Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast

Invincibility Glitch! META Perks! Warzone 2 Battle Stories! Ep.20

November 30, 2022 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 20
Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast
Invincibility Glitch! META Perks! Warzone 2 Battle Stories! Ep.20
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Whats Up Goons!!!  Here is what we got for ya! 

  • Current State of Warzone 
  • TTK Problems
  • When Playing With A Team Goes Wrong
  • Game Crashing 
  • Unlimited Money 
  • Warzone 2 Glitch 
  • Meta Weapons 
  • Birds Eye Perk
  • Quiz

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad and Kido boo All right, welcome back to the podcast as usual, you hear goon squad with me my finger on the button, just wait. So proud of yourself, aren't you? Oh, come on. I like it. I like it. All right, so let me give you guys the rundown one we're gonna hit on today. So we got some actually some big I don't know, news are not cheats. What's it what's it called? Like hacks? Information. Tips, maybe tips is what I'm looking for. Stuff that I just actually just found found out about that could be game changers. So yeah. Okay, so let's be clear tips, not hacks or cheats? Yes, we know. We don't condone hacks and cheats are smoking crack. If you listen to other episodes, that's a whole nother thing. don't condone any of that dude. By the way, a real quick tangent. I went to our web page, you know what the top ad was? What? A Cronus. Ad. What page are you talking about? Like on YouTube? And there's a Cronus ad on our stuff. Yeah, so it's an ad like above, you know, if you're the YouTube pages and ad like, you probably don't even notice it. But it was on my phone. And then the top ad was like this Cronus ad and like how to become a god. And it's got all these examples of what the Cronus looks like. And it really started to piss me off again. Unbelievable. Oh, it's terrible. Okay. Anyways, let's Okay, let me give the rundown real quick, then we'll get into like that stuff. So we're gonna go over some do's we've played tell a couple stories go over some team tactics stuff. It should be interesting, because we've we've learned a lot. We went through a lot yesterday. We'll just say that. Yeah. So we'll go over some of the issues in the game CTK crashing, some things that work some things that don't work. There's a new apparently a warzone to glitch. And I'm kind of skeptical of what I heard it's another invincibility. So we're going to talk about that. The metal weapons a top five list. I'll just hit you guys with that. There's a bird's eye perk. And we don't know if this is a glitch, or if it's intended, we'll get into it, but I think it's intended but well, we'll talk about it. Yeah, but it's, it's big. So we'll get that near the end. And then we're gonna go over the state of the DMZ. And we're gonna play a little quiz game with the SEC guy and see if not been I have not been prepared so I don't know what the questions are. Right it's nothing too crazy. So we're gonna start off light and you guys can play along as well. effects later on I kind of want to do like ABCD like throw something on the screen or that I can say to the podcast you know, you pick and then I'll go through did not prepare that much. Didn't didn't go there. We don't have that ready. So we're just gonna do a verbal quiz. So Alright, anyways, having said all that, what's up? What's new? How's it going? It's going great man. Just grinding away words. Were so weird. It's great dude. It's funny dude. Getting natural talk on the podcast is so hard it's just like we were talking about with my shorts. I talk totally differently than I do normally like this is like my normal talk. Yeah when I get on a podcast or even shorts my I go to into business mode like oh, hello Danielle. It's nice. Your pitch raises to like you go even keto good here. We got a lot of talk. This is unbelievable. Nadia is cheating adore so. It is so incredibly freaking hard to like because you and I do five in the morning before work and so I'm tired and I have to fake that energy. You know, because you have to have energy. When you do those especially short. Anything like short Eleni video con To be honest, but especially shorts, you have like a second if that, you know, to hook someone on it, you know, oh God, it is so hard to try to be natural in front, you know, and I'm in a room alone with a camera again, it's early. I'm just waking up. It is so hard to get that voice down. Like I want to be like this. I don't know, I need to talk like this. Right? This sounds normal. Yeah, this I would say this is normal. This sounds pretty normal to me. Is like so life talk. Jobs been crazy. I was telling you off stream a little bit but man, my, my business like the last year we've had, like, I don't know, 1015 people leave the company. And we're not a big company. It's like where I work. But there's some financial issues. I mean, let's be real people just aren't getting paid as much as they could other places. So it's been wild. Well, yeah, it will do anything with like that much turnover, as you guys are having. It's crazy. Are you gonna, are you going to try to like, I don't know. Should we say it on here today? Listen, do you have to go for a raise or like, do a little I'm getting a re we've already had, I've already talked to the CEO and the President, as my department. I'm a senior. So there's only really, really two to three. Oh, there's three seniors there. But one of the guys you know, getting older is gonna retire soon. So there's really two like, people that are gonna be future seniors in development. And so they already talked because they're worried we're gonna leave because we are exploring options because it's like, hey, I can make a lot of money other places. Don't get me wrong, I make decent money. But you know, who doesn't want to make more money? You know, well, it's getting paid. what you're worth, you've put a lot of hours in and stuff. Oh, yeah. So anyways, so the good thing is, the good thing is I'm, I'm going to be set straight, but it's been insane. As a company and my job and then with Goon Squad balancing both those this year, it has been a wild ride. By here, it has been that's why we're kind of like, I feel like we're focusing in on what's important to us. And like, what will fit with our lifestyles? You know, it's been a crazy year. So you know, we'll just think we grew from dude, I do not want to be the self righteous podcast just talks about how successful they are, you know, don't you remember? Not that that's like what I'm gonna do. But it's just like, we've grown from so little like we were you know, what, a year ago at like, 2000 subs, and now we're at a 50. So it's like, it's been a crazy year of growth. And now we're changing our formats a little now we're more into the podcasting side. Yeah, it's more of doing what we want to do will always still address cheating when it's out there. And, you know, and when things need to be addressed, but I'm not I'm not hammering the same point over and over and over again. And then we'll talk about but like, even now, like, I don't know, I've played the game quite a bit, like a lot. You know, I just don't see a lot of cheating going on. And I see a lot of people that are just online. Hammering that. There's so much cheating the game's broken. Now there are some aspects of the game that are broken. I don't disagree with that. I just don't see a ton of cheaters. I'm not kidding. aimbot it like I don't notice it. Like I did another game, you know? Yeah, I completely agree. I think the aimbot stuff is like, to me, I haven't seen it at all. But what I have what I do think is there and you just don't notice it is the Cronus right. We all know that's there. Yeah. And there's millions of those devices out there. So we are so you know, that's the hard part is that is going to be in the game until Warzone or Activision decides to ban Cronus which fortnight did right I don't know why was on hasn't done that yet. Yeah. Well, first of all, there will always be cheating in games. I think we've said this before but why am I going on to the screen for this? I went outside of my border. Anyways, there will always be Cronus is are cheating in video games. You'll never stop that. Okay, I'm not saying that it doesn't exist. I'm saying like the mass cheating like back convert dance. I just don't see that right now. Like at all. To me. It's the best. It's been as far as cheating is going within the game and personally and I play a lot of solos Duo's right now. So, again, if I'm wrong, you guys let me know in the comments. I just don't see it. Yeah, and but yeah, and even to me, it's like, it's like a paradigm shift. Now like I'm tired of talking about cheating and it just breeds that like resentment and anger. I want to just have fun with the game and what I recommend the listeners or viewers YouTube for you, too. What do you do is just ignore it. Because I mean, if you just focus on Well, I'm saying while you're playing like you can't focus and complain Am I being cheated every time because that you have no control over that. You just keep working on getting better and having fun. And you'll enjoy the game. Yeah, it's hard to do. But yeah, I agree with that. I mean, obviously, like, I know what you're saying. I think for like a healthy relationship with the game, if you enjoy playing the game, like, No, you're gonna get cheated here and there. And I'm not like, well, I just don't want it to come off. Like we're burying our heads in the sand like cheating doesn't exist, because that's not how it is. No, no, I'm just saying like for you to have fun playing the game. Now, I'm not saying like, ignore, like, if it's a huge if we start seeing cheating everywhere. We'll be talking about it, obviously. And we'll probably make shorts and try to give that exposure. But I Yeah, as of right now, I don't think it's at that level. And I just want to have fun playing the game. Yeah, I think we're at a point in the game where stuff isn't like, out of control crazy. And I think we can enjoy the game a little bit. And we're all figuring out right now. You can it's you can't even really call people out for cheating, when we don't even fully understand all the mechanics in the game yet. You know what I mean? Well, yeah, that's That's correct. I mean, but I will be talking about the Cronus issue, because that one, that one really does piss me off. Because they're, I think that's just universally at the higher levels. They all just use it and it's whatever. Like, I mean, I know that some back in tournaments for No, I mean, that's their opinion on it. Like, the higher levels. Sorry, I messed up my thing. I'm gonna coming out of the screen for you to guys. Sorry about that. Anyways, y'all, but what I'm saying is like, for Activision, they need to do something about that. That is something like there's the game we'll hear we'll end. Okay, we're way, way, way off topic. Like I mean, the moral of the story is, I've just saying like, I know, the stuff will always be used. But right now, I think we're at a point where we can sit, play the game, enjoy. It doesn't all have to be negative, negative, there are some positives now, we will talk about some of the negative stuff that's driving me a little nuts within the game itself. But we'll get to that. We'll get to that. So well, let's see. I think we're over the intro part, I think, yeah, let's just let's just move on to our Duo's play. So we want to talk about the game the current fillings. I mean, that's kind of Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. I mean, you just stopped, we restarted it was like the opposite of a segue where you just destroy, like, we perfectly transitioned into it. And then you took us out. I read the list, and I jumped over what you know what? IV? Alright, good. No, I was just gonna say the current state of the game. I mean, it is, oh, man, it is so buggy going for, like, you're going to talk about the perks. Like some of the perks just don't even work. We'll get into like the heartbeat sensor, and we have a lot of the other issues like crashing, there. It is an incomplete game. Like there's so much work they need to do. But what I was gonna say is like, I really think, address some of those, but really focus on getting Cronus out of the game, to me is what is most important, but as far as the gameplay like I enjoy the game as it is it just needs to be refined totally right now. Yeah. He can't let the curves thing you have to breathe. Bothers me so bad. No, I think the the game Okay, so there's certain things like okay, let me just say the map itself. I love it. I think it plays great. I love the rotations. I think they nailed the map, which is huge. That was like the one thing I'm like, they have to get right. Or we all might be done with this game. And I think they nailed it. They did a great job. I think even like the coloring now like we talked about the dust particles that around that needs that have a love to get cleared up and just visibility cleared up a little bit. But like the design, I mean, as simple as like I was driving a vehicle up a hill and like we talked about in a previous podcast, there's so many routes and you don't feel exposed like there's cover all over and I'm not talking like the encounter the stupid trees, but there's like rocks or buildings or there's always a way to kind of get yourself out of a bad situation. Yeah, no, no, that's what I'm saying. Like the rotations are good, like going up a mountain side. There's a ton of cover as you move up a mountain side, you know what I mean? Like, in fact, the mountain sides not a bad spot near in game. Like you can kind of hide within the mountain. It's anyways, the map love, okay. The TTK is really I'm still trying to figure out we've talked a lot about it and I've talked to other people about it too. It's like there's times amid the long ranges. This what it feels like to me middle long and feels good. Like, I feel like I can take some shots. And I can get away and like take cover you still have time. And with like the plating it takes so long to play like when you can't, you can't run and play. You move like a Snell. So even though the TCAS I don't know, I kind of liked the way that plays, it's like, you can knock someone and they can get covered, but it's gonna take them a second. Like they can't just sprint away and put the shield on while they're sprinting. They got to kind of take cover. I don't know, it's just a little tactical, I'm kind of going off there. But anyways, the short range though, that's where I feel like the TTK is like out of control. Like so many times, like near end game. I'm like rotating. If the guys near me, man, there's multiple times it's just deleted without even seeing the guy. You know, I don't even have chance to react. Yeah. So I have a couple things. Yes, I've completely agree. Because, you know, when I first started playing, I thought the TTK was good. But I think because I was dying, or when I would die. It was more like long range. And I like you said I agree. I feel like that TTK is pretty good. But yeah, that mid short. It just feels like there's times you know what it is? It feels inconsistent to me, and it's probably which depends obviously which gun you're getting shot by. But there's times where I'm like, Oh, the TTK feels good. And I have time to like at least at least react right to someone shooting at me. And then there's times where it's like, dude, even though I'm like barely, like around the corner. I'm not even fully exposed. I just die like instantly. And it's like, that's not what fully played like, fully plated. Yeah. You know, and that also brings up another thing when I think this game ever since even the beginning since for dance. There's something about this game that makes you feel like you get cheated sometimes? Well, a big a big part of that was the spec to him. Like in how buggy and like, how well, it just, it looks like everyone was cheating most of the time. You know? Oh, the spec a cam? Well, yeah. And especially if they were on like, say they were promoted? Well for us overseas. In the UK, we're in the United States. If there's someone with a high latency, that spectate can look shady. And it's just, it just there's like a lag to it. We all you probably know that by now. But I'm just saying like, I don't know if it's the servers or what it is. But as you know, it's just like, you see a guy and you're like, oh, you know, it doesn't even look like he's looking at you and you start shooting and then all of a sudden, you're just dead. It's like that kind of thing that happens like too often to where it makes you feel like you're cheating. And it makes it so frustrating. You know? Yeah, and where I see the most is those up close fights that are like split second. And sometimes it's almost as if, like, you're losing frames in there somehow, you know what I mean? It's like, yeah, just like what just happened? Like, I'm ADSI I know he's coming around this corner. And somehow he's able to like go around the corner and shoot me before I'm able to pull the trigger, you know, stuff like that. Or just like what just happened? You know, it's not like slight canceling braking camera stuff. It's just like this. It's just I think it's just servers man. Yeah, it's yeah, it's I mean, that's what it is, you know, because you're sending your information to the server, they're sitting there information and then obviously kicks it back in it's like sets somewhere in that point someone's getting feels like someone's getting information faster. You know? Like, like our information maybe sometimes it's a little behind there's Yeah, well, it's weird. I mean, that's progress. Yeah, that's online gameplay. Actually what we're talking I'm going to throw on some gameplay behind this just to have some energy on the moon. Yeah, a little something for people to watch. Anyways, so let's see. So we talked about current so right now I again I'm I'm more on the happier side of Warzone to like I enjoy playing it. Like just from a simple like, do you enjoy it or not standpoint like I'm enjoying it. I'm having fun. I'm enjoying like learning about the map trying to get better rotations trying to get better and gunfights Yeah. Yeah, well, let's talk about our dues like so. So we're trying to get better, like that's our thing working together as a team. And within that, we had to talk about team dynamics. Because it's so funny because me and me and this guy, like, obviously, we're twins. Like we grew up together. We get along pretty well. Don't get me wrong. We definitely have our moments. We definitely have our moments. Well, yeah, we argue and stuff but we haven't had Like a real fight and like forever and even when we fight, it's like we're over the next day. Yeah. So that's it. We get along really well for siblings. Yeah. So even with that being said, we get into it in this game. Well, yeah. Okay, so I said this to you on the phone, because we talk 24/7 We do so but that's true. We've talked so much. But I told you this. In fact, when I drive when I drive to work at like, I leave at three or four in the morning. I will call him on the it's a three hour commute. I will call him in the morning and talk for like two of those hours. Always. It always starts out as I'll tell him because I usually like I said, I do shorts in the morning. I'll be like, Okay, I'm gonna talk for a little bit but then you got to start doing the shorts. Yeah, and then ends up like two hours later I'm like, gosh, dang me every time dude when it's the best time to like go over the channel stuff Oh, we want to fix but we want to change different ideas of videos like what are we? What's our goals? Like? I don't know. It's just really good time in the morning. Your heads clear in I'm just driving so it's like entertaining for me too. Anyways, sorry. We're really it's really exciting for us for this podcast and changing the format is something we really really enjoy doing. Yeah, that's what's exciting. So we have really great time anyways, back to the point though Warzone will expose the cracks in a relationship you your insecurities honestly, me and you have always had this thing and competitive in competitive I want to say athletics, that's where, you know, but anything competitive, right? Always have this issue where we kind of blame each other. And you know, it's just an IT transfer that has transferred from like basketball or football to now to warzone. But we're working on it now. Right? We are and it's gonna guys, it's gonna take a lot of work because I was playing so right now we're, we're I play a lot more than he does. Like I've been putting a lot of time into it. I've been doing a ton of solos, just trying to get better rotations and stuff and like just getting better the game. He's behind a little bit so he's catching up. So let me just let me just say I mean it's trying to be nice okay, let me let me say a couple things. One, I have a different time limits on you know what, we have families. I can't play that much at night. But good. It's just well, reality excuse the same thing. I do have to do shorts every day. A minimum of one. And I have a full time job. So it's like finding time to play in there. It gets gets difficult. Now saying that something has happened to me. I did switch a remote some play with that. That is really good remote. I'm saying you stop first, please. Yeah, that'd be great. But I've lost my confidence in my aim. And I need to like that that will come with time. But there's something weird that has happened to me where I'm afraid and it's stupid. Well, so the issues Okay, so the thing we're trying to work on is like so we're doing we're doing deals, and I'm not gonna lie we dropped in. And we couldn't get like past a team we kept like dying, you know. And it would be in weird scenarios where we have the right position. We played it well tactically. But there's like, honestly, what kept happening is I would be in these gunfights. And I in my opinion, I felt like you had no clue what was going on around you. I would be fighting it felt like multiple times. I'm fighting both the guys in the duo's and then I would get killed but I'd have him hurt or kill yo down one, whatever, then you would come into the fight. Am I wrong? Yes. No, no, you're right. Well, so a couple of things. Like I had a big day at work. I just had a lot of work this game. No, no, no, this game. It's not an excuse. It's just reality. This game requires so much attention and you really like situational awareness. And I'm not like totally familiar with, like, the different POS on the map. So it's like when you're in a fight sometimes. Trying to keep all this in your head like okay, I'm trying to like scan for an enemy. Okay, where's Where's Dan at what's going on? Like, which direction is he aiming? Like, all that stuff? You know, at the same time gets you gotta like being blocked in like, yeah, they have to be just totally in like immersed into the game. So especially in Duo's and play. I think the biggest thing is It's exactly kind of what you're saying is being the better you get playing together, the better you get at understanding the map. And I think that's the piece you're missing is that I've been to a lot of these places already. So I have a general idea of what the areas are. So when a team's around a kind of like, I'm getting the sense of like, where they may be rotating. Were there hiding taking cover? I don't think you're there yet. So you you're in like new areas where you're just like, still trying to figure out the area. So I'll be like moving a little heavier on that. Anyways, having said all that, well, I'll just say I do feel like lost at times in those fights. Like I felt like I knew where he was, I was trying to help him. But I was like, a little bit lost. And I think honestly, like, that's the biggest thing when you're playing with a teammate is like, being on the same page understanding like keeping an eye on them. So if they're in a gunfight, you know, if you should push, or you have the right angles to cover, you know, because that was kind of our thing. We were pushing some bounties, and we had some that were like, really good positioning. And it's just like, there'll be like a gunfight or that one time, should I tell, I'll tell a quick story. So I'm up on a third story will say I was on the rooftop of like a third storey building. Darren is on the building next to me, where he has a view of the top of my building. And the team was across the street, the team was split, actually, one was across the street, one pushed in the bottom of my building. So I mean, we're in buildings right next to each other. So I have a perfect vantage point to look straight at Daniel the right and I knew this. So Darren called out he saw one of the enemies run into my building. So he said, Hey, once pushing into your building, I said, Okay, copy that dared copy that. So he's coming up the stairwell, you know, in the problem was that that same time, I was up on the roof who billboard which was my cover, and his teammate was across the street snipe. And he was walking me through that billboard. So I had to lay down and I'm trying to show no one. No one likes to wallbang No, no. So I'm laying down. I'm trying to call it all trying to shield up I know the enemy's pushing me and I hear him in the stairwell and I called the Jared said, Okay, he's coming up the stairs or what I say he's here, whatever. He said, he said, he said like this, come up the stairs. No, that's how what it's called keep your composure, but I'm letting him know who's on the roof next to me like because the guy is coming out of bulkhead or whatever it's called the door on the top, you know? And it's like, perfect view. Like I can see him lay on the ground, Darren can see him. So I'm laying there. I'm re shielding. The guy pops out of the door, jumps out space. He's like, you know, doing the little you know, rebirth. crackheads spins around looking for everybody trying to find me. Now, don't get me wrong. I definitely missed some shots. Because I'm laying down I see him I start firing. I miss a couple. Then I get on him. Well, he's already on me. He downs me. Darren is nowhere to be found. He's got that perfect angle. I thought we were both looking at the same guy knowing he's coming out Darren normally found in fact, the guy jumps out of the Saudis jumps onto the rooftop right in front of where Darren should be looking. And then I'm laying down he's able to kill me. Finish me without Derek ever shooting at him. That That is correct. So what happened is so what was my perspective? What happened is the guy ran Daniels on the top of the building the guy ran across the street into the bottom of Daniels building. Well, I took a couple shots out the window, the opposite side of where I could see Daniel. So I'm in the house. And I take a couple shots we'll have to reload. So while I'm reloading Daniel says the guy's there but his inflection wasn't enough that I thought I should have just went but in my head, I didn't register. And I'm reloading but I am working in that direction. So I can get a vantage point on Dan. And by the time I had done reloading and popped out of the window, the guy came out of the door but he was smart. This is a tip the door and then he wrapped on the other side of the doors to where I no longer have a I can't see him. He's behind the door the doors open and he's behind shooting. Yeah, you could you could walk into that door by the way, but I tried. I mean, I think I might have anyways in that moment and kind of summed up how I felt about a lot of our gameplay. Was that I thought we were on the same page. I thought you knew where I was. I thought you knew the engagement like what was I thought we're you know, that guy's gonna come out. We have two angles. We're gonna delete him. No big deal. We weren't on the same page. No, but you know, I like I said, legit. I don't have confidence in my aim, or even like my position and sometimes so it's it's like really hard for me to like, go out. And like even walk outside. The door sometimes because I'm like, I don't know, maybe someone's behind me, maybe someone's over on the hill above me like, if they are, I'm not confident enough to turn and shoot them, you know, and down on it just that'll come. But it just I'm so new in the game right now well, and you know a big part of it and it's something that I wish they just bring this back. We don't you don't have your loadouts a lot of the time, so we don't get our full load out. Sometimes we'll get our primaries. You know, that's what usually what we kind of go for right now. But we don't have the loadouts and if you're just picking random guns, you're not going to be as confident in the recoil. You know, you don't even played enough and it's just harder. Because you don't have your guns. I wish they just let us have our loadouts back. You know what, that's a that's a really good point. You're right, there's a few guns that I've gotten to in the game where I'm like, Oh, this gun is like legit just a ground loop. Yeah, and my primary loadout so we do buy primaries from the base station quite a bit. But my primer as an RPK set up and I don't like it. I just don't feel like it's it's too bouncy, and I just don't probably Do you honestly probably just need the right attachments on it. Because I love my RPK setup. And I haven't probably use the wrong one. It can be adjusted. That's another thing, dude, it's so I've put a lot of time and I still gotta grind to unlock all these attachments to get the premium setup. You know what I mean? Like, I spent like two hours in like just playing multiplayer yesterday just to unlock different things, you know, and I'm not even close. Like, I still have a ton of stuff to do. But anyways, that was the gameplay. I think, I think No kidding. I think that's the moral of the story here is when you play as advice, try not not you do not. I mean, this applies to you too. But I'm not directly talking to you, is just try not to blame people, right? Like when you play the game, it's so easy to try to blame someone else for your mistake. Like if you die that's on you. You know, hope you know, your teammates should help in situations, but I think just taking accountability will help you will help your mental mindset while you play, I think yeah, and I think the better way to look at it because it's like, even with my job and whatnot. This is the way I kind of like approach things like you'll mess stuff up, right? You make a mistake, do something wrong. And instead of just dwelling on like, that mistake, it's like, fix what you can do better. You know, how could you approach a situation different? You know, like, your mental mindset. Good. No, I Sorry to cut you off. But I just love that point. Because I've been going over my deaths. And you do learn a lot like you. There's times where I'm pushing. Like, okay, I'll you know, I'll be in a gunfight. And then I push and I look and I'm like, Dude, I wasn't even like no plates. I had health. Why am I pushing the guy? Right? Yeah. So yeah, it's, it's funny, but let's be honest, other than a couple Joker popped in my head was after action reviews, like who really goes back and watches what they do. And I think that's great to go back and take a look. In fact, we might even start doing that on here is like going over one of our games like something interesting that we can kind of point out like, where we messed up stuff like that. I would find that interesting. So I'd assume you guys might as well. I don't know. Yeah, let us know if you're interested. Oh, dude, we totally forgot to even talk about it. We're, oh my god kind of deep. We have here, we'll just say it real quick for you guys. We have the gift card giveaway for anybody who leaves an apple review five star, you're entered in the giveaway right now it's a $50 gift card, we'll do an Amazon gift card, all you have to do is leave a comment so that we can see who it is. And your inner dinner everyone who's left a comment right now. And again, it's on Apple podcasts. And it's only one where you can actually leave like reviews. So if you leave a review, you're entered in if we get 50 reviews, we'll up it to two gift cards every 50 We'll up another gift card, you know, let's just get to let's try to get to 50 At this point, you know, yeah, and thank you everyone. Thank you to everyone who's already left a comment I mean, that's an Andrew just even a five star like that helps so much and we're growing fast. So that's awesome. Yes. So thank you and next next podcast will route we'll read all the new reviews and we'll update it are we going to talk about the discord or do you want to say that um well we can kind of we can talk about it like we can talk about what we're thinking well just let you guys know. So right so we had discord right so we had members we had discord we had a whole channel on a discord channel. It was it was a pretty good size. Things got out of hand stuff got crazy. We had a ton of people coming in there that we didn't necessarily one there are people coming in trying to make it like almost like a dating discord like bringing in all these people. You got really weird. Lots of drama, so we shut it down to only members Within that we had an uprising. We had some of the weirdest go on ever. And it's just, it was way too much drama. It was shady, just some shady stuff, which is like, I don't understand people. But anyways, there's a negative stuff. But I think now we're ready to go back. Because I miss talking to our members or just even our community. And it's so hard and discord was cool, because you could just pop in there anytime and just talk to them. Like there's questions I have that people like our members I know know the answer to. Yeah, so what we're because we're also with our YouTube, this is our YouTube membership we're talking about, just let you guys know, become a member, it'd be appreciated, totally up to you and no pressure. But again, we're starting to build on this right now we're trying to make it better for our members and offer more. And do stuff we enjoy doing. So we're trying to do more private matches or not? Well, we're going to be in once Warzone private matches are in the game, we'll do that if that ever shows up. I don't really know, right. But we're definitely going to do some off stream just playing with members hanging out getting to know each other type stuff. So with that, having that discord would be really good just to like organize all that. So so just saying this, we're going to open because I'm going to be in charge of we're going to open discord back up just members only. So if you become a member of the challenges, click that join button, then I mean, it does cost what $3 a month, two or three, but then you'll get access to that discord, you can talk directly to us as much as we can, right? I'll probably be in there monitoring every day. But sometimes I just can't talk but I'm usually talking at least a little bit a day, but when we used to do it, but you'll get access to that. And then we're gonna start doing custom games, whatever that looks like, or just fine Hangouts, whatever we decide, right? Yeah, yeah, we're gonna, like we're definitely gonna do custom games of some sort. Now, that might not even be boards, and we'll talk to you guys whatever you guys want to do. If you want to fall guys, we've done that in the past. It's a blast. We could do we'll definitely do like war zone, we'll do whatever. Dude, even like board game, there's like tabletop, I think is a site you can do where you can play board games together. Yeah, play some like risk. I don't know. I don't care. Just like a cool spot just to hang out. Maybe not even talk about war zone. Yeah, let me just say this, just to get this out and open. If you're a member, that does not mean you're playing with us on stream, we have a membership. But if you don't become a member, if that's your sole purpose is trying to get on stream and play with us. We only play with people we get to know. And we can kind of trust on stream and stuff. You know. And honestly, if you start picking people does nothing but create drama between each other because everyone wants to play. And I understand I understand. I'm just trying to be open about it. Like we're not picking people up that are members like that. We're not rotating through members. We've tried it in the past, it just doesn't work. No, that's the thing. It's like we have the best intentions, you know, when you start this thing, and we want to play with everyone like yeah, it's part of our members. Well, then the membership grew. And it's like, okay, we can't play with everyone. And then you're picking and choosing and there's resentment by people. And it's like, Okay, we just have to shut that off. We can't just we're not gonna play with members. If we get to know you and maybe one day but but that's on us. Like, that's our decision. You know what I mean? I'll be off stream not even on stream. Yeah, it would definitely be like, get to know you off stream and we'll see. You know, we'll see. Anyways, I just wanted to be like, open about that part. And make it clear, like don't become a member just to play with us because it's not happening like that. If you want to become a member you liked what we do. You want to help support us as well as like, just get to know each other play games have fun, like in a good community. This is the spot for you. If it's just to get you know, on a stream, not the spot. You know what I mean? Just don't don't wait. You know, you get it. You get it? I get okay. Sorry. Little breaking action there. So, yes, and to be clear, you're running that discord. I'll be in and out of there. But I yeah, I looked at the clock. I'm like, Dude, I gotta leave to work soon. I mean, we don't have to rush through it. I'm just saying. That's the reality that just popped in my head. Alright, let's go over well, let's see. We're 40 minutes. Okay, we still had a bunch of stuff to hit. Alright, let's go. We got time. We got time. Yeah, I know. This podcast. We were probably gonna go to 30 minutes. So some issues in the game. Again, we already didn't we already talked about the TCK. We already hit that TTK crashing I crash all the time. Again, the game the game is so incomplete and buggy. That's the most frustrating I crashed a lot to it and everyone else does. Yes on NadeShot just came out and like was unleashing about it and it's just so frustrating. I saw C laner. Not a fan but He crashed a time kind of enjoyed that one but like he cried he was trying to play with Doc you know frustrated that B W play with Dr. disrespect and crash every game though in the thing that drives me nuts is it's not like I crashed in the beginning of the game I'll crash mid game near the end of the game you know like it's just non stop crashing it's awful so they got to fix that. The heartbeat sensor Okay, so I watched Joker play last night and it works for him. All's I can tell you is there has been multiple times where a heartbeat and get nothing and someone pops out and kills me like one time there's a boundary pushing me. I saw I was in the red I knew he was close I heartbeat it I was hiding behind this like AC unit. So I couldn't see behind me. But I use the heartbeat sensor to see if he's there. Nothing. I pop out around that AC unit. Boom. He's right there. And he shoots and kills and I'm talking like, you know, 10 yards in front of me. He's right there. No. It's like I feel like it just straight up does not work sometimes. Yeah, that wasn't the beginning the game so he doesn't have any perk that's gonna give him like, you know, a ghost or something. Right, right. Yeah, I've kind of it to me. It's been honestly, I've used it. I rarely ever seen a video on it. So I kind of just stopped like using it. You know? I wouldn't Yeah, I'd recommend people do not use it. I don't think it's even I don't think it's consistent. Yeah, I agree with that. Oh, what's the unlimited money? Okay, so I made a short about this. This. I don't know if it's been patched? Probably not. But you can get unlimited money now. I didn't explain how to do this in the short because I don't want people to do it. Especially in war zone. I don't really care if you're going to do it in the DMZ because DMZ is whatever now but it's where you drop your gun you have to have a medium backpack you drop your weapon and you drop money next to a weapon I shouldn't say drop a weapon I think they said you had to kill an AI and they dropped their weapon. So then you put money next to that weapon and then you like look at the gun but then you back up to where the little indicator changes to the money but then you press down on the D pad or whatever I don't know what it controller but you still have the weapon and then it's the weapon will disappear and you'll automatically have a million dollars. million dollars so you have to so you have your so you have a primary and a secondary weapon and you're stowing that third weapon is what's supposed to happen but instead you get a million dollars. So Oh, and it works. I did a took me a little while it's kind of weird. But I did it in the DMZ mode just to make the short and it works you get a million dollars Wow. Well yeah, there you go. You imagined in Warzone that might be a cluster but you know what? They only let you buy one UAV per station. Yeah and also do the money that's another thing they got to increase the money on the map like me and you to me and you looted so long yesterday and had like no money I swear we looted like half the map but that's a big exaggeration but you guys ya know what they need to make the game to where it's like, faster and like no one hears what no one wants, no one wants to die and then wait and watch their teammate loot through 20 buildings before they find enough money to get you back. And by the way, guess what? By the time they get that money, they'll go to the biases and probably killed anyways because that's what happened. Well, yeah, people camp all over those buys will also like it's it's the same thing as like fortnight was with the materials. Like no one wants to like that's what I hated about fortnight when in the build days. It's like I you'd spend all game getting all the supplies you'd have all the metal all the wood, all the rock, whatever the materials are, you'd have a mall and then you just die and you spent the whole game just farming I'll just just chopping trees and I don't want to farm Warzone I want to loot like if I loot through I don't know 20 buildings I should have enough for a loadout without a doubt and it's not like that here you said I mean we went you went you looted forever just to get $4,000 You know and I know I think again like we said before I think the purpose is the once you go into like the strongholds and once you fighting ai i don't want to do that AI stuff anymore. Like I wish I would just go I don't I don't really like it. Yeah, I actually kind of agree with you I'm not into the strongholds you and we all know what happens you get third party most of the time anyways because once those hit it's like we might as well camp outside and farm you know, take on the guys that are getting their weapons but yeah, and then well then you have AI and you don't know, you know you have to make that decision. Is this an actual strong enemy or like a real enemy? Or is it just AI like you changes the way you play? You know? Yeah, I don't like AI and Morton. I'm just now I really don't I'm not a fan of it. Love that they have sorry. No, I just love that they brought in something that no one wants to no one wanted AI in the game, but they've just decided like, they probably worked really hard to make the AI good which they have. Yeah, I can be difficult. And it's like no one wanted this. Well, it's also like to me if you're gonna put AI in I don't want 50 AI in a building or whatever it is like maybe put a handful really strong or some something different about him like make one. Like be a rocket guy or one maybe like one stronghold is all booby traps. Like that's that's how they that one boss that booby traps, like, make them a different character. That's like the movie Chow J You know what I'm saying? I love that. I love that idea. Make them like, like have something unique about them. Like oh, shoot, I'm going to you know this location where that you know, that stronghold has this guy who's like, stealthy you know, or this guy like you said the booby trap guy or this guy like the heavily armored like a tank, you know? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Like and then give them personalities and you can do like cutscenes like, in the beginning to like introduce them or something, you know? Okay, yes. Okay, so we're not work but it's like the idea. I don't know maybe it would that'd be really cool. But yeah, and guess what? Hey, you kill the you kill the heavily armored guy. And you get like this upgraded like gold armor types. love that idea. Yeah, you get like the golden vest. It's like a six plate vest. Sir. Yeah, something like that. Yeah. Or you kill the stealthy guy. And you get to you know, increase movement speed or you get something cool for doing it. Other than just right now, I think I don't know if he a person. I'm confused by the operating system. But you get a load out if you you know, be the stronghold or whatever, which is like you should already I am so angry with the way they did the loadouts it's like you shouldn't have to work that hard to get the load out. It should just be like get your money and you can get your load out. Yeah, but back to the guys they actually do somewhat did this when DMC with the whole em 13 Blueprint have to go kill the hazmat guy, you know, and, and I liked I liked that. Except again, there's too much like, I like how you have to go in that. It's like a restricted zone where it's all its gas, you have to have a gas mask. Again, there's just too much AI though. Like we only I only want like a boss and like make it more interesting to where he's like creative in the way he's setting it up. Like, I don't know if he like was that one's already guessed out. If it wasn't in the gas. You could have them with like gas traps or whatever. Like he throws gas bombs at you or make it something different, you know? Yeah, no, I mean, it's just entertaining. And it's cool. Dude, how about what if they like one was like a guy who like jumped around high and you kill them and you get this now new ability where your jump height and like speed is like increased. That might be too much. It's too much people would be so pissed off, they died to that guy. at that park, we could hit him with like five quick ones, the booby trap or one. You already got the hazmat guy bring them over to war zone have his area set up a sniper, you're gonna have the sniper guy where he's you know, perched up and it's like, you gotta like really take cover and Hill Hill headshot, you know, something, something interesting with him, maybe even as claymores and stuff down set up around this area. What other one can we have? I'm trying to think with that. We'll go with one who's got like an a, like a like a super like a doll. They are type thing where he's just like a weapon specialist. Right? And he just like is super, super accurate. It's hard to kill them. But if you get that guy and things that beam, you know, and it hits hard. Yeah. Yeah, well, whatever. There's a million ideas. You could do it, I think if they just built up a character, because like Tarkov interesting people know the names of the bosses, right? Like, and they're known, like this boss, you know, like, oh, that's that guy. Like, stay away from whatever Warzone it's not like, it's just a stronghold with a bunch of people in it. You gotta get more personality to make it like to where you're invested in it, you know? No, I can I completely agree. I think that'd be fun. And you know, it's like fortnight fortnight brings in characters, right? We don't need the character aspect. Like we don't need Marvel to get involved in that. But yeah, it'd be cool if each one had a character and then you know, it makes it more fun. And then also, you know, you'd have an objective that oh, well, let's go for this guy. Because we need to get this perk, right. Yeah. Or something. Something just adding more. Yeah, more fun. A little more entertaining. Not this don't just slap the same AI in every stronghold. Yeah, it's just it's just gets too repetitive. It's not I have no urge to go other than getting a load out to me. It's not like fun to fight those guys. It's not really that entertaining. It's kind of the same bot bot farming like, except they'll put you down, you know, like, I don't know, right. So, okay, I just want to real quick since we were kind of near the DMZ mode. Let's talk DMZ real quick in again, we're pretty deep. So we got a few things hit. DMZ to me, in my mind is dead. I might be wrong. Sorry, if you guys like it, I just think they missed the mark on what the DMZ needed to be like, it doesn't have the rewards that are like necessary to really make it a viable mode, like an entertaining. The missions themselves are like really tedious and not. Again, it's you're doing them to complete a mission. That's all you're just doing to get the export from it. It's not that exciting. No. And there's way too much AI because Bob farming and AI is tough, actually. So it's not even necessarily farming. It's just fighting the whole time. I am always hopeful for the DMZ as of right now. I have no I just have no interest in playing it. Yeah, there's it does nothing other than we got that in 13 Blueprint. I did like that mission. We did not did well. I can give it to you. I haven't I think skipping back. I think skips needs a back to well, I'm asking just go in and drop it to you guys. Whatever. Not around anyways. But yeah, it to me, they missed the mark with it. Unless the I mean, I know it's in beta mode, which is funny, like you put out a game. Hey, it's the beta mode. It's like maybe you should have finished it. But well, I think both games are in beta. And feels that way to none. I mean, it's a little better. But yeah, I know what you're saying, dude, if you're putting out a product, you can't have so many glitches, that is terrible. I'd be fired if I did that. Well, how do you put it at a day like me, but you put it out like the servers are so bad, like the crashing the game itself, whatever the reason it's doing is it's like, Dude, I get the first day there's bugs and whatnot, stuff happens. But we're pretty far into man. And this thing is still having issues so they gotta fix this stuff. Yeah, it's not one bug. It's like there's like, like I said, person parks just don't work. Like the park systems like broken. And there's the glitching that all sorts of just issues everywhere. It's like that they I can see a couple of things here and there. But this thing is like, littered with issues. And I liked the game. Well speaking of that, here, we'll go over this. Let me pull it up. There's a war zone to glitch now this is on Charlie IntelliJ wrote an argument article. And I'll put up for the YouTube crowd here. So by Matt Porter. So he put this interesting he's calling it a warzone to legend given player free invincibility hacks. Now. So let me I'll just read some of the TAs in a clip uploaded the popular code Warzone subreddit unfortunate Duke Nukem spot spot enemy rare on the ground below them up listen exposed. I am blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Basically, he unloads a clip into this guy with nothing, nothing happened. So and then the guy the original poster found himself down and eliminate of getting punched to death by an invisible foe. So basically, he sees a guy he's blasting him the guy runs and beats him up with his hands the bolts do nothing to him, and he's calling it an invitation. invincibility glitch The guy said, I guess the guy who had the invincibility glitch said Dude I'm back in the game they're trying to shoot me in the bullets are going right through me. So that he's the poster this article is saying that he's it's an invincibility glitch. Now there's no details at all. Like he doesn't know how it happened doesn't understand like, he thought it might be something that happened in the Gulag because the guy said I'm back in the game. So I don't know but I do find it interesting because ricochet as we know what what that was the thing that we're doing if you're cheating on it seemed like only for streamers, we get this perk, but if they go against a cheater, the cheater cannot put damage on them. It's like something they do to mess with the guys who are cheating. In this case, it would be the guy who this Duke Nukem guy would have had to have been cheating for that to be doing. There's no evidence of that, by the way. I'm just like, speculating here, but it's like, is that an invincibility glitch? Or is that a ricochet thing? You know? I mean, yeah, that's the point. I don't trust anyone so he could have been cheating. Who knows? I don't know it. Could it be a glitch? Absolutely. There's a million glitches. I don't know. It's weird. Yeah, I mean again, nothing. I don't know who this guy is it just somebody posted a clip not saying he's cheating but it's I haven't heard of that invincibility thing back again yet. It's just now it's weird because it's like he's a ricochet trolling people or is it an actual glitch? I don't know. But who knows wait by the way how about the glitch where were you on the gulag and the game ended for us that happened to do us I won the Gulag like clear like we killed them or they killed them both whatever. Yeah, within the time limit it wasn't a time issue within the time limit is congratulated me whatever it does. And then it said our team placed whatever it was just instant our team was out of the game didn't make it out of the Gulag that was, that's what I'm saying. These terrible glitches, like, come on, like, That is terrible. Okay, we gotta hammer through because we're gonna go over two more things. For this. We're gonna go over the metal weapons. I'm gonna run you guys through the tear list in just saying and then Darren is going to talk about the BirdEye perk. That is sounds amazing. So let me hit the metal weapons real quick. I'll pull it up on here. I just went off of deck stero I just made so he said decks are exert Whoa, I know. I know. It's a popular exert Oh, Dexter airto Dex. Dex. airto. Anyways, whatever. So this is their top five weapons. I'm just gonna read to you guys let you guys know what they're saying. Because I think honestly, I think people are still trying to figure everything out. Like they're I haven't seen any clear like this is meta meta stuff, you know. So the fact I've heard I've heard streamers say that, like, yeah, it's kind of up in the air still, which is good. That's not a bad thing. You know? No, no, no. So the pistol the P 890. So they're saying use that muzzle Oh, I'm not gonna read through all the attachments. So they said it may be surprising to see in our top five but absolutely lethal. And use a Kimbo? I think yeah, okay. I got erased by those. So yes, those are really good. Yeah, so they're saying use that akimbo that's number five. MCPR 300 Sniper. I've used this quite a bit. It is good. Doesn't seem like it has a huge bullet drop. Like, I was using a sniper and we were in game and Duo's man, and it was the ground loot. Sniper had a bunch of attachment. So I'm like, oh, it's gotta be good. I forget which one it was. It wasn't one of the like popular ones. Do that thing had so much bullet drop. I felt like I was only shooting at like 100 yards. And it was like, so delayed, you know? Yeah, there's some really, really bad snipers in the game. Yeah, and that was one of them. But anyways, then the Finnick Finnick is good on that. I still use it. You sound like you're in a haunted house. Sorry. I know people are kids are going off to school here in a minute. So doors are opening and shutting. Started. What was the last one? You said the Finnick? Oh, FinEx guide saw again. Yeah. And if you guys want to see on YouTube, I'm pulling it up on here, you can see the attachments that they link. So you just pause and take a look at that. Anyways. Phenix good RPK I use this is my loadout RPKM fitting, that's what I use. And it's good. It when I can get it. I've gotten it like three times. So in those three times. And then number one, this is the one you were talking about the attack 56 Okay, did I use that in the game? And it's it's an attack. What's the isn't there a model or a letter at the end or something? It's just tack THQ five, six, dash five. Whatever. I think that's gonna answer. I think that's what I want to run as my load. I was I was running that game, and it was hitting good. And accurate. So yeah, I'm just reading for Hardison overkill. What's the best? Yeah, anyway, so that's the top five meta that they're listing on this article. Again, most of these I've seen at least I've seen this tag and I've seen the RPK and Finnick. The other two not as much. I mean, the sniper. Snipers are again, you can one shot headshot, like it doesn't Downham, at least at this point that I know. Yeah. So anyways, let's go over that. Bird's Eye perk. Okay, so this is really, really interesting. So again, you know, the weird part with Warzone is that you can't edit your perks which I think is bizarre that they didn't let you do that even though you could do that modern warfare, right, like adding a perk loadout out or whatever. So there's some pert there's some perks that I don't even know if they work like if you choose your custom loadout I don't even know if those perks work some of them. So I'm just gonna say that so but there is a perk called bird's eye. Now the only way you can actually get it to work or even I don't know if it's even a setting one of the standard ones you choose and your custom loadout but what you do is you go and get your loadout if If you're fortunate enough, and you don't choose a custom loadout, you choose one of the default loadouts. And they have their own perk packages set, and you get the one with bird's eye. Because the bird's eye perk allows you This is according to a guy named metaphor, put a video out about it. He said that you can see everyone's UAV so anytime someone pops a UAV, you can see it and see, like, who pops up on the UAV? So it's almost like you get to use everyone's UAV a community UAV one might say, Oh, do and to me that is like the perfect or like I'd rather have that than weapons. Yeah, that's really good. So we all need to switch to the bird's eye perk. Yeah. And they also said, I see I don't think hilar works right now. And but they said, if you do if you use one of the default packages, it'll work. So maybe it's like, maybe it's like glitched or just doesn't work when you choose Custom loadouts but those default perks those work, huh? Okay, yeah, Daniel doing it. We'll be doing a short about that. I do. Yeah, I guess so I have to load into the game and choose a default loadout Yeah, just one that has the bird's eye. Check it out. And you can find it on our channel. Actually, now that we're talking about that, let's do our little quiz here. Oh, all right. So because we're gonna go over this will be the last thing we do. We'll hit on the purse. And we're gonna see if Darren knows the purpose. And why is your Wally only quiz you and I'll quiz you guys although on YouTube you can see the answer so you guys can cheat if you'd like so we don't recommend you we don't like cheating okay, but we're gonna quiz there and just on a couple and then I'll just read will read over some so spotter perk you can see the enemy's tactical or lethal is like their see for right and you can see the loadout woohoo good yeah spot enemies equipment filled upgrades and killstreaks through walls. Well, I mean downside highlights them for your whole team. I didn't know that. So if you aim down sight it highlights them for your whole team. Oh, that's good to know. You can hack claymores proximity mine see foreign trophy systems? I didn't know you could hack the next podcast let's get on the perks and let's talk about each one because I don't know all like all that stuff. You're saying like I knew the hacking thing, but I didn't know some of the other stuff. So like, let everyone know. Yeah, I think this would be good for all of us just like get our knowledge of you know about more about each perk. And like I want to read cold blooded because sometimes I get cold blooded and then Ghost Ghost. I get them a little confused sometimes I think I understand it but sometimes I just get them turned around in my head. Alright, so we'll do let's do another one. I'm going to try to find a good one for you. How about survivor Oh, third survivor. Okay, so it sounds it's something about outlasting survivor is that not Scavenger? Where you loot the dead? What are the weapons? I don't know what survivor you loot the ammo survivor? I don't know I have no clue. Okay, so survivors upon death in our last stand with ability to self revive once per life in teammates revive down players faster. Oh, so you get a self revive once per life and it's faster to revive. Oh, okay, that's interesting. I mean with somebody sell somebody selfs around the game. And that revived pistol I don't know that I'd run that but that's interesting. Yeah. Let me just read the birdseye since we just talked about it like what it's supposed to do cuz honestly I'm not even that familiar with it either. So I don't know is a thing. Yeah, well, I've seen it I just didn't know what it really did. So Bird's Eye is see a zoomed out mini map and UAV and radar pings revealed enemies direction well, it's just direction I said as if there was a comment enemy's direction instantly pings enemies on the mini map upon earning the perk. Okay, instantly interesting. Pins. I mean that the way that sounds it sounds like it's almost like an advanced you does. It does sound like Kosta? UAV. But it can't be It can't be like that, right? I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. I think my dogs telling us we got to finish this up. Oh, she's barking at your house at 745 comes alive do well yeah, this is the time everybody's This is like the worst time to finish our podcast because I live right by the school too. So like people are walking up and down the street all the time. So the dog goes crazy looking out the window and then the kids are going off and whatever stuff had something. Alright, so I think that's I think we're good right? Yeah, I think that's good. Yeah, please leave us a review. Like Subscribe on YouTube join if you want to be part of the discord and be part of future activities. Please leave us a review and comment and get in on that $50 Gift Card potentially 100 Potentially, potentially three gift cards if we get enough comments. Yeah, yeah. And next next episode, we'll read the new comments. So if you leave it we'll read it next episode. Anyway, so thank you all for listening. We'll catch you guys on the next one and I don't know. Take care I guess. You alright, see good

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