Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast

Warzone 2 Nuke Race 🤯! Rebirth Island Leak! Ep.22

December 08, 2022 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 22
Goon Squad Gaming - The Warzone Podcast
Warzone 2 Nuke Race 🤯! Rebirth Island Leak! Ep.22
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Whats Up Guys & Gals!!! Here is what we got instore!! 

  • Goon Squad Giveaway! 
  • Life As A Goon 
  • Keto Goon's Acting Fail 
  • What are the Warzone 2 Meta Weapons 
  • Is there cheating in Warzone 2 
  • How to get a Nuke in Warzone 2 
  • Nuke Race Shady Players 
  • Rebirth Island Leak
  • Types of Warzone Players

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Goon Squad:

Hey guys. Welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop in with the goons.


Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins, goon squad and Kido. Boo. All right, welcome back to the podcast here. Goon Squad are the Keto goon. What is up keto? Howdy, partner. That was pretty good, right the first day, he just said is I'm just faking Tuesday. I'm brand new. I really like that I have to fake the doozy. As I'm just exhausted this morning. We're starting super early. And I just keep while we've been sitting here. Well, I just keep a three day stretch at work. So it's just getting Yeah, it's like I gotta wake up for wake up and get into it. So you really have literally been sitting here setting up for an hour. So yeah, it gets a little tiring. Yeah. All right. So let me hit you guys off with the rundown of what we're gonna be going over today. So we're going to talk a little bit about the giveaway. Some livestock, the worst clip you made there and made it clear. That was good. It looks like a metal weapons what we're using what we like what we don't like. So a little bit of touch a little bit shooting stuff and warzone. We're talking about the new chasers, the shenanigans that are going on with all that. And then the new quest itself, we'll go over that again and talk about the there's a rebirth Island leak. Now, I don't know if we can show that image. But well, we'll see. Maybe I will, I don't know. Yeah. And then at the end, depending on time, we're gonna talk about, we're gonna go over all things with teammates. So like, I might actually, not all things, specifically one now that I look at it the worst type of teammates. So we're gonna, that's if we have time. Yeah, there's some funny stuff in there, though, because I think we all can relate to some of the few of those that we put on. So well. And I think we all kind of, we all kind of meld into different types of those teammates at times, you know? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Did you put the trash can you did not put the trash can. That's, that's your that's your personal. That's my bucket that I'm not really getting anyways. All right. So let's get into the gift card giveaway. If you guys don't know, we've talked about every episode, we're going to up until Christmas Eve. That's when it ends. So right now we're still at, I think I said I'm gonna do two gift cards. So the first 50 comments on Apple podcasts, you leave a comment, you're entered to get the gift card, and we're giving away to just off the bat with the first 50 comments. If we go above the 50 we're gonna add on another one. So we'll just do that because I don't think we're gonna get above 50. So we'll see but we got two new comments. I want to read to you guys real quick. So let me switch over to this. We have wicked what is that? That's great stuff. Keep it coming to down to earth. Sorry, move this out of the way series can't see. Two down sorry. Great stuff. Keep going to dinner with guys to share interesting cod wars on a warzone to insightful funny guys that are afraid to laugh at themselves. That's true. True. Hope for your future. You gotta listen to the twins that get wins. Yeah, that's true. We don't take ourselves seriously at all. No, no. And then we have crit Oh, I thought that was crazy for it. See? Certainly my I thought dude, I thought the same thing when I saw that. Maybe it's his new name. Yeah, it's like you just read it and assume so. Good foot. 34 These dudes are genuine speak. For those of us who? Who want to play the game to have fun. Yep, that's very true. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you, man. So right now, everybody that sounds bad odds at a 26 ratings on Apple. We're giving away two $50 gift cards. So not bad odds are pretty good. But hopefully that number increases right? Yeah. So all you again, all you have to do is leave a five star review and you're in. So and by the way, just another quick while you had to leave a comment comment? Oh, yeah, yeah, so leave a comment just so we know who you are because we can't see who leaves the stars. By the way, if you guys are watching on YouTube, or if you guys watching YouTube or you're listening either right, hit the bell notification. I've been looking at those numbers they are so we are so crazy low on Bell notifications compared to normal All channels it's nuts Yeah, well I do wonder if it's shorts related doesn't matter you guys all need to hit that bell that would be that'd be great for us to do whatever just press the little button alright that's enough for that so what's up what's new with life? How's I don't even know if I've even talked about your normal life when you were kids in the family I don't know what's new nothing man just chillin I mean we played some Warzone recently right that was fun last night yeah a little tired so we ran a couple of games I don't we I thought it was good though. We had a couple like good runs we did a couple of I don't know what do we made near the end of code and we were literally played like two games Yeah, I think the only problem we ran into is the money situation god man trying to regain after you die like Sir you died and I was trying to get you back to it happens every time it's like we I struggled struggled to get the money. Then when you're finally close to it, or you get the money you get killed every time. Yeah, yeah, you actually it was kind of a weird setup because it was the one where the zone split off. They do twos at a two circle split in Duo's, I think it was so then they split off and he's flying back in from the gulag and is they're coming back together it was actually nice because he there was a river and he basically got to fly over everyone and then land near the by and you wouldn't have to deal with the river. Because the river it's hard for people to cross it in. They're going to take time I just made slowed everybody down. About a river. When I was watching you do it. I was thinking I'm like, oh, that river. I was I don't know. I was fixated on the river. They're gonna have a hard time it's like Oregon Trail. You know, can they cross the river? Anyway, I don't know you landed out in front of the boat, dude. Yeah, the looting. Oh my god. Like it. You actually did pretty good. You almost had a he went through all those buildings in Oh, man. It was white. Like I think you were actually $100 short when you died. Maybe you had Yeah, someone snuck up literally like jump scared me. I didn't do you hurt him? I didn't hear him till last minute guys shot me right in the head. Yeah, it was. It was kind of it was kind of last minute. Well, and he of course he's running this double. There's a Kimbo pistols so I had no chance of doing anything. Yeah, I got deleted by one of those two. I just tried to play old Warzone on him the old slide out and jump. I've really been working on not moving or trying to stay behind cover as much as I can. Even when I peek out you know, because I was looking at sometimes I die. I'm just standing in the middle of the whatever area there's with no cover all the time, bro all the time. And we had a couple of we had some rural rats yesterday, like shooting us across like the map getting airstrikes clusters dropped on us from people that weren't even near us, you know? Yeah, we were on like cliffside and finding a team and this team was like, practically across the map, drop in airstrikes and shootie just be annoying. I don't know how you died down. Oh, no, you had down by the original team. And then they're striking from across the mat. A whole whole different team. Deke blue. Do you know why? Yesterday, I was like, every time I would get the alert airstrike or cluster strike. And I would, I would run away and it caught me every single time. I couldn't get away from them. I think they dropped faster. But I think they have to. Yeah, they must drop faster. So that was one than the other one we died. You know, it's funny, I just kind of like thinking about it. And like, you know, I guess it's good for us to just get better at the game. Like thinking about how we died and what we could have done better by the last live. Yeah. I mean, we actually do take vehicles more often and run around too much. But the other game is where we were up on the hillside and we were running while you were running got down to then I got taken out shortly after. I don't remember do would you agree or disagree that you go down first more often than me? Well, I would agree. But I also would agree I'm the one on Friday. I didn't Hey, I just wanted them to hear no, no, no, i i 100% realized this yesterday because I'm like, dude, every fight I'm down first. It's like it's because I'm leading in front every time Yeah, but I also think okay, that's one way to look at that. I also think I mean it's away but I think that you run out without looking around for the incident you get too focused on moving like just like the last one. I think you were just sprinting around we could have taken our time were at the edge of the zone. Which one are you talking about? When we're up on the hillside and that team? I don't know what I don't know. That one we were just camped on the hillside drained and third party like they're not third party but that you don't seem to get a load out above us and they were in the zone. No, no. No, they ended the game. We're running around the hill we're riding the zone because it was near the end game that of that one. Dude, doesn't matter. Yeah, he doesn't remember I do. Okay, it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a big deal. Yeah, so anyways, that's that was the gaming now live life I have my annual annual work lunch this week, which is a blast. Why is it actually a blast? Or is it not a blast? I know I said it as I was I don't know why I wanted you to respond to that. Yeah. I don't know anything about it like what am I supposed to say? Like cool like I don't even know what they're doing it is a lot of fun like they paid for like a lunch and your water you know obviously we have some visited two o'clock you have wine? Good foods like a good restaurant and then afternoon Do you like employee of the year you know like that's a fun thing we always take bets on who's gonna win employee of the year I got robbed last year no offense to my friend but that was just straight robbery that I didn't get it but but then afterwards we go all go to a bar right and have drinks so we have like the lunch which you have drinks II then you go to a bar have drinks and then there's an after after party at someone's house. So you do this turns into like a eight hour of it. You know? Okay, it's always it legit has a lot of fun. They don't we you Okay, you guys go out after they're not paying for the way do they pay for your drinks? No, they pay for the wine and food at the restaurant, but they don't pay for the after party. That's not sponsored by them. That's like odd as and then though it's even funnier. Like I was telling you earlier this year. The after after party is being held by an ex employee because we used to always go to his house every year for like the past like six years, but he obviously left the company this year. He's working somewhere else. But now I feel like out of spite. He's having an after after party. They're at his place. But he's got like a taco truck. So of course we're all everyone. Everyone's going there. I don't know GPS. I can care less if you work for us or not. It's fun. It's places good time. Yeah. That's hilarious. I guess yeah, yes. Now it won't be a lot of fun. So I'm sure we'll have some interesting stories on usually the new hires act act like a little while, but after after part. That's usually how it is. They're like uptight at the office or whatever. Then get out in the in the we're in the world freedom and go nuts. Ah, yeah. Yeah, I got some stories with some of that, but I'll save some of those for another day. We still need to tell the best story ever told. Let's hear your story about the medium for those people years later. One day, I will tell that story. Yeah, One day One day this ain't that day though. Nah, nah. Alright, should we talk about the worst clip you made? This? This was guys I wish would you do you have it? No, I deleted it. And you're full of it. You didn't. I saw it deleted it because I had to re edit it and I put out the new one. And I have my computer I keep I have like 10 projects I'm working on and I just it's killing my space because I upgrade upskill my stuff to 4k. So it just it just eats up my memory. Well do this guy. So yesterday. Yesterday he hits me up he's like, Hey, check this I mean I could tell I didn't know honestly if you're baiting me that your video was like really good. Are it is actually like you were you didn't know if it was good because you do that sometimes like I don't know, man. Check this out. It's like a really good video. You know, he likes you know what it was? Yeah, sometimes I will. You know what it was? It was I think this is not good. But I worked so hard that I just want to make sure Yeah, so let me I wished it I wish this guy didn't delete it became God. Thank God you didn't take it. I wanted to I knew Which is like screen recording as quick as I could. But they wish so shockingly bad that I was like let's explain I guess what you decided to do. Alright, so let me let me explain I can give some context is so the clip was it I there's a short hour right now. It's called Where did he come from? I think it's what it was called. And it's basically a cod timing thing when I'm staring at this ladder, staring at the ladder, I turn I killed the guy came up the ladder, right when I turned away, so, you know, I research and I look at other people's videos, I'm like, okay, you know, and I like to try new things, right? Like, you have to see what works, what doesn't. And so I am like, you know, what I'll do is I'll just Nari are all not married. I'll act it out as if, like, because I didn't have my video from when it actually happened. So I'm like, I'll just act it out as if I'm playing and making kind of fun and funny, or big and interesting. But the execution of that one I'm a terrible actor. It was so bad too. It was it was God awful. I mean, you're talking it was like okay, hey, I know you're down there well yeah I'll be here I'll be here all day ever see Dude they're talking as if like you're it's as if your trash talking to the player. But it's like not even trash talk. It was just weird like weird conversation with yourself. Like it was so bad it did your reaction like when you get killed because you're trying to act because you're not it comes off so disingenuous. Oh, dude, I hate it. I hate ever even doing it. But I'm like it was pot committed to it. Because there's a way in which you can do that. And I think the way to do that is when you like let them in on the joke like yeah, like, you know, it's not real like people have done that in a good way. But straight up I can't act I'm a terrible liar in general. Like that. I just won't ever do a video like that again. I just wanted to try it. And it was horrible because they knew during the my work day so I'm stressed out trying to get the stupid thing done because it took me like three not three hours to my two hours and I got nothing from it. The end where you cover your head today soldier I'm sorry guys that he deleted that you would have loved it. It was excellent. It was so bad. The worst video I've seen it especially because I know you did see you trying to act. And I was like, Why did you do? Why would you? It wasn't even like why did you do it's like why did you do this to yourself? Like a no, because I have a way I do my shorts that works and they're entertaining and it just easier anyways. I don't know why I tried to do it this way. I just saw someone else's video. I'm like, Oh, that's a funny style to do it and I just wanted to try it. But it also that type of clip where you're just staring at something you know, like you're just the cod timing thing. We're just staring at an area you have to get creative with the editing of that because obviously it's super boring for some watching someone just stare at you know, a particular area for 10 seconds day. I'll give you credit you got balls, kid you got balls. You got balls to try to decide you're gonna act this guy's God, I removed that from history. If there's some way I can find that. I mean, I you know, honestly, if I hadn't I would have learned in retrospect, I think it would have been funny to keep around. But I literally was so like annoyed because I had to get I had to get it done. And then I had to go get back to work, you know? Yeah, the funniest part to me as soon as you realize like, you knew it was bad. You did but you were kind of like curious, like, well, maybe because I've done it to where usually concept seems really good. And it seems like it'll really hit and then when you do it, you're like, maybe maybe that was good. Like it could be maybe like that one duty I had that one video where like, it's like, this is the one that's gonna break through, you know? Yeah, I will. I know in my head. I'm like, this isn't very good. But I'm like maybe data watcher but I do this thing is crazy. You got to put this out and then it goes viral. Well, that's the funny thing. As soon as you heard me, you know, I told you like, dude, not good. You're like, you're right. You're right, delete, delete, delete, like get it. That's all I needed to hear was you spent too much time on it. You don't want to just go Get rid of it. But sometimes you just got to start over. Yeah. Straight up. Yeah. All right. So let's talk about some metal weapons. What is meta? I mean, it's not the same thing as it's been, you know, let me see. Let's see what what they got on Warzone right here. So I'm looking at it it's the TAC q 56. The Finnick cast off 762 RPK. And then they have two pistols, the P eight, nine No 890 I don't know what that whatever. And then the x 13 auto. Now those are on there because it Kimbo pistols are just straight, like metal right now. Like people aren't even running SMGs Yeah, I've heard that. I just it's not for me personally, like, I don't know. I just am not in Warzone too. I'm really not that close to people. You know, I'm with you. Yeah, I'm with you. Like I've been here. I'll tell you right now. I've been killed by him several times. So that is what it is. But you're right. Like I have a hard time wanting to go to the Kimbo pistols. Well, the thing the thing about it is like, I like to go like, this is something I've changed like my gameplay is I'm trying war zone or the old war zone. You know, I would always I would actually try to get close for those up close like SMG battles, you know, this one, I try to actually like keep just a little bit more distance between me and the enemy. Because I feel like you need to play it's just you need to ATS first almost, you know, versus like the hip firing stuff. And I just I don't know, I just play it slower, I guess is what it is. So I'm not we don't we don't push like super teams in a building or something we never push in. We typically will like kind of sit back and Yeah, well, you're right. That's the difference is like, especially in for dance. We used to always remember the stupid two storey buildings, how many times we died on those stairs, trying to push up on so many times. It actually I remember talking about this because we talked about like the streamers that are a little suspect. We're like, how how do they do this every single time. They can push up these stairs in delete a team that's waiting for them. And then we like we would try it. It's like no matter what we do, they wouldn't work. You know? Okay, I wanted to go on tangent about cheaters. Cheaters streaming streamers cheating, but we'll hold that for the new talk. Yeah, I know you're you're completely right. I mean, we tried so many times to push buildings together. And it just due to when there's a team waiting for you. If they're good. They're gonna beat you. Well, yeah, they have if they have the tactical position. I mean, they're up on the second floor. They can hold angles now. I mean, I know there's ways to do it. You could have like, there's way you parked the truck. You jump on the truck in through the window. You there's different jumps spots. You'd also throw grenades for dance. Yeah, you don't. I know what you're talking about. Yeah, that's really funny. I forgot about that. It's just funny how much the play style has changed. And I knew I mean, obviously we know it has. But I haven't really like thought about it, like for danske, the same kind of I mean, with the buildings and stuff. The gameplay is totally different. Like you don't do those plays in Warzone to now they slowed it down. But thank God, I got so tired of those streamers man everyone did and not even just streamers just like I'm tired of this. The suspect people are just sprinting around the map and like sliding around you in circles and you can't even shoot them eye movements stuff was horrible. The guys that I'm always suspicious of that since blasted to the moon. And yet somehow their aim is just always just boom, right on. Yeah, you know, there's that's a whole nother thing. But it was on to like, legit, and I know people I don't know what people think actually. I just do I really have I've yet to see somebody like hardcore cheating in this game. Personally from all from my games. Well, we're gonna go over the we're gonna go over that I you know, videos being taken down by Activision. But dude, it's hard to even find out because I was trying to find some clips of people cheating to put in like, one of our shorts. Yeah. And I can't even find hardly any of them. Now though, there may be a reason for that. Right? But oh, yeah, let's talk let's sorry. Was that a segue? We just say where did we just start doing everything in me was going that way and I was I was trying to hold back you know? I can make it better for but we don't need to. That's really funny. Like every day I just destroyed the whole thing right there. But I was like, dang, that was like a cleaning I just like shockingly clean how you saluted transition there. No, I did. didn't want to go there. But I kept going here about you to the transition. Well, we'll talk about it. So Activision is doing something here. They're on a mission. So let's go to this. We'll go to the worst screen here. So they're actively going after people that are posting things on YouTube showing cheats, correct? Yeah, that's what is what it seems. Now that so what I find really interesting. So we know this because people in the hacker 100 community have had videos that have been copyright or copyright strike. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah, they got struck by a copyright strike by the copy. And it's, it's a big deal on YouTube. So once the wall rolling, it's a big deal on YouTube. Because if you get three copyright strikes, like your channels dead, so it's, it's a big deal. If your videos start getting those copyright strikes, you know? Yeah. So, so the, whatever, that's YouTube side of things. And the fact is, Activision is going after people that are posting cheating content, because in this two scenarios that we know of one was putting spectator who was spectating with hacks on right. His videos got copyright strike, the other one was doing commentary, or no, he was showing cheats to. So both of them are showing cheats. So the way I look at this, there's two sides. It's like, okay, well, part of me is like, that's awesome. Because now people showing cheats, right? Their videos are now gone. You want to build a find them on YouTube. Right? Right. Because there is there are a lot of people that do that. And but honestly, like most of those channels, like I know, there's one guy well he's pretty popular. I don't want to like promote them. But yeah, but anyways, he has been doing for a while. And I know he's had a one channel that got shut down. And then he did another one. And they do well. So I I do like that is I think it's dumb that those people can post content of them cheating and I'm not talking about guys that are like, trying to educate or anything, you know, I'm sorry, guys that are doing just to like, mess with the game because they want to burn the whole game down. You know? Yeah, well, okay, so So the one side is that it's good. They're taking cheater the you know, we don't want to see videos of people cheating there. We don't, we don't want them to, to get successful off their cheating videos, right? We don't want them to encourage people to cheat. Then the other side of it is that people are say, Activision is now censoring the information that's coming out about the game. And now, they're not letting you show them how people are cheating, right? Yeah, no, I know, I know what you're saying. I'm trying to figure it out. Like how I feel about that. Because it's like, what's their what is their cut? Or like, what's their barometer for? Like? This is too much like, because we've showed clips of other people using, like, cheats on any game to like, explain things and whatnot. But maybe it's war zone two, is it just the war zone to content that they're trying to? I don't know. I mean, maybe it's just like, when you're just blatantly cheating and showing it even if you're doing it for educational purposes, or whatever. I don't even care. I mean, to me, it's like, I feel like if you did a video where you were kind of showing how the cheats work, and then integrated and then you also had, like, you know, if you just had spar stars dispersed throughout the video, not that the whole video wasn't just that, then you probably would be fine. Maybe but I don't know. Well, we're maybe nervous when we'll be doing it. We have a lot of I've never cheated, but no, over the years, years, I was to say years, I think we've been doing this couple of years. We've definitely had videos where we showed somebody that had cheats on and like explain different scenarios, whatever that happened. But I've not worried about those getting taken down because we've never like just made a video that's like, well, first we'd never use cheats and then like we've never really like just been like, all about that cheat. I guess I like just showing gameplay of it the whole time. You know? I don't know. Oh, yeah. Because I'm just wanting more of that moreso than that. I'm just kind of curious of like, I guess is it that they are trying to take down people that they think are just cheating in the game, so they're not trying to let them profit on YouTube? Are is it that they're trying to censor anything about cheating on YouTube? Whether you Well, that's another side of it too, right? Are they just trying to change the perception around the game? If there's no videos about people cheating in the game, then therefore people aren't cheating? In the game, you know, yeah, no, but okay, well I have a couple things to say to surprise. Surprise surprise Yeah, so I mean, like we said before, I honestly don't even think that there's that many cheaters in the game. Oh, I was gonna say about the, you know, I said surprise surprise that I forgot what I was gonna say about the it doesn't matter. Anyways, I don't know. I'd lost my train that was like Yeah no kidding was buying tires and I cannot remember what it was that hole you dug you just digging way too deep and you were just lost in it? No, I just want to say like, again. Dude, I just don't see cheaters in this game. And I'm only doing I'm mainly doing solos and then I'll do Duo's with you. But like overall, like, this is the best I've ever seen it as far as the lack of cheating in the game. Now again, of course there's cheating. I've seen some clips of stuff people are doing that is just ridiculous. And in fact, let's go ahead and talk about it. The new chasers I guess I guess what the heck what I was thinking I was like, what was it gonna say about that thing? No, no, no. You gotta let it go, bro. You love it. Let it go. Oh, I was gonna say Oh, I will. This is one more thing I was gonna say it. Maybe this is related to what I was saying earlier. I was watched dude. I've watched some people say and like swag and Z. Dude. Here's the funny thing. I watched Cronus videos, right? Where I was trying to get clips, and I was watching Crona stuff. Do their aim does not look far different than that. Like it is just like there's something weird and I keep getting sucked back into the cheaters you know, to try to like, look at them and like talk about them. But I gotta let it go. But they're there. I just wanted to say there's some straight up weird game going on and just like no recoil. Whether or not you're on board with us in the cheating stuff that you know, a lot of these streamers are cheating. If you believe that or not. Whatever do your thing. They are but whatever. Here's what. Here's what I will say, Watch. Like, I've again, I've put a lot of time into this game. No, I'm not a pro. And there actually is no such thing as Warzone pro by the way. But we're like, advanced casual, and do it all play. And watch my lobbies watch how the game flows in game. And I watched them play dude, we're not playing the same game. Like it's not the same whatever they may be. It's not the same. Yeah, well, I'm telling you like straight up. These guys don't have recoil they have it always happens. I'm not going down the Cronus talk here, but that's what it is. So anyways, we say that to say we got new chasing we have a new chasing problem. Oh my god. It's an epidemic. It's an epidemic. Dude, the thing is the new is so and we'll talk about how to get the new very hard to get. And you have people especially these little dorks going getting three in one night. Three nukes at a night or two to go in for three excuse me, yeah. People are getting three nukes in one night. Yeah. I almost don't want to say his name because I don't like I won't say his name. But he said two nukes going for three in one freaking night and I don't know if you had the three. Okay, so let's let's just see if you don't know like how to get it and then we'll come back to it. Like my thoughts because this is the reason I started doing stuff on here because it's just stuff that is so outlandish ly like, I mean, it's just like, come on. There's something going on, you know? Yeah. Good. Are you going or no? Are you going I didn't know if that was the begin to beginning to have some like declaration how to get a new Okay, so let's go through the new quest. So I watched tactical Brett are one of those guys from overseas. I forget who yeah, anyways, they got the new code they explained how so? Step one five wins in a row. freaking hard to do. Yeah, no big. No big deal. How about like five kills in a row? Yeah, doesn't matter. I'll never get five wins in a row but dude are largely too freakin hard. I don't even know. Okay. Yeah, we'll get we'll get into that. Let's explain the new stuff. Okay. So on the sixth game after your fifth when the champions contract drops at three different locations, and you have to pick it up quick, or else it goes away, which is hilarious, because how many people let it sit there, and then it just disappeared? That'd be maddening. Right? Yeah. Someone found that out the hard way. Yeah. So you have 27 minutes at that point to locate three items, which then you're going to use to build this nuclear bomb. So also, once you pick up some of those elements, you start taking damage and even people around you start to get damaged, but the damage isn't like, it's just little, it's not huge, so that's fine. The person carrying apparently the beryllium will be visible to the entire map, and everyone gets warned. I think everyone gets warned as soon as you start this. I don't know exactly the warning timing, but I'm pretty sure once you pick up at all of it, everyone knows where you are. And they're warned that you're going to try to create a bomb. Also, what they have is interesting once you pick up the third element initiates a jailbreak. So anyone who's in jail, everyone's out so they can come chase you. And then yeah, then a plane drops the nucular case where you install the three elements and then you have two minutes to protect it so they can't disarm it. And good luck. Dude, that is absurdly difficult. Like it's good. It's good. They do it that way. It is unbelievable that people are actually getting it done. I mean, to me, it's insane. Like five wins in a row. Yeah, I'm sure there's I'm not saying no one could do this. If you have a really good squad. You probably could get it done but the rate at which people are doing and how consistently like come on yeah, I don't like I said man, there's so many things. The some of the things that make this difficult, obviously very difficult by design. And when you see these little these little twerps I get three or two in one day. Like yeah, that's a joke. I mean, you're either your team is just the best team in the world and you guys probably shouldn't be playing together because that's it makes sense though. I don't even know how even with like a God Squad you're gonna get like randomly killed in these games. Yeah, you know, because it's funny because they'll put that like oh, I'm going for the nuke and then they just so has started happening like that day to get like, you know, two of them, which tells me they're probably had some sort of VPN thing. I'm sure there who knows if they're using cheats, the probably some of their teammates are bright who are who aren't popular. Okay, we got to talk. You mentioned the VPN thing and I haven't so a lot of men so I haven't I haven't even seen much about the skill based matchmaking and so far it's been hard to tell for me and solos and whatnot like it seems like enough it seems to me like the same lobby every time I don't feel like they're harder or easier than honestly the lobbies just feel consistent to me. Like at this point I actually feel scared right now it probably be better the more we play like especially when you do quads and trios that's where you really fill it where you run up against a team that's like you know these guys these guys but she was going with that was the sound Oh no, it was just floundering. Now go ahead go ahead buddy. I'm waiting I've been okay if you can't help me I'm gonna just jump to the talking about the podcast where we can't ever remember a point I came in thinking I got you the hyena laugh it over here. Just makes me laugh when we give first started the podcast so early in the morning, I only got like four hours of sleep till I was working last night. I just It doesn't matter at three days shift. I've hardly slept the one day I get it. I gotta go back tomorrow to anyways, whatever. I think sucks about this, like legit Is that like the new quest is an awesome idea. It's so freakin hard. Like you should get a lot of respect if you do it. And again, these guys are just like doing what they they brew and everything. All these students have to be the first one to do it. They're gonna do it multiple times, you know, multiple times in one day, so they shouldn't even be able to do you know, unless like, you know, maybe a couple months it will take even the best players. But no, it's like oh, there's A new question. Okay, I'll get it done today. That's it's that easy. Right? Okay. Well, okay, here's what I want to talk about. I remember now. So we're about to talk about VPNs. And I think like I said, I don't know it's a difference whatever right now it's hard to say just we need more time. But if you don't know VPN people used it to just get into easier break skill based monitoring, getting easier lobbies. Now what I'm going to say this has been happening for a long time, and no one really talks about it that much. We've noticed in the one that keys in my mind is Joe when he made his, like, moderator cam video. He got into a lobby on rebirth island where like Bobby puff, and all these other high level dudes are dude, like, what what in the world? Like, it happens a lot where these guys are getting into each other's lobbies, often, well, well, so what the little door I shouldn't call him the name, but the guy who got was saying he had two nukes in a day and was going for his third. He was trying to defend himself by saying, Hey, I wasn't cheating. I was in the lobby with what piffle and super AV. It's like a buddy. That makes you look even worse. Why are you guys in the same lobby? Okay, okay. Yeah, we can say his name because I was gonna show his tweet because I retweeted it. And I had to, because when I read it, I was like, Oh, dude, I'm not letting this slide. Like, I gotta say something. So here's his original tweets, modern wars. And by the way, this guy, not that I have like a ton against him, but he's definitely like a streamer fanboy guy. You know, he's all he's a he's a he's a writer, if you know what I'm saying. Yeah, core variety. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He's all in on that. And he's definitely come at our community a couple times. But so His thing was, so this is what he said. So so many people accuse him of using a VPN, which i i actually think he admitted of using one in the past now I'm not 100% Sure. I'm like 90% Sure he did, though. Which is, I mean, again, it's not like a huge deal. Just be honest about it, you know, but anyways, he said using a VPN DT news Meanwhile, our last attempt was in a lobby with bakr burrows and super of lmao. It's like, bro, you just like incriminated yourself new kitty. Like, if you're in a lobby with those dudes, if you guys are your last attempt, like getting nukes and stuff. It's like, Why do you think they're in your lobby? Maybe because you guys are doing the same thing. You know? Yeah. I mean, that's ridiculous. That like we said, the totally incriminated himself. I mean, they all use the VPN. Again, man, it's not, it's not make believe it's just reality, people will do whatever they can do to be successful. Whether that's, you know, VPN, Cronus. Like, they're gonna do these things to get popular to get good videos, because they make money doing it. You know, that's the thing, too. I don't even know how popular streamers are anymore. It's hard to say too. There's so much for geeky stuff going on, dude, whether it's buying views buying subs, and don't worry, it's on our side, too, will not go into that, but not our side like us. People in the community we were, yeah. Are and who everyone acutes consider that. Yeah, but it just the bottom line with it. It's like, dude, if you want to go get nukes, and you want to use a VPN, or whatever, however you do it to get in these different games and play a different game than the normal people. Like because again, a lot of these dudes again, watch their games, watch the way they play, watch the way they move, watch the way they seem to know where people are. It's a different game a lot of times, you know, and you guys can make your own decisions. I'm just saying like, that's like the barometer like I just if you just watch and it's like, this makes no sense to me. Like how they get away with it simply to the fact that like, the players, like don't even react to them sometimes. Like I like what I don't know if it's like a server thing. Like are they they have some sort of like switch where it like pauses the other guy cheesy about that? There's you know, that's the thing like switching like the lag out. But yeah, so but I'm just teasing but there is something weird where it's like, you want some a streamers and you're like, Okay, that looks great. Well, you did but if that was you know me and I read up on that guy, he would have just immediately turned Shawn killed me or like put some shots in me. You did it and it's like he didn't even know you were there. Yeah, that's that's everything I've always harped on. It's like that awareness that is beyond what's like realistic Go ahead. Let me know. I mean, if you want to put a cap on that, you can watch me make your own decision. But yeah, this modern war zone guy. By the way, he got a following on On Twitter, because he his his everything about the way he marketed or made that is to make you think he's affiliated with a warzone because I did for a long time. I thought it was somebody that worked for wars like a Activision PR guy or something. The dude post news as if he works at war zone or Activision. It's true. He's the dude. So listen to him a while ago. Yeah, he just he just, he's again, there's no middle ground. He's on the extreme side. You know, we have our extreme guys that, you know, every single person in the game is cheating than we have. He's decided then that no streamers like cheating, you know? So, anyway, I'm over the cheating. We somehow keep getting dragged into I don't know, maybe you guys like it? We are. Yeah, it's still good to talk about just at least to to you know, understand that there's still some stuff going on. But like I said, as far as gameplay in my my normal life, like playing the game and enjoying it. I'm not I've yet like, I'm like being serious. I don't think I've died in had a thought like that. Dude, that dude snapped on me. That guy's cheating. There's a couple more. I'm like, Oh, wow, that was like really good. Like, either really recoil control or something. But like, not like I was really pissed off. Usually I did something stupid. I'm like, I probably shouldn't have done that. You know? Yeah, no, I'm with you. i Yeah, I feel like I have a shot in every fight. You know. So that's really what matters. Alright, let's talk about you're good. You're good. You're good. I mean, I just feel like we've talked about that same point, like 20 times. I think. It's like, it's funny. I'm like, Yes, I totally agree. But no, I was gonna say I was gonna say before you go to the next point, can we get customs back in the game? Like how our customers aren't here yet? Yeah, I don't think they're really dying to put those I don't know, dude. It's like they just really got forget that that was like, maybe it's a headache for them to do. Yeah, I don't know if you have to maintain different servers for costumes. I have no idea how that works. But clearly, there was an issue something something very bad happened last season or the season. That happened in those private lobbies and some of those streamers knew what was going on. I remember I forget who it was. They were like, alluding to the fact like oh, yeah, you know, they can't do that because of there's something that people do the theater or something. There was something weird with it. That they didn't want to they had to shut it down and I never because they shut it down. And then they never updated like on what was going on. Yeah, I really feel like they like you said there's something like even if it was like gamebreaking where you get like I don't know if see something you shouldn't be seeing there or something bad happened. And then took it away from us. I don't know but that was that was fine. Yeah, we gotta run some customs. I mean, how do I miss it? I miss playing with like the community and like streaming that was so much fun. Yeah, yeah, I agree with you. Alright, let's uh we'll talk about the rebirth there's a rebirth Island leak. Did you saw I don't know if I can show this map you guys can go type it in and just type in like river thiolate Well, you know what you should type in rebirth Island leak I was gonna do a short on it but then I'm like add on. I don't want to change see that? I've done it before but all right, you guys probably didn't even realize it. But we had a catastrophic failure in recording so I am recording Okay. Now we're good. We're good. Garrett's internet went out so we had to cut it out. We took about a 20 minute break but we're back reinvigorated actually, I actually have a lot more energy now it's like a little time went by got the kids off sounds I don't know if I sound great. It is what it is anyway so we were talking ridiculous I think we were talking about the rebirth island the new map Mm hmm yes we were Yeah, I was gonna say that what planet she's me in our Discord said that it looks like a fortunes keep map and I thought the same exact thing I felt like it looks just like fortunes keep Yeah, again you guys are similar. You guys can go pull it up. It actually looks really similar. I mean, I don't know about the structures and whatnot of it. But well, of course not. But like overall like the layout seems it Yeah, it does seem very similar. Hmm. I think they just rotated like some bridges or something out in the water. I don't know what. Yeah, that just sort of disconnected. I don't know what that is. There's a ship. Columns are like a fence line. Yeah, well, we'll break here. We'll break it down more when we can actually use the images and and go over so but it kind of looks like they have that focal point in the middle of the map and then like the little offshoot like puis you know what I mean? Yeah Well the interesting part in the middle of the map it's the castle I don't know what that is but that's sounds cool. I like castles right? It seems like keep you know it's almost like they took keep and just shifted middle and then put it more on a rebirth size map than a fortunes keep, you know, at least from from this point of view. Yeah, doesn't look very big at all. Then they will let's just do over the poi is real quick. We have Castle power plant apartments, greenhouse, beach club, water treatment, residential and shipwreck does a water treatment to me like that area looks like they just I swear they just repurposed I'm sure they did the fortunate scheme because water treatment Look at that. And it reminds me of like that the pirate area that underground caves or whatever, we don't even know what that area was. We never landed there. You know? And fortunes keep the cove or whatever. Yeah, the cove. Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Interesting. And then pour on the other side reminds me that others area they used to be over? Yeah, sure. They have the eye and all that. It'll be interesting, a rebirth map of how that'll play the way the game is right now. You know? You might be great. It might be great. Who knows? Yeah. Anyway, so you guys can check it out, we'll keep our eye out. And as soon as we can get some images we can use, we'll throw them on here. I just don't want to channel to be again, copyrights are going given them out like candy, you know, so I do not want me those. Alright, so let's get it out with something fun. We're going to talk teammates, and different types of teammates, good teammates, bad teammates, and in between. So let's go over. So you you gave a few. So some of these kind of goes. So the first one you have here the setback and weight. And I would also say this guy usually has a sniper. Yes. So I just by the way, I just brought these out not even like thinking you were gonna use these names. I'm like, afraid of what I wrote. I will. And I just came up with another one. I'll throw it out there. Yeah, the sit back and waiters and I can again, each one of us can be these type of teammates, depending on the situation. But you know, sometimes you just run with certain people, and that's just who they are. Like, this guy, the sit back and wait, they're gonna have a sniper. They're gonna just be purged, and they're gonna let you do all the work. And guess what, if you die? Well, they're at least they're still alive, you know? Well, you know, in, it's a little different in this game, but especially like in the other modes, or like in Caldera, or what we played with Caldera, and for danske like you'd always have that teammate that would snipe. And they'd sit there all game way behind you. They wouldn't push. We in particular, we had a couple teammates, you know? And, you know, we're thinking the same one. Yeah. And they'd sit back, they get hits and they'd hit Get hit markers, they hit downs, but the guys are so far away. We don't have airstrikes in pocket and stuff. And it'd be like, okay, cool. You got like, you got a handful of downs, zero finishes, we didn't get anything to it. And then we get wiped because we push the team, and this guy will not get close to the fight, you know. Favorite tears when they get it down? And then they get all frantic. Hey, he's down. He's over there. He's over there. It's like, that's a friggin cross the map. I'm not going over there. Dude all the time all the time. So we can say we can make a whole episode on this stuff. But we'll we'll go pretty quick. So you know you gotta get out of your whatnot. Yeah, I gotta go to work. So you got the scared to move in. You have overthinker those can actually go together probably scared to move. Yeah, we'll go into your head. So to me. I what I'm thinking scared to move, I think more of like, indecision to make a decision, which I think one of us can relate to it. I don't know what you're talking about. No, I mean, because I've been scared to move right. I've been this dude. And I mean, you legit, though. Like, I mean, we have our buddy, my buddy, one of my best friends. He he will not push like he just won't do it. It's not in him. It's not who he is as a person. Like he will not do it. And again, I'm talking about Yeah. And he just plays slow. And he's very calculated just like in life. That's how he played his war zone. And it's just that like that, to me is like the scared to move. Now. That can be good too, especially now. resurgence style is again just like the sit back and wait. They're alive, you know, while you die. Now what's so freaking annoying about this style player? Is you could have probably team wipes, you probably could take it out of squad, but instead you died because you don't have backup? Yeah. Yeah, it's it can be frustrating when you have a guy that's like one shot and that last guy on your team that could finish the whole thing. And regain for the whole team refuses to go in, you know, now. So, on the flip side, there's also it's not bad to hold back. Sometimes I don't know how many times I die with teammates, where you're like, well, he's one shot, he's one shot, and I'm like, I'm just running straight in spinning around, I don't see him the guys hiding in a corner and I'm dead too. So there's, again, there's good and bad with each one of these pros and cons. Well, we'll go over your style the hero, that's it for the head. Over thinkers, what do you mean by over thinkers? So overthink again, I pull these from people I play with or watch. The over thinker is the one who has always needs a plan needs to make sure and I can be this too, right. Like I said, make sure we need to go to this place where it's more about, it's more about achieving something like accomplishing like the missions or the contracts. Rather than actually trying to win the game. It's like, well, we need to do this, we need to hurry up and get this to go do this to do this. And it's like, we got everything we need. We don't need to do anything else. Yeah, it would kind of go until like, the guy who has to have a very structured, you know, like, we have to have this mission. And again, there's good and bad, that's not a bit necessarily a bad thing. Because we've definitely had someone we're like, Dude, we gotta like have a goal here because we just basically run around loot and don't have any plan on rotation. You know, so there's gonna take a little but yeah, like, exactly. Again, I lost my train of thought. So let's move on to the hyper aggressive so hyper aggressive. This is like the one we can all relate to. Me and you both. We leave. I feel like we've gotten a little bit out of hyper aggressive, but we've definitely been in this world, right? Yeah. Oh, no, no, for sure. Like, it's in this war zone to to me has taken a lot out of me with that, like, definitely in rebirth and stuff. We were just, it was like, let's just run it people you know. Now, the more I do that, the more I die and more sit back a little bit, you know? But yeah, you will have the guy in your team that will always push even if your team is out with him. He will go in, and then it'll be he's one shot. He's one shot and he's pushing a full squad and it's like, bro, like, we weren't even with you. Like we're way back here. You know? Oh, yeah, we've played with some people. It's just like, they're just I mean, I mean, I don't even mind the hyper aggressive to be honest, it just I'd rather have a hyper aggressive than a scared to move, you know? Yeah. Oh, yeah. But the hyper aggressive, like the others doesn't jump in a game with someone. And they're just gone. They're just going and fighting. And usually that ends up bad, right. But yeah, it's what they do. So worse, because if that guy dies, and you know how money is in this game, now you're trying to now the money you were gonna spend on UAV or maybe try to buy your loadout whatever. Now it's gone. And you have to buy him back. He the hyper aggressive probably will die in the Gulag. He'll just run straight at both the guys you know. So, yeah, there's no holding back. No, he's watched he's watched way too many streamer videos, right. All right, this next one. I mean, we all can relate to this. And we've all been there and we've all done this. The looters. I want to I want to say something to you and our listeners and viewers. I have looted while my teammates were shot being shot and killed. That's really big of you to come on. See that? Yeah, I've grown since then. And now I won't lose that time. No, no, we've we've all been there where? me okay. When I think of the ludie like the most broken like gameplay strategies, whatever. I don't know. I always think of fortnight of how we literally spend games, farming trees, farming the materials, when we can't even really build but we want to have maxed out everything for some reason. We're not even back to build thing you know how fortnight did this? But I'm pretty sure they use that farming to somehow power like some PC to mine Bitcoin or something yeah like every time you hit a tree it's like generating numbers that these kids hacking games Little do they know that power is going somewhere that's actually pretty funny. You never know. You never know. But like it is you would spend the whole game going through and just in doing that and that's that'll happen in Warzone where you're running around especially because of the money issue. You'll just like house to house to house to house to house and pretty soon you're like all their game is looting and but yeah, for more of like this specific as a teammate having the looter it's exactly what you just admitted to it's the guy where you're in gunfights and he's over there, in the worst is the worst. Okay, I'm kind of spiderweb But same thing. When you're spectating. Someone who's trying to bite you back and you see them while they're looting, deciding between like, oh, do I want a snap shot grenade or do I want a stun grenade? They'll pick are the weapons are great where they pick up a weapon and you're like, you're sitting there like, Oh my God, just go and get money and bite me back because you're probably going to die. And oh, man. Well now that's a subset of the looter that's the indecisive looter. Yes, you're right, that he doesn't. He doesn't know what he wants in life, or in the game. Oh, dude, I mean, I know, we're both probably figured out people that we've, we have we, it's like, oh my God, and the so slow eluding. And you're just like, your goal right now is to buy me back or us back. Whatever. Yeah, like live your life. Your life no longer matters. It's about getting. What also is another one is where your team is dead. There's one guy left. Let's say we're doing quads. There's one guy left. And that guy again, there's, you know, let's say there's 2030 people near the end of the game. Oh, my God. You're talking about the Neo, the one and he can he thinks he can beat everyone on his own. I don't even think I would call him that I would the guy. It's more of like, I'm gonna hide Hold on. He gets emotional. Talk. Sorry. No, the guy I'm thinking of is like, I'm gonna just not try to loot in they'll be contracts to with this guy doesn't matter. I'm gonna, I'm not gonna try to loot. I'm gonna just try to hide and make it as far as I can into this game. And it's like, I've never seen it work come out successful. Well, the problem, I think we're thinking about the same person. Yeah, the problem. This is a while ago. The problem is, this was quads. And so you have a team of fours if three guys sitting out waiting to get in. And, and so everyone dies, you got this guy. Very nice guy love him. But he just survives he and he's not trying to get anyone back. In fact, that mission is gone. When we all know he's in and what happens he's just gonna die. Like you're at 91 Ford and, okay, I wasn't necessarily starting out talking about that guy. But that guy in particular, it wouldn't even be near endzone. We're talking pretty early in the game. And he's like, afraid of people around them. And so instead of like trying to loot, he would like literally just stay in the zone. You know, like, just Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I mean, when you're waiting for some regardless of the type of player your your teammates are, when you're waiting to come back, and you don't see people urgently trying to get you back. That is maddening. Unless it's in game then there's there's a code there's a code of ethics to this, you know? Yeah, in games, okay. It's just like, especially I get it. Like, we've all been guilty of like trying to push our teammates to get us back a little too fast, you know, and getting them killed or something. But it's the guys that actually have zero urge to even get you back and they don't really want to get you back. They just want to survive. And it's just like it's maddening. It's totally mad man. I'm not I'm not kidding you. We could go over I mean, there's just so many different variations we go over this like a whole episode on Team bad team. You know what I think? I think we should because I have a ton like each there's offshoots, like right now I just thought of one the well and then I already forgot it because my brain doesn't work the best part. The best part is how you hammered me and even even as after I lost my train of thought, my dad's gonna get on me later. And it's happened to you like three times now. Oh I remember but I recall it takes me a minute to like process it then it comes back my mind straight gone it's not even there. Now the birds man they took it and I lost it again so let's just go like a lack of sleep that my brain just does not work I got it back I got it back this is pearl. This is this is what I have to deal with. Adobe Forget it again. I've like barely just go the the blame over the blamer ah, write these down as we do. So we did. Shorts. Yeah, but the blame or the guy that as soon as he dies, it's your fault, not his. It's not the fact you just said something. It's not the fact that he pushed a team solo. It's your fault that you didn't know he was doing that even though he never said that, you know? Yeah, and when we play together, there's definitely maybe dual blamers honestly, I'm probably worse. I probably think you I think you are but I can be bad too. Like yesterday, I we were fighting that team or two with by the bus. I don't know by that gas station, whatever. And Daniel saw them. And data says okay, I mean, yeah, he needs to work on his communication skills for sure. That's gonna be a podcast to just about like how to communicate better. Now like we know how because I'm a terrible communicator in the game. I just can't remember what anything's called. But I digress. Anyways, back to the point. Dado knew where these guys were and he kind of gave a call out. i You're still here, right? Yeah, I'm listening to the scene. Yeah, so dado knew where they were. He makes the call outs. I'm lost. I just I was down below and I can't go next to Dan on the game because he yells at me because he doesn't want me screw up his sniper shots. Different point altogether. I like to I like to have different positions. So we don't get snuck up on a wipe. So at least we have like different angles where you know, I think it's called tactics. I don't know. But yes, I must be wrong. Yeah. So dado could see. Um, so anyways, as the data tells me where one guys at, and I go and I of course I'm to play at hyper aggressive. And I ran straight at that guy, while there was a guy tucked in a cubby, little rat move, but he was talking to McAfee and he killed me, you know, I never even saw my first instinct was say, Hey, you didn't tell me that guy was there. Now in the reality? A dado probably didn't even know it was there b I never even checked if someone was there and nothing wasn't his fault at all. You were gonna off shoot this in with this scenario here. This is another type of teammate, the one that's aloof and has no clue where anybody's at ever. And that sometimes Darren can dip into that category, where it's like, it's like not paying attention to like, or what's around you and like looking to where people are. You know what I mean? Yeah, that's me. I can be in a loop. I've gotten actually better. And I think honestly, it comes with map awareness. And just understand playing the game repetition because there's times when you don't know the map. Too much stimulation for my brain, you know? Oh, no, it makes noise too much like visually to see. So and then try to keep track you on the mini map. So anyways, yes, I can be the roofer for sure. Yeah. Yeah. But in that probably goes with alluding to the guy who's looting, not paying attention, whatever. Let's say we got a couple more to hit. And then we gotta probably roll out. Do we just keep adding as we're doing, by the way, we only have our our list is getting longer. We're going waited ego, I feel like you have a specific thing you're thinking here? No, you should you know, he I thought I would too, but I do know the type of person. I mean, I think that kind of runs hand in hand with the hyper aggressive a little bit. I think what it's the guy, it's to me, sorry, to me, it's the guy who's putting himself in situations. He's playing hyper aggressive. He's pushing teams, He's shut it, but he thinks he's really good and he thinks he has that capability to do that. And then he dies and then he blames everyone. mine included. Same. So we really got to work on a whole like flowchart here. Because really like the inflated ego is the hyper aggressive blamer. So, I'm not kidding. We need like a tree like, ever done mind mapping? I've done it of course I have we always dabble in all kinds of weird stuff. So not that weird. All right, let's hit the Mind Map. Never mind map on acid. So, the last one is the hero now you said this is me. I want to hear your thoughts on that. Well, this can be both of us to the hero is the teammate that when someone's down, they throw caution to the wind, and they will do they will sacrifice their life to get that teammate up. Okay. I don't think I'm that. To be honest. You know, as I said that I'm like, Yeah, that's not him. No, no, what I would say now, you know, who is that guy? The guy who's no law who good left us the bad review. And he was actually pretty good. He was pretty good with that skill. He is a great teammate for that. Like he will go and get here. Oh, to just run to the end of the gas, go get you back. Says gives you the man did. Alright, so let me sit. Yes. Give me You're the man. But let me say this too. In my defense. Yes, I have let people die on my feet. It didn't revive them. That has happened. But so but also, but also, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes my brain is like not wired to handle so much stimulation that like I said earlier, that's like a real thing. And sometimes I have a hard time even realizing who's where, you know? Well, that's all it was playing the game. Now I wanted to, though that goes into my way that goes into the excuse maker, which I can be used to sometimes. We'll do. There's so much we will save that will save that. So the part of the hero that I do think I am that I do is that I will can't wait to hear this. No, no, no, it's because you kind of like touched on it. I think this is where I thought this where you're going with it is if you are in a gunfight, I will sprint at the gunfight. And I will if you get down, I will push in and try to take them out by myself. Like whether or not I know where their ads true. And it's gotten me in trouble. A lot of times they usually you know, it actually happened yesterday, you went down. You down to guy you went down I thought you were good for a res but you're actually dead. So I ran to you figure it out. It's just a body. But I knew the guy that that by the way is a glitch that happens to so yeah, move on. So you're out you're dead. There's a guy getting rest, they threw smoke, and I'm like, Oh, he's gonna like revive. I'm running directly into that. And I'm gonna take them all out. Well, what like, of course that guy had pistols and I was very close. And instead of playing in tactical tactically at all, I literally sprinted directly out where that guy was down. You know, to hero. That's the hero. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your service. To me, I gotta get to work. I've already I supposed to be at work seven minutes ago, and I have to drive 30 minutes. Again, Jaron will be having a lot more time here on the podcast, when he's fired from his job. All right, so let's just end it with this. If you guys liked please hit that like, subscribe, and seriously, go hit that notification bell on YouTube for us. Greatly appreciated. Those numbers are so horribly low. And it makes sense because a lot of our videos come out and it's like, Wait, we have all these followers. Why don't people see them? It's because the bells not hit you know. Anyway, selfish bastard. And we'll be back with the comments. Leave a comment on Apple podcasts, even if you listen to on different platforms. If you go on to Apple, leave a comment. We're going to do a random giveaway in there's two gift cards. 50 bucks you can you're up for right now if you leave a review, and it's appreciated. We love it. If you want to help support the channel become a member. It's like few bucks, get some emojis. We're going to start doing these podcasts live so it'll be a little bit more fun. So yeah, anything else before we take off? Now? Gotta go. Thank you guys. Sorry guys. Goonies never say die.

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