Starfield Smugglers

Warzone's Best & Worst Maps! 😲Ep. 44

February 23, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 44
Starfield Smugglers
Warzone's Best & Worst Maps! 😲Ep. 44
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What's Up Guys & Gals! We Had Fun With This One! 

  • Anger Management in COD
  • A One Shot Sniper Is Here...
  • Ashika Island has grown on us! 
  • Verdansk Vs Caldera Vs Al Mazrah
  • Map design and flow
  • The Goon's Favorite POI's

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Goon Squad:

Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad and Kido boo.


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Goon Squad:

Gado needs a pitch


to Ted's dude, talking about my people like that a that is guaranteed in Warzone to get a laugh. guarantee every time we bring in random people. And I'll just hit the soundbite just to hear them laugh because it's hilarious every day just it's funny to me to hear other people laugh. Do we need to start messing with sound bites again, but we've been playing Sheikha a lot more so you can't really use those right? No, thank God there's no voice procs chat and that because it would be out of control. That's actually one good thing or not one good thing but that is a good thing that they did not even mess with the procs chat and that because oh my goodness. It's already chaotic with quads talking and then having I could only imagine it would just be nonstop like they're right here. All right. I'll tell you why. I did. I've been playing Ashika more. I really the last day and it's fun dude. I actually like the map. Yeah, no, I think it's good. Like I said, I think it comes down to just the quads. It's we got to get off quads. Because anytime you get in those lobbies that are less people you know, like the glitched woods. It just plays so much better. You know, we talked about that last episode. Yeah, when you it's funny depending on where people land and where you land, the game can fill quite a bit different because if you land in those hot zones, it's like intense it's constant like it's multiplayer. But then if you landed a little softer spot where there's not too many people and you'd be a little more tactical it's a whole different game. Yeah, no that is absolutely true. Like it's funny it's it's weird. I feel like on that map there is a ton of like there's always a hot side I'll really hot side and a side that is completely vacant until the end game. We would say cold side. Yeah, yeah. I mean seriously? Like, it seems like it's always where the zone ends up pulling like nobody's there yet. For some reason, I wonder if they like take that into account. If there's some algorithm or if it's just random, let's say, you know, me, I'm like, I zone focus too, right now. And it's like tune, is there an algorithm? Are they set zones? You know what I mean? That just filing through that, like, there's 100 200 zones, that they just, you know, manually, or they've added that will appear? Because for sure, you know, that the zones are set at the start of the game? Because you can do those contracts to find the zones, right. So it's set now, is that an algorithm that figures that out at the start of the game? Or is it just like they've made zones? And there's, you know, 150 zones you can choose from, and it's just randomizes? Which one? Well, that's a good do. That's interesting. What if it was the zones generated based on where the players were? Well, they can actually, they can't do that, because it's set from the start. Do you know that for certain well, you can pick up contracts? So how could they change it? I mean, that would be a crazy little algorithm, they'd have to write like, should I be? Kidding? Like, where are you land? Then they create the zone off of like, right off the rip of like, where people are landing? Yeah, that's Yeah. Yeah. Oh, come on. They're not doing that. Real quick. Before we get too far. Is your mic thing touching? It's not right. No, okay. Just making sure your little filter I don't, I don't want to take away from our audience. As Darren always has, I used to be the audio issue guy. That's over guys. Darren Zadi 100% Now, so we gotta get, we gotta get this guy to do my that's what I'm working on it. It's just a big investment. But dude, there's nothing worse in the world than audio issues, especially now many times and it's funny when you do podcasts, you start picking up on the tiniest little sounds. And I hear even with you now there's like a little like a crackle here and there. That's a little bit driving me nuts. But hopefully, it'll won't be in here. But I'm letting you know. I hope now, I hope they're not just listening for the crackle. There, so maybe we're good. Anyways, as we're talking right now, it is now Thursday. This is Thursday. But really, this is not Thursday, because we had to record this early. Because I am actually as you're listening to this now. I'm in Disneyland right now. I'm tired. I've got to be exhausted, probably. And I'm probably ready to come home and get some gaming in. But I probably had a good time. You know? Yeah, I'm sure you had a great time. There's again, like we said before so much walking in Disneyland, you're on your feet for hours. I mean, if you do it right, you get there early, then you don't leave too late. Right? Yeah. Now we like we already talked to other stuff, but we split it up pretty good. So it'll be a little more low key because that's the thing with it. So you just don't want to I don't like to rush through it. It's like you want to enjoy the experience now like we gotta go from this right this right this right every single ride right away. Now we haven't spread out a little to where we can. Yeah, last time we did it. We did a two days. So we did one day in Disneyland one day in California Adventure. And with that, dude, we missed a bunch of rides, because you just don't have time. Well, and with our families like to it's like you have the little kids. I have the older kids. So we're not even all together all the time with that because your kids want the kid rides or just want the bigger ride. So it's yeah, anyways, we don't need to get into all that stuff. But today, here and what are we going to talk about? This is take two we've already done part of this. I'm not doing it. You're doing alright, so what we're gonna go we're gonna go over a little bit of our storytime like me and him Darren and whatnot played. And maybe one of us takes it a little too serious. We'll talk about that at time. You know. We're gonna talk about skill based matchmaking because we broke the game yesterday. And it was pretty unbelievable how I went from playing with my normal squad to with Darren. It's funny I say that because you don't play a lot lately. So anyways, I went to play with Derek and it was unbelievably different and I'll tell you why here in a little bit. There was something a big reason Darren did something that broke the system and it was we'll we'll talk about it we'll get into it is streaming dying. We're gonna go over the drop off of streaming that's kind of been occurring over time here. And yeah, we're gonna give our opinion on it and like maybe ways to improve what what people could do the kind of the controversies in streaming stuff like that. So and then we're going to finish up with A little bit of Warzone history. So what we're gonna do is basically for YouTube, we'll pull up the maps for their listeners, we're just going to talk about the different locations and different map sizes, what we liked, on each map what we didn't like, and where we're at now, why we like all Mazara. And we're, you know, the sheik has grown on us, too. So, as you know, as we talked about, so we'll go over all that. Well, we're not gonna go into the resurgence maps, though, at least not too much, right? Oh, I guess not. Probably not. Because honestly, we'll probably like, end up talking like crazy, like usual. So we'll see. We'll see if we have time we will because I do like I want to talk. I would like to talk about the rebirth island because the OG one because that one, I do miss that layout. So there's all that stuff. I miss fortunes key. I know a lot of I forgot. I totally forgot about that. I mean, I feel like fortunes keep was like, not people just kind of hated on a lot or didn't like it that much. People prefer rebirth. I like I think, arguably, maybe, like 14 to keep better. No, I'm just saying I liked that. I really, I really liked the coloring of it, like the design of it. And I thought it played pretty well. Yeah, I mean, I liked it. I think the flow of rebirth Island is that was Hall just rebirth island. There was a name or rebirth Island. Yeah, that one. The flow to me is like the best it kind of actually, it's funny because we're dance flow was kind of okay, do you know, okay, I'm smart guy here. What do you mean by flow? The way you play like, the way you can rotate, you know, like, so why fortunes keep good? Because fortunes keep was multilayered you know, they had like the caves, they had the upper, you know, the mid ground level, then they had the keep the castles and stuff, which is fine, but it's more of like the map design, the lanes you travel in. All right, I was trying to catch you and you, you did well, all right. I just, you just I do if I just said enough words, you'd be like, okay, yeah, you gotta travel deer, deer, dear. Now, so. Exactly. Anyways, so before we get into our gameplay stuff, we got to just say, we're far away from hitting 50 reviews on Apple. So if you guys could leave us a review be greatly appreciated. If you want to join us on Patreon or YouTube. Again, it's way to help support the podcast, we also give you guys a lot of content. So that's all appreciated. Now that that's out of the way. Let's get into some gameplay. So yeah, so yesterday, we got a we got a few games in now. I did not put this Dan taste the game too serious on the list. I just think it's something we need to talk about. Maybe for me and you and for them to be a part of our conversation. So yesterday when he was What do you mean? Because I know I know where this stems from. But go ahead. I think Daniel so Daniels very focused on getting wins. We all like to win. Right? Right. Can you agree? Yeah. I have a goal to get to 100 wins. Yeah, but I think the more important part is just having fun playing. And I think sometimes sometimes you focus a little bit and you're frustrated when things don't go your way. And I think you take winning a little bit too serious at times. Bots. I that's accurate. That's accurate. It's definitely true. And big, different modes throughout my day where it's like, sometimes I'm like, alright, we'll just chill, have fun. Actually, to be honest, more than not now. It's about trying to get weds. That's where I'm kind of focused of like tactics and like, trying to get better and get wins. That's kind of where, where I'm at. Yeah, but I think that's good. I think that's good to be that way. I also think you just need to be more I think it needs to be more like just having fun. And then that's priority, then right below it's getting away. And so you know, yeah, yeah. I mean, that's, that is true. And I'm not like, you know, I mean, there's definitely times where I have to mute my mic. And I'm like, Mother I think we all go through the frustrations of, of, you know, playing this game, you know, that's sorry, God, and there's things you expect people to do that are unrealistic in that. They don't know what you're thinking. Like, I know everyone does this. I know you care. And if you don't lie, you are a mother. Liar. I got my little feet. Because, you know, you'll land and you'll have enemies by you, you'll die. Alright, I got enemies here, blah, blah, blah, blah. And the worst is when you're down in like, you're like, you know your team is right there with you. And you're like if you just turn and look, this guy is standing over me about to finish me and you can kill him. And then of course what happens always the guy kills you and then your teammates kill him and you're like, why did they do it? Like, you know, you're in your head, I don't actually flip out. But it is frustrating. But in reality, it's like, you don't know what they're doing. They can be fighting someone else. But that's the part of this. It's like the, in your mind. And in that something. It's just a self centered way as humans we are at times, right? You're focused on yourself, and you just think everyone should know exactly what you're thinking and what you're doing. You know, I mean, maybe this is a problem you have in life, you know, maybe you think too much about yourself. Okay, let's relax. tz that is so true, though. But yeah, you have to realize your teammates, a, like you said, maybe in another fight be it takes like reaction time to like, register what someone's telling you, and then reacting to it. And especially like when like someone goes down for me, I don't like to rush over to them anymore. I want to like see what's going on. Unless you tell me like specifically, this guy's on me like it just one, then I'll go and like, run, you know, I'll sell my cell myself. I'll just jump out there like, you know, without any cost. How much do you want for this good? For you know, but like, there's sit, it's situational. But you do have to realize everyone doesn't know what you know. And sometimes you're just getting killed, even if your teammates could have helped you. Yeah, and a big change that is helpful a lot with this is and I noticed this yesterday, because I played. So I play three different sessions where I went randoms I just played with random people. I just jumped on for a couple. And then I played with the squat. And then I played with you Just me and you with randoms. So I have three different sessions. The first one of the randoms most frustrating games ever played. Like, oh, wow, why the guys know, nobody would stick together. Everyone off to do their own thing. I'm like solo squatting people. I mean, I'm not killing them getting murdered the whole my ad. They're sweaty lobbies, really frustrating people would drop out of the games, then we'd be down to three people just horrible, horrible games, you know? Yeah. And your dog is barking. But I don't know, if there's anything you'd like to do about that. Maybe not trying to be my bike well. Anyways, so that was the first session really frustrated, then I played with the squad. Not frustrating, because we're all on the same page. We land. I mean, of course, there's moments you get frustrated, whatever, that's normal. But it's way better. Because at least we're playing together, we you know, we have, we're, we're on the same page where we land, we stay close to each other, we try to rotate together. Now we were in extremely sweaty lobbies. So that was hard. But then we'll get into the skill based matchmaking break, because then I played with you. And with you. I had the utmost unbelievably awesome lobbies. I've been in for a long time. Yeah. So we'll get it we'll get into that. I just think like everyone needs to remember the whole point of this is it's a game and to have fun. Like, we like tactics. But I think that because like yesterday, I was watching the kids when we're playing. And I just went into that session saying like, okay, you know, there's gonna be distractions, whatever, I just want to have fun playing the game with you. And it was fun. And it did help the lobbies were easy, right? Yes. And we'll explain why here in a second. But no, there's truth to that. But I gotta say, Dude, I mean, it was very frustrating. What what was going on here? So let me explain to listeners. So we get we land. Okay, we had a glitch lobby. We had one of those lobbies it didn't fill. So it was there wasn't hardly anybody on the map. And we're an easy lobby. So I'm like, this is like almost all the we were playing. We didn't have any team. It was just us too. But I'm like, good chance to win this, you know? Yeah. And so I'm like, alright, we had a plan. Let's go Let's land we'll actually loot and get a load out because there's time now there's not as many people and nobody do get our load out. We'll post up we'll get airstrikes. UAVs whatever we need, and try to get a win. Well, well, during the first it starts off with Hey, I can't drop my money. I'm like, okay, like, I don't there he What is your deal? You have something wrong with your controller. Okay, so the deal is, yeah, so I'm playing on the PS five in my house normal play on my PC, which is in my office outside the house. So anyways, my kids play on the PS five. So the problem is the remotes broken to where the some of the D pad buttons like specifically, the down button doesn't work. Actually, I don't think the right button works either. There's two buttons that are broke. So, so I couldn't have at first I couldn't even access the inventory, right? So then I mapped that button to the top D pad, which I can then use, but then I will at that point, then I can drop everything you do. At the point in which you're frustrated. I bought the loadout. And then I couldn't get to it because it didn't automatically go straight to my little spot, my reserved spot where you had a self revive pistol in that slot. Yes. And so I had a loadout that we could not get to. Yeah. At that same time I was on bounty people I was being hunted. And they were getting very close to us. Now. Darren took all my money, I can't buy guns, and he has a loadout that he can't throw. And I'm being hunted. It's just like I was I was not happy. I actually just left you. Yeah, so we're getting hunted. And I'm trying to figure this I'm remapping buttons, then all of a sudden, so then I'm trying to run my Alright, let's go and look in. Dan's jumped in the water, like going down underneath the map. But I'm like, Dude, you're not even close to me. Yeah. But also you were paying like, again, you had stuff going on. So it's really frustrating to play with someone who's not really paying that much attention either. And I'm telling you like that team, I was read, like three bar red thread. They were on. I mean, in fact, I ended up dying because even though I left you and jumped in the water, they were already on me. Yeah, and I'll be honest, that was probably the best play because I had to remap buttons just so I can then get to the loadout and drop it because that's what I ended up happening. So you're getting away from the actual was good or else we both probably would have died. Yeah. So anyways, that's why I was frustrated. And that's where that topic anyways, but we actually we pulled it together, we end up getting a win. Not in that game, but another one. And there was a another funny thing with this game, dude, sometimes those late game rotations are crazy. Like that one where we rotated, I think from residential. up to the top, the north side of the castle. Yeah. Where that like, moat area. Yeah. And we were we played it well, because there's just two of us, because I think the other two guys build out the game. No, I think yeah, I think they were in the game. But that whole game, they were split off. We were doing a thing where we were doing our thing. They were doing theirs maybe. Okay. Yeah, whatever. Either way, it was just us too. So we're smoking running through, as we usually do we smoke and we ended up running into that tractor or whatever the heck that they read, like straight into an object. Oh, my God. And yeah, there's a league game rotation and we rotate up to that mode. And at first it seemed alright, well, it ended up in that area of the zone. For some reason, there were still two teams stacked on each other fighting. Yeah, we had was so we had one team. So I got deleted immediately. And I you know, I watched the killcam there's a team up on the mountain, a team of at least three so almost a full team up on the mound, right to my right, like staring at me. And then when I got so when I got down in the water, I fell in the water. And I looked to the left and I guess there's an underwater system underneath castle or something. And there's a team of three hiding in a cave down there. It's like, dude, just the worst place to be. Yeah, it was bad. And I noticed when I died, there was a loadout sitting there so guys were still dying and landing on that loadout right where we're rotating. So it was a death. It was the it was bad. Didn't go that's one of those things. You have to realize that loadouts are around and resurgence people are just going to keep going back to home right? Like you need to stay away unless you're like camping. Right? Which you don't do that really well. I'm not against it. Like is there was one game board just turned? It just happened to be I think it might have been Oh, you know what, it wasn't with you. This was with jokin Kane. And anyways, there was one where we were on a loadout but it was it was like late zone. So it's like we were in a good building. So it made sense into it. It was just like stacking Hills because people just kept coming but people do slip in there too. And then you got guys underneath you and stuff you know. Yeah. So it's even though it's cool to like camp, the load out. Those guys will land on YouTube and it's just a cluster. But yeah, one other thing my son was playing. He implemented your strategy, I think by accident, where he jumped late in life fell with all the people at the end of the You know when the planes flying over and he the last drop where it kicks you out of the plane if you don't jump, he fell in the water those people it was it was destroyed. He was killing them. Dude, there were so many shields there. So if you want shields off the RIP falling lay with all those other AFK people is not a bad strategy. I didn't even think about it for the island game but I guess you could you want to increase that Katie and get into sweater lobbies go for it. During the day. I'm not even trying to increase my KD because as we'll talk about the locatie lobbies our money. Yeah, so my Katie was like I think it was a 1.6 or something at the start. And by the end of like before I played with you, I don't know what it is now. It's probably a 1.5 something. But before playing with you. It had like significantly dropped because I was in Super sweaty lobbies and playing with randoms I was just getting murdered because I wasn't we weren't playing as a team and then even play on their squad. Well that's the problem was skill based matchmaking is it's gonna you're gonna go through these waves of where, you know, easier lobbies, your Katie goes up and then it's gonna say okay, you're ready for the hard hobbies and your Katie drops. And it's just this constant like, battle, right? Yeah. And yeah, so let's get into the breaking of skill based matchmaking that we did. And let me just preface this is like, this was not an intentional like, Hey, we're gonna set this up. This is just how it had to happen to play yesterday. Yeah, so I was watching my kids. And again, I have to play in the house on the PS five. So I was playing on my son's account, which, you know, he's only seven years old. He's not, you know, his kid. He's not great. Yeah, so I was just because me and him were playing. And then I just, I just mess his day. And I'm like, Hey, you want to just play real quick, like I had some time? You know, I'm just watching the kids that are watching a movie. And so we jumped on, and did and I noticed that when I was playing with my son, I'm like, you know, he still runs into some, like some good players, probably because they're VPN and they're something. But for the most part, I was watching. I'm like, dude, these guys, these players are just not very good. Like, you could like white squad wipe a team and without it being too difficult. Oh, yeah. Like I went from playing in the lobbies before where we're stacked on each other having trouble even surviving to playing with you. I think the first time I dropped out of four kills off the rib like, yeah, it was like crazy. Crazy. And the games were a lot more fun. I'll say that. And it made me think like, especially with any streamer that's dropping like 30 hills, and has the super high Cadis. Dude, it's suspect. Like, I'm immediately suspect unless I get it on like, more on all moderate type where you play as a team, you guys can rack up some hills, you know. But I mean, not. I still think when you're getting those higher numbers that starts getting a little suspect. But for this map, if you have a high KD, and you're just squad wiping people, like, let's just be real, a lot of these streamers are getting in, you see him playing these bot lobbies, and they're breaking skill based matchmaking to do it. Because it makes sense. When I played with you. I'm like, Yeah, I could see getting 1520 kills is not that far fetched at all. on that map. No, you know, especially if you're someone like these young streamers who are playing every day. And they're very, very good. They will destroy their map. Yeah, that's what I was talking to you. I'm like, that makes me so irritated though. Because again, like my son's playing this lobby, trying to have fun, you know, I'm sure a lot of these lobbies are filled with kids, or just adults who are just aren't very good. Or just play Super casually. Any of these streamers just ruining the game for them just so they can get high kills, and they can look good, because it doesn't make sense. Again, cuz you've seen it at a level like you play a lot you're getting in these hard lobbies. It's very difficult. It doesn't make sense for like streamers, for example, who are very, very good to be playing. It's like low talent. You should be playing against killers like them, and it's not going to be easy. Yeah, and you know, and I'm not even talking to you in particular right now. But you saw a lot of this back and rebirth where you're like watching some guys gameplay and you're like, what in like, half the lobbies AFK and then the ones that are fighting they're like, I mean, it's just they're not even like turning to shoot at these guys. You know? Like, you've seen some of these guys who don't their stats when he's 12 Pull them up, like they wouldn't even take damage in a game. You know, they have 30 kills with like, 50 damage on them. No, that's not even a joke. It'd be like 100 damage or something. It's like okay, well the clearly our VPN into a lobby. It's just like, I just have no respect for those people. I just don't yeah, I'm really Yeah, although I guess we were kind of those people. But what we weren't doing was I was just playing on the account I had. I mean, yeah, I could have I could have switched to my account. But I just honestly didn't even think about it. You know what, I'm gonna be honest, I had a good time. And we were not like, going bananas in there either. You know what I mean? We played good. But we it was still kills. Yeah, but there's still good teams in there. It's not like everyone's, you know, a tomato can is that everyone's bad. There's still good teams. It's just more often than not you run into teams that just aren't very good. Yeah, it's Oh, yeah, you are right. Like, we did run into some, like sweaty players and stuff. So it happens. But it was eye opening to me of how much of a difference just just playing with you made on that account? Yeah, it was. Yeah. It's like, unbelievably noticeable, like, crazy. Crazy. So skill based matchmaking is very, very, very rule. And there are ways it's broken very easily. So I mean, I just I just wonder, you know, if they removed it, how would games play? Like, would we be, like, more often than not winning? Or like, are we, you know, visible with our hammer? Often we play? Are we in the the higher tier? So would we be? Would it feel a lot easier to us? Do you think? Oh, I think absolutely. So I think the majority of people that are? I mean, I'm like, I feel like I'm at the upper end of casual where I played more than casuals would, you know, right, especially right now being home a lot. And I think that most of the people, especially guys that certainly knows upper tiers that want wins and are trying to like, high kills or wins whatever it may be. I feel like those are the guys who are going to try to break the system. And I don't know, I feel like a lot of those guys probably BPN and stuff and getting those lobbies. I don't know, I think if we played in no skill base, I think we feel pretty good. I don't know if that even made sense. Really what I just said, but I mean, I understand where you're going. Okay. Yeah, I think I do just think if it was because I feel like we play legit all the time. Like when I get a higher ad. I fill it very fast. Oh, do you? No, no. Well, we've done that where we really again, this is back on for dance, where we really tried hard and really wanted to get win and really wanted to play well. And guess what happened? It just gets more frustrating because you play it's harder competition. Yeah. Which is like the downfall of skill based matchmaking. It punishes you for getting good. Now the funny thing is, this is I'm only talking about a sheet for this on our Mazara. Our my lobbies always feel like the same. Like they're competitive. They're hard lobbies. But I feel like you can use teamwork to overcome a lot of that. You know what I mean? Yeah, there's only been a few times like we said, When the update dropped, it felt different for a little bit. Right? Yeah. And let's be real to like guys who cheat and stuff. A lot of those guys love the River Island because they can just run around and delete people. You know, it's fast. Otherwise, well, then they get posted about all these kills they, as people just keep coming back and yeah, yeah, so anyways, but I don't know if I've don't on that island. I don't really know if I've seen a ton of cheaters. I'm just, it's hard to say sometimes the killcam doesn't even work for me. And when it does, I don't trust it anyways, so it's like, it's kind of hard to and I don't even care that much. Honestly, like I just like Sheikha I haven't run into anyone and anyone that I would say one that even really suspect I haven't really suspected many people. And when I did, it wasn't like a for sure. Right? Yeah, I think part of it too, is like its resurgence. So you come back anyway. So you're kind of like Alright, whatever. Like, we'll just move on and you know, stay away from that team or something, you know? Yeah, yeah. Anyways, so Well, this kind of brings into TTK issues here, dying quickly, whatnot. So jagah put a video out about an issue with TTK. There's the Lachman 762 in the patch notes, and it states it added so it nerves are buffeted by adding minimum damage against armor. So in listening to him his whole explanation for what he believes the reason they do this is they don't want to alter the guns too much from multiplayer to Warzone but obviously wars only have all the armor plating, right. So, again, that could be viable in multiplayer when you go to war zone, it's going to you know, if it has a slower rate of fire or whatnot, it's going to it's going to have such a drop off against armor that it's not going to really be you're not gonna want to use it, you know? So instead of altering the stats of the gun, but they will I guess they do alter the stats, but instead of like altering the gun as a whole, what they did is increased its damage against armor, which is kind of a weird way to do it. But what it will basically do is it makes it if you have armor, it's almost like a negative, it's gonna melt that armor faster that should you know. Yeah, that is crazy. But it does make sense when they wanted all like all the games to be the same, or they wanted the guns and everything, all the vehicles, everything in the game to be the same across all games. So everything in Warzone should operate the same as it does. And I'll Missouri and the same as in what is the Oshika here, right? Yeah, it makes it makes sense. But I feel like there's I don't know, man. It's weird. It's like hard to keep track of what you should use anymore. And like the way they buffer them and nerf them. It's just like, that's a weird step. You know? Yeah, it's weird that if you have plates, it's gonna hit you harder. Now, here's the question, does that damage then go into your normal health as well, you know, does it like give you a buff? And then you know, say like, gets 50% off your last play and then also tastes like a 50% off your DNA, your damage? Your normal? Yeah, I don't I don't even know that's getting way too deep like in the stats and numbers. I mean, if you want if people want to things a watch G Gods video, like he broke it down. And he's going through all the stats and stuff. So if you want to watch it, I didn't really care that much about it. It's just, it's just more interesting. Kind of weird, you know? Well, yeah. Cuz like you said, it's almost like you'd be on plates, then you're just gonna get it's like a disincentive to even have plates if someone shooting you with that guy. Yeah. But that makes but that makes sense, though. Right? Because like, people thought the TTK feels weird, right sometimes. And it could be dependent on what gun you're getting shot from? Because I know you've heard a lot of people say yeah, it feels like on paper plates. Oh, I've said that multiple times. It's like the pay the plates are almost like a joke. It's like butter, you know? But yeah, it would make sense of the buff guns. And again, it's I don't think it's every gun. They do this to anyone specific guns that are like as little slower rate of fire or something, if they do that for but yeah, a lot of times, it's like you have plates on. It's like they just get melted, or you felt like you didn't have any on you know? I mean, that seems so complicated to have to like, mess with the guns the way they're doing it. I mean, it's just like you said, it's very strange. And it seems overly complicated. Yeah. Well, it does. And that's where you start seeing stupid things happen. But I don't know right now that the guns actually fill. Okay, like the balancing of everything. So I guess I can't complain too much about it. But it is worrisome. Yeah, it's something to look out for. Yeah. So let's move on to streaming is streaming and dying. Yeah, it's funny when was on first dropped. And this is the same time for it. And I was out stream was gigantic, you know, because it was during COVID times two. So everyone was staying home working. Like, I know, I would just work and have like, the warzone tournaments on and it was a lot of fun to watch back then. Right? Oh, yeah. To me. That was that was probably the height of where I enjoyed watching streamers. Because I really hadn't watched a lot of streamers. And I mean, we gamed and stuff. But we didn't watch people and I don't know, it was like the point where you're like watching like, oh, man, these guys are like next level. Did you know? Yeah. And at that time, I wasn't like MIT to be honest. This is what spawned the like, are these guys cheating? Because at the time when we first start watching, I never been suspected anyone I just thought like these guys are amazing, right? Oh, yeah, that's how I thought too. It's just like wow, this is some unbelievable stuff. These guys are so good at the game that it was fun to watch. Right and then of course then I think some I think there's I think it's combination of things though. Like I don't want to I'm over called tears. I just don't want to talk about it to be honest. But I think what definitely is going on or was is people were VPN Ng and we didn't even know like, and when I've talked about this before, I remember listening to Nick and swag like whisper about things during the tournament. And I'm positive they were talking about using a VPN and this is during the kilrea stuff. Yeah, no, absolutely. That's that was the start of though in it really started off with they were playing like the certain person in their squad. That would be in a location that would be a I guess a better location to play in where they're more skilled lobbies they would use that guy has the guy to host so they could get easier lobbies but I think a VPN absolutely was going on as well. You know, and it's funny because a lot of these big name Biffle was in there. That super Ever and they were all super suspect in their, in doing this stuff in his lobbies and or in those tournaments. And then they became big streamers, you know? Yeah, you know, and did it but I'll say so. So I guess the first question is what is the reason it's dropped off? Thoughts? I think like he said, there's a few there's multiple things going on. So one COVID, pretty much over now. Like, I mean, nobody's locked up anymore. We're not stuck at home. It's, we're kind of everyone's moved on from it, like being stuck inside. So that alone is going to take away a huge number of people who are sitting around just streaming burning time, you know, that's one part. Second part is, I think, the game itself, it has gone through stages where VR dance was so like, groundbreaking, it was just an awesome map. And it was fun. And everyone was into it. You know? Everyone loved him, like, was into in the beginning, you know? No, absolutely. We all when I was just saying when that came out, man, everyone was playing, or even all our friends were playing with our friends all the time, like everyone was talking about the new Warzone. And it was so unexpected. Don't you remember when it dropped? Yeah. Play it? Oh, absolutely. Because we were overcrowded. We're over. We don't like multiplayer anymore. And we're like, dude, I'm not gonna get tricked by this by Activision anymore with this new game. That's like the same copy paste, you know? Yeah. Because, like, legit, we said we weren't gonna like I think it was you. I think I was like, Alright, I'm gonna try. I think you were like, Nah, man. I it's not gonna be good. You know? That's so funny thinking about that. Yeah, because I remember that. I remember thinking, because I feel like you were the one pushing it. And I'm like, Dude, this isn't gonna be a good. Yeah, no, absolutely. So anyway, so then, so we have the drop the drop off of COVID. Then we have the switch to Caldera, I think dropped it a lot. But before that, actually, I would say the cheating. Now I think actually, the cheating call out actually boosted everybody's numbers initially. Like I think yeah, the guys can call cheaters. It just made more people watch him, you know? Well, well, there's two sides to that. It's like everyone was being called cheaters. But also there was a ton of cheaters in the game, too. Like that kind of is killing the game as well. Yeah. And we should say we're talking about streaming dropping off. We're really talking about warzone. Like, I'm not talking about other like random streaming stuff. Because people are still really successful in streaming and whatnot. I'm talking about Oh, yeah. Specifically like this game. Land these streamers who came out of nowhere, these wars on streamers had gigantic numbers. And that has since normalized. Yeah. And even someone normalized. I still think there's some hazy stuff going on. But well, that's another point that boy, let me let me before we go off on that. Yeah, let's finish. Let me answer the question. So anyways, so I think there's those changes. And then I think when we moved to Caldera, that wasn't actually I don't, I don't know if that affected as much. I mean, that game wasn't as fun to play, but everybody went to rebirth. And that became big. And that's where you saw a lot of rebirth streamers blow up with these Heiko games. But what I think has happened one, I think people just got tired of this game. They got tired of all the issues in the game, the cheating was out of control. I'm not talking about streamers here, but I'm talking about the cheaters in the game kind of killed the game for a little bit, and the whole ricochet in the like, What the eff is wrong with Ricochet? Like, do you remember like they were giving? I have no doubt they were giving streamers special protection, like in games that was not across the board. Well, yeah, it sounds like in they were saying it was like testing out features. Right. So were like, packers bullets want to do any damage. But we only saw that happen to streamers. That never happened to me. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. It's only streamers that were getting this special protection. And we saw that short you put out that blew up that that J device who's a streamer? He the hacker was filming his perspective, and he's killing everyone on the map. Except he cannot hurt J device. Yeah, and I think I think part of it too, is people finally got fed up with like, to be honest, a lot of these streamers like the personality I just don't like them. They're not likable. Not all but some. And I think people got fed up with that and then seeing that they get this special protection and then again, their attitude and it just like it then people got fed up with watching it. Well, I think there's a big part of that and a lot of I mean, there's some guys that have really good personalities that like Tim the tap man like whether or not you like him or not, but I'm just saying like Tim, Nick. Dark, even swag like these guys are kind of like set figures that have their own personalities. And they'll their streams are all will always do well like they're going to be fine you know? The guys like you got Biffle who doesn't even show his face on stream who just drops high kill games with zero proof if he's legit or not really you know I'm gonna be honest not doesn't have like a great personality or anything. It's purely just high kills yeah and I think people are just I think they start to see through some of the stuff and they're they're over it like watching a lot of this stuff and I think a lot of honestly most people now are like, these guys are suspect most people most of the streamers that are these high kill guys are kind of suspect and people just got sick of watching it. Yeah. And I think it's just the natural thing with the game to really is it just people got tired of it, you know? Yeah, I mean, on just the last day on stream, it's not. It's just like, it just comes to a point where it's like, I don't even like for me, it's like, I don't know who I can trust. And I don't really trust many of them. So it's like, I'm not going to be going to watch them if I think there's a chance that they're VPN and just not saying it or if they're just cheating. Yeah, and the weird thing with it is like all these guys blew up in the beginning. There is hardly anybody really has blown up since you know what I mean? Yeah, it's weird. Well, I mean, that makes sense, though. Because the numbers have been like just dropping. Yeah, it's like the guys who made it up there are kind of holding their audience everybody's numbers have dropped. There's no doubt there. But so, but the well I don't cut me off now. I don't remember if I can, I'm sorry. Well, I was gonna say like, there's the the cheating slash VPN and stuff. But then that's only a small portion of it. There's the you know, the COVID Everyone was locked down. Now everyone's back to normal lives and people aren't watching as often there's that side of it. But then there's also another side, which I've forgotten to. Oh, so you've cut me off. And then you totally lost your train of thought. That would we all get it? I'll get pressure down. Yeah, you're not because you feel the pressure and your brains gonna fry. Anyways, Oh, yeah. What are you gonna cut me out? Well, I was gonna say it, but it's also the map changes, like you said caldera. And it's also it's just the fact that the game so So again, remember in for dance, like it stayed stagnant for a long time. They kept teasing us they kept, I really felt like they were just teasing us to keep people engaged in it. And they had no plans. Like they didn't know what they were doing to them. Right, right. And so like that, that again, is another little drop off. That started when people weren't playing as much then they dropped caldera. Everyone's excited. And the map just wasn't good. Like, it wasn't fun to play. Yeah. And so I think that combined all those things combined, and then now I feel like Sheikha is good. But again, a sheik is good. And then also a Missouri. But I think again, this style of game. It's just, it's changed. Like they changed the map, which is the guns or whatever. But the style, I think is just getting old to people, right? Because it's not new anymore. Right? Yeah. I think that's just a big part of it is people feel like the games a little bit still and stuff. I don't even think it's as much of like the streamers themselves. Honestly, I think it's more people's like Outlook on the game as a whole. Yeah, I think people are just a little bit tired of the Battle Royale, it hasn't changed enough for people to really stick around. And people are very frustrated with Activision and all the stuff they've been doing with it. Tell you that's really where it stems from. But let's get off the streamer talk. Let's move on and talk about the maps because we're talking about over dance can I kind of want to talk about for dance. And like what we enjoyed about this map, and why we liked it so much what we didn't like so what we're gonna do, we're for YouTube, we'll pull it up for our listeners, we'll just talk about it. You guys know the spots. So we'll just be bringing up like, let's talk about our favorite. Like, overall, why did you like them? And then we'll set some puis and we'll go to the next one. You know what I mean? We got to go too crazy. Yeah, you know, it's funny though. Even looking at this map, it's hard to separate nostalgia with like, it's just hard to step like I just look at the map and like Man, I miss this map, you know, and I don't even know if it was necessarily better than like I like I'll Missouri or LA right now. But when I look at for dance, I'm like, Man, I want to play that again. Yeah, I think it's it's just there's a lot of memories from playing on it. And like, I like I almost remember specific rotations we'd have in battles at different spots. You know? Yeah, like, Yeah, I know exactly like because we always like to drop in that little town below TV station. That was like our home, you know? Yeah, then we not normally we wouldn't want to go up to TV because there'd always be a bunch of people at TV stations. So then we rotate down you know through sometimes hit stadium or sometimes we go down through downtown and or maybe then go over towards like train station superstore side. Yeah, I feel like most of the time we landed that village and we go to those warehouses, and we kind of hold that or usually there was a buyer like, right in the middle somewhere. And then we gauge if we want to move up to TV or not, and then we play the zone watch. To be honest, this whole area, though, that we'd land in that TV area was not great, because you always had people rotating from stadium rotating from downtown. They play on those buildings of downtown and shoot into stadium, you know? Yeah, like so like the battles that I remember happening a ton was in that North West area of downtown there was that big building you get on the top of there's usually a buy right down in there. And they would snipe from there towards those warehouses in the town, you know, so that was like always the battle area we would most the time to, you know, yeah, that downtown area was tough. I mean, you really just want to get those those buildings are the obviously the tall buildings what you want. I mean, I did like that one little square rectangle building at the very north side of it, we'd always end up rotating there, you know, yeah, that's what I was talking about. Okay, that's a solid one to hold. And we were getting a little too deep in the building. Uh, you know, well, you know, I was just gonna say like the the one thing everyone loves superstore I've ever been. We never played it that much. Yeah, I don't like hot dropping, and again, the most people who land at Superstore, it's like they're trying to get high kill games. And that's like the landing spot, they get a ton of kills off the RIP, and then they rotate from there. Now, I would say most of the time, I like boneyard was alright, like as far as our initial landing spots, boneyard prison was good sometimes because there's a lot of loot and stuff, and you got the chopper there. But I would say 90% of time we actually land in that village. And then we'd rotate from there. Yeah, and I it's funny because I just even like, I even liked the prison farmer. There's not even a lot out there. But it was just kind of fun to rotate through there. Yeah, a lot of see what you notice on the map. There's these there was a lot of like, open areas for rotations, you know, but they're not like completely wide open. But there were good like there's gaps in the areas you know what I mean? Yeah, there is some spacing and there's a lot of good poi is to be honest like a lot of them there's not any of them where I'd hate it like I didn't like quarry that much but I didn't hate it you know? I didn't like yeah, I'm saying with you Korea was like a little too muddied for me like there's a lot of buildings No, like real good, clear sight lines. And I didn't enjoy that area but in heated either there was those mountains nearby you could kind of rotate on to military was alright. It's kind of whatever the damn, I mean, this area all kind of changed up to so over, you know what I mean? Like, you kind of forget there was some evolution to the map there. Well, yeah, cuz Damn, turning into something totally. I forget what was the little gondolas or whatever was up there, but we didn't play that too much, you know, area we hardly ever went into was that promenade area. Oh, I spent a lot of time down there. I would I like I'd land there once. But it was more of like a regained spot. Usually. Do you? Like these hills too? Well, I was gonna say Do you remember on this so on the north, east, south west side. On the west side, yeah, by boneyard, those hills, a lot of times the zone would end out there. And that was kind of a fun ending. That was those big hills because you kind of use them as heavies and stuff. Yeah, that area was great. I don't know, man, that just thinking about that stuff. The end zones. Were just fun. Like, it was actually like fun areas. And it wasn't like fast paced at all. It just was like, nice. I don't I don't know. There was room to play. You know, you're not, it didn't feel like you're so stacked on each other or anything, you know? Yeah, I mean, I just think they did a good job with the poi is each one was like diverse and cool looking. And it was just even, like, look at the rotations. It was just, it was a well made map. It's hard to say why it just was fun to play, though. I mean, it's almost like a square map. There's not a whole lot of like, fingers are anything or like weird spot. You know what I mean? Like, it's just, it's, I feel like it's just a very well balanced map. Now, let's move on to the next and then after her dance was gone. What came next? You know, there are nemesis. Yeah, we did not like this map. And we tried. We did not like it and we did not play in fact, we never even won on this map. That's how little we played it. We've won I think in some specialized modes not a traditional br That's really zero wins tonight yeah we play that often though but we're on a rebirth players at this point. Yeah and honestly by the time when we play I'd be like annoyed with the game or like just bored of it even to play multiple games you know? Yeah and I yeah, now the issues right off the bat with this map is that there's so it's so large and there was so much open space and the POS to me just were not great. Like I don't I don't even honestly like there's none I really liked that much. Yeah, I mean, that's exactly when you look at this and I have a weird version of the map has peaked at the bottom I don't know this kid I can't they couldn't have been right right. No, I got one on my screen that it's not okay but yeah, but it does seem like in the the PIO eyes are so spread out and then again when you played it it was like everything was just trees and hills. Well, it was it was the classic Walking Simulator you know? You felt like the whole time on the map all it really felt when we played land loot Run run run fight Run Run die. Yeah, I mean, do you remember when it first came out? We were excited I was like dude the colors look great it's gonna be good because we're dance was very light drab color wise. Yeah. And this was like a welcome change now again once you played you realize oh my god especially rotate it was just trees and not even trees you can take cover behind and even though it looks good the visibility wasn't great on it to me. Like there was so much colors and trees it was kind of hard to spot people you know? Yeah, it's I mean honestly even watching this on my man I just had again we were playing rebirth old time or fortunes keep when that dropped but it's like I don't have any I can't even tell you a place that I enjoyed landing No, I couldn't either because honestly the soon as I land all I'm thinking is like God it's gonna suck to rotate out of there. Like all you can look at the map itself in there's just so much open areas and then like cluttered little buildings everywhere, you know? That it's just, it wasn't for us. We did not enjoy it. And I don't even really want to talk about it anymore. I'm already bored about it. Yeah, let's move on to monitor and why we like this map a lot. Now it's funny, because after talking about for danske, and I'm just like oh man, I really love that. Dude, it just again I think it's a lot of nostalgia like I mean I bet even looking at it it's just like a cool map there's lots of roadways to get to places and and then it just was set up in a right way like mountains like where it wasn't full of mountains but it was kind of cool when you have to go up to a mountain to get the next poi it wasn't it wasn't a task it was I always enjoyed it Do you know what like looking at El mas Mab and I don't think the water is a good benefit like I don't think it helps the map running through the middle like that. I think it really is more I think it's more of like a frustration and rotations you know so like yeah you know to make us use bridges and like stuff for certain to get across I don't know if that actually helps the gameplay and the flow well it doesn't but it makes him I guess maybe more strategic like you can hold a bridge maybe you know I don't know I mean nobody really does that but it I mean the waterways are nice to like if you are in a fight you can dip out of there and you actually can get away pretty easily like just below the water okay, here's a question Would you rather than map not even have one that's what I'm saying? Uh, yeah, probably I'm thinking I might like because like I don't love the water plays like I don't like zones that end in the water and the only thing I said I kind of enjoy is like yeah, if you're in a fight you can dip out in that water but is that even I don't know if you're shooting someone and then they jump jump in the water all times I'm annoyed by it because it's like I just saw the guy now he's under the water there now I can't see him at all you know? Yeah and like well like we talked about it especially in game when you're fighting in the water the end game it's so frustrating it's terrible Did you can't it's not a fun mechanic like to fight you on water. It's not at all like especially in that zones point and you're trying to look in between diving so you don't get shot and looking over the water. It is just difficult to see anything you know. Yeah, so I don't know I think honestly dude, I there's a part of me that wonders if they just took all that water out the middle in those waterways and just filled it in with land if this would actually play even better. Maybe Yeah, maybe someday. I'll just say that I'll say this though, like the comparing the poi like I liked this map, but I did like there's something like even about lumbar like the poi is that we're in for dance. We're kind of fun. Like, I liked the lumbar area. I thought it was like unique. It was cool. Prison area was cool. It was like this giant prison, you know, it was a neat area. Whereas like in our maaser, a lot of them like, the village is just a bunch of these like buildings stacked on each other Amasa cities cool, but it's just again, just a bunch of buildings in there. Row. handwheels All right. They're not like that, like interesting to me. I've cemeteries are they mess up a little bit? It's just cluttering stuff a little more than it should be? Yeah. I mean, I just think like these POS need to have like personality to them, you know? Yeah. Yeah, maybe? I don't know. But yeah, we'll see. We'll see how it plays over time. Because you kind of it a lot of that, too, is nostalgia and just being used to a certain area and wanting to play on those maps and whatnot. But like I do, like, I mean, I like observatory. I think that's a cool area. It's a high hill. And I like Octa to like the buildings you can take in there. It's not bad. And you can kind of Cali I'm not against satellite port. That's kind of a neat little area. Do not. I told you. The problem is man, I can't get past my nostalgia now that you're in D nothing. Nothing's gonna be nothing's gonna be bad for danske. Well, no, yeah. I'm gonna cut this off. Now a little early. And the only reason I can talk a lot more. Darren is Mike is effed up guys like it is. And hopefully you haven't noticed the popping and crackling. It's driving me up a wall, I'm losing my mind over it has to get a new mic. And that just has to happen because I can't. And I would love to talk a lot more about this because I could go off on this map. But I'm afraid it's gonna get worse because it tends to do that. So okay, I think I think it's better if we just kept this one. Because I really wanted to talk about the rebirth and the new Ashika and kind of compare and contrast and why why like that those differences, but I think it's instead of getting crackling and popping. I think it's better we just move on from this one. Yeah, so I'll get it fixed. I'm sorry. You shouldn't be Well, anyways, yeah. So we'll we'll we'll the next thing. We got to work on this when you start talking about doing private lobbies. So that's our next step. I put out a actually put out a poll. Let me check it for you guys real quick while we're finishing up here, because I put out a talk. You can talk it's not that bad. It's just I've heard it throughout. And you know, it's a pet peeve for me. So the I hate audio issues, even listening to podcasts. I apologize to you guys because I know it's annoying to hear. So I put out a poll would you play in the Goon Squad Wars into custom lobbies? I had 5000 votes and about 30% said they would. Okay, so we should be able to get a good group. Yes. Again, a lot of people vote on that and we also have 14% That said maybe 56% or no All right, well, we're gonna cut this one off. So thank you guys all for listening. It was very much appreciated and we'll catch you guys on the next one. Bye guys.

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