Oh, yeah, man. It's great. Like they're waiting for you. All right, that's enough of our lifetime. All right, so we hit a huge milestone on YouTube. And Tiktok Actually, both so on tick tock. We hit 100k freaking nuts. YouTube, we have 50k even more nuts to me. i It is huge. We I mean, I can't even believe we're that far like me that progress. It's so funny, like, tick tock, you know, and I took that over. We had 50 I think you had to you had grown into 50 followers. Yeah. So yeah. When we started, I wasn't doing I was doing everything. So it was like the shorts. I was just putting I don't remember. I must have done a few. And just like minimal effort. I don't have time to do it. You know? Yeah. You just had a handful of them on there. But yeah, so then you start with 50. And then there was a slug? Did it take so much time to get followers on any platform? Right? And I mean, I'm talking from like, 50 to like, 4000 was a hard grind. I mean, it was actually it's been hard all the way then all of a sudden, it just takes off. I really think around like 20,000 then it just started going. Yeah. And it's been a grind. I mean, it's been it's fine. It's good to see the numbers. Back up the effort. Yeah, I mean, it's awesome. And then on YouTube, the shorts have been doing the same thing, just going like crazy. And some of our older stuffs popping off now. And it's like, he can't even stop it. It's just like going. That's the hilarious part. So let's, let's be real. It's like the Nadia stuff, which I haven't done. Even a cheating slash Nadia is short in weeks. I want to say at least two weeks, three weeks. Yeah. And that stuff like I mean, you know, obviously I put it out and I honestly think they can mess with the algorithm. I think things have changed because initially when I used to put short teleca Nordea one or whatever, I knew people would like it would blow remember we went from like we had some that would hit 100,000 within an hour. Yeah. Now I feel like it goes slow and then there's this like Second Life that happens later, like a week or two later, and that's what we were seriously the the subs are like nuts. Yeah, it's freaking crazy. It's like it is insane. Anyways, we're very grateful for all of you guys who have subbed on their invite comments who leave comments at all. Everything helps Thank you guys very much. I can't even believe we're that far into it. So, I mean, honestly, I'm not gonna be happy until we hit 100k on YouTube, and we'll get there. It's just gonna take some time. Yeah, but no and the podcast, thanks everyone who's listening or watching on YouTube. I mean, this thing's doing great too. And this is really what we love doing. So yeah, this is probably my favorite thing we do is just sitting down talking BS and given our honest take on things. And I feel like we can say whatever we want on here. It's like I have no there's no repercussions. All right. Speaking of all that stuff, I think this is a good way to segue right into the common giveaway. So okay. I know we're gonna do the membership Shout. Shout outs here in a second. So before we do the common giveaway, so we decided we want to incentivize because it's a win win situation here. The more comments, the more reviews and the better the podcast gets out there. The more people that watch it, the better this thing grows. So we're doing this just for the Apple reviews, because honestly, I don't think you can review on these other platforms really. And leave those comments, make sure you hit follow on those, but specifically for Apple podcasts. If you go on there and leave us a five star review. We're going to enter you every and this goes for everybody who's already entered or left a comment. We're going to add everybody into it. We're going to be given away a $50 amazon gift card. And we'll randomly pick a name off that list. Okay, so if you've left a review, five stars, you're on the list. Right? Right. So the way we're going to do it right now. I think we're at 1920. Comments. I did I did we did that? The verb the New button and I fired that. Was it. It wasn't a you guys it was I didn't even hear that. You didn't hear it? Let me know it sounds weird on my side. Yeah, I smell on. Yeah. Anyways, so Okay, so we're one card giveaway randomly to all the comments like we're gonna pick it out. Now, if we make it to 50 reviews, we're adding another card. So it'd be $100. We'll do two different cards $50 each. And, again, not just the five star we appreciate. If you hit the five star, you're gonna leave a comment, obviously, that we know who you are. Yeah, you can just say good podcasts, great podcast anyways. And we're going to keep increments of every 50 We'll give away another card. So for maybe 200, that'll end up being three cards, 154 cards, and so on. So we're going to run it up to Christmas Eve. There'll be a little Christmas giveaway for the comments. So if you leave when you're in the car, you're already in the drawing. It's cool. If you want to make a second account third account, make it happen. You know, hey, whatever, you got to do what you got to do you know what I'm saying? Yeah, and don't wait to the last minute cuz I do feel like there's some lag when you make a comment. I feel like it takes a little time for it to show up. Yeah, yeah, that is absolutely true. All right, we gotta get into the show. We're okay. Before I do that, I want to shout out. We haven't even talked to you guys about our YouTube members. I just want to give a quick shout out to some of the loyal the loyalists of the loyal goon squatters here. This is you our YouTube members. Wendy, of course, K Danny beats Joker Mata monk bonk, Jackie D. Jackie's been around for a while. On one planet, Microsoft Word and Quito goon, Quito is our longest member, which he should be and followed by Microsoft Word. So thank you guys very much. It's appreciated. If you guys want to become a member go to our YouTube sub emotes when we go live. It's good. It's nice vibes, you know, I'm saying yeah, and we're gonna worry. We've been talking about doing things for members like we want to do like, I would like to go once a month, a community night where we just play a game or do something together. Yeah, that way. I mean, as we appreciate, obviously, we appreciate members you know, it costs $4 To be a member. Yeah, so we appreciate anyone who does that. And we want to be able to give back in some way. Yeah, I can. I want to connect with Yeah, I'm not going to announce it till we totally hammer it out. Because I don't want to say we're not gonna do it. But yeah, I'm talking like off stream, we just hang out and play a game. Like that's what we're gonna we're looking to do at least once a month. So that's in the in the plants. We'll let you guys know as we hammer that out. Yeah. Okay, so new eau de Lin. Sorry, we're taking a while to get into this one. We got to read a couple new reviews we have on the podcast. So the newest review is Cheeky does G Chiquita G shout out I listen to podcasts or listen on Spotify, but it's quality is good. Wherever you listened, I like that so a Spotify listener came over. And actually I'll put it up here for Thank you cheeky cheeky just fat G here I'll put on here. The other one jelly jelly G Great Call of Duty podcasting. Let's listen for like Call of Duty Warzone hosts. entertaining have good chemistry. Boom. Love it. I hope so we've been together for a long time since birth. J babble. Goonies never say die. That's a fact. That's in fact, that's a fact that never say die. And I love your podcasts because you too are down to earth very funny as the one who's done the Truffle Shuffle since I was overweight. Man, I gotta appreciate the Goon Squad. The okay, I lost it. The Goon Squad theme, keep up the good work. I've used cheats and Warzone before but it became boring. And listen, you guys have renewed my love for the game and hatred for cheaters. There we go. Oh, that one? Yeah, that's huge. We have we converted one guys. That's you know, that's a huge comment. I love to hear that. Yeah, that was a great comment. Thank you. Great title, title, great episode. In the reason we need to choose because you see this negative one down here by some troll. And I think we know who that oh, we absolutely know who that is. Anyways, so thank you guys for those comments. It's appreciated. Like we said, we have 19 Let's start putting them in. You guys are all entered in. So now after 20 minutes of just chit chat. chit chatting it up. I'd say it's time to maybe, you know, talk about the game. All right. Okay, so let's do that. Currently, how do you feel about it? Like how's your gameplay been going? What you fill in? Yeah, so my gameplay is awful. I'm not good at this game. Yeah. Okay. I'm kind of glad you said that. You've been playing like a trash can. Like I don't try. I don't trust you. Well, like working for rica pushes it up. Like it's one of those like, I'm seeing a couple steps back. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I I'm still in the habit of just like running out. You know, like the fast game but you have to play slow in this mode. You really do you have to be very tactical. And I'm in that push mode. And I just get myself killed a lot. But plus, I was having frame issues with the computer. I had the wrong resolution set and all this garbage. Not an excuse. Just a fact. Right? But yeah, I but I haven't played enough to like, I need to really just play like, you know, play a couple of long sessions to get better. I'm getting there. But I'm not great. Yeah, you got some you got some work to do, which is fine. I totally kind of well, I kind of totally ish agree with you. Like, I mean, you are trash can. But like, Yeah, I'm not getting rid. I'm loving the game. Personally, though. Like, overall, I love it. I love to fill the game. I love the gameplay. I love that it's slower. I've been running a crap ton of solos and just like getting into that and getting used to the rotations. And honestly, I think it helps because it's like you just learn. So those is so campy and stuff you just have to be careful and like, I feel like if you don't get your rotations down and solos like that's where you'll really get bid. Like you can you can get away more with us or with Duo's and quads. You know what I mean? I solos, it really gets you into those rotations and those one on one fights. So I've been doing a ton of that. I think it's fun. I've definitely got deleted a couple times. So freaking fast in that game, that it's like I've tried, I've gotten down to slow play, I think like just taking my time don't try to run and do a slide cancel into him. You know, the weird thing that I see is like it's like, the further you know, like the mid to long range. I feel like that KD time or the TTK is good. Okay, that's good. It takes a while to knock people out. And I've been frustrated to where I'm shooting people and they're not going down. But it's like that close range gunfights, dude, I get deleted so fast. And it's like, there's been times like No kidding, this actually happened. I was trolling somebody with my soundboard like dude, doing these things. You're coming with me? So I'm doing all this stuff just messing with him. And he's on the ground and he's like, don't kill me. Don't kill me. He jumps up. And like this is no kidding. I am aimed at him. He's able to kill me before I can pull the trigger. Like that fast. And I was I was fully plated. He wasn't he he had just gone down before I could even get a shot on him. I was dead. Like that's like to there's something wrong there like your plates mean nothing, you know? Yeah, I'll say I don't know about the long range close range close range. I mean, I believe you. But I agree. Like there's some times where I like the TTK I feel like it takes a lot to put people down or even me I can I can reposition it together in a little mid long range cannon fight. But yeah that there are also those times where I just get just absolutely destroyed where I had no chance to move and I don't know what that is. Maybe it's a certain weapon I don't know. Yeah, yeah, I don't I don't know I would honestly say one thing to to mention solos did solos are so freakin brutal because I was trying to try to trying to get better. I'm gonna ask my dog I was trying to get better. And then I was running some solos and I was doing good I was positioning and I got a couple of kills and then I you know I go into a building and dude it's like you can't go into any building without like checking every corner because I walked into the building I didn't hear anything. And what do you think sitting in that building waiting for me? Oh dude camp I know, I know I've had literally in the corner ATS waiting for me to come to the door. Like this is no joke I've had I've killed a guy got third party by another guy and he killed me the guy that was hiding like camping. He was just camping this like I think I think it was a base station. He was camping. He's just sitting there. I watched his killcam he's in a bush sitting there and he just slowly moves over to me and kills me right? Like it's just the total play of like, this guy is sitting here. I go to the Gulag. I come out of there. I win the Gulag I come back. I land like away from him. I mean, this is like been some time like, okay, he's probably gone, right? So I land away, I look around, I do a little scan. And I go because I'm trying to get back to my weapons. And I as soon as I jump off this roof to like, go where he is, dude, the guy is still there. Laying down, camped out on my stuff. It's like what in the world? Just said Nothing makes me more angry when I dive at campers like that. It's so annoying. There's like, I mean, I give you a free like that's a whole nother level of camper. You know, I feel like there's like active camping where you're kind of camping in like a building or like, you know, in a building but you're kind of looking out the window and you're not you're not moving that location that much. But you're kind of just still looking around to see what's around you. Then there's people who literally just sit there are afraid to peek out the window and just hide in corners. Yeah, that's nuts. Yeah, the tactical camping we we don't be. Don't be that guy. Right. Right. Okay, so Well, actually, we're bringing I'm camping. That was one one thing that happened to us is we're so we started running Duo's. Which dues is good. It's still really happy. Like, I think it might even now I like it probably a little better than solos. But it's not the same place like, you know, like trios and quads. Like it's still pretty happy. Yeah, it's all I feel like it's always kind of been that way too. So we said the play that happened. We go, we're by the loadout. Right. It just so happened like it dropped right next to us, which was perfect. We loved it. So we hit our loadout when the zones pulling in and we're right on the edge. So we're like, I know that he was actually in the zone. It was a little bit in the zone. So we're it was one of those situations like do we stay here like I was kind of like, I don't even really want to rotate away. I feel like we're gonna run into teams, you know. So we do a little camping. We decided, hey, we'll camp the sled out. So we camp. There's two teams around us. Like we see him fighting back and forth. There's guys driving trucks that are like scanning, going by kind of doing some recon on the loadouts even V's there. We're hitting up on like a third story. So we wait. We wait. Everybody drives by and nothing happens. The fighting is all done. It seems like everybody's left the zones coming in. And we're sitting there like Alright, well we're I guess nobody's coming to this. Let's just take off. As soon as we jump out the window. As soon as we jump out there was a team camping us the camped out team. So as campers, camping campers, camping a load just wiped us out. Like as soon as we're on the ground. They were just waiting to leave. Yeah, because we ran by them our backs the waiting for our backs to be to them, which is a smart move. And then I got deleted before I even saw where they were. Yeah, yeah, I don't think you got to pull it on him. I knew he would. I was one of those things where I'm running. And I see the indicator but I'm confused if it's, I don't know, why are you confused if it's in front of me or behind me? I think because I'm turning you know, moving so much I get lost on where the bullets came from. And I was panicky and just got laid out there. You did but that's what they're saying. A lot of people are saying that that's like the meta right now as people are just camping the loadouts and I don't know about you. I'd love for it to go back to the old style. I don't like this like one loadout and you know what, in the middle of the game. I want to go back to how I used to be. Yeah, I totally agree. Dude. I put out actually a poll and I think it was like it was over. Most people want the loadouts back because it's really frustrating. I mean, you can buy like, what now what I do is, especially on solos, I just go and buy my primary weapon. But you don't get any of those perks or attachments. You know what I mean? And you don't get your secondary. So it's really attachments. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch perks, I just met perks. Anyways, you don't get those. So it's weird because it's hard to get really comfortable with like, that was the cool thing about having a loadout you get really comfortable with that gun. You know, and you understand the recoil, you can get really good with it. So it's, it's a, I don't, I don't like it. But in even the loadouts when you drop in and hit those, it's there. So such a hotspot. It's like really a Deathwish especially in solos. It's tough, man. It's really like I don't I don't even like plan on getting those. Yeah, I'm okay with, I guess I'm okay with them having the loadout system where it drops in the middle, and there's only a few of them and everyone has to go to the same spot. That's fine, but I think they should. I'm okay with that. But I think they really should let you buy your loadout at the base station. Yeah, and I don't even I don't care if it's like, an absurd price. You know, I mean, it's tough to even get money. I would just like a $10,000 loadout that's probably 1000 would be good. It's in this game because it's so tight. You know? Yeah, well, but if you think about it, it's you know, they make you pay 5000 for your primary. So you know, before you could get a load out with your team for 10,000 Now, I mean, what if they had loads is gonna be 20,000 or 15,000? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, at least the option to like buy it would be nice, you know, like, yeah, there's no option that's the thing that's tough. There's no option it's just it is what it is, you know, well and by the way, for people that don't know the best way to get money is hit those gas stations those up so I want to say they almost have like 10,000 in there. You gotta hit the registers and then look around on the shelves there's a ton of money in there for sure. For sure that's the spot to go to. It's almost better to go loot gas stations instead of doing contracts. Actually, that's a good point. That's yeah, that's not a bad rotational strategy. I've been just hitting bounties. I do save crackers here and there. I haven't messed with like the Intel and some of the other ones. So we'll have to look into some of that. Well, Intel's good I mean, it's a recon so I don't know money wise, I don't think it gets you very much. No, no. Oh, we got to talk about Okay, before before we get into next we're gonna be talking about the updates and stuff in the metal weapons. So before we get into that, though, we got to talk about windy and this happened a couple of weeks or a week ago or so. Whatever. And oh my goodness, it was the funniest clip or it was just funny when it happened like because we're all trying to figure out the game and I'll play here for you guys on YouTube. But do you want to tell the story? Yeah, so I made the short on it. So I've watched it I don't know 50 times so what happened is we were in squads and it was a bug is one of those bug lobbies right we didn't have that many people in there yeah, I think it's like a 12 man lobby Yeah, so hammer and wins that day guys hammer no so then I'm like okay, well let's all just for fun and you know honestly in my head I'm like I can make a good short out of this too. Let's all get in choppers and just go get a bounty and push them like that'd be kind of fun you know? Yeah, like everyone gets there in a chopper we push about a we killed about eight well hopefully or not work goes bad and get get a good clip. Well, we all get in choppers. I guess we only got three so that you and Wendy were in one. I was in one and Joker Mehta or boy was in one. And so we're at the airport for location here. We're at the airport all the three choppers in the air. Well then all of a sudden we hear a boom from my point of view, you just see a flash come back to the chopper. Windy we're in and add say you see the boob at the date of this. Wait where he has a whole lot of data. You got nervous? What happened? What happened? It was weird from my perspective, because I'm flying and I know Wendy's in there and all of a sudden, like I didn't hear like an RPG or anything. But just like an explosion and Wendy's down so I'm like, where am I going? What happened? Like did we get hit? Like what's going on? Well, so what had happened is windy, apparently had a bomb Jonah was trying to fly. I don't know. We'd have to ask her for exactly. I don't think we ever got a clear answer on what happened. It was a drone, and it detonated in it says she blew the whistle. She blew herself up. Okay, that's part one. Yeah. Okay, so Dan makes a good decision like hey, let's land the job. Hopper revive windy and he's in the big chopper the one that we're going to find out how yeah so so he lands we all in or he lands choker lands his chopper next to the big chopper I'm still in my chopper just giving you an overall view which is great because I saw this whole thing happen. Yeah. So Dan gets out Joker gets out of his chopper. Windy is still in the chopper and it starts hovering so it starts going up in the sky again. Yeah, and on its way up it also clips Joker's chopper and blows are in that chopper is now on fire. Wind is up in the air. Well, Wendy's, you know, obviously she's gonna die. If she's up in the air. No one's there to Reviver this guy she drops out. And she ends up dying in the chopper or chopper and extra blows up and she ends up dying. And a whole sequence of events was hilarious. Oh, dude, that was so funny. Watching that short is hilarious, because I just remember jumping out of that helicopter. And then as soon as you felt like as soon as I got to the back to jump in to get her. It was It started hovering it she started going exploding up to the air. And then that other chopper gets clipped and it was just bad. It's like windy for us guy explosion to the copter. It's just like, what are we doing now? What are we doing now we have a hovering helicopter that we don't even know how to get. So we had to fly a helicopter up and Joker jumped out from the other chopper into that job. It was like some straight Mission Impossible stuff. You know, you know, with that hovering chopper? How? How's it supposed to work? Like, do you? I don't want to call it back down. I don't know, I didn't know this with the Recon drones. You can put them in hover mode. So you can fly them up above you. And just put them in hover mode, and then I'll scan for enemies. It won't follow you though. Well, it? Oh, I don't know that. I don't think so. That'd be cool. If it was I don't think it'll follow. But anyways, that's something I didn't realize you can throw that up and have it hover over the top. But well, that'd be so when it's scanning, it's marking enemies. I'm pretty sure I didn't actually use it like that, because I had it in hover mode. I was actually in a building doing something stupid. And I put it in hover in hover mode. And it was just in the room and I saw it it was scanning for enemies or something. So I was like, Oh, you can do that. I know. That's cool. authors want to play with that. Yeah, yeah. All right. So let's see what we got. Okay, so we need to get into current game modes and let's go over the update. I don't know current game modes haven't really changed. I don't think there's anything crazy, right? But yeah, it's just solos Duo's quads. And in third person, they have the third person mode, and then the unhinged. So let's talk about those two real quick. Okay. So they have the third person. So if you're going to play trios, you have to either play third person mode or enhanced third person mode is cool where it's at, obviously, third person mode. So you're looking for behind the player. It's cool. I like it. I have a problem with like, the like hurts my brain the way it's almost choppy ish. I don't know how to describe it, but it's not smooth for me. I don't even just like that. The way you're looking for the player. I don't know why I just I don't I'm not a fan of it. I think the modes cool, but like it visually, it's hard for me. Yeah, I agree with you. I'm not really into the third person mode. Like it's just honor I have enough like between wanting to do DMC and doing battle rails. I'm just I don't even need to mess with it. Yeah, yeah. And then the other mode, the enhanced where you can team up with other players. I'm not like that interested in that mode. But maybe we play around. Maybe it's kind of fun. I don't know. Yeah, I haven't messed with it. It's probably really funny with like voice comms and proximity chat. But it's probably also huge pain, because as you guys probably have already figured out. There's so much racist crazy stuff that's being said in there that it's just like, it's hard to even like put it on at times, you know? Yeah, it's so annoying those people just freaking every game, every game. And every game even when you drop in, and I'm not gonna say what they say. But like on the side there's chat where they can type in and it's always the same stupid stuff. Always. Like literally they'll type the same thing every single time. It's like I don't know what I'm talking about a word but it's like this like this question going out to people which is so weird. Yeah, it's just dumb. And if you I'm sure if you guys are playing you know exactly what we're talking about. But alright, let's get into the update. So we got a big update that just came out a few days ago. So let's go over it. We're going to tell you guys what they did were and I'll show you guys do for you guys on YouTube. We'll take a look at the new update features here. So there's there's a few sections and I'm not gonna like bore Are you guys reading all the tiny little improvements? I'm gonna try to key in on the things that you actually want to know. So general bug improvements are some navigation of Camos. So they looks like they fixed a little UI, which is cool. I guess. It's kind of whatever to armor piercing ammunition removed damaged multiplayer against armored opponents. That one is interesting, because I didn't know this, but I think you could you buy that from the last session? I don't know. But they said that that armor does armor piercing rounds were like stopping power, which I was not aware of. And maybe that's why he deleted some of those times so quickly. Yeah, that apparently was the way to go. Yeah, I never heard a thing about it. Like no piercing rounds. No one even taught I didn't really hear people talk about it. Now they probably kept it a secret. So we want to know. But the problem was that now like those rounds, they said they don't even Pierce armor. So I don't I don't know what the purpose of running. I think there are some reasons to bring it. I think you could damage vehicles faster. Yeah, maybe it's I don't think you'd hold a guess for like an LMG or something. I don't know. Yeah, there's a there's a ton of bug fixes you guys can read through here and the Infinity War patch notes. But there's a ton of bug fixes, which is good. Multiplayer bug fixes a fix a spotter scope, address, a dev and private matches, okay, so, couple bug fixes and multi. Again, we don't play multiplayer anymore. Warzone two's out who cares kind of a thing, less than trying to grant again, that's just real biostation inventory. So they've adjusted the base station. So now they remove the counter UAV and remove the tactical camera. never bought either of those personally, who's gonna buy a counter? UAV Well, that's it. It's good. But most people are just gonna buy a UAV that's what I'm saying. Yeah, to buy a counter. Yeah, I mean, it's a good tactical thing to have. It kind of does mess with people. But like, no one really just goes and buys counter UAVs you know, you know, I do one and they remove tactile camera. I don't know why. But practice no one bought it. But I do want to play around with the tactical cameras. I feel like those would be really good. And br and we just haven't played well. That's the problem with is that you're waiting to get your loadout to get that stuff. You know what I mean? Like, and we don't we hardly get loadouts because they're so hot. And it's like, we just buy the primary. So that does suck man. They really needed to fix that. I mean, that's what made this game so different. Is that loadout system like, I think they'll end up bringing it back. I hope dude, I'm kind of over the other the way it is right now. But I mean, I feel like they will like they've done this before. You know? Yeah. Where they they held loadouts from us. And eventually people complain they put them back. So we'll see. No, no visual upgrade to contract activation phone and battle rail. I don't so they did some visual update to it. Hopefully it's more clear. I don't know, the ping systems kind of rough for me sometimes we're going to talk more about some some tips too. It's like people Mark stuff. It's really hard to like locate that, you know? Yeah, like I need to like they need to put like indicators in the mini map or so. I don't know if they don't think they do whatever it is. I whenever someone pings they're all to be like doing 360s I'm like, I have no idea where that ping is. Yeah, it's something they gotta fix that somehow I don't know. So make it it wouldn't be hard to make it clearly indicated on your screen somehow. Yeah, something like I want something that draws it just has to like catch your eye better to like pull you there because like you can actively look for it not see it. It's like really weird. Well, I have to do is I look for whoever said that they ping something I have to look at the mini map. See where their characters pointing? Oh, yeah, look in that direction. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Alright, some big bug fixes fixed an issue preventing people to hear in proximity chat. So there's been a ton of like, I know I've had issues with it where I do all my settings. One way to try to hear there. I don't hear any proximity. I have to like change, like redo stuff, like restart it. I don't know. There's all kinds of weird stuff I've had to do to try to get it to work. And sometimes that happen. Well, that happened to me the last time we were playing procs chat wasn't working. Yeah. And I had to go through I looked up online just kind of things to do. And it worked. I had to change. I almost maybe I just put things off and on. I don't know, but I got it to work, but it wasn't it wasn't clear in the first place. why it wasn't working. Yeah. Yeah. So anyways, they're fixed said there's some stickers DMZ thing whatever. First issue PlayStation user names. This one's funny fixed an issue causing parachute deployment crash the game didn't know that was one. So there's been can we say there's been like we cry all the time. Yeah, there was a weird thing going where when we played in a squad, it would crash progressively like you go from one person to the next. And the game would crash for him. I do think, um, I don't know, I'm just correlating in here, but I think I was changing like graphic settings, like, in the game. Well, and I wonder if that like, contributed to my crash? I don't know. I don't think so. Because it was multiple, like, it went from you, to me to Joker to you know, squibs it was kind of bouncing around to it. It's like, can they just like, work these things out? I mean, this game is so buggy. It it always is, right. I mean, you know, it's a new game, but it's just like, Wait, like, one month more and get all these, like crashes out of the game? Well, it's just the servers have been laggy they've gotten better. They've gotten better. I totally agree with you. But you know, these things come and do this. This company makes billions of dollars like, get the thing ironed out. Yeah. Oh, I mean, I totally agree with you. Just that's just not the way games are done. Now. Unfortunately. It's just like, well, I realize you know, I'm a if you don't know, I'm a software developer data more. But I understand how these things happen, right? Like I have a project and you have the best intentions and you want to throw all this stuff into it. And then it comes close to the deadline. You're like, oh, shoot, dude. I don't have time to test all these little pieces debate. We're just have to let it ride and I feel like that's what they've done is they threw all this stuff into it all this cool new stuff, but they didn't have enough time to vet it and really go through the QA process to figure out if it was running smoothly. Yeah, I would say they didn't do a lot of that All right, so there was an issue apparently Gulag players could speak to the enemy team underneath the map it sounds like so I didn't know about it they fix that issue at the base stations where players weren't being shown up I feel like that's been around for a long time off and on. Yeah, that happened. What was it one of us we can't get windy back or something that happened to us that was weird and really annoying in a game so that's good they fix that issue causing players to skip the downstate and immediately perish despite having a simulated number still alive. Okay, that happened to me. I haven't a lot last time we played because I was like, Wait, why did I just die immediately? Oh, did it? Yeah, I don't know if you remember me saying that. Because yes, I am a trash bag right now. And I was dying. But there's several times like it was like, you know, I go to the Gulag on my first death. And then the second time I come back in the game if I got down I want it. I was there's no reviving I was just dead. Oh, wow. So that's not good. No. fixing the issue preventing players jumping on a plane during infill. That's fun. I didn't know you get stuck in the plane. Go right into the zone. Yeah. out of the zone. I don't know. Some after action fix DMCs players getting kicked out of the backpack in her face. I mean, there's other other little DMV DMZ fixes I don't even want to go over all of it. ricochet. And he this is kind of interesting. This is from this, this is older. I'm not gonna go through this then. But I I actually think the United States is doing a good job. And I know, people don't want to hear that. And I don't even like hey, trust me. I'm credit super critical of a lot of the stuff in the game. But like, honestly, I really don't feel like I'm getting cheated. Like, at least in solos the way I've been playing. I haven't been seeing it let you guys let me know in the comments and stuff. Maybe I'm like, way off of that. I haven't been doing a ton of squats. It's been mostly solos. I've been doing some Duo's with him. So we played we played quite a few squads the other night. Yeah. I agree. I can only speak from what I see. And I can't tell you one time where I actually thought the guy was cheating. Yeah, in it. I would say at least say this that, to me, it feels the best it's ever felt like personally that I just I really do believe that like, in Warzone I couldn't go a session without thinking there was at least a couple guys especially rebirth rebirth was horrible. Like it was all the time and the wall hacks and then just getting snapped on and it was bad. But like I would say right now it feels the best I've I've ever played in warzone. Well and Wendy I completely agree and Wendy sent us something like it was a cheat discord servers where they were saying like, I think they'd been detained. Someone was using that software and then people were being detected for using it. So it seems like it's working. And I like I'm like you again from my own experiences. It feels great right now I don't know that anyone's cheating. Now of course we They'll can't detect Cronus. But if you're good enough, you can beat people using Cronus. Yeah, it's not a hard cheat. I mean, it's a cheat, but it's not an aimbot. No, no. But yeah, I mean, overall, I think it's I think it's good right now again, let me know, maybe I'm off. Maybe I just haven't seen it. I've put in quite a few hours. So it's, it's surprising me how, how nice. It's been. It is funny, though, because you do see, you see both sides. Like I see people saying, Yeah, it's great. And I do see that other side, where people are like, Oh, it's the cheaters are still everywhere. And it's like, I just don't see that. So. Yeah, yeah. Well, I'll leave it at that. All right, let's go over. I think that's pretty much it for the update. There's nothing really much else here. This is like normal, weird stuff. Let's go over the metal weapons. So I pulled up. So right now it's so weird in this game, because, for one, most people don't have everything unlocked. I don't have all the barrels, all the attachments unlocked. And I need to do that. I really do need to it's, it just is so time consuming. As you guys I'm sure know. So it's like I find again, that's good. I you know, upgrade it. And then I only get to use it when I bite at those base stations, or if I'm lucky enough to get the loadout. So you're not getting as much time with it. So it's funny, there's not a whole lot of like, I feel like confidence in some of these lists. You know what I mean? Well, yeah, again, in the previous Warzone games, it would be like, well, this guns, the meta this and this kind of the meta, like you would know exactly what you needed to run. And this gives me out for a little while. I don't think it's like crystal clear on what is the best weapon? No. And you mean, you have to take into account again, having all those attachments, and then doing the weapon tuning on those attachments is crazy, like so figuring out what is the best there's probably multiple that could be but I use Warzone rings, they usually do a good job that I think they pull the information and basically find out what guns are being used the most and getting the most wins, you know, and then they go off that I think for this list, though, they kind of went off streamer opinion, like videos and stuff people have put out. But I agree with a couple of these that I've been able to use. So they have for the top tier, there's the cast off 762 I haven't used that a ton. I've used a little bit. It seemed good. But again, not a 10 the tech 56 I've picked it up a couple times and it's shot well, but I don't have a build out on it. Have you used that at all? No, no. The finish definit I can vouch for. I've used the Finnick. I have a build out for it. It's good. It deletes I mean, it's good. It's up close. Yeah, I would give my approval on that guy. That guy shoots fast and it hits pretty good. Yeah, I actually run these to the Finnick in RPK together. I've been kind of playing around with like a sniper and RPKI sniper and a Finnick like, trying to figure out what I like I liked the snipers But dude, honestly, it's with I think all of them are too shot to me or more A denote and there's no one shot but I think one of them actually is now feel like I might be this might be this one. Pick this VM VM R might be the one but yeah, here's the setting or setup where you can get a one shot snipe. I want to mention that because I actually liked you know, we don't snipe hardly at all we've tried to at times, but I was doing we're playing quads, I picked one up off the ground. And it is fun. And it's effective, right? If you can get some shots like you in the situation thinking about, we're on top of a building one of those base stations inside the big city, or it wasn't inside, it was up at the top of the building. And you guys were running up to that team, you took the zip line up to the top top of a different building with a hidden overlook on us. But I was getting sniped shots on them while you guys were going up in a you know, obviously, anytime you shoot, that's another thing. A good strategy is if your team is like doing in trouble or if like they're moving in this situation, just put shots on the team, that other team like that will get people to hide in panic, you know, ya know, for sure. If you're not shooting back, you're gonna run into huge problems. Too many times we play and I've done it before to where it's like someone's in trouble and you're like, okay, like, you know, what do I do? It's like, doesn't matter. Just shoot bullets in the direction of the other team to give that guy time to regroup or do whatever he needs to do. Yeah, it's almost even if you don't even know where the other team is. Just fire somewhere. Do something off yeah. All right, well, I'm gonna run through the rest of the top tier RPK. Again, I use that all the time. It's crazy. I love it. Yeah, it's pretty low recoil and it shoots pretty. I mean, pretty good damage. I didn't say that right? You It's just I felt like well that one just I put all the guns, there's no beams I loosened up from what I've seen. It's hard to find a gun it's especially longer distance that is like steady. You really have to control the recoil and all these guns. Yeah. Would you feel that way? Yeah, I don't see any like grouse or anything where it's like, maybe I haven't played with that in 13 too much. I'm sure there's no way that I'm sure there's builds that you can get it but you're probably gonna, if you have that much accuracy, you're probably going to lose the damage, you know? Right. So the real mg that thing's good. It's an LMG. It's pretty heavy, kind of welded around, but it can delete to EBR 14. I haven't used it. It's up on the top list though. So that's the top list. I'll write it down one more time for his cast off. 762 Tech 56 Finnick RPK real mg arou mg aebr. 14. So that's what they got listed at the top of the medalist so yeah, let us know what you guys think. Again, I'm gonna RPK finish pretty much in for sniper I think I like this SPX. It's in the tier below the list. Which again, s list is the I guess the top super tier is the one below that SPX that's pretty good. I've used that a little bit. And that MCR 300. But it's a little slower. And apparently the victor snipers, the I mean, I think the the story here is that just try any of these guns, right and play, right? Yeah. And you should be okay. And hopefully we'll figure it out. All right, let's get into some top level tips and tactics that we found out that you guys need to know, because these are these are really good. If you don't have this, I would highly advise messing with these. I mean, some of them are most of them. There's the pings kind of whatever. But uh, yeah, so let's get into it. So let's start off with the ping. That's a color change thing, right? Yeah, there's a setting again. So with the ping, and we're going to talk about the Interact reload behavior in a second those I did shorts on. So watch the shorts, and I'll walk you through how to do change the setting. But the ping is a color setting where you can change. So the default color for the pink is like this white and it can be really hard depending on the terrain you're looking at to see. And so I changed it to like this hot pink, and now I can see that paying way better. Okay, yeah. I'm gonna have to do that. That's a good one. Actually. I didn't even think of it. I thought it was more like, Oh, yeah. Yeah, it definitely helps. Okay, so I'm going to do that I personally haven't done it. So I gotta watch that video. I'll show you guys the second video for the YouTube crowd. So it's interact reload behavior. And I found this one, hopefully you guys have to, because when you gotta pick something up, the way I had it is I would have to hold X, which I have it on a paddle, but I'd have to hold it for every item to pick it up. And it took forever to loot. So you can talk about it. I'll play your video as well. Yeah, so now instead of so you have several options in how you want to change this behavior. But the best one is I think it's contextual, RPA prioritize interact or something. It's interact by any load behavior. And it's set on prioritize reload. That was initially what it was set on. Yeah. And then I think now he's switched it to tapped interact. Yeah. So now, you just go up till you know your items, you just tap it, and it'll pick it up, which is good. But then you just have to get used to now when you're reloading, you have to hold it. So that's the downside. Yeah. Which it's not bad. But it's way it's way worth it. Because basically, you can either have your tap on the reload, where you just tap the reload, or you put your tap on the Interact, where now like getting out of cars jumping into cars, it's all faster if you just tap. So you just have to remember you have to hold down reload. So it's, I mean, I think that's huge. It speeds everything up so much. That's good. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, that's a huge one. Especially losing speed like that matters in the beginning game. You try to lose as fast as you can. This is going to help you. Yep. Okay, then Wendy gave us a tip. And I think I have it over here. Yeah, here it is. So if you guys don't know the ATS Filter View, everyone's always said us effective. It helps like Aim Assist. That's like been hammered every says effective. And apparently she said she read something and found out and she even tried it out of setting your ATS Filter View to independent and it'll lower your recoil. So I don't know if it's even a visual lowering of your recoil or just you know what I mean? As you mess with the field of view. But she says that works. So give it a try and let us know what you think I'm going to try it out. We'll probably try it out today after this podcast and see if it works or not. If it helps, and then we can keep passing on to you guys. Yep, I'm down to try because yeah, that's my one thing I've noticed is that the obviously everyone's saying the recoil in this game is crazy. Religious, it's hard to control the guns. Yeah, it's, it's not easy. So all I want to talk about too so stems this kind of we're kind of all over the place here the salwars just the way it is. It's what we do. So stems. I was talking before about stems and like gas plays because you can hold so much inventory, because like the gas plays are gonna be atrocious, like gas masks and stems, you know, like, you should be able to live in the gas. I tried it. The stems do not last very long. The gas the gas is really powerful. So yeah, like, like honest, I think I even got myself killed one time thinking I had stems to make it out of the gas. It would it was I don't like quick, it wasn't very long. Well, like you said, I think they've made the guy that like bumped it. So you can't stay in the gas very long, or else you're gonna die. So I don't know that these gas plays that we talked about before are even practical. Well, I would say no, off the stems. I haven't tested the actual gas mask too much. Well, another thing to think about this is that your movement speed is so slow now where like before in other you know, in the previous games, you could run around in the gas and pop out, you can move pretty quickly. This man, you're not moving fast. So good that yes, it's good to hear a while and make whatever play you want. And I don't even know, again, how realistic it's going to be to try to make a gas play. Yeah, as of right now, I don't see like big benefits from it. I mean, we'll play around with it. And maybe, again, you You probably need like six gas masks like and forget them. You know, the stems and munition stuff. You know what I mean? Yeah, that will be maybe we'll try that. Maybe we will time it and see how long you have with a gas mask someone probably already has, but who wants to listen to them? You know what I'm saying? All right, so let's get on Okay, when we're running pretty deep today. So let's walk over real quick of how to get a nuke. I'll show you guys here. A little rundown on it. And then we're gonna look. Yeah, exactly. Good luck if you're not running some extra stuff, because it's freaking insane. I can't even believe people like have done this personally. But yeah. One second. I just got to bring my page over here. All right, technical difficulties. So the nuke just to start off, even before like, you think you want to get a new. This is like we're oh shoot, where to go? Oh, here it is. So to start off the okay to start off, you have to get five kills or five wins in a row to get a new five wins in a row. I've never got five wins in a row. Yeah, not normal people do that. I mean, I get it. If you're with a squad, you guys are high level. Yes, you probably can grind that, but it's gonna be a grind. It's funny how many streamers seem to have no problem with it. But that's a whole nother thing. I have no problem with it. And they did it quickly. Like it only took a few days for someone to actually get the new. Now we have to reiterate, one of the guys who got the first news was, well, we don't even say his name. I don't want to I don't want to give these people more attention. Like that's kind of where I'm at with a lot of this stuff. I don't want to say their name and give them attention. This guy has been perma banned from the game is like I mean he's been all I mean perma ban is you're caught cheating. He got caught by Activision. You got caught cheating. They found something on your system you're out like, and he's still played Super suspect gameplay. Like I mean, if you watch him, you know, like, well, last year he was trying to go for 100 wins in a row. Yeah, like give me a break dude. If anyone gets and he got like, a lot I want to say up to 60 or something like that. That's ridiculous. Yeah, I mean, you guys know how random this game is? Like come on. Come on anyway. Shouldn't be in harder lobbies to so whether it's gonna be a thing. Yeah. I mean, he's doing something obviously. Anyways, that's just kind of like, obviously there's something going on. But he was one of the first he it certainly was getting a five, five wins in a row, then you open up this champions quest, you have to activate it. Then you locate all these elements. As you pick up elements, the guy who picks them up has like, certain things happen to them. Like they at one point, they become like radioactive so you can't be near them. So it's extremely difficult to get then you do all that and then you have to think you get marked on the map and then you have to activate the news. So I mean, let's be real. Five wins in a row is going to most of us aren't going to get there. I'll be happy with five wins in total at this point, let alone in I think five right around there. But it's crazy dude, that is a crazy challenge. But at least I mean, I was worried when I heard they had a nuke and I think we made videos on it like this is gonna be horrible. But in reality actually the it's so almost unattainable for average players that It's kind of whatever. And if you if somebody's doing you're gonna see a marked on the map and stuff and let's be real up there getting the news, they're probably cheating. They're probably at a minimum VPN, honestly, because it's just that it's so hard and I know my matches. If I win, and I got marked on the map, I'd be it'd be so tough to even move around. So wouldn't it be hilarious if they did that? Just identify the cheaters like, oh, yeah, this was ridiculous. No one should have been doing this. Anyone who did you're now? You're all bad? Yeah. Yeah, that'd be I would, I would enjoy that. That'd be funny. All right, we'll move on to our last topic. And this is really interesting. I'm interested in kind of a way to talk to you about it. Tell us about that. What is this gun recoil? Okay, so a couple of people have put out videos on this. What they're saying is that, so say you have your loadout. Again, right, you have all your attachments on it, whatever, it doesn't matter, with just one weapon, and you shoot it, you're testing what it is to test the recoil on that gun without changing anything that they previously said, four different times. So they'd shoot all the bullets in the mag reload shield automatically go to that four different times. The report coil pattern was different each time. It's similar, but there's different variations in it. So the idea is that there's some randomness to the recoil pattern. That is kind of crazy. Yeah, it reminds me, it reminds me like fortnight where they have what they called the balloon or something. Yeah, it's kind of randomized. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't think I like it. Because the purpose. The purpose is to have recall that you can control so then like, it's like a skill thing. Like you're used to the weapon, you understand the recoil patterns up to the right, you're pulling a little down to the left and to adjust. And that helps you when it's randomized. How do you even adjust that? You can't? Like you can't? Because it's random. That's right. Yeah. That's a fact. Yeah, I mean, it's you know, a lot of people have said that the skill gap there's no skill gap now because the movement and all this stuff, which I don't care about, what streamers say for the most part, but this would be one indicator to gun requires random well then is really, you know, there it's hard to have a skill gap. It's hard to be skilled at again when you don't have any idea what's going to happen each bullet you know, each boy that comes out of your Yeah. Yeah, I wonder how far like RAM randomize that was like, I mean, it's probably a pretty close, like grouping, I guess. But I don't know, I guess if it's like, pulling in different directions. Like that's, that's gonna really be tough. I don't know. Yeah, the curves kind of looked similar. They're pretty similar like the recoil curve. But yeah, with those variations, because it's just think about if you're shooting you're expecting to kind of go up and then to the right, and you kind of, you know, it's almost muscle memory, you kind of get that ingrained in you to kind of pull down on the analog when it kicks the different direction. And it can be random you know, that's going to be hard for you to then adjust and then know where it's gonna go next. Maybe the next shots random to Yeah. It's like you're gonna be adjusting, you just have to actively adjust on the fly, which is we know like, these gunfights are pretty quick sometimes, like, that's not going to happen. It's just tough. That's really tough. All right. I think that's that's about it. We've run through this whole thing. Oh, man made it to the end. So before we take off, I just wanted to again, thank you guys. And remember, we're doing the comment Apple exclusive comments, your chance to win a gift card. Again, starting with when we hit 50 are purchased with a gift card for $50. When we hit 50 comments, we're gonna add another gift card every 50 we'll add another one. So if you want to leave a comment again, you have to like actually say a couple words you just say great podcast, whatever. And that'll enter you into the more we'll do a randomized giveaway and it will be Christmas Eve will hit it. Absolutely as the comments are on Youtube, LIKE SUBSCRIBE if you want to support us join we love that. Yeah, we'll shout you out. We're gonna be five stars that we said we're going to be bringing more member benefits coming in. So hopefully you guys join up if you'd like. Love to see you there and deaf. So we're gonna close this one out. Thank you guys for listening. And we'll catch you on the next one. See, let it die

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