Starfield Smugglers

We Found The META! Warzone Resurgence Is Great! Ep 45

February 27, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 45
Starfield Smugglers
We Found The META! Warzone Resurgence Is Great! Ep 45
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Whats Up Guys/Gals!  We Talked About Everything In This One! 

  • Warzone 2 Ashika META!! 
    • SMG META, LMG META, AR META...Oh And The Shotty
    • Patch Notes
    • Spotter Scope Glitch
    • Gameplay Stories 
    • Resurgence Tactics To Get Easier Wins 
  • Disneyland Disaster 
  • Physical 100

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons.


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You got the goon father with the Keto goon. What's up keto? What's up, dude? Glad to see you, man. It's been a while. I know. I know. We've had a week of madness. I was I mean, I'll get into but all the cow that was it's been freaking nuts. Wait. So the last time we talked to these guys was when we pre recorded all this podcast. Yeah, I think it was like, shoot. Well, I left like, is that right? That doesn't even seem right. Yeah. Because you went on vacation. Yeah, so lots change, guys. Yeah, I've been gone, I think for like a week. So I'll, I'll get into that story. I can tell I got a little something on this trip. The whole family getting sick. So dude, everyone like you. I have kids, two kids in my family that are sick right now too. And I didn't even go on the trip. Everyone's busy. Yeah. So before we get into it, I just want to say we are far away from having 50 reviews on Apple. So if you can please go and leave us a review. I greatly appreciate it. We'll read it on here. Do all that stuff. Please. Thank you. And if you haven't listened to our ad that just ran the manscape do you go and use our promo code and squat? 20 20% off don't forget about it. Anyways, we also have Patreon YouTube members, you guys know who you are. Thank you. It's appreciated. If you want more content, check out our Patreon or become a YouTube member. All right, extra podcast a month extra. We got to actually start working on the one for this month. Yeah, I think we're gonna I was talking to Dan, I think we're gonna do more of like a current events, just talk. Talk about relevant topics, and that'd be kind of fun. Yeah, I don't know, we'll see. We always come up with these different ideas. And, you know, sometimes it's current events. Sometimes it's like, hey, let's talk about like our favorite games or let's really break something down or you know, yeah, current events. I like current events, relevant topics that are happening and I like mixing in gaming topics. Obviously, Call of Duty will be in there too. You know, speaking of gaming topics, dude, this is okay. You know, I dabbled in the speedrunning world, right? Oh, yeah, you back in. This dude is doing would not stop talking about speed reading for a long time. Dude, I just find it like so intriguing. You know, like, the level of you know, these guys go into it. It's almost like they become developers, like they understand like the coding of the game in order to break it, you know? Well, you know why it's to me what's so interesting is, there's not a huge payoff, like you're not going to really get famous from speed running at least more than likely you're not right, right, right. Well, that's what I like about it. These are like, I don't know, you watch this, the speed runner guys, and they just like to play the game, you know? And they like to just grind it and like, dig into a game. They're like, legit gamers, versus doing some of the other stuff you see out there, dude, okay, so you know, I want to knock them because I'm like, in my head. I'm like, How can you sit there and do the same thing over and over and over? However, we did it with 1080. Then in 61, and 64. Oh, yeah. Like we used to do those. If you guys didn't play was a snowboarding game way back in the day. Used to do the same runs over and over trying to just shave off just seconds off your time to get the top score. Oh, yeah, that was yeah, that's, that was probably the guy. Do you remember that? Like when you be going down? There's certain spots you hit like a bump. And you had to like avoid it? Because that little bump? Yeah, I just lost. Yeah, I do remember and I was fine. Yeah, but what the game I've been watching is Doom eternal. So Doom, eternal speed runs? Yeah. All right. Yeah. So the Doom has it's funny because we were waiting to doom back in the day, but you know, like anything you grow apart? Just we have I haven't played him forever. I mean, I think we were playing on somebody else's computer even I don't even remember. And we started Yeah. Oh, yeah, we didn't have I think it was probably like our sisters husband, brother in law's computer. Was in anyway, so I downloaded that Doom eternal because it's awesome man. And I've only played like one level of it. Like this way as Doom eternal is that the new one or is that that came out there was like Doom 20 I forget what year there was another one that came out a few years before or something Yeah, I played him beat that one. I didn't play the new one. Yeah, dude it's good man. The movement on it and like the shooting the game is so satisfying. chainsawing and they have like awesome awesome soundtracks. That just like dude, you feel like a bad a you know? Yeah. Oh, dude. I love playing it like especially when you get like good at switching the weapons you find out what weapons are good and all that you know all the techniques. You really feel just like unstoppable Yeah, that's the thing with that you can chain together different shooting and yeah, it's just it's it's really awesome. Like, I'm surprised dude, how much I like it. I miss playing like normal games. You know? Like I love multiplayer. Like I like doing our game and playing with our guys. But I really miss just like playing by myself playing those type of games because it's just kind of fun. There's no like pressure you don't get really frustrated, you know? Yeah, well that's exactly kind of where I'm at too because I mean you know, obviously I get pretty deep sometimes into these games. But like but I just I just want to we do we have to talk after every time we play to break down our attitude sure. Was it I got mad at you because I was it was dude. Okay, we'll talk about this our whole run the other day, but we got second place and I was the only one alive at the end and it was a one v one but nobody told me. You know how it is. If you think you're fighting a team, you play it differently than if it's a one v one, you know, so, so I ended up like making kind of a bad point. Well, I had to I was getting forced out by the zone. But then I'm like, I got mad at you. I'm like, bro, you got to tell me if it's a one v one but you just died and No, no, I just saw that. It was a one v one. I don't remember the circumstances. But I had I saw it was one of the one I go down one of you one. And then you get killed and you're like, bro, you gotta tell me earlier. And I'm like, Well, I that's as soon as I saw it. That was just one of those. I was frustrated because it's like we racked up some second places. Well, we'll talk about that. We got some first two but we'll we'll talk yeah, but anyways, yeah, do it. Yeah, I like dude, I like just sitting there and playing a game and like, enjoying it versus that constant like, you know, multiplayer vibes of like, frustration and like everything has to be like, you're trying to win. It's like just chillin and playing a game. It's like it's fun and it's like I need to get a little more back into that groove to you know, well yeah, and you're not you don't have anyone to talk to, you know, like, I mean, that's the thing, like it's a little distracting when you're playing with other people. You have to talk and communicate when you're just in your solo journey. Sure, you can just lock in, you know, get in that flow state. Yep, Yep, definitely. Fulfill Jocko. Anyways, so this podcast we're gonna hit on quite a few things here, we're gonna go over we're going to talk about a few current event things and then we're gonna go over some gameplay funny stuff that happened to us the other day, we're gonna hit some patch notes. And because I've been gone for a week, I cannot believe how much the meta has changed. And I have some very strong opinions on weapons I think you need to use if you're not using them. You should be because dude, there's a couple that are just unbelievable right now. So you got something that a spotter scope glitch? Okay, cool. I don't know anything about that. So I'll look forward to hearing about that. You want to get into it. Darren, I see when it's good. And then feed the sill to get a reward in Ashika Island. There's a sale. Yeah, and I think it's the Easter egg. They talked about throwing the grenade in the water and we'll talk about it. Well, I threw a grenade in the water and I didn't see it. Yes, but you didn't throw it in the water in the right place. All right, okay. Just like pissed off. I'm just messing around. I'm kind of interested in that. Well, now I'm okay. Well wait for it. But I'm like really curious on what that even means. Okay, anyway, so let me tell you guys about my trip. Because man, was that a Wild Run? So let's just say this. Dan went to Disneyland with a family actually my whole family went except for my family. Tear but it's okay. I'm not bitter. I'm not gonna lie It's we'd love to have you there but he has the smallest kids in Disneyland anyways you end up splitting off and you get a little kids rides bigger kids you got a bigger kid right so I'm legitimately you know, thank you. I know I know. And legitimately I couldn't go like I like I told you guys my work stuff I'd be basically became the head developer and so I couldn't have left this last week so anyways Daniel in the family lots of responsibilities over here working for the man so anyways, you went on this trip and it's about a while you know five hour drive or so you can design to give time stared, you know, plus or minus four hour drive. But yeah, and that was fine to drive down there no big problem. And we got there early. We'd actually stayed at a waterpark. I don't know if you've heard of it's called a Great Wolf Lodge. Bro. Terry was tell whatever she was telling me about that. I could not believe like that existed. I never even heard of that place. Yeah, it's It's okay. It's a little too commercial for me. It's the crazy thing is going to Disneyland. Normally we stay in a hotel that's close where you can walk you know to his if you guys have been to Disneyland, it's crazy. And like you don't want to be getting on those buses all the time to take you to your hotel you end up waiting way too many lines anyways, but we normally stay at a hotel. It's close. Well this time we stayed at this Great Wolf Lodge, which is a huge indoor waterpark, and it honestly the waterpark part is awesome. Now the problem is when you're going to Disneyland and your Great Wolf Lodge it's like double the time you're in crowds you know well yeah cuz the lodge itself is like an amusement park. What you guys should have done is you should have gone like Disneyland one day then just stay at that hotel go to the waterpark the one day and then the next day go to California Adventure. That's not a bad idea. Well, hey, no, it was fun either way like that part. I get a little I don't love crowds anyways, but like does it got a little crazy there the first day but then it thinned out wasn't as much people so that's whatever. But Disneyland or first okay first California Adventure we hit day one. Oh my goodness. We stood in the cars line for two and a half hours. Yeah, and cars. I mean, the cars line is always gigantic last time we went as a family. I think we all paid like extra I think you pay like 10 bucks each or something. It's kind of it's now $20 apiece when he freakin dollars. So 40 bucks a piece so then you skip the line. So if you don't set to explain it, you can buy the Disney Genie plus now that gets you like Fastpasses so you can get on rides before you don't You stand in a different line. Welcome to it. Welcome to the Disney podcast. This is crazy because it's like this. So you can stand in a different line. And you get in faster you know. So if it's a two and a half hour wait, you'll probably wait like 2030 minutes, maybe, maybe faster as fast. But so that's our that's what the Disney gene plus but the new pay extra for that on your ticket. But there are premium rides that if even if you're a Plus member, you don't get to use the pass on that ride, you have to pay an additional $20 a person just to write on those to the you and you think about it. I mean, I know it's a lot. It's a lot, but two hours in a line or three hours, however long you were, I mean, that's a significant amount of time and time is of the essence when you're at Disneyland, you know, you want to hit everything. Yeah. So it's almost kind of work. We tried to plan it right. We got there early, we were in the mad rush to the right action line. We're like five minutes late. But like from when it opens, we thought the line was waiting for them to open the gates and then it like fills in you know, so you're really not as far back as you think. Wrong. Wrong. We were as far back that was the worst line of Legion at Disneyland. But anyway, so that went Disney the next day was was cool in the morning, they got really packed again, but whatever. We had a good time. It was a blast until we had to get home. So in California, in order to go from LA like North you take high five if you're not going on the coast, you take a five up and there's a great vine mountains you go over and that it was like a freak Blizzard, they came through and shut down for like three days. It was so bad because my family was going to go up to the mountains this weekend. And we had a little cabin booked and we canceled and a person with a person who runs the cabin emailed us and showed us a picture they said hey, good, good. Choice canceling. Here's your here's what the cabin looks like right now. And there's like three freakin feet of snow like that, like on the roof. Yeah, so a huge storm came through California. Yeah, it was like it snowed in places that it hasn't snowed and years and years and years, centuries, that kind of shutdown. So that's our direct route home. Now you can go another mountain route, and kind of cut around the grapevine on the east side. But that's has bad roads, and they're shut down too. So that's off. So what we had to do is go to the coast, cut up the coast thing cut over the grapevine. So did you guys go like Santa Barbara. Yeah, yeah. Oh, my God. So you're talking like a trip that should have taken four hours now takes you eight line. According to Google Maps, you know, the mapping. It was only going to be a six hour drive only a couple more hours. It took us 10 hours to get home. Yeah, the problem is because not only is everyone's being diverted, and it's bad conditions, it's raining. So it's right. So let me just say it wasn't just raining. As we were driving. I kept getting phone flood alerts to see like not to be on the road not to drive. I got about three of those emergency alerts to stay off the road. Oh my goodness. And honestly, it was it was bad. Like it was pouring rain. I'm talking about the kind of rain where your wipers are all the way up and it's like almost not fast enough. And they don't even say Even here they you know, I live in the country they shut some of the roads down because it would the flooding was going into the road like you'd you drive and there's nowhere to drive. There's just water everywhere. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy and hydroplaning like, dude, he was the hard part about the drive is you couldn't you had to focus the whole time. Like I put earbuds in and I like just like listen to an audio book and just watch the road because, man like you got to watch out for those puddle like you know where it's flooding on the road because you're hydroplane and you know, you just got to be careful there but honestly it was crazy because it was that way the whole entire drive so I was like I got home and I was for ride I know I talked to you on the way and like you know you know you guys know us We talk all the time I can tell data was driving I was gonna try to talk to him wasn't happening the energy was not there. It was a get it done situation you know, and we're coming off that trip with Disney. You're exhausted anyways. I was super sick. My one of my kids are sick and then I was just starting to get sick. And so now we find now I'm starting I feel like I'm honestly I feel like I'm actually at the midway point but you know, I'm gonna fake it till I make it No, I think you're doing a good job. Thank you for doing that for us. Glad to have you back. It was it's one of the things when I got home, I was just so happy to be home. So nothing is worse than when a trip gets extended. Like when you're driving and you want to get home and then it takes you. I mean, that was like double the amount of time that is just horrible. Yeah, it was it was a lot. It was a lot. I mean, the cool thing, actually, the focal part was driving on the coast and looking at the ocean while the storms going down, you know? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Ocean not really excited into the road. But I mean, honestly, that tries pretty. There's some nice parts of that drive. Yeah, yeah, I wish it was better conditions. So it is what it is. So now that you're back from your vacation, are you on the fitness plan? Yes, dude. Hardcore, hard bodied, karate. I'm on I got some big goals. So I'm not going to talk about it until I start hitting them. So we'll just say that for now. But we'll we'll keep I'll keep you guys updated. Well, I'll tell you, I've been pretty good. I think I've lost some weight. But I'm still on my journey. But I went and ran, took my son and we went and ran on the back roads here, which is really nice to turn the country. It's like beautiful. He's, he's a country bumpkin. I'm a country boy, even though I'm like the least country guy. Like I know. He's got like a toolkit that has like a pink hammer. You know what I mean? It's my wife's toolkit. My wife used the toolkit more than I did. It's embarrassing. There really is. I am not handy. All right. I'm a computer guy. But I'll tell you why dude, and this to the listeners if you want to get in shape, dude, I love running like and I just read two miles and I did it slower was with my son. The ironic part is my my son can outrun me now. And that's a legit thing. But I'm getting back. But dude, there's nothing better than that runner's high, done running, you're tired, and you just feel like accomplished and running. It's just kind of nice. Because you get to be by yourself. You can put on podcasts, you can do whatever. And you're it's like an internal struggle, you know? Yeah, he just trick your mind into going further and further. And yeah, it's that's a good one. I mean, running Oh, simple way to just easily get in shape. You know, we'll do it. I did that step challenge. So I lived in Pismo for about four months, we were doing renovations on our place we moved into, and I was running on the beach in Pismo and I'd run like 10 miles a day in the morning. And that was like the best just running on the beach. It was just amazing. Now I'll tell you what, did my body break down? Absolutely. 10 Miles is way too much. You gotta be doing the recovery with it. Yeah, I don't want to go too deep into but I was doing a step challenge at work. Right. So you know, whoever, when they tracked it on a chart, so everyone could see who was the lead for steps. And I wanted to when you lost your mind, bro, it got so bad. I was livid. I'd run 10 miles in the morning, I had my lunch break. Whenever I chose, you know, I would walk out and go back to the beach and run or walk a couple miles. Then at night, I'd walk in circles in the garage to get stuff. Yeah, I remember when that was going out on it. We're like, Dude, I mean, I get it. It's a challenge. But like, you probably got to relax a little with it. Dude, the price was like $100 So it's not like it was not worth it. And I mean, I got in great shape. But dude, I had no life. You know, I couldn't do it now with like the podcast. I wouldn't have time. But anyways, I say that stuff to say this. Have you watched physical 100 on Netflix? No, I have no idea what it is. We haven't even talked about this. Well, I mean, you brought it up to me like there's some fitness show where the elite athletes compete but like dude, I was in Disney at the time. And I'm like, bro, I'm trying to survive here. It's like shut up. I don't want to hear it. No, so it's on that point it's like one of their top shows it's a it's so it's based in Korea. It's a Korean show. So like it's all the audio is dubbed, which is kind of funny because I don't know if what the dubbing is even what they're saying. But that's a different thing. But they get like 100 of the best Korean athletes, whether that's Todd like Olympic wrestlers, like a couple different Olympic Olympians and different events. They get like, like just like bodybuilders they get like just police officers Super Fit CrossFitters so like rock climbers, all these different types of athletes, and they compete in these different events. But the cool thing is, is it's like a mix of like fitness competition and squid games. Yeah, I'm watching I for the YouTube guys. I got a I'm playing the trailer. Oh my god that chickens you with Dell there's, well hey, guess what the first I'm not gonna, like give all of it away. But like, there's a point where you the the top 50 competitors pick the bottom, basically the top 50 competitors get to pick who they want to challenge in a one versus one competition. And the losers eliminated. So right off the bat 50 People are gone. And there's some guys that pick girls, and there's some girls that pick guys, and this competition is like you're wrestling over a ball, so it's like physical. It's crazy. It's crazy. Oh, dude. Yeah, this looks like really interesting. You know? It'd be fun. Why would they need though? They need the average guy. Well, there are some. There's some like skinnier guys like you probably good at climbing type dudes, you know? Yeah, there's some guys I don't know what they're doing there. But, but at one point, they have Aki Aki I think his name is he was a former UFC fighter. He gets in a competition. They straight fight. They're like hitting each other because they both like out of a respect thing. The other guy he was competing against was also an MMA fighter, because they have MMA fighters and this too, and they're like, Hey, let's do this. Right. Like, let's like, you know, out of respect, let's just fight and they fight. Yeah, it's crazy. But they weren't now I don't think they were closed hand punching, closed fist punching. I think it was I felt like their hands were open out of probably like legal reasons. Yeah, like, you know, somebody had knocked out. But it was it was crazy. But so that's like, so there's those types of competitions, but then they like have team competitions. And the thing is, when you win and you move on to the next round, no one knows what the next competition is going to be. And like I said, if you like sweet games, it's definitely got that vibe to it. But with a fitness element, right. And obviously, no one's getting no one's getting killed. Do you know what show I used to? Like? That's like, similar ish. Not really. But is that stone cold one? Oh, broken school. Yeah. Cuz that was really good. Yeah, that was cool. Because they brought a lot of different type fitness people, you know? Yeah. The problem with broken school is it was the same thing. Like it didn't change enough. I felt like it was yeah, it was just different people. But it was still good, though. It is real physical. Yeah, I think it helps that this is like, not an American show. You know what I mean? That they're, it's they're doing stuff a little different here. Well, I'm telling you right now, Korean athletes have so much more respect than American athletes. Like there's a little trash talking. But there's you can just tell there's just a ton of respect between the athletes. And the funny thing is like, again, some of those people are famous in Korea, like Akiyama is like a legend over there. And so like people are like, starstruck by a lot of these guys that are in there, and then they compete against them, which is fun. But if you had this same competition, America, it would be a definitely a different show. Not to mention, you're not getting professional football players and basketball players to do it. Not never, which would be awesome. It'd be awesome to see they won't do it though. What's you're gonna get in America, you're gonna get social influencers. You're gonna have a bunch of YouTubers podcasters do I'll be Hey, right now I could be the like, average dad guy. Yeah. Well, dude, there's guys. I mean, there's really strong guys that made it far. But see that again, you'll have to watch it I want to give anything away. Some of it is team oriented. So like, you can get eliminated if your team doesn't win. So that's not necessarily on you. But there's this other strategy that kind of goes into it. It's, it's cool, dude, I watched the whole thing within 24 hours. Maybe we'll have some weekly updates physical well at all on our Patreon YouTube members episode, we're gonna go into some other Netflix stuff. I've watched the Murdoch murders crazy, good show documentary on Netflix, and we'll talk about that in the Patreon YouTube episode. It's gonna come out here in a couple days, two to three years. Let's move back to our bread and butter here and talk about some more so so like, we can talk about Well, first of all, I mean, how do you feel like what's our current feeling? Well, the Okay, so here's the funny thing. A Sheik Island came out on me and you were like, okay, you know, I was even filling it that much. To be honest. I'm like, alright, I'll play a little bit, but I was enjoying Amasa enjoy playing the big the big map. And my whole idea, whatever I've shifted, I now really like resurgence. I like a sheikh eyelid and I don't find myself wanting to play Warzone or al Mazara at all. Yeah, not at all, but not as much. It's really funny. And I mean, part of it too, is like, we've been kind of busy. So like when you sit down to play a game on our Mazda you're talking minimum 30 minutes, right? Um, but if you're, you know, if you're listening to the end well ours last because we've, again the strategy we've gotten pretty good at it. And we our games are gonna last 30 minutes, right? Well, hopefully, yeah. But no, I'm the same way do when she came out I didn't really like love the map at first but again we kind of caveat it but it's true. It's like you gotta wait to like play it a lot and see how it feels you know? And I don't know if it was that we took a I took a week off and like he gave me like we had easier lobbies I wouldn't say we a cake lobbyists at all but like, man, our last gameplay session we had a run. Well, no, because if you remember it was it was we ran into some hard teams. I just think like and we'll go into our, our strategy really like we kind of got into a groove. And we literally like I don't know what the we were final totals were but I would say we got like for one night of gaming for I don't know how many hours we played like four hours. We got like, four or five second places and three first. Yeah, I think we actually honestly, I think we might have actually had more than second places. I'm not kidding when I say we may be the greatest second place team in the world. Getting second. Dirt, it was getting frustrating because I don't remember when we got our first win. But there is a time where we just kept getting second you get it fill it in the group. Or just like after you like we screwed it up again. And no one really blue Choate or anything it just like, the zone would pull the wrong way. And we just get a just a bad break. You know? Yeah, it was a lot of that, like the left zone just pulls the wrong way. Our it's a one V four, we had one guy up, you know, we had a couple of those where it's like, okay, well, it is what it is, you know, but there was there, I would say there was a few of them that were like one v one, but we didn't know it at the time. That's the problem, you know, man, it was, yeah, it's funny how that works, too. At the end of the game, it's like, well, we have a full squad, usually. And then all of a sudden, it's just like, one person goes down, another person goes down, then there's tea left. And then all of a sudden other one goes down. It's like so quick. It happens. And all of a sudden, you're like usually actually, you're the last one left. Yeah, yeah, I'll talk about it. Like some things that I see that like has helped us and that I tried to do now. Like, I am, like aware of this, but I just wanted to say real quick to the VA. Just to touch on that she had to. It's like, I don't know, I don't know if they change the number of teams but I guess it really just probably comes down to like, knowing the map better and understanding how you can rotate where you shouldn't shouldn't go when to go for a loadout because you can play the game and be in the hot zone the whole time you know? Yeah. Well What were you gonna say? No, no, no, I was jumping on you. But thank you for the respect no, you know what I was just thinking I just think Resurgence is just more my style than the big map and I it's just I think that's just the way it's going to be because if you don't have a ton of time it's like you can get like we got like what 10 games in with our friends as opposed to like if we're playing the big map we're gonna play two or three and then if you get like a couple bad runs on the big map, it's not fun and you're frustrated whereas resurgence again a lot when we played there in the beginning we got killed a couple times and we were running into some demons it's like well, this kind of sucks but alright, let's load back in and it's quick and it's fun and then there's not as much frustration to me then when you play all Mazara and you get if you get deleted by a squad that's just like freaking demons it's not fun and it makes the game not fun as a whole and frustrating yeah and I think right now you know mods are being that the the snipers they nerfed and stuff but that's what I enjoy doing is sniping on that map and like playing those positions and trying to take you know we teams off in like when you have a better position. But now that you took that part away it just I don't know in like you said I think it's just that the game so much longer. That like we I've honestly the truth is I just have other stuff I gotta do. I mean, if I can get on rebirth, and a resurgence and knock out a bunch of games in an hour and you get so much more experience to you know, you're getting all these gunfights in. And it's not multiplayer, but it's not a Missouri, you know what I mean? So I actually I've just got to say again, I'm actually liking a lot and this is the caveat, guys, here's the caveat. You got to play with a good team. If you're playing with a bad team. It is not fun. Yeah, well, so one thing again, but this resurgent style obviously we One just one more thing about it. It is so forgiving the fact that you can die and come back, like usually crept up on. You don't see the guy you die and you come right back. Like that's so good. It's nice. It makes it fun. Right? Yeah. And there's a whole different side of the tactics with it. It's different. Yeah. Like you like, Well, yeah, like, for example, you want to squash the team you're fighting. You don't want to let them resurgent research and come back. You don't want any research. Yeah. If it's, if you have the chance, you want a squad wipe, like you want to, and you want to be aggressive in those moments, you know? Now, yeah, there's other times where you may not be you may be in the never ending fight, and you got to understand when to just cut your ties, you know, well, the never ending fight to that usually happens early on, because obviously, the longer you play, the longer that resurgence time, is. Yeah, that's true. I didn't think about that. But that's totally right. But says, honestly, you don't get wiped in the beginning. And very often, unless your team is just holding hands. And you guys all just get ran over. Yeah, what? They don't get us like, it happens. It does happen. Well, no, that did happen. Yeah, especially, I mean, cuz we're doing better now like landing all together, because that's a very good tactic to have it because most teams don't in that island, you know. So that's a very good tactic. I mean, obviously. So with that, once while you lose the fight. You know, what's kind of funny? I think it's really funny. I was just thinking about this, how every player like, it doesn't matter who we're with. Anytime you play with a group of people ever and we've talked a little bit about this, they have their own personalities, like, like, Daniel, you're like, you're like, kinda like the team leader now. And you're, you're solid, right? And you're, you're rotating, you're making call outs. You know, like, I'm kind of the laksa days of the cold, but I'm, like, kind of cool. I'm kind of good. I'm, I'm not too bad, you know? Yeah, sometimes people have to get my attention because I'm like, wandering around here looking at flowers, different colors on the mound. Sit here and just explore. Like, that's so true, though. Because, like, yeah, so my, when I'm playing now, I just focused on trying to find rotations and like, trying to because I think it's just more fun for everyone when we do that, like, just having a plan because everyone gets frustrated when there's no plan. And it's, it's just tough, you know? So that that you're right, that's the worst times we've ever had playing this game, is when we're just just going by the seat of our pants, and we just land some random place and just run around but it never works out well, because the game is frustrating, you know? Anytime you die, it's frustrating, right? Like he just that's just the competitive nature like you just get kind of irritated when you die. And then there's other things in the game that will get you pissed off are you know the deadly bait of the loadout where you want it and boy Hey, let me just tell you a secret if you land on a once and die just don't go back because that team is gonna sit on it and camp it and that's just the way this is gonna grow. Well we talked about this there was a well I don't think we talked about it afterwards. But there is a point where the loadout was live it was a by farms I think maybe it was and you landed and died you went back to the bay and you we knew a team was campy and you died right? And you're like don't go load out it's bad. And then do you remember I landed and then I died and then you asked me like did you go for the loadout so he told me he told me not to do that I just told you about Mike Well, I didn't I didn't go for I landed I landed early and I kind of I tried to scope it out and I got killed. That's not what happened. I do remember that. You weren't gonna load out data you're like well, no, I tried to I tried to I tried to not telling you I went for the lotto, but I'm telling you I kind of did go for the lotto. But what did I landed this so he told me not to go I landed there. There's a guy on the building like prone on one side. This is there's basically there's two teams camp one guy is prone just looking at the loadout on top of this building, but yeah, he has a perfect angle then there's another team on the other side on the roof just staring down like you have two teams camping the stupid day. Yeah, yeah, dude, it's it gets out of control sometimes and then sometimes we get good drops where they're it's like a by itself. So you just have you Okay, sometimes just given well, maybe we'll go into this right now. But one thing we really noticed is you have to be aware of the hot zones. Yeah. So it This I swear this happens nearly every drop. Or every, every time I play. There's always one side of the map that is just stuffed with players. And they usually stay like they're usually late rotators, too. I don't know why but it it almost feels like it does. It is like a smart zone. You know, like, where it reads the players and then it goes the opposite side. Because it seems like most most games, there's nobody rotated in those final circles, you know? What do you mean most? I don't understand that. Most games that final circle, like when it's pull, I'm just mean like when it's pulling down to those insert holes. Usually, it's like there's nobody down there. Oh, you know, that's it. Okay, that is a good point. It does feel that way. Let me preface this to the I'm talking. I don't know why but it seems to me like most zones finish near the edge of the map or in the water. Like I don't have too many finish in the center of the map. Oh, that's uh, you know what? That's that's a good point. I feel like almost all at least when we played yesterday. I think you're right. I feel like almost all of them were edge. Yeah, there was a couple I think we died. Like, we don't want to rotate it up the castle. It happens but it seems like a majority of them finish on the edge. So now like our taxes we land together. I usually try to pick a spot where there's like a bounty and I want to get a bind buy because my thing honestly I'll just go and buy my primary I get in we'll talk about the metal but I'm rocking that seeking right now. And I'll pick that up right away so I have that thermal sight on it with my and then right there. I know if we get in a fight I'm going to be putting some damage on him you know? No, I think I think that is the play because loadouts are too expensive right now. But when you can just go here primary you're all you're already ahead of the game. And then you don't have to worry so much about that second loadout and if that load out Yeah. And if you need to push the load up, push it you know, like you'd have to have the weapons you know, at that point. But yeah, so I getting that primary, getting the loot, hitting getting guns, and then a huge thing, especially that say, Hey, man, get those munition boxes, because Oh, absolutely cow fell. I don't know if this is true. But I do kind of feel like yesterday, the buys certain buys are consistent with what they're selling. Because there was one buy we finished I forget where it was, it was like, on the edge. It was like one of those little spots with a tower by it. It's kind of like ruins or something over there. Yeah. That buy had munitions bought munition boxes, like every time we went there. So I don't know. Yeah, I don't know if that's, that's a real thing or what? Like we've said a million times they need to just make everything available and all the buys that that easy. Problem solved. No one, no one wants to go to one buy that has munitions and another guy that just says shields, like put them both in the game. But a side topic what you guys need to do. And I was talking to you about this yesterday, is what I do when I'm playing this map. I store shield constantly. Like I'm putting my backpack I have basically what I do is I store shield and er because I run that sake into and and I run a LMG or what's our what is our LMG? We're running right now I forget the name of SMG. SMG, sorry, what's the name? It's like the NPI, right? Same thing. Yeah, you're not gonna run out of bullets really with that thing? You know? I mean, you're not at least the way I use it. I don't use it often enough. I pretty much use it when I'm only close to people. And that usually only happens at the end of the game, right? For the most part, right. But I store what I do is I store all shield and a couple, probably just one slot for L LM GMO. And that's the way because here's what you don't want to happen. You don't want to run out a shield. And that always happens, you know? Yeah, if you're not if you're not storing it. Yeah, so I would say as you're looting one always prioritize picking up the shield right now. And when you hit those buys, don't leave a ton of money. Like it's nearly it's rare. You're gonna go and buy back teams. Now we did. We did do that a couple times. But it I mean you if you can storage from any handle, usually, we have excess usually, but especially if you hit your loadout by your munitions box, and then just stock up on armor. Now you could buy an armor box too, obviously. But if anything, just go to those plates in spam and fill everyone's inventory. And I'm telling you that right there it will save you more than you even know there's nothing worse getting in Zone One on one or you know one of you one and you're out a shield and you'll just know you're already behind in the fight you know. No, yeah, and I don't think a lot of I mean, it depends on the player but I feel like a lot People don't sore shoulder enough. Yeah, I think it will. Again, it's different than I mean, actually more than you need to do a TR l mas right? Yeah, so that's, that's a good tip. Great tip there. So the other thing so when we land we hit that we get our primaries, maybe we'll get a loan out to pay where it drops. And then when the zone start pulling what I've been doing, honestly, I avoid the center as much as I can. Like, I It's like, seriously going through there. It's just a death trap. There's always a lot of teams fighting in those continuous wars that never end. And you'll get roped up into it. But again, if it's like you have to go off what you know, in the map, right? And honestly, a UAV like a couple times yesterday you had UAVs and or somebody did they popped them and it's like, awesome. Now we can pick a spot to rotate through all these guys get in and like make it to the end, you know? Well, yeah, you'd hit that UAV and then it's automatically it's like easy to know where to rotate. Okay, we're gonna rotate away from all the players. And a lot of times too we run into these fights where you're fighting one team then all of a sudden you know, there's another team shooting at you and becomes that like craziness Right? Like it's you just know there's a lot of people over in that area. A lot of times it's like well we did is like alright, let's build from this because this is bad news. It's gonna be hard to fight two teams at once, especially if we're being pinched Yeah, and then we just bail out the back and rotate and get out of trouble and then it all it sets you up for the end game too because they fight and then everyone kind of gravitates towards the firefighters I feel like you know Yeah, I feel like we just get to rotate away third party Yeah, I think that's one thing that we all have to get better on a little bit it's like when it's time to go like let's disengage in Smoke Yeah, honestly, you we all should be running smokes I do but and just smoothed out behind you and you're gone and they can't even shoot you so I mean obviously the thermal yeah but the most I mean honestly like we got out of so much stuff yesterday was smoked just smoking behind us and then we got positioned and we can't make it until the very end and you know a lot of times on that rotation we will get killed or something but honestly my I've I'm telling you I hate excited knocked in the beginning when we first talked about Ashika but those tunnels are awesome underneath not that they're like these amazing things but like for regaining break even well they're awesome but you have to you have to know where the points are to get up up it's yesterday it was you and Joker and grenade all three of us died down there and I think I called it out but I wasn't like too insistent on it. I was just like alright, I'm going this or like Hey, we gotta go this way or whatever. And I'm going I'm watching you guys I'm like where the heck are they going? Please read into the zone like they got stuck they got stuck we got stuck underneath it and k in the tunnel system below the map but the funny thing is it becomes like lemmings sometimes where you're not really paying attention you're just following the person in front of you and i None of us knew where I didn't know where to go either. The funniest thing is I had died and I was you know I was I was laying on the ground bleeding out and I looked I'm like oh shoot the way up was right in front of me like there was a ship right there's a ton of zip you guys probably died anyway so with the zone coming in like that, but I don't know. It was funny because I looked at him like oh, they're all dead so it is a good spot though for sure. Well I like it because I honestly don't even use the zips that much. I just but you can rotate across the map underneath and like you'll sometimes run into like a couple guys but rarely are you running into full squads down there you know, we do we do a couple times but the fights are kind of interesting down there to like the ones we got in because we're kind of on like one side because obviously the middle is water right so you're kind of hugging the side of this rock the mountain no you have like a ledge I guess you're walking on. And it makes it interesting fights because it's really funneled and like you a kind of like peek around the corner and like, you know, I don't know, it's just it's different than up on the top of a Shikha Yeah, yeah, I would say. So overall, it's like, land, get your stuff you need. And then look at figure out what is the opposite of the most action and go and like seriously, most games you can just go to the opposite side rotate around and most of those teams fight and kill each other. And so like in game now and I made it to the end like most of the time I was alive, like right at the end. Honestly, it's like almost like don't even get worried about like trying to shoot people. Obviously if you're in a great position, you're in a great position, start weeding people out, but if you're kind of on regain like we were a couple of times. Like we just took good position and like if people came on us we would fight and we just kind of held our area and made sure nobody got flanked us you know? Well you know what's interesting is we're not going for high kills we're just trying to win right that's our goal. But we ended up with like a lot of kills. Yeah, it's you know, dude, I'm telling you my mind has changed so much on that I used to be like, always look at my heels like in you know, like, oh, how many again, it'd be more about kills especially on last rebirth and even wins all the time. And now, like, I honestly don't even I sometimes I can't even figure out how to open that stupid thing. For sure, but like I just don't even care like I mean it's cool didn't when we check it like how many team kills we it's like well, we got a quite a few, you know? But yeah, I'm 100% with you. And that to me is what's more fun about the game and playing it this way is when you're killed focused, obviously you're not team oriented at all, you know? And it just ruins the game for me when I'm just solely worried about how many kills I get because there's times you know, in the old map where we'd win I'm like okay, but only have like one kill it's like you know, I don't want to be like that you just need to be happy you got the win. Yeah, you happy? I mean, I'm gonna be real if I only have one killer I'm probably still not not thrilled but yeah, I would probably look at the scoreboard you gotta Yeah, I mean you can look at damage the damage does play where you get a ton of damage but you're not getting the hills somebody else is getting them well. Well, dude. Okay, so with the kills you did running the metal weapons you have to because I was running that RPK for a little bit. And that thing I was getting damaged but no kills and that's, that was just frustrating. Okay, well, we'll get into the matter. I just want to say that was a good segue. You did a great job. Let me also kill the segue with a tip I don't know if people know this. I just assume people do. But when you say you throw a munitions down if you unload what I do you want to throw munitions down instead of just picking up the munitions in your you know you have full ammo I drop all the sofa over my LMG I dropped all my LMG ammo that's all my primary weapon. I drop all that then pick up the ammunition then pick up the ammo drops. Now I have like a ton of ammo stored in my backpack. Yeah, that's a good one. And it goes in the same with the plates. But the plates not the ones that are in your inventory. Drop the plates out of that are equipped you know you have the three extra Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's always what it's not your I would say it's not your backpack is that what you're calling your inventory? Backpack show? Yeah, it's not what's in your backpack? It's what's in your main inventory. Yeah, and that's for sure plates just dump your plates out. Pick it up then pick them up and now you'll have even more plates like it and that's what I do every especially in resurgence now I do it every time. That's a big that's a big that's a big tip to do like you need to be doing that because then obviously you have three more plates by doing that. Yeah, yeah. Simple way to get more plates like especially if you're lucky enough to get a plate box. Yeah, for sure. All right. Let's talk about the meta now because dude seriously it like this whole thing? It's crazy how much it changed from when I left you know what I mean? Well yeah, because when we left it it was still RPK and Finnick but they were they did get nerfed a little bit with Season Two but they still were considered top tier yeah so the the art that's exactly what I was running and now so I'm on words don't ring YouTube fellas and ladies films whatever I have it up there my brain my brain full function right that's what I by the way that's what I hate I call everyone guys by in general I hate even having to say like oh and girls guys means everyone guises Yeah, that means everyone. You're like one of us. You're one of the you know, you're a guy like a guy whatever stupid anyways, yeah, so I go on Warzone ranked in the just because it's a simple like, I don't want to watch ad videos of these guys that half the time aren't even telling you really what's up. They're just trying to get you to click on their thumbnail for the meta, you know. So now the only thing about Warzone rant I think they go off it looks like they go off trends. So like what's being run the most I think they use that with like win rates and stuff like that. I've also noticed I've also noticed that use streamers setups so I don't know man is I think that's just a that's like a side thing they do just if you want to like see what people are the top streamers are running. You know, whatever. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, so it's changed a lot. So the art of the Finnick is the one that surprised me and I felt it because I used it one time and it did not feel the same. It's dropped from the s tier, which is the top tier because SABC D whatever, so it dropped from the s tier down to the beach here. So drop to tears. Really? You know, can I just say this? This whole stupid tear thing? I don't know why it changed. Well, it does numbering not work good enough, like 12345 All right, do we have to have s ABC? Yeah, let's get rid of the s just start with a dude, it's so stupid. where that's from? Is that like a race car thing? Or? Or I don't know who came up with it. But it's like, could it be more confusing? I mean, I understand it now. Obviously. It's not a big deal, but it's stupid. Yeah, I mean, like you have to I feel like every time we talk about we gotta explain it because it's like you would think a tiers the top tier. That's his way after a why is that? Exactly. So yeah, so the Finnick dropped off. Now the RP went from s now it's in a tier. So like still viable but not a top tier. Not that again. The funny thing is I fill it when I was playing with the RPK like I said I was getting doing damage to get people down once in a while, but it didn't feel great. Yeah, no, no I felt too in it you know the funny thing is I'd use the Seiken or is this the organization if if it's socking I'm sorry whatever might ever yeah, anyways I used it before I left and I was not that impressed with their Phil ATS felt a little too slow and I just thought it probably wasn't going to be great for the map you know, but using it yesterday Dude, I don't know if they sped up the radius at all but it felt maybe I just switched my attachments and got it dialed but it felt great. Well, dude, you get what's your clip like? You have your ammo is like 100 rounds? Is that what it is? Yeah, I did. Yeah. When you get a team out though, but it just hold it down and let it go. You know, that's what I like about it. Because I downed like three people on one team wants like, I'm just like, just unleashing if you have multiple people on your team running the Seiken dude lights out if you guys have a handle on someone, Oh, dude, I run it with a halo therm site. And I'll, I mean, a couple of times people fair to smoke away from me. I'm like, Thank you, because then they run in a straight line. They think they're free. And now I'm just down. So seeking his Goon Squad approved. It's great equipment, use it awesome. And other metal guns they have here is ISO hemlock. That's the new assault rifle. And I have not got that fully leveled up. So I can't vouch for it. But I came likes it. I really want to try it. I'm going to do because it would be nice. I do like the feel of an assault rifle on that map just to be a little faster ATS you know. And so is it. Is that the one you get to the Battle Pass? I think so. I think so. Or maybe you can level up to I don't know how you get it normally. Do they have guns locked by in the Battle Pass? I don't know if that's true or not? I wouldn't think they Well, nothing was would you I wouldn't surprise me. But supposedly that's really good too. And then another gun I messed with is a shock and it's the KV broadside. Uh huh. So the only problem I went okay, so I did the whole like tokens try to level it up. And I got it level up pretty far than I realized I the attachment I need is the soul systems a little ridiculous sometimes. The attachment I need is that Dragon's Breath well, to get the dragon's breath you have to unlock the X expedite 12 which is another shock and to a level 20 II did and I'm like dude getting especially now that you don't have shipment on 24/7 that's turned it off. Yeah, I haven't been able to know yeah, there's it is so annoying. Got a really frustrates me the way they did this weapons system. We have to level up a weapon unrelated to the gun you're trying to like, level up just to get certain attachments. I mean, yeah, there's parts of it that it's kind of cool that you have to like use a lot of guns, you know, and once you have a level up that's unlocked, like for everything. But what's it's really not that cool, because yeah, like me yesterday, I'm grinding this broadside way past where I needed to in realizing that the attachment I need, because I realized because it's like a level 28 And I think I don't know what the Broadside goes up to but it's not 28 You know? Yeah, maybe it is I don't know whatever but I was anyways and then I realized all that time those tokens use I needed to use them another good so I just feel like it's a design to get you to play the game more That's what they want. So they make you level up these other stupid things you don't want to do. It's just I don't I just don't like it. I like the old fashioned way, man, it's you just level that gun up and you get all those attachments on it, you know? Again, man. I get innovating, trying new things, but did if if the old system works, don't change it, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Like the base, the base stations classic example. They're just a cluster at all, at all, either by station is like the worst part of the game right now, the thing I hate the most, I agree, I hate I hate the UI of it. I hate the prices of everything. I hate the fact that not everything sold at the same you know, at the same buy. It's in all those it's like very easy fixes that for some reason they're really stuck on not doing so hopefully again, do it again if you're gonna have different things at different buys you need to have the buys different colors. So people know okay, this buy only has this this by owners is that well, you don't think there's just randomly choose different buys? Because again, the more buyers you go to the more danger you're putting yourself into? Well, it's it's like I've said before, it's like what enjoyment Do you the devs? Here think we're getting out of having to get a different base stations our Do you think it's really creating a more tactical, like more? Like level like gameplay to make one team? Like if you need ammo to rotate around the map? Like, do you think they enjoy that even like, if you it's like, it's really frustrating when you work to get the money. But you can't even get what you need, you know? Yeah, there's interest. It's like, from a designing point of view, what was the purpose? Like, what were they thinking going into that like, oh, it's cool. So then if you have a really good team who has a bunch of money, they're killing everyone? Well, we don't want them to get all the resources, so we'll kind of make him more randomized. That's the only thing I can think of that they didn't make sense. Now. I could understand a little more on how Mazar I still think it's lame, but I can understand that. There should be those large backpacks and stuff. But I like for resurgence like just fix it. Just make them all the same. Give us you know, we don't need the picture boxes. Just give us the list. We'll choose what we want, you know? Well, yeah, the old one. It was just a list of like eight items. Right? It was good. Yeah. Or yeah, the loadouts the most expensive was on the Quick Access, man. You could buy a thing quick, you know? Well, yeah. And you knew like you can get selves there. You can get the boxes. It just the strikes. It was awesome. Well, now it's like, you go there. Gas mask is like now you go there. It's like I don't even know what's here. You're spending too much time even looking through the inventory, or the buy station menu. It's just a pain. Well, dude, it's me. It's where I forget, like, I'll go to someone I'll just overlook things his like, a lot of times, you know, yesterday, I started hitting on everyone like, Hey, make sure your gas masks are in zone, you know? And then I realized, Oh, they're not sold at every base station. Like what do ya like? We can get rid of like the cluster mines and attack I mean, those are okay, but I'm not looking to buy cluster mines at a freaking biases or even like whatever other stupid tactical equipment they have. They're like, I mean, like is a tactical? Like a decoy grenade. Yeah, those were in there those words, so no one's gonna buy that. It's crazy. I legit almost bought one just because I had so much money, but I don't even know what else to get. And then I'm like, Well, I don't even want that. So. Yeah, it's checked. But anyways, that was a long rant on Playstations. Sorry, back to back to the meta. Supposedly that broadsides really good. Well, that's what like these dry fire rounds, right? The Dragon's Breath rounds. Those are the ones I have to grind that expedite for. So I'll go into it when we talk about the patch notes because I think they might. There might be a little bit I'm not sure though. Okay, well, well, another one. So right now, I Goon Squad vouches, the Seiken we're not sure about the hemlock or the Broadside. The broadside even when I was using it to level up, it was pretty nice. So I'm sure it's great. The real mg is supposedly really good, but it's meta, but I can't I don't see myself ever choosing it over the season right now. Well, I'll tell you what that broadside I saw. Even in our games we were playing. I saw a lot of people running. And so as we did, we did have a guy climb up on a building on us and kill us both with it. So this goes back to your nonchalant callouts where we're on top of the building. And then Dan's like, oh, man, someone just came up and killed me. And I'm very next to him but the way he's said it. It just didn't register. I'm like, Okay. And then all of a sudden I just get deleted. I'm like, oh, shoot, he was right next to me. I don't think that's how I say there said frontside Guy. Guy jumped up and killed me like, like, I think I made a call out at least like which side he was. I mean, what I want. I want a Darren, he's here, Darren, look right next to me. I feel like everyone's frantic enough. I try not to go that route. I need panic. Otherwise, I'm just like, staring down my scope. There was a couple of times yesterday where I was I was laughing because we're all rooting you know, together. And then I see Darren little icon and I'm like, Who is that? I look, I'm like carried. You're so far behind like, hurry. Or like, a couple of times. Like I think Joker was on here. So like, hey, they're on the move. There's sometimes I've been trying to talk to you have I dared? There. Are you here? Are you here? I got so locked in yesterday that like I think you were I think that time you're talking about I even hear you like I know it's just in the zone. I know. You were definitely something. Anyway, so Okay, so the other gun I've been holding out on even talking about, which to me is actually probably the most metal right now. Is the hemlock or the wind Lachman. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lachman. We all were run into Lachman yesterday or this mean do and that thing so one thing we noticed hipfire with the build we had just a beam does not move. Yeah, the in I have the build up on the screen. I'll read it actually real quick. Like really quick. Muzzle forged DX 90 barrel l 30. Falcon, laser point G three P O for Merck. foregrip 40 round mag. That's That's what I used and hip fire it is. That's our show notes. You guys can see that if you want but anyways, I am fire is a beam dude and I'm talking ever in the pregame lobby I was just I was shooting people at unreal distances on a keep such a tight spread. It's no tears in the fire rates like it feels like the Finnick you know? Yeah. Yeah, it's a solid guy. You know? I like it because it reminds me like the old guns like on rebirth we used to run out what was it the MP said what what's our Maghera guy loved the army gara that was such a good gun. Yeah, but yeah, there's certain guns that were just fine but that MP five was awesome. Back in the day Yeah. Yeah, like that. And I feel like they're doing a good job especially like that again makes me like have fun with the game more because what was our other I never even liked the finish that much to be honest. I liked the Finnick that I never like felt like a connection with it you know sorry I have to sneeze but I was like what happened? Yeah well usually here they're coming in pairs up there Yes. Anyways know the lock man dude. So I there was one play I had I should have recorded I wasn't recording of course we're like our team was getting wiped out was when we were rotating through castle we had to rotate there and we ended up rotating on like two teams fighting and then everyone died in their castle late by the way it's just awful. Yeah, yeah, so with the Lockman like your movement speeds really good too. And so I've like almost done I'm getting shot by everyone I've no shield on and I run straight into a guy coming out of one of those Castle rooms and and he sees me and there's like a post in between us. And I did the old like fleeing I like I went left for a second and like fleeing Dre whipped it on him and put the guy down with it. And I was like whoa like that. That was some nutty stuff that I was able to like that's a it's kind of fast dude. He puts people down quick and I kind of dies teammate was right there so that that's a sad story. But you made an awesome play, but I was just like the ability to do that that was that was pretty it's good. The gun is good. It's if you're running if you want an SMG use that without a doubt by far. It's the meta. Yeah, cuz snipers, aren't it right? They're not very good anymore. Well, so there was okay, so they did the Nerf they did the update and nerf the single 50 among other things. And that was my that was my sniper like that's what I liked doing. Now I think there were some guys that were rocking some builds and I messed with a couple that were okay. But in resurgence honestly, most of the distance you're shooting like it's better at the LMG and I can probably, you know you there's more leeway for especially as more of a casual side, like if you're trying to snipe like, you miss a couple shots, you're weak now you're your old teams like you're getting behind in the fight, you know, versus putting bullets on people. That's true. That's the one downside the sniper unless you have a really good sniper sometimes they can be a hindrance to your team for sure. Yeah. So then they had where I think it was unintentional. But there was this incident Incendiary rounds, which we're now making it one shot hills, right. Yeah. So I never It happened right before I left or maybe not, but I never really messed with it and put them on or anything. So but it's now their veil their nerves, so it's not even a one shot anymore. And I saw it and I saw that, like, I just wish they were a mess of the snipers. I like the way they were. They weren't overpowered. I thought they were fair. I don't know. I don't know why they change. I don't know why they nerf the signal. 50 Like, it was great. It was I would not call it overpowered at all. So you still took a few shots, but it had a good range and like you felt good. Like it was a good sniper. So well, I know why I still have an eight here but it's the only sniper in the tier. I mean they do that purposefully to he get you to use different weapons and that is good. Like I do like the change because like we said like now the game feels different now that we're using sake ins and Lachman so you know. Yeah. Yeah. And arguably, it's better for us. Yeah. I want to get the hemlock in the rotation. So next hopefully next podcast old will have little unlocked in one night. Yeah, I do like a good I do like a good AR with a fed that fast. ATS. You know, you can be a little more flicky? Yeah. And it's a little bit more of like swapping weapons on people and stuff, you know? I mean, yeah, I'll tell you right now run whatever guns run, you got to run one of the metal guns. But dude, like Daniel said, I honestly think the most important thing smokes with restock will save your team more. Especially in resurgence. When people go down and they sell fruit. We have all those self raises. How many? How many times have we smoked our own guys, and they get out they're able to revive all the time all the time. Yeah, anytime I hear you or anyone go down. I'm like, Alright, just toss a smoke at him. Yeah, yeah, I tried to do it as much as I can. If I can get to the guy, I'll just lob a smoke over. So somebody else, or at least maybe he can try to get out, whatever, you know, do it that way. By the way, I gotta bring something up because I was thinking about running that Seiken why can't we reload, cancel? Do it drives me nuts. You know how many times I've been killed by that? Well, and that's one thing too, when you run that gun, you have to realize you don't have to reload constantly. But I'm like one of those people obsessed with reloading, I gotta stop doing it. myself doing it too all the time with it. And because even it's just it's a it's a slow reload. Now. Like, even for a half a clip, you have 50 bullets, dude, you could take three guys, four guys down with that. And I don't know if you've done it where you, you get the reload and you swap you think you get it and you swap weapons. And it was at that last bit of the animation where then you then you'll get in a fight and you'll go to switch it and then you're back in the reload because it wasn't finished. And you die. You know, it's like and then you try to cancel it but you can't. So it's dude, you should be able to cancel a reload. I completely agree. You can I have a little bit of truth time to Okay. I want to apologize to Cain Cain was playing with there was a time I think we're where are we maybe by farms on the edge? I don't know. We were battling a team and we had split because they were doing the sabotage contracts or whatever. Which by the way, is that what they sabotage? And no, I think it's an escort or something, escort whatever that whatever it is, we have to drive the car. That challenge is kind of lame, but whatever. It's not that fun of a mission just saying that but going and finding a team and we were kind of running together. And then all of a sudden we were getting hit and I kind of backed off. I'm like dude, this fight isn't gonna go good, you know? Yeah. And then came guide so I got back to I didn't let him know and he had to leave. He's like where it's like Derek Where were you? Oh, but I don't I don't know I just read I just read what's funny is Kim seems pretty level the whole time but that time I did sense it was a guy that came with him. As I said in the same way where you were right together and then all of a sudden you're just not around anymore. Sometimes the survival instinct kicks in no you don't I didn't even purposely not tell I'm just like Oh dude, this isn't good. Like my the angle I had I'm like I'm gonna get killed like they're staring at me and there's not a lot to cover. So I gotta back off and I forgot like Kim was even right there. Yeah. By BECKY Yeah. So some times I, I'll do that on rotations where I'm I'm in my head already know where we're going to rotate. And I won't call it out. I'll call it out like a little later than I should you know what I mean? And then I get annoyed. I'm like, why aren't they with me? Like, why aren't people like listening? And they're like, Well, I called it out pretty late. So well I'll be honest to will two things. One was rotations. There's a there's a point where it kind of becomes every man for themselves when it gets chaotic. Yeah, if your choice if it's some bad zone polls, but like, honestly, dude, just smoking, get in position and let everyone else fight it out. That's it. That's the way I think you should do it. But that's it. Well, yeah. I mean, there's so So yes, the smoking but yeah, sometimes every man for themselves. Another thing when you play with Dan, Dan is always ahead. And it's by nature to hear that, like, you're the leader of the team, and you're making the rotation, but there's a lot of times where we're way behind you, you know. And so just something to be aware, I think, like, I'm just like, way more aware or like pay more attention to that, like, all even intentionally, like not getting gunfights just so I'm staying back in order to like, rotate, you know what I mean? And I'm not talking about like, we're in a big gunfight. I'm saying like, if there's, you know, we have a good position, like on Iraq, where we can, like, pick some people off, I'll let you guys do that. And I'm kind of more watching the edges, and getting ready in like, for that rotation. And then it's like, but the thing was, me too, it's like, I know the lot. Like once you need to rotate, like, you need to go now the longer you wait, and are like caught up in these stupid little fights skirmishes, you know. It's just like putting your whole team at a disadvantage, because everyone's going to rotate on you. And you do not want to rotate late, you know? Well, in a skill and its own right is learning when not to shoot. Because like when you're rotating, rotating, sometimes, you don't want to shoot people, even if it's like an easy kill. Because, I mean, it's all depending on the situation. But if you're, like, say, kill a guy on a team, boom, he's gone. Well, now that other team knows you're there, and your guys are moving that direction. And there's times where you'll get focus just now because the team knows what just happened, right? And they saw the shooter, this other team die, he made the call out, now you're gonna get screwed on the rotation. Right, right. And that's what I think with smokes that is so good. It's like, even if you're in like a little skirmish, it almost is like your ticket out. They throw it and it's almost like a lot of teams like, Oh, they're just gonna run away. Nope, I'll just do my own thing now, you know, like, Well, yeah, well, honestly, you don't have a lot of time. Like, you can't sit there. So from the other team's perspective, especially if it's near end game, you can't sit there and focus one team, like unless, like you have a good position, because you got to be worried about other people around you. So I think that's like the deterrence. Like they see the smoke is like, Okay, I can't even focus on these guys. I don't I can't see them, you know, yeah. And I need to worry about other things around. You know, what I've done to the smokes is I won't even throw them directly on us. I'll throw them out in front towards them a little bit. So then we can see and there's like a barrier between us and them. Yeah, that's a good tactic to break their line of sight. And it kind of adds confusion to them. If they're in smoke. It kind of freaks people out, you know? Oh, yeah. You don't know where you're running. Yeah. Yep. By the way, I forgot to mention at the beginning, Sargent Skippy re upped his YouTube membership. And I forgot to mention, thanks, Kimmy, give a shout out to all our members. Shot all our members that we appreciate everyone helping us out. It's awesome. Yeah. By the way, we didn't even talk about it. But there's like a secret project I'm working on or we were going to be working on that. We're doing some animation stuff. I know. It's weird. So we'll see how it goes. So I keep up with a new episode. I'm working on Jared I haven't even told you about it. But it is ridiculous. I'll say ridiculous is funny. So have you tried out their animation and does it look good? Yeah, I got it. I got it dialed in. Now I was doing something wrong in the initial ones. I'm trying to figure out what exactly I did there. But I I messed up a couple of them I was having a it wasn't animating right. But now Now we're good. So can you show me after this? Show you wait, like do you have like a clip? I'm still I gotta draw. I gotta do some. I did the recordings. I'm sick. So dude is one of the things I go through stages of the day where it's like, I felt good this morning. And then it was like I hit a wall. So I did some recording of myself. So now I have to because I did a bunch of test things too. But now I have to do this IB set foot in Photoshop in Dryden. So while I'm Excited to see I'll tell you that's gonna be fun. I'll tell you the the theme of it like it's out there so it's kind of funny. Anyways, so what's the spotter scope glitch? Did you want to hit patch notes first and then we can go through the kind of these other I mean, I guess if you will, in order yeah I did skip the order of every because we the one below is the meta nerve that that we hit that already so Hey, okay, so so this is as of Friday February 24 When these bug fixes went in so I'm just gonna kind of run through them quick so they fix some menu item bug who cares right? Weapon adjustments they so the RPK as we know it got nerfed increased initial bullet revision, vertical recoil, increased horizontal recoil, reduced damage outrageous, so they nerf the heck out of their RPK even more after the season update which is kind of funny. Why they did it more I think because people were still using it you know? Yeah, yeah. I mean I will so yeah, so the cast off 762 also got a nerf reduce damage ranges just just the general gist just produced all damaged ranges. Okay. Some ISO Hemlock they it looks like there's some bug whatever they fix some bug with it. Who cares? So then the Finnick reduced far damage reduced damage against armor so boom already like again like we said we've noticed it and there it is like they've nerfed it Yeah. Some Battle Rifle stuff. I'm not gonna go into that stuff. I don't know anyone that even uses those weapons and just some nerves to some guns and junk. So attachments incendiary ammunition. Residual incendiary damage will no longer eliminate players no issue that was the one shot snipers. I think that's what that was yeah boosting issue that prevented residual incendiary damage from being applied to armor. fixed an issue that allowed sniper rifles to downplay errors with three or more plates in a single shot while using incendiary ammunition. So there's your Nerf, so they just made sure like, Hey, I didn't think about trying this. It's a Yeah, that's a bummer. People found a way to get a one shot sniper and they took it from us. Other things that we don't need to go into playlists. Really the only thing that's really relevant is they added solos to resurgence. Oh, they did. Yeah. Oh, I didn't know that. Okay, I'm gonna do I'm gonna play a little bit of those. Yeah, solos. It's only solos and quads. Why? They don't just give us some all drives me nuts. I'm gonna be honest solos. Oh, that's resurgence. So it's a little a little looser. But I would much rather have two O's or trios to I just don't like solos, like it just fills so it's like stressful. Solos has no teamwork. There's no teamwork aspect of in. That's what we like well, and you have more players just randomly around and there's you just don't have as much information so it's so much easier. Obviously it's snuck up on and a lot more campers all that comes with it. What's interesting is they they make a point to say a similar assimilation assimilation off and both modes that assimilation is off. So which tells me they're going to be having these resurgence modes where you can team up right. Oh, so what I mean by that, it's like, okay. Oh, yeah, I think I think that's what that means. I mean, it'll probably be just some specialty mode they throw out where you can team up with other players. The funniest thing Have you ever even used done that? I think one time I was in some weird mode or something. Yeah, someone I was watching. I was watching someone play Warzone recently and they said, Oh, the guy they asked like they're on a team of four they were on a team before but one of their guys got DS disconnected. And then they were going to try to team up they thought this other one of the enemy players was just had one person on the team they thought his whole team had disconnected or something or quit. And then we're going to try to team up with them. Can you actually do like, like, I don't know if there's a mechanic in the game where you can actually do that. I don't think you know Mazda. I think that's a special mode. I thought so too. But the way they were talking it sounded like that's a thing where somehow you can like, you can do that. I don't know. I have not done that are seen. Yeah, but I haven't looked into so I kind of forgot those in the game. To be like perfectly honest. Well, started I some general, this is interesting in general thix adjusted the positioning of some geographic elements on a chic Island to allow better cover during engagements. Oh yeah, that's interesting. There was one building that I was wondering if the wall height changed on it. And I don't know if that's what they meant or what but I I did find one building where I'm like, oh, Oh, you can actually be on top of this and have cover and never get heavy on it without being overlooked by eight other areas, you know? Yeah. And also, I noticed when we played I had a blast this last time, so maybe they did do some little fixes that we weren't even aware of. Yeah, I don't know. So some other general fixes, please. Collision issues, the various elements, causing players to exploit peak shooter items. So that's good. Sounds like people were probably shooting through the map or some junk I know. And there was a spot people were going underneath it. Okay, so here's an interesting thing with Battle Royale fix an issue that prevented purchase loadout drop markers from equipping to the active loadout filled upgrade slot. Yes, that happens all the time is really annoying. Yeah, I thought that's cool that it automatically puts it that slot because there's nothing more annoying like you said, you buy it, you're trying to be quick and it's in your backpack. Now. No one wants to load on the backpack. Or if you had a full inventory, you would actually dump out and most of the time you would dump behind the vice station. It wasn't in there a lot. But it was like hard to find, you know. Yeah. So that's yeah, that's that's a good fix. Thank you. This most want to contract I don't care. Fix it. So here's an interesting one I didn't even realize was a problem fixing the issue that caused Standard Battle Royale solos to still use to be to Gulag. That's kind of funny. So they're playing solos and still play the two V two. That is kind of funny. Oh, here's a Okay, here's a great one that I hated. And they finally fixed it. It was It wasn't a huge issue, fixing the issue that inaccurately displayed the placed in 150/5 message upon squad elimination. Oh, yeah, yeah, that was really annoying. Really annoying for a while they're having you spectate other teams, which thankfully they fix that, but yeah, 155th happened all the time. It was so annoying, because you think you're as soon as you think you're eliminate even though you weren't? Yeah, you your whole team would see that message. And then you expected a different team. So you think everybody's dead, but they're not. You know, there's might be two different things going on. But it was, but of Oh, and I forgot to mention this. They increased the number of armor plates found in ground across the sheik island. So that was Yeah, and we I noticed this last time we played it was it was better, because that was horrible. And now let's go to the DMZ. No, I'm kidding. I don't care. I just don't like my filling now. And DMZ honestly, is like, if I want to play that type of game. I'm playing a different game playing Terokkar something, which I'm probably not going to play but yeah, it's it's swinging a mess. You guys weren't ready for it? Is it still in beta? Phase? Two? I don't know, man. It's like, it did that we could go a whole episode on the DMZ failure because I know some people still like playing it occasionally is different. But it's I have no desire to ever play it again. It's a cool idea and it could be something it could be they just need to make some changes to it. Like I said, You got to me it there has to be a very good incentive to grind that mode you know, and really want to do those contracts. And again, just like I said, it's got to be a whole it honestly is almost like it has to be a whole nother game of like, you need to like rink up somehow. And like have I think they need to have the inventory ain't one of the biggest things you need to be able to take stuff out and collect it. So then it's like incentive. And then maybe like Like honestly it just feels like copy to rock there or not to rock. Let's go a little too far back. Did you say Turok? Wasn't that the game of the dinosaurs? Or what was what's the what's the you Tarkoff Tarkoff honestly that like that system where you collect items and you take them out and then you can sell them on the open market and whatever and there's a whole inventory system like that gives people a reason to grind it because then it's like in a war zone or a pickup stupid things like screwdrivers and whatever are not worrisome but you know, DMC and there's zero purpose for at all if there's no crap, there's no crafting system, which they introduced in the campaign. You thought, okay, you can craft. They were introduced in the DMZ and the campaign is what they were doing. And in that none of that was that applicable in? The DMC dropped? It's like, oh, well, there is no crafting. So I mean, items and sell. It's like, they should be like a little shamed here. They basically put it out in here release There's a beta like, it's dumb. It's dumb to do that, and the only reason they put it out is to drive sales for the new game. You know?