Starfield Smugglers

We Were WRONG! Ashika Island Best Tactics & Loadout! Ep. 43

February 20, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 43
Starfield Smugglers
We Were WRONG! Ashika Island Best Tactics & Loadout! Ep. 43
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What's Up Guys/Gals! We have another jammed packed episode! 

  • Warzone 2 Ashika Island best and worst landing locations 
  • Map Design and Flow problems
  • Are there too many players on the map?
  • Getting Dub's Stories! 
  • How to Regain
  • Tactics for Ashika Island
  • New Meta Weapons 

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Goon Squad:

Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad and Kido boo.


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Yeah, goon squad, aka the goon father with the Keto goon. What is up keto? Hi, goon father, it's very nice to see you, buddy. I don't like being called buddy. I feel like it's like a demeaning term. You know? Well, it all depends on the context of it. You know, that was a buddy like, Hey, buddy, like, you know, we're cool. But then you'd be like, Hey, buddy, I come on that then. You know, that one's demeaning. I don't know if it let's say we're playing rebirth. And, you know, guys like, hey, hey, buddy, we're moving up. It's like, I'm not sure, buddy. And let's Well no, it depends. If he's like, Hey, buddy, we're moving up, then it's like, okay, we're cool. But it's uh, Hey, buddy, we're moving up. Good point. That's very true. It's all context. You know? Language is interesting like that, you know, especially at the end of the texting thing. That's exactly what I was thinking. I just wanted to skip the other day on texts, the texts context we are we get taken out of context, you know, right. And they were talking about how like, or the whole skit is based off of like, two friends. And they're texting ones just like trying to be like, super chill, like, oh, I don't care what we do, you know, and everything. He says the guy thinks he's like, taking shots out of you know. Oh, I'm gonna leave it there. So I'm gonna butcher that. Go watch game people. They're great. Love them. Yeah, we're not we're not comedians, we can't do that. No, no, we're not. Anyways, what's up? What's new? What's new? Well, quick work talk. I'm, I'm jockeying to become the head developer of our department. So that'll be some interesting new roles I'm taking on. I don't know if how I feel about that. You don't want me to have any more responsibility? Yeah, I feel like I'm already fighting with you a lot to get you on this on track on time. Yeah, and it's not that I don't want to do it. Well, yeah. But you know, this last few weeks because we two of the other senior developers left the company. So that's why I'm kind of falling into this role. But because we're here because are you? Thank you, because they were leaving though there was a lot of like stuff happening like after work meetings and all sorts of junk. So now I'm back on track, but okay, buddy, but But okay, I'm gonna let that slide we're gonna move on do you how's your back? I don't we haven't really talked that much about school Joe wasn't gonna bring bringing it up. But sure we can talk about it. I don't care. I'm just curious. It sounds like it's my neck all part of the same system, though. You know what I mean? That whole spinal column thing? Yeah. One all connected. Yeah, it's good. It's getting like we better. So like in the beginning. It was like hard to even like get around. Like, I seriously just lay down all day, and they would sit up ice pack, eat ice, nonstop, horrible. Now, it's like, I feel almost like normal. The problem is like when I do too much, like, I'm not even talking about eating crazy. I'm talking about cleaning stuff up or organizing stuff or like moving stuff around. After a while there's just start eating in my neck. And so I'll just have to like slow down and I see that kind of stuff. So you're seeing you're seeing you get better over time improvements, because the alternative is to have surgery where they go ahead and remove it. And I have like a large by disk, a large piece pushed through it broke through. It's not a quitter, it jumped through, you know, cheaper one might say yeah, and anyways, it was putting pressure on a nerve. It was it's large, too. So the alternative was, like spinal surgery. What? Bragg? That's not what I want to brag about. But that's no. Anyways, so yeah, I definitely don't want surgery. So that's, that's where I'm at now. It's getting better. The surgeons like, okay, as long as he gets better, you're good. And that's where it's definitely getting way, way, way, way, way better. So all right. And that's this I ran and I'm running into a little bit of a problem not a problem but so we have a big Disneyland trip coming up. So by the kids the wife we're all going actually our other family members you're not going on this year with Walt with I could have but with work stuff. It's just terrible timing. Yeah, usually we all go together and stuff and it's a blast, but he's not going so anyways, we're going to Disneyland I love Disneyland. I am not one of those like crazy Disneyland people were like, you know, it consumes my life and we go every you know, twice a year and stuff like that. We're in California, so it's not that far. But I do love going probably once every couple years. You know the kids have a blast and just being around them watching this stuff. It's great. You know, oh, Disneyland's awesome. It's one of those places. Again, if you guys haven't gone I'd recommend going especially if you have children. As soon as you get there. It's just fun. Like they pipe into the smells, the sound the just the experience of walking, leaving and walking through that little town where all the shops are. There's something about it. That's really cool. Yeah, no, I think it's great. And like the churros smells. That's the one that always I always hear is their smells the the added. churros are so freakin good there. I swear those churros. The best in the land right there. But anyway, some of the rides like soaring over California That ride is really cool, because you feel like you're flying and then they pipe in smells in the ride, too. So, right. And then she was gonna say about, oh, they have the new Star Wars, you know, the rise of the resistance? Well, yeah, that's like an experience. Oh, dude, it's a blast. I love it like it. It's a long line. But you got to do that Disney Genie pass. And it's the replacement for the old fast, fast system. But you last time I did it. It was great. Like, I don't think I waited more than 30 minutes on a ride. When we were together, right? I think so. Ya know, and then we'll do that while here we're actually going to do I was gonna go deep into like it then you could start partners, the partners sharing thing or whatever, if you have kids. It's neat. It's really neat. Yeah, that's all I'm gonna say. Though. The only downside of going is I'm not going to be able to because of the whole neck issue. I'm probably only gonna be writing like Pirates of the Caribbean haunted mansion, like low key rides, you know? Yeah, I don't know. You're you're gonna really have to selectively choose what to ride. I don't know. Maybe just go over to California Adventure and have some beers. You know? Okay, one more thing about Disneyland before we move on. To the food there is trash. I'm sorry to say it is trash food. But not the churros. But the actual food that's the desserts. Excellent. top line ice cream, whatever it desert there's going to be good. The food is just not it's crazy that it's at Disneyland. Just like the burger. It's I swear I'd rather eat like McDonald's or you know, I'm unless you go to that. What's that one place the blue bio that's in Pirates of Caribbean. Yeah, but that's that's expensive. Yeah, that's expensive, but any of that? Yeah, I wasn't seeing any of the other food selections there. They're still not cheap. And they're Yeah, I'm with you. It's not good to the last time we when this was at California Adventure, and I saw this family with these big old burritos, right? It's like breakfast burritos. Right? And dude, I was like, oh my goodness, we have to find these. Like, where are these? Long story short, they brought him but they brought them in, which is a genius move. And I would highly recommend bringing your own food like especially a burrito is perfect. You know? Yeah, that I didn't even know they allowed you to do that. I don't think they care. I think you can covert opposite you know, whatever. But the one thing with Disneyland you're gonna go through so you know this so much walking? It is exhausting. It's fine. But you're exhausted if you do a couple of days. Yeah, we split it up this time where we're doing two Disney days. And then one California Adventure. So it'll be lax. Good. Yeah. So you don't have to pack it all into one day. You can actually like take your time at Disneyland. That's. So that's the crazy part. Well, if you guys don't know, there's Disneyland California Adventure. It's all the same thing. But well, it's part of the same thing, right? Is it all? Disneyland? No. I mean, they're the same. They're separate parts. But they're right. When I say Disneyland I talk about like both of them. Okay, I mean, it really there. But it's, yeah, there's a ton to see. Did you honestly have to go for like three days. But you know, it's funny. My buddy went just went to Disney World over in Florida. And he he's gone for like a week and a half. That's intense. I mean, it's probably a blast, but I don't know. All right. He doesn't have kids. So anyway, so God, yeah. Back to what we're supposed to be talking about. So this podcast, we're gonna be hidden, a ton of resurgence because the more we play, you know, you guys get it, you know, because the more you play, the more you see, like how it's really developing how the game actually plays what you like what you don't. So there's a few things that I kind of changed my mind about. So we'll go over some of those. We're gonna go over some of the tactics. And again, hey, we're not pros. We're just trying to get better. You know what I mean? The pros were Joe's. Yep, yep. So we're there's things I'm kind of picked up that I liked doing that seemed to work some that don't. And so we're gonna go over all that stuff. There's some meta definitely a lot of metadata in this one of like, what to run what, there's some like supposedly one shot snipers. That will we'll talk about a certain set or a loadout you have to do to get that. We're gonna go over a couple things. I was watching some J guide videos, and he brought up a couple interesting things that we'll go over like a TTK issue and something they do to the weapons like buffing that I didn't even know it was in the patch notes. But I didn't even realize this is what they're doing. So we'll talk about that. Getting meta talk. And then what's this one loot, we're gonna go over a little bit of the loot system to as far as the whole dumping objects on the ground, because I kind of get changed. It was kind of in between, like, 5050 if I liked it or not. And yeah, I think I've think I've kind of set my decision on it now. So I'm interested in because I don't know, I don't know where this is getting. I have a feeling but we'll see. Yeah, yeah, we'll see. So anyways, let's go over a Sheikha island now that we've walked in for let's just do our quick little, hey, please leave us a five star review on Apple, that greatly helps leave a comment that helps even more. And if you want extra content, join up Patreon, YouTube, and we drop an extra podcast a month, and just drop extra content on there time to time. Yeah, and on that note, I'm thinking of, I have so many ideas of stuff I want to do. And I'm trying to figure out, like, Where to, like focus my time on it, you know? So there's a couple things one, I'm working on those circles still trying to see if there's like a pattern within whatever. I don't know if there is that's a lot of work. So I'm kind of doing that on the side still. I also kind of I would just go ahead and say it's probably better to focus your time somewhere else. Okay, then I was thinking about it'd be cool to do well for one we want to do game breakdowns where we go over our gameplay or we can even do with you guys so we started doing member gameplay, whatever. Yeah, or even just top tier players or teams in how they rotate and stuff like that. And so that would that's something I did we definitely want to do. And then I was thinking too, it'd be cool to like pick a POI especially on this new map and really just break it down like having an overlay like show you guys Like the rotations or like, you know, the vulnerable points, stuff like that, for one, it's good for me. Like, I want to, like, bring it down. And I also I think it'd be like beneficial just like a short YouTube video or something, you know. I mean, that would be cool to know each poi what the best positions are. And then like what goes into a good position, whether it's like being able to hold the building, I shouldn't say what's, what's good about a good location? Like, is the building easy to hold? You have good points of view, so you can, you know, guard it, and then how easy it is to get out and rotate to the next position. Right? Yeah. And even even simpler than that, just like buildings. Like if you're on top of this building, where is the danger spots were any be seen from and honestly, on this island, it's almost everywhere on these buildings. But yeah, and I'll go into an overview because I pulled that a chopper around the island and recorded it so I can see just like I wanted to get a feel for what the island even looks like, you know, because when you're down in there and Mario Land, it's hard to see. So let's so on that perspective thing. I was thinking about it, is it that the land is too big, or you the character to fill too big? You don't I mean, it's so funny. I was thinking about that, too. I don't know, I think, I don't know. I don't know which one. More like the character perspective is too big. I don't know. Either way, there's something weird with the perspective and this makes things feel like big. I don't know. I don't know. Anyway. It's hard to explain. You guys know, you see. So right now Whoa, good. Before I forget, did you try opening those tactical box or the medical boxes? Oh, no, I haven't done it yet. Do you know I mean, I've opened them. I don't know if it's like because I've messed with my audio. I have a bunch of like, I have an equalizer on my audio and stuff. So it's pretty dialed in. I don't know if that maybe doles out that sound? I just haven't even noticed it. More than likely I'm just in the flow of the game, and I'm just not paying attention. Oh, no, I'm telling you. I hear like a ridiculous squeak like. What it is, let me know. Let me know guys, let me know. Do you guys hear it? Like, does it sound funny to you? Because it sounds ridiculous to me. I don't mind it. I just thought it was funny. They did that? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'll, I'll have to after we talk, maybe we'll run one. And check it out. Okay, so what's your feeling on the map right now? Like, how do you feel about it? I mean, I haven't played too much since the last podcast. So it hasn't changed. I mean, so my overall feeling is it's not it's not bad. It's just different. And so like, what I was trying to think about, is not comparing it to other maps so much, just take it for what it is, you know, yes, this is what we're stuck with. And I think it's all right. I mean, there's like, what I don't necessarily like, and what I was telling you is like, so when I did that overview, and I was looking over it, you know, because it's an island, right? Everything on the outer edge is lower than as you go in and gets higher and higher. So the the highest point in the map is in the middle at the castle. So it feels like you're constantly going to have to be you have to constantly like moving up, you know, or yes, it depends where the circle is, but Well, yeah, so I've played a lot more than you, obviously, you know, this. I'm aware. Yeah, I've been playing like a 10. So I, I've got the general feeling. The thing about it is, I don't feel that way. Like I feel like I'm having to run up. Because honestly, I don't feel like the zone finishes in the middle hardly at all. Most of my finishes are like on outer edges, you know? Yeah. And looking at the map. So the interesting thing about the map, the shape of it is just interesting. So there's like we talked about in the last one, there's like these fingers in there's a lot of like funnels, and it makes it to where if you're rotating in it's just like it's chaos, you know? Yeah. So I mean, what do you what do you think about like in the rotations trying to say a state because again, the highest side of the map is going to be towards the middle. What do you think about rotate when you're rotating staying on the highest side? So first first Okay, we're gonna go over that first. Let me just say like overall filming of it. I do like the resurgence I think it's fun. It is very much multiplayer as you know, but that is we have all we it's always been like that Resurgence is like the bridge between, you know, the big map and multiplayer, you know, right. So, first of all quads, messes with you, like quads makes this map way more chaotic. It's crazy. I don't know why they did that when they launched it with only quads. I think it should have been better just to be only trios. probably a better option, you know, I would love for them just to explain. I know it's a lot to ask, but I would love for them to explain why they do that. Like, what do you think their purpose of going quads starting right off the bat? Do you think it maybe just so it makes it seem more exciting because you have to play with quads because obviously solos Duo's is a little more of a slow paced game. I don't know, I honestly don't know the reasoning behind quads. I mean, it's chaotic. And it's crazy. And on this map, it's like nonstop action. But I don't know why they couldn't have just run like trios, like to me trios would have been perfect. Like, are better better than quads. Yeah, cuz I think for us, I feel like trios is my favorite mode to play. I agree. I totally agree. It's, it's where it's enough. Because when you get to quads, one, communication is hard, no matter what, but especially the quads, having four people on the same page is difficult. And then trios, it's a lot easier to pay attention to each other and communicate and whatnot, and be on the same page. So I'll say this, and I was talking to you about it. I mean, honestly, when we play, I want to just follow you. So then we're like, really played together. And I have been doing a better job of watching where people are located. And so then, like, you know, especially like, I'll look at the mini map and see where specifically you're looking. Because a lot of times you're the one making the call outs when we play. And so when you say like, Hey, this guy's over here, I'm already looking to see I already kind of know the general direction you're looking at. And so it's easy for me to help you. Yeah, I think, and I have noticed that you've been doing really good. But that does help a lot. Because it's frustrating when we're not on the same page. And that got me you guys know, that's how this game is, it's tough, it's tough to be on the same page. And especially in this mode. I mean, it's different than the big map where you can be really tactical in the big map, you move together and you can like, Team shoot and what you can do here too, but in this one sometimes honestly, you just have to win your gunfights. It just comes down to that. Like, it's quick. Yeah, then you have to win them, you know, and we'll go over some of the tactics here in a minute that, that I've been trying to like hone in ways I think that can help you guys and and us. So you know, it's almost like you have to have a paradigm shift. Because for me, I feel like too many times, and I think a lot of people are like this, you're too focused on looting and gathering. And there's times where I'm like pretty well set up where you should be more focused again, on your teammates, what they're doing, unless you're all looting together, but even at that you need to know where they are. It's like constantly you have to pay attention to where everyone is. Yeah, and that's the thing in this mode, it's hard to stabilize our to relax and hold an area. It's constant movement, because so right off the RIP. Another thing we've talked about, but the whole loadouts being 20 grand, I don't like it, especially if you're having to like do a random fill. Everyone just is buying their guns right now. It's hard to get people to actually hit by the loadout and also the whole armor plate thing. Like you don't even necessarily want to spend your money on the loadout too because you need to buy as much armor as you can get. So late Sir yeah and necessity so um, it's I think the best option is to land and get your loadout because the loadouts are crazy hotspots you know, I mean land land and get you mean wait for the load to drop no land loot get load out. Now you're set with your weapons then then you can rotate around in with the class set up so you don't need a second loadout you know, no, no, no, now that you can customize your perks. Wait question for you. Do you know are there any high loot areas? Um, I don't know about that. I haven't I haven't found an area that seemed to be higher than the other. You can get money like it's not that hard. I usually will get close to the 20 Now the issue again is like you're going to be fighting teams so you'll get it and then it's like you get in a fight one guy goes down loses money then you're it's just it's chaos, you know? Yeah. So I prefer to land and try to get a load out but I'm also cool just buying guns I'm honestly okay thinking about it. It's probably better to hit a buy. Just get a couple of guns you won't have your purchase yet. But at least get guns to where you can win some fights you know, and give you a little bit of an advantage and buy the plates by plates and guns. And then probably that's probably the best way to start off. Well, you know, what's another thing we haven't talked about? Is that I you know, in the past games, there was times where the ground loot was awful. And I feel like lately with it like it's not bad at all. Like I feel like you get pretty good ground loot weapons. Well, I think that's just a whole weapons Val. See right now, I think everything's pretty balanced. So it's not you're not getting deleted, because you have, you know, the ground loop gun versus, I mean, it does happen, but like, the Finnick or something. I mean, most of the time, most people are in a regroup stage anyways, trying to, you know, just get their weapons and whatnot. So it's I don't know it, I think it's, it's well balanced. And that's why it feels like that. Okay. Yeah, so overall, yeah, I like it. I think it's fun. I think they need to cut down on the amount of teams, especially for quads. I think it's too many people on this map. I don't I still don't love the flow of this map. And that's, that's probably my biggest issue is how it's maybe it's the pacing, you guess you could say, so and I haven't, like researched it. But I feel like the zones are really fast. Like, I feel like this game itself is quick. Like from start to finish. I believe it's way faster than the old reverse. That's a good point. I wonder, I wonder if it did speed it up. Because I feel that way too. Even watching my son play it in the beginning, it wasn't so bad. But then once the zone started closing, and it fills it, that's when it becomes chaos time. You know, what's my nature? That's, that is what it is. But it feels like it's fast. Yeah, it feels like, like, oh, like I said, you'll lose a lot. But by the time you get the money, you got to be moving already. Because what you don't want to do 100% You can't right edge of the zone, you're gonna just know, because it depends on where it pulls like, you can run into these choke points. And there's already going to be teams down below waiting for you. And then it's just, I mean, honestly, a lot of times if you're on the edge, and you get kind of like not wiped, but like there's one guy left, you come back to just go to the other side of the island, because I've noticed, it seems like when a zone closes, like, the zone will close down, and you'll die on the edge. And then you have to roll if you just go to like the complete opposite side. Everyone else is still fighting over there. You know what I mean? Yeah, you know, I know I've seen that too. That's interesting. Okay. Yeah, so I think that's good. That's like a good tactic to do too. If you're like in shambles, like, forget about the loadout too. Like, if you can't hit it off the rib like when it lands are if it's a hotspot, I guess you could say like, where there's multiple and it's a ton of people fighting and you know, they're just landing and landing and landing. Just give up on it and go loot and buy your guns. That's probably that's to me the best way to do it. Because if you keep coming back for that, you're gonna get wiped and even if you get your workout a couple you get a team will land on you with guns. It's tough. So what do you think about the tackles? Are you still thinking smokes for resurgence? Yeah, I still I still like smokes a lot. I think smokes just get you out of situations give you the ability to revive down teammates, and I think they're good. Just for rotating man. Because you're, if you throw smokes, there's so many people, a team that was looking at you will just give up. They'll look somewhere else for a minute. You know what I mean? Yeah, I feel like they'll take a peek in the backyard. I can't say I'm moving on now. And another thing that actually were talking to Joker and king when we're playing, we were talking and this is something we decided is like warn these fights don't even expect to be revived. Like it's it yeah, don't even worry about don't call me you can say I'm down or whatever. But don't expect or like try to pressure people to revive you until that you are 100% Clear. You know what I mean? Yeah, we've gotten better at that. Because when the game first came, I feel like everyone's that way right? Like as soon as you go down, it's like Harry I come and get to me and then you put pressure you know getting your teammate killed or the teammate just doesn't care and then you're mad at him but at least we all have the same understanding that it's all good, you know? Yeah, so I think in those situations where you're in those fights with a team like especially close quarters try just leave your teammate and try to squad wipe if you can, like when you get those pings or whatnot, you guys should full push in squad wide so that you're not in this constant cycle of them keep landing now it's a lot easier said than done. You know what I mean? But yeah, that's that's a good way to do it. So let me go over like my current system of like, where I'm landing and for the YouTube guys and gals, all I want to hear you don't you don't want to hear you don't want to hear where I'm landing. Your landing where I'm landing true. I know you don't have a preference right now. So right now so my tactic when I land I'll look at the zone right? And I'll pick I'll try to pick somewhere a little bit like outside on the edge of skirt somewhere okay, it's as simple as like not a hotspot right? I like landing in this residential area. On the north side, I like landing in there, there's a lot of buildings, you can land and you can see where the other teams are, you know, if another team lands there, and you can fight there, whatever, but there's cover, there's buildings, there's loot spots. Usually there's a buy in area, there's a couple of ammo depots around. So when I'm flying, I'm looking for ammo in a buy station, typically, typically, more importantly, I prioritize a base station. Because in my mind, I don't know why I said, I think about buying the loadouts but that's really not a priority off the ribbons getting your gun, like just get one, one of your loadout guns that you're comfortable with and you're confident with, you know, yeah, that's true. So I land there and then depending on obviously, where the zone is, I try to avoid the center of the map. Like I try not to go through the castle, it's, it's a hotspot, there's so many areas, again, it's you got to traverse usually up the hill. So we'll try to like you said, that area is so easy to get caught, not to mention, if you're starting residential, you got to work your way up the mountain, which is again, then tactically someone can be above just waiting for you. Yeah, and so residential, you're going on the north so if it pulls that way, obviously a good spot right? But you can hold in different areas. Now if it pulls you know the Northeast or northwest whatever it you can rotate on these edges and there's ways you can go you can play water and swim around. You can take the you know the roads, you can go through different areas and to get there. You don't have to go up through that castle. You can go around it, you know what I mean? Well, yeah, I was gonna say you could even play again, I think of it like almost like three or four different levels all the way up to Castle there's little levels where you see rotate Nagar and all the way up to Castle, you have to like then the level below and rotate around the mountain if you wanted to. Yeah, yeah. So I tried to stay out of those areas. And really, I think the biggest thing, like I mentioned here, is trying to figure out what the hotspot like where the most people are landing, and stay away from it. You know what I mean? If your loadout happens to drop in a spot, you can hit real quick, try to hit your load out, obviously. And then it's like, then you're in a spot where like, Alright, let's get into position and hold an area, you know? Yeah. What do you think, like, from what I've played, the hotspot seems to be farms a lot of the time and I guess it's depending on the zone, for sure. But I mean, I think most of the appeal, a lot of them like the castle, obviously, is probably the hottest I would think Farms is hot Beach Club. Usually when I go down there, there's like a couple teams, but it doesn't seem like crazy. It's usually it's because if you look at the positioning of it, it's like you're gonna have to rotate either across the bridge or through an island or you can go through the port, the some of these spots are kind of hard to rotate through. So I don't think a lot of people want to go down there is if the zone goes away. That's that is a tougher rotation. But I actually kind of like going again, it's like a lot of its comfortability and understanding where you're gonna be shot from which we're still trying to figure out, you know, yeah, I mean, it's gonna take a long time just to get comfortable with the map and know what areas you want to rotate to. Because it is funny, like, every time it doesn't matter which game you play, you get like these paths, you always go similar paths, you know, you want to travel well, that and that's was the old rebirth again, which I like the simplicity of it, where there's like, only a few paths that you're gonna take to one side to the other. You know what I mean? Yeah. Or liens you can say, but this, right, there's that's a good point. There's like it's scattered all over the place where how you want to rotate which direction you want to go. I mean, well, let's use an example. We'll say the castle in the middle, right, center map and say land and Beach Club, which is south east on the map I'm looking at. So you have to rotate. Right southwest, don't mind. Yeah, directions are hard. So yeah, if your request is hard for me, I don't know why I always get them mixed up. When I'm looking at something. It's like you have to go northeast, Southwest in your head. Anyway, so if you land a beach club, and you got to get up towards the castle, now you can push like straight up that hill, which is going to be a tough push up there. You mean take some cover and stuff, but there's most likely it's going to be tough because you're gonna have other people rotating. There's buildings on beach club, if people are like sitting on him, they can, they can watch you and snipe you, or you kind of have to like make sure it's somewhat clear, but you can use smokes for that rotation too, you know, right. So that's like one way to do it. You could go port, wrap right? In go that way and try to like make your way up. Scattered through there. Do a far wrap, you can go left. Left will be tough because you're going to be Fighting the zone coming in. And you know, you could wrap around there but you're gonna enemies on these buildings or you can go through this cave system that's underneath the map and take a zip up. So there's like a ton of options and that's just me that we in it just like me like looking at the map, you know? So it's tough it's not there's a ton of options but there's again the biggest thing is like the choke points really you look at and there's like usually like a few major choke points of like, where you're gonna rotate where people can watch you so just figuring out how to do that is it's gonna take time you know? Yeah, yeah, we'll get there. Oh, yeah. So so down in down under the in the tunnel system underneath the map. Are there quite a few those zips up? Oh, I haven't. Yeah, so Okay, so when we first talked about it I was we were like, underwhelmed by it right. Like yeah, why first hadn't seen at that point. But yeah, you were underwhelmed? Yeah, it was kind of like oh, that's like a no like who cares like whatever it's underneath the map no one even uses it. Now having said that, I take that back because yes, not a lot of people go down there it is a great spot to regain. Oh, yeah, yeah, here's usually it's it's pretty large dude. It's pretty large. There's at least molt I've found multiple red boxes down there. Okay. And there's weapon caches there's armor there's a base station I don't know if that by spawns every time it should because I think that was part of the whole patch notes but I'm not sure I've been thinking it'll take time to figure it out. But well if there's a bias station down there that's huge. You're right and not a lot of people are gonna go down underneath the map and we may sorry I'm thinking about maybe start just doing the drop their retirement seeing how it goes. Yeah, because I don't think many people are gonna go there then you're already gonna have you're gonna loot like the whole thing because it is large I went and drew drove through there on my little wave runner, just checking it out. And it was like It's like your personalized wave runner you just cruise Well, I was doing it because I wanted before the podcast I wanted to really get a look good look at the map. And it was kind of fun just driving that little Waverunner around I like those things now I did get shot off yes That happened once but they I think they maneuver pretty well but I was looking into there and it is cool. It's big. And there's lots of different points of assets to come into the map or get out I but I didn't see I didn't see the zips up or anything. Okay, look at the ways the tunnel system there are a ton of zips in there and all again, this is why I want to do a full breakdown. I seriously think I'm gonna do a YouTube video just break it down for kicks that everyone can watch or whatever. But no, there's a ton of zips. And so the funny thing is, we were playing and we picked up we're playing quads, obviously. But we it was only three on our squad so we picked up a random and it was funny because the kid it was a kid we were playing with and he didn't even know that existed. Right? Yeah, he's like what he's like He goes dude, there's a ton of loot under here. I had no idea this was even a thing. You know, that's Look at you help the kid out? Yeah, it was funny. So he had no idea. So did the zips go up to like where like do those normally go like into a building or whatever they will have to you know, we'll do for our members to we'll make a map or I'll make a map of where those sips come up. And put that out to you guys because I shall make a note of it. Because I don't know I didn't take one. Okay, um, because that's really big for rotations. It's going to be safer down there than it is up top. And again if you're trying to make it to endgame to win, that's a big advantage. Yeah, so I'll tell you I'll tell you guys a little story. I love a little story. So in that same game we're playing with that kid I think it was the same maybe not whatever we ended up going up or we came back down there for endgame it was a real regroup you know regain and we went under we looted we got weapons in whatever we needed in but it was closing in and we even got gas masks down there. So we decided we're going to play under the map for gas finish. Right? Right. And because other team at that point there was like three or four teams above us that were still fighting it out. We're like, hey, let's just stay down here. We'll try to do a gasp play for the win right? And and it worked great. All those teams fought but the problem is I don't know the zips either. And I don't know where people can drop in. So what ended up happening is we made it so it's us versus one team and there was only two of us it was me and Joker. I think it's only once left at that point. And Joker unfortunately i deseed and God it ended up we ended up getting second I ended up getting killed In my burned my gas mask but actually had a self revive too. So I was waiting to use it. And the guy just happened to he was up I again, I have no clue where this guy came from. But it but he ended up killing me. But it was a great option for endgame and honestly, it's not a bad way to like let the lobby weed itself out. And then you kind of like arise from the ashes, you know? Yeah, that's what I was saying. Wait, so when you died, did he kill you in the cave system? He came down. And I don't know where he came down from. But he came down into the system. I think they were in Castle, it was like somewhere around that area. So again, I don't know where those points are right now. I'll have to I'll have to look into it. But it is a great spot. Yeah, so it's, I've been I've been having a blast with it. I mean, again, I just need I wanted to go to tree is the best game. The best flow and pacing game we had was a glitched lobby where there was like half the amount of players but it was actually a blast because we were able to move tactically and like get resources and we dominated it like we really did. We I mean and to me that's when we're having the most fun and because we used to play the other way where we just run around wild and just kind of you know just try to win gunfights right? But it doesn't work as often obviously if you're not you're cannot if you run into a team that's coordinated, you're gonna lose. The best part is when you're working together you have a plan it doesn't always go to plan but then you regroup but you're playing tactically. That is so much more fun and rewarding when you when you're like dude Our plan worked yeah so like our game I'll I'll just tell you the story then we'll move on to go ahead we got to get into some meta stuff but so again we will we would do we landed we just pick up bounties by the way bounties is your best contract. It's absolutely you pick it up, it's free money that player always dies. It's in just grab them it doesn't you don't even use it necessarily to know where they are. Because if they're close, obviously yes, it's nice to have. But more than likely they're just going to die and you get the money and you just keep doing bounty contracts. That to me is number one. The search contract is absolutely chalked it's trash. It's a no go. It's so stupid. It pulls all like we pulled a search contract. I think it was Beach Club. Dude, it went like all over like across the map not all the way across but they were like one was like near town center one was like new airport. And one was like up on the hill. It would do it was like not even it's not worth it. It's double Yeah, on this map, the more you move you're gonna get killed. Like, right. Yeah, I mean, the more you're rotating Absolutely. Like that's just I mean like when you don't know where people are, right? Yeah, I guess it shouldn't work home and going to different poi as you if you're just racing around especially those contracts you know, you get like tunnel vision where you just want to go for the contract you're not really checking everything you're gonna get your NDA caught Yeah. So on this glitch lobby we landed we we got bounties we kept collecting money because people were dying and then we would no part of it because it was lower law but we did use it as like tracking where these teams are because there's not very many teams you know? Yeah, so we used it like that which was great. And then we basically you know, we we actually had enough money and stuff to get UAVs bought as many UAVs as we could and then periodically we just pop one alright we know where the guys are we took position up on a building that has a good zone pole now there was at this point three teams left were up on the building and basically what we did is we held an angle on him where I think they were all for they were fighting in the castle area and I think we were in like the farms area up on a building and I want to see over here some kind of marking on the map for YouTube but are you using that new tool? It's awesome I haven't overlaid it the whole time. I mean you could do the same thing and paint but I'm going to use this tool for bright we're gonna use it later for breakdowns on video so for you guys on the podcast he's drawing on the screen that's what he's doing. Yeah, yeah. Which is cool. But it I mean you can do this in paint so it's not groundbreaking but the awesome thing about this tool is you can do it on videos and stuff which is lots of potential here and I'm nerdy like that I like it. So anyways, as the zone polled it went down and I think there are routinely are castle we just held an angel on him to where they couldn't rotate towards us. They had to rotate into each other because there's like one team and residential one on the castle. So they ended up like fighting over there. We just held that angle up on the end of the building until there was one team left which was now the resurgence was close. So there's only a couple of people left and we just sat there and dominated Dude, we just sit there and yeah No chance. And that was you know that. But to me, that was the most fun just because we worked as a team. We had like tactics in it, and we just had the game, you know, you know what, I wonder? Would it be fun? I don't know, if we maybe we have to test out for listening experience, but to go through one of our games, and the rotations, you know, one that we wind, and like, you know, like the breakdowns? We were talking about doing video wise doing an audio type breakdown, of course, watch to be very descriptive on what's going on. But it'd be an interesting idea. Yeah, I, I like it. Again, like I did exactly what you just said, though, it's like, we'd have to paint that picture with what we're seeing in how we rotated and the mistakes. I mean, it'd be funny, because we could talk about stupid things we do, you know? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, funnest part about breakdowns is half the temperatures roasting each other? Yeah, yeah, it's good. Yeah, let us know. Let us know if you guys would be interested in that. Because we could easily do that. We could do that as a Patreon thing to I don't know. So our YouTube, whatever, are we just do it as a podcast? That'd be kind of we'll see. It's we like I said, we're idea guys. We got lots of them. So what about it? Well, here's an idea. This is a little bit of half baked. What if they I was they would it be cool to have a little bit smaller map, but have it be like a five team map like you do quads, a tree is wherever you want. And it's more about which is like the more it'd be more tactical, right? It's like not still have space, you can minute maneuver. But it's really like who's the best out of these five teams rather than like, you know what, this is where I don't know how many teams are 20 or 15. On this map? Yeah. I don't know about that small. But I do think they should cut down on the teams. I think it should be significantly reduced the amount of teams that are on the map. And I think that would help with the whole flow of the game. I think they should I think they should reduce the teams and they should slow down the zones. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I like that. I mean, you're kind of turning it into a more of a war zone. Missouri style then a multiplayer, right? Yeah, I think I think we better Well, the way I look at it, it's like it's like a sliding bar like where one side you have all Mazar warzone, we'll say a traditional br and then on the other side of multiplayer, right now, let's say we're in the middle, this map is a little bit too much. So towards the multiplayer side, we need to slide that a little bit over to the right more towards the warzone side. Yeah, and when we when they introduce the different teams like having a quad solos trios, you know, having all that that will help with that a little bit, a little less chaos in it, but I do totally agree with that. I think I think it's tough to really position and I don't like that your layout dropped and it's like a free for all sometimes you know what I mean? Like sometimes it's like literally impossible to make it out of there alive Well, the first thing they get to usually camps it to you know, camps. And then guys, when you drop in from your resurgence, people just dive on it. And I just think it makes it really tough to wear it with depending on where it drops, you know, you know what's going to be interesting? What about when these in game events started happening? And then they introduced bots, right? Because the bots are going to be at these events, whether it's what is it the Intel tower. I can't imagine people doing it on this map. Again, it would work if they reduced the team sizes that were just the amount of players on the map. Because right now, there's too much going on for that to even be a thing you'd want to do. But if you got a ton of resources from it, it'd be interesting. You know, what, do you see many people driving around on the map? No. That's I was gonna say, I don't think I've even seen anyone in a vehicle. Yeah, but are there view? I don't think there's vehicles on it. There's air there's helicopters, CDs, boats. I don't there's not quads or cars overweight. You know what I'm looking over the map. There's a portable or there's a quad there is it never Yeah, but yeah, there's only there's only a few of them. And I don't see any vehicles. That's a good plan and think about but I don't think you could drive. I mean, there's roads you could drive on but other than that. Have fun trying to take that up those mountains and stuff. There's like we said the maps pretty cluttered. So it's that we lie lied. There is a vehicle that's like one of those four door ones I don't even know not even like a buggy or anything that I see. Like an LTV Oh, wait. No, there's a buggy, there's just not. They're round. Okay, so they are around. There's just not that many of them. Like I see one buggy. I'm looking at an overview from the start. I see one buggy that I can on the map. I mean, I'm sure there's more but it's hard to even see I mean, seriously, I don't think I've even seen anybody drive one of those. Now well, like you said the maps kind of hard to ride around on. But yeah, it's that's tough. But I let's move on to some other stuff. So I think we went over the tactics, I think we hit it pretty hard. The only other thing I would say is, so we talked about the loadout drops, and if they're like a hot point, and you're just fighting, responding, just give up on it and go regroup somewhere else, fire weapons at a base stations best to me, that's the best way to do it. Don't linger in this is something that we get caught up in a lot to is where you'll get in fights with teams on a rotation and getting stuck in that fight. Rather than focusing on just just forgetting about it and rotating. Like, it's hard to do sometimes. But like, get to the position you want to be in, don't fight in a rotation. I mean, obviously, you have to like if they're on you, you have to fight them. But even if you get a downer killed, don't even worry about it in certain situations, just get to that rotation. You know, that's such a great point is so many times, we just fight like you get in a fight, maybe one teammates out, usually, it's like one person starts even if I didn't have one goes to help and support. And then you're stuck in it. Like it's like no matter what, either you die or they die. You know, we don't disengage very often. And honestly, in this mode, even if like one of your teammates is in a fight, and they're on him, if they're a little farther away, do cut ties, no offense, if it's me, but if it's me, I expect my team to do it too. Like I mean, there's one thing if you can get shots on and protect them. But if they're swarming and stuff, and they're in a bad position, just let it go rotate that guy will come back not a problem. You know, it's so funny. Like, just as talking about the game makes me want to play it more. Especially again, if you do like trying to implement some of these tactics as fun. You see what works, what doesn't I mean, they all work is you just got to make it work. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I mean, really, this it's just, it's just gonna take time learning the map, and then getting your weapons dialed in will be like a huge part of it. You know, it's gonna be interesting in a month on how we feel because it's gonna change, you know? Yeah, I think they'll I think they'll update it like, obviously once trios hits, it's going to be huge. And Duo's, and like Duo's will be fun. I think on this map. I think that'd be a blast. Yeah, I think the one thing I want I just want the color to change. I don't like gloomy. Yeah, if they brightened it up, got rid of that overcast, that'd be a lot better. Yeah. Yeah. So let's talk about some metal weapons. So I'm going to kind of hop over some of this stuff. But right now, so Charlie, Intel put a thing out the Finnikin rVk. We talked about it. There's still Mata Mata Mata. Mata, I've been using the RPK it's still it's still top of the line. I mean, it's not like over over powered, but it's a solid LMG to use, you know, are you still using that thermal with it? I do. Okay, I do. I just am comfortable using that scope. And I've got that recoil pattern down pretty good, too. So it's, it's easy to spot people with it. I haven't seen too many, like, huge drawbacks. You know, I would say the only problem I have, I feel like when you're shooting someone, it's hard to see exactly where the player is because the thermal gets a little wonky. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, it does. So what I've noticed with that, I just, I almost aim for their left foot in width. And I just tried to stay in that area. And Amos is still gonna take over and help you out with. But I just stay in that general area. And with the recoil and stuff, it seems to work pretty well. All right. The Finnick. So I'm looking at, they have I think maybe two game data did this. But they have like the pre patch and post patch. And basically everything is almost the same. They actually it looks like they actually upped the torso damage on the Finnick. Just like very slightly, but what they did as they decrease the headshot damage on it, but it's not really enough to really affect it that much. That's interesting, because yeah, I thought they I thought it would have been nerved more. So it still seems like like you said it's probably the meta. I mean, it's up there for sure. Personally, I think Finnex Mehta, or SMG I think it's still money in the bank, you know? Oh yeah. And then J guide also had a video on long range metas so now we're talking this can be used for war almazan are on a Sheikah RP gueguen. He he confirmed still met a cast off 762 I haven't really played with that much. I got a little nerve but I think it's still decent. I don't even know what that gun is. Yeah I well I do but it's I just don't I use the ground loop here and there but I don't it's not for me. He put on a bunch of like a few different LM G's and stuff the real mg aralen G in the wrap but they're there again if you want to use them on our Mazda probably you can play around with them and stuff. But the problem with those the reloads and stuff are so slow you know you're definitely not going to want to use it or I wouldn't use it on a Sheikha but Well, one thing we talked about is crying out sleight of hand on Sheikha because that is that would help a lot. Yeah, Sleight of hands. I was using it, but I switched it. I forget what I wanted instead of it. I switched that up though. So you weren't you weren't thrilled with it? It's good. It's good. But I forget what that other perk I wanted instead of that. I'll, I'll tell you guys on the next one. I mean, we won't we there's no way on earth you're gonna remember but it's okay. Yeah, well, I probably will because I'm gonna go I'll be changing but I am always mess with this. loadouts and stuff. So. Yeah, so the hemlock that's I believe the new assault rifle. I haven't used it much. Laying the downside on his eye 45 round mag. So that's not very much. That's not very rare in AR Yeah, especially well, especially in quads. It'd be different if you're playing Duo's. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. In 13 I think it's pretty similar to the hemlock obviously, low recoil at buffed it a little bit. It's gonna get fire rates but like it's one of the I think it might be one of those bullet sponges, you know? Yeah. All right, marker machines. All right, I'm just gonna go to the one I think that you guys want to know about the the seeking that's an LMG and this one now and I wouldn't I was leveling it up. So I had to I need to level it up. Is it is it a new gun? No, it's an LP and that one I think is inviting for meta position especially on El Mazara if you're going that row down to run some Ellen G's it's accurate and it's it's pretty decent, like powerful you know, what about ADSB not bad you can build it out you know the way you want it. So it's not bad and I think Kim was even using it and he liked it a lot. And so when you build your loadout with these new guns, are you always going to then do the what is it called the tuning? I do now? Why did I hate that they make you do that? Well they don't make you but like it's a way you should right it's a well yeah, it's a way to adjust your gun a little more to your liking, you know what I mean? So if you want faster ABS you can tune a little bit on your on those different attachments are you gonna guess in that way it's cool I'm not looking to spend more time messing with the guns that was my I want to play more but that I'm on a time constraint so I give people more time can do that. Yeah, so So right now like I'm thinking RPA Finnick seeking are kind of my go to and sniping but we'll get into here in a second. That's kind of what I'm thinking though. The Meta is right now. So and on the sniping know windy. Channel, windy, Shadow windy. Give us a little tip that's out there that apparently there is a one shot of potential for one shot snipes. Yeah, so who put that out? It was someone on Twitter put it out Warzone loadout the Twitter's names warzone? loadout something, but they put it out and they said apparently for you equip these Incendiary rounds. And he has like a bunch of loadouts on there. But apparently from a certain distances. It's one shot. Yeah, so that's the key. It looks like every loadout on all the snipers. He put that in incendiary round. So I'll definitely try that. Especially on Al Mazara. I mean, I don't know the distance in which that takes effect. But even if it's a two shot, that'd be awesome. Because you know, we're just recently when we were playing war zone I was having to do three shots and still not getting people down with the old what was it the ODS? The what is that? Right. What's the sniper we run ODS? That's a laser. What is the FT signal 50 Why is it ODS pop up? I don't know about you. I'm tired. Yeah, definitely. Especially on I was using a SPX en el maaser are on A Sheikha and with the certain buildings it's actually not bad it's almost car like you know him actually hit me off on it and it's not bad it's just the problem with it it's like sniping dude honestly on this map it's so fast that even that is too slow to me well why what you need is a car oh I got to think one of those snipers can be built into that you know what's fascinating is you have a scope that's not so so like you don't want like a six times scope or something like that you know the build I had it was like a 2.5 or something small like almost assault rifle type scope to where you could just quick AEDs but even like I said you got to hit your shots those the problem if you miss are missing a couple shots you're in trouble and then it's like well why don't you just use like an RP Hayden download yes I'm not finding myself to where I'm like camped out on buildings just sniping everybody that's not how this game plays you know? Yeah that's that's that's true that's so you think snipers for the most part are no go on Ashika for me for me personally it's a no go Yeah, and I haven't seen anyone running um so like he said unless they made it more powerful and like you had a build to where you could quickscope like easily I'm sure there's people out there that love them and use them on here but for me it's just I miss I just missed too many shots here and there to where I get myself I'll start losing plates because I'm missing shots and snipes you know? Where's my RV? I can just put them down Yeah, and I think with this map like just when I was looking over it's like there's so many I just don't find people out Nope. And like you said before the rooftops aren't even that powerful anymore there's so many different points people can see you anytime I see people they're usually running into another building you know yeah yep and on and on the rooftops I mean honestly it's like peeking it's like you're playing heavies and and when you're on them you're gonna get shot in the back you shot from all over the place like so well yeah because the root so like the ones I'm thinking of guy where's it in town center maybe farms yeah farms yeah farms those are the ones the two the two mountains Yeah, you have a mountain overtop of you. So anytime someone rotates from the castle they're going to perfect position just to destroy you Well, I remember playing there was actually a game we loadouts dropped on top of those buildings. And we you know I thought we were set we're in the back one and we were we were taking fighting a team on the front building well then we were taking shots from the front building from the mountain from people on there's a little rock in the farm areas that you can get up on a little bit yeah, I've seen that yeah, people shooting us from there so from one building that you think is high ground you have three different spots that are either equal are can see you from there you know what I mean? And that's like a minimum there's probably more than I'm not even bringing up you know, I'm sure what and that's how a lot of these buildings place like you can get high ground on them but they're not high ground you can get to the top of the building but you don't have the high ground yeah which is like my point to most of the time people are hiding in the building peeking a window or something right yeah, it kind of a game on a Sheikha here kind of makes you play low ground or play mid mid to low almost, you know. And the problem with the high ground too is the resurgence everyone's landing in in their little land on you with guns in its you can get killed before you can even react. You know? What do you what do you think about sound? Have you noticed any any improvement in sound at all? Oh, you know what hasn't been an issue? I don't think I've I haven't said like I heard nothing, but it's also like so fast paced that I almost don't expect to hear things at times. But I have heard people actually to be honest. Yeah, we had a game where a guy was climbing a ladder on us. There's one beneath us and we were fighting a teammate of his and I could tell they're beating us like trying to get us to actually this was on El Mazara it was Duo's and in that one the teammate was trying I could tell he was just trying to get engaged with him while his teammates snuck up on us and we heard all the way we heard him underneath us we heard him like creeping around and then we heard him climb the ladder so I did the whole like just fired shots in distracted while King took that guy out knock him up the ladder so it Yeah, to me the audio has been okay. So is here's another question is procs chat enabled on on Sheikha No. I didn't think so. It's probably a good thing. Yeah, it would probably be too much honestly like it's hard enough to hear your own teammates let alone probably approx chat would be insane on here. So it's not bad. No. So maybe in Duo's and stuff, maybe you can do it. But maybe everyone's insert such close proximity though you'd be hearing everything. Yeah, it'd be too much. Agree. So the last thing I want to kind of talk about is the loot system again. So, you know, with the update, we lost the inventory, there's no longer the inventory where you go into a box or a bag, and pick what you want. It just dumps everything dumped. So Right. I forget what my opinion was last time. I think I thought it was all right. Like, not, I think you were more like positive, but I think I was more like, negative, but I don't know, I can't remember the whole thing is really funny. Because when they switched in Warzone to to this new system, like it was like, lights, we're gonna have to go to the inventory. And like, it was more of like, people didn't like it. It was that's what it seemed like, people didn't want it. But then now that we had it, and then they took it away, I felt like it's the opposite now where people are like, well, now there's too much stuff on the ground. And it's hard to like pick up. And I would say that is very true. I think it especially hitting white boxes and stuff. Watch those dumped out either way. So I guess that doesn't matter necessarily. But like picking up airstrikes and stuff can be so freakin annoying. Like the attacks on right? Yeah, yeah, don't get stacked on and it just as I like it better going into an inventory, even though it takes time. Let us do it. And you know, you just have to get better at it. And that way, you don't have to dig through these piles and like, pick up instead of picking up there straight, you're picking up some ground level up, and then you're dropping and picking up dropping, you know what I mean? Like, it's just, uh, yeah, they, yeah, they need to improve, again, the stacking they need to make it so airstrikes still get stacked on the bottom? I mean, because I think pretty much a simple a simple solution would make sure that airstrikes are always on top, because airstrikes in UAVs, right, because everyone's gonna want those normally. But yeah, then spread them out. No one wants to get stuff stacked on each other, they need to improve it. There's lots of improvements to be made in the looting system. It's just still, too. I don't know, like you said, I don't want to have to search through loot to find what I want. Well, and then another issue I've been having a lot with, and this, it seems to happen more on a Sheikha, I don't know why. But when I'm buying things, I guess it happens on both, but I'll buy like extra plates or extra UAVs or precisions, whatever. And they'll actually like fall into the buy in behind the bow in like the other day, we bought a load out and we couldn't, whoever bought it couldn't find it. And he's like, I bought a load out. We lost the money. Where is it? And I'm like, well check your inventory. That's onto my inventory. And then it's like, you look around, you can't see it anywhere. Well, I went to the FBI, and just like looked around the backend of the FBI, and it was buried in it somewhere. Well, that's funny, you say that, because there's times I bought things and like, I swear I had, you know, like armor boss or something. And it just disappears, probably because it just dumped out onto the buy. Yeah, cuz your inventory is full and it just dumps? Yeah. I don't know why they got to fix that. Because that is so frustrating when it dumps behind the buyer or whatever, you know, where you just lost an important piece of inventory that you should know. Yeah, yep. All right. Well, that's pretty much Oh, I have one more tip for you PC. PC players out there. So I've done this before in the past. So when you you have to its DNS settings. So you're the IT guy, what's DNS, domain name server? Yeah, you're right. won't get in all the details. I've watched a bunch of videos, it's like the way that they retrieve IP addresses, whatever. Basically, you have a default one, I think most our PC setups are set automatic. So it'll just grab one, it'll go to a server. So there's like a set of servers you can use, like Google, or there's a bunch of different ones. And some give you better latency than others. Right? So yeah, so if you want to increase your ping and get a better ping, you can actually manually configure and all you do is do a Google search, like best DNS settings or best DNS for warzone, whatever. And you'll you'll find a list of IP so what I did is I went and tested them. And I tried out, I changed them and then I tested my ping, I just did went to like, you know, the command prompt, whatever, in testing to see what the Ping was on each one. And I did find there were some significant differences between them. So yeah, so I haven't I just did that before we play or we started this so I haven't played a bunch with them to see if it how much it helps or not. But it's an option to go if you're on playing on PC. So this is a configuration you set on your PC not in the game at all correct. Okay, yeah, you just set it it's it's easy to do you there's plenty of guides and stuff, you can look up and find, and I've done it. I did it like a long time ago, but that's before I even have my new PC. So I haven't updated it. So I'll let you guys know how that works. But anything to me to reduce your latency to to where you're just reacting faster is going to help you in the game, you know? Yeah, and if anyone else has tips that they know let us know because we'd love to hear them because I'm having frame issues too. And guy that's a disaster. The problem is like the with frames especially I don't even Yeah, I don't want to get into frames because it is so complicated depending on what you're running. Yeah, the problem you'll watch a YouTube video you know, there's the problem there's so many videos to watch the best settings and like some of them it's like guys it's like I don't even know if they really know what they're talking about these watch somebody else's video and made their video you know? Yeah, I feel that way too. Yeah, and it really comes down to like your configuration too. So it's like unfortunately it's a you almost need to know and understand a lot about your computer before doing what you know it's it takes time. So yeah, but there are some simple settings that you can like change up in the in game settings, video settings easy things you can do you can do are turning down your graphics that kind of stuff you know anyways, yeah, but that's about all I had you got anything else? No, thanks for hanging out with us again, guys. Pleasure doing business with you. Alright guys, we'll catch you on the next one. See you later. Bye.

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