Starfield Smugglers

Is Warzone 2 A Failure...Even With Ashika Island? Ep.47

March 06, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 47
Starfield Smugglers
Is Warzone 2 A Failure...Even With Ashika Island? Ep.47
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What's Up Guys/Gals! Here is what we got for ya! 

  • Warzone 2 Success & Failure 
  • Fortnite FPS 
  • Counter Strike 2 
  • Skill Based Match Making 
  • Ashika Island Glitch
  • Warzone Season 2 Reloaded 
  • Kill Cam Problems 
  • Warzone Community 
  • Current Events - Murdagh Trial, Jon Jones, Physical 100 
  • Half Baked Ideas 
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Goon Squad:

Hey guys. Welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons.


Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins, goon squad and Kido. Boo. All right, welcome back to the podcast. You got the goon father with the Keto goon. What's up keto? What up? Hello, good father, man. It's nice to see you know, it's nice to hear you. It's nice to hear your lovely voice today. Well, you've already heard it a couple times, but it's okay. We ever really been talking that much lately? Because I've been sick as a dog. Dude, I've been speaking to dogs. There's another story for a minute but but you know, Dan, you've been you've been sick for like, like the last two podcasts we've done previous to this one. You were not feeling great. No, dude, I got like super sick. And it will we went to Disneyland trip. I got sick on that team home and I've been kind of laid up man like a gnarly cough. Like, I won't go into much detail just been disgusting. I'll tell you though, you still brought it on the podcast because I listened to our own podcast, which is says a lot about me. But I think you did a great job. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, there was definitely a couple where I'm like, not filling it in like, I have no energy. But I'm like, I just have to like go, you know? Well, I think that last podcast was that for you. I can tell you. We're not feeling good. Yeah, so you put guys on a positive note. You got my worst. There was my worst. Hey, by the way, guys, I got a new microphone. I bought it. It's come in this week, so I'll be probably not the Thursday podcast, but maybe the next week all the new setups I should sound should sound nice and clean. Yeah, you got you in big on it. You got the good one. Well, that's how it is dude. And that's the problem with like, even when you're buying a PC, anything, it's like, I don't want to buy something cheap that I'm gonna have to replace soon. So I want to buy the best thing I can. Right. Right. Yeah, so that's what I did. Well, especially, especially because we're doing the podcast stuff. It's like you want to make sure you're dialed in, you know? Yeah, some people only listen to listen to it on, you know, audio. I guess that's what it would be. Yeah, so without a video, there's audio. That's all you're focused on. So yeah, you need to sound clean. So I did that for you guys. You are welcome. Yeah. Anyways, what's new? What? Uh, okay, so let's start with my day. Okay, so I set you up. I said, What up? Let me just give a rundown what we're going to hit today. For all you guys listening. We're going to talk a little bit about some random life stuff that Darren had a pretty eventful day, we'll say that. We're going over some gaming news like new stuff, we want to kind of hit a little more on that just touch on stuff that's going on in the world of gaming, especially like FPS stuff in particular. So we're gonna hit on possible Counter Strike two controversial controversial coordinates going first person? Yeah, we'll talk about that, for sure. We're gonna talk about skill based matchmaking. I've noticed a change there. Go over a couple issues. I had an Ashika recently. Warzone Season Two Reloaded, the killcam. So we're gonna hit on the Hill games a little bit, I think there's some issues with them we got to talk about and then we're going to kind of do it abroad, we have a lot of different things we're gonna hit on with like the warzone community, as far as like, how the whole thing operates, how, where we're at right now. Not us in particular, but everyone as the community and it's, it's interesting. So we'll hit that. And if we have time, we're gonna go over some more just like current events in the world and finish up with some half baked ideas. Again, we're also doing current events now because I like I like just talk about other things, too, you know, and I gotta talk we got to talk about the murder trial. We got to verdict. And I've been I'm like so deep. I'm so deep and I listen to Murdoch podcasts. So podcasts about the trial. Do Do you know what it was like? An excellent podcast, like probably. I'm gonna say it was my favorite before we started. I can tell you right now I can tell you right now. Siri Oh, I was gonna do EST on three absolutely cereal. Podcasts he did. Murder of what was her name? I don't remember anything about and I listened to like, I know her name. It's on the tip of my tongue. I don't want to mispronounce it, though. So I'll add mon right wasn't that the guy who had nine was the guy who was was at home who he or she I don't want to do it. I don't want it. Yeah. It's so interesting that podcast So throughout it like I went back and forth like he, this guy totally did it, then it's like, Wait, I don't think this guy did it, like flipped back and forth multiple times. And I've listened to it multiple times. Excellent series. So do you know he got released? Did he really? Yeah. I thought I'd heard it and I just checked real quick. Yeah, September 20. He was released after spending 23 years, really 20 years. The weird part with him is he seems like such I mean, he's very, a very good talker, you know. So when you hear him speak, and some people are like that, not say, I don't know if he was convicted. So it is what it is. But he talked so well in like, he seems so likable. You know, it like it messes with you, when you're hearing him speak. You're like, oh, I don't think that guy did it, you know? Well, yeah. And you can again, you could I feel like we're good judges of character. And for example, with Alex Murdo when I heard that guy talk I'm like this guy's obviously I know too much about him anyways, I couldn't be impartial, but he's obviously a liar. Whereas when Adnan was talking on here that the Serial podcast, like you said, it's like he seemed like a nice a good guy. So in in the evidence, I mean, that podcast is great. Listen to it. It's old, but it's really good. Oh, it's like, honestly, I'm actually thinking about rebooting it, like some getting back into little exercise stuff, you know. And, like, just going for, like little jogs and putting on the podcast. I was like, what does that have to do with exercise? No, because when, you know, when you're like running and stuff, just listening to suddenly take your mind off is huge. And I Oh, absolutely, like going back to that won't be good. Anyways. So that's kind of what we're getting on. So that was start. So tell us about your ticket today. So the let's see, let's first we had to set a time. We're going to do this earlier today. Well, my day went sideways. It started off we're gonna take the kids up to go to one of those jump parts to jump on trampolines and stuff. Great time. Well, my wife had a migraine so that I cancelled right off the bed not started great. But okay, well, then my wife calls me and says, Hey, because we live next door in laws. We live out on the farm here. And they're like, hey, the dog, we have a dot. Well, we have two dogs, but one of our dogs kind of free rooms. Well, they said, Oh, he got in a fight with another dog. Which happens because there's like, there's just stray dogs that run around out here. It's kind of crazy. But am I okay, all right. Yeah, check that out. Such a weird area. It's so weird, dude. It's crazy. How many stray dogs I think people like drop them off on the country. I mean, I think I know that's what they do. A dog is a stray dog. My dog was straight either never left. He's Yeah. We literally he literally showed up. He's the sweetest dog. And we're like, you know, appetitive and he's a pitbull. And he's so sweet. And we're like, Oh, I'm gonna keep him and we're like, Yeah, whatever. You know, we'll see what happens. And so we were outside he ran out. He sat right next to me was petting him. We went inside that night. He stayed outside the house and never left. And now he's like an inside dog inside outside. I'm not like totally sold on the pitbull thing. You know, like, But dude, that is the nicest dog I've ever seen like he wants to he's like a baby. Like, come over. He'll try to like leave with you. Like he's literally my sister's. He's jumped in your car. He jumped in their cars to try to leave with them. I don't know what that's about but he just loves He loves people it's a great dog territorial especially with outside dogs come in that's dogs nature it happens. So he gets in a fight with some dog never even saw the dog but I saw him he has you know he's kind of like a little bit chewed up not bad. But he's got some stuff on him blood and stuff. So anyways, i we i get that also I put them away. Well then my wife comes out and says hey, we have a problem. The dogs were at her parents house outside when they were fighting well they hit some like they hit the water What is it called the water bug. I don't know the PVC pipe they had water you know ran through PVC pipe down into the ground. I'm not handy so I'm gonna die. Don't hit it. And so now water is just spewing out of this thing. Right? Yeah. So do I could go for breakfast. Go ahead. I'm coming out going wild. We have to go fix it. We have to call people they have to cut out the see man because they had cemented it in I don't again, I don't know if that's the right thing to do. But that's what they did. And so we had a courtesy man, go in there get go get parts to fix the whole thing up. It took forever. We finally got it all fixed after I mean there's a bunch of stuff like my father in law got this pipe then he lost it in a bed took 30 minutes trying to find the pipe. It's a disaster. So that kind of finally got done. I had to wash the dog and then now I'm here. I mean, that went from like a four hour ordeal that was unexpected. Yeah, especially when I'm like alright, we're gonna do this podcast or what? Yeah, no, I know it I'm like alright, it's just gonna be a little bit longer right oh not to mention it was pouring down rain so it's like everything that could go wrong went wrong yeah it was it was actually dumping today it was crazy and so by the way to fix the water we have to shut the water on the whole farm and there's like three or four of us that live out different houses out here and so that we all had no water during that whole time. That's the easiest way to shut off your guys waters to the whole entire we don't have to get into it. Yeah, it's it's a Portuguese way out here. Yeah. Anyways, let's cool. Now so in some news with me here I changed my PC setup. So when we started this thing, dude, I was doing some weird stuff. I started with a MacBook and I would do a dual stream with a Mac and a normal PC. And I'd stream off the MacBook it was a cluster it was like so many weird connections and a million things that will go wrong. So anyways, that was the original start then I went to two PCs which was great. But I've noticed now I have three PCs basically in the mix I have my MacBook I editor on these two PCs one I stream one a game on and the gaming PC is a monster and you guys don't know Daniel can be an impulse buyer. So I'm just saying that yeah, sometimes I can. So anyways, but I decided I'm gonna switch it on to my main PC my gaming one and just run everything off here and dude, it's so much simpler. Now I was I'm like, Why was I wasting my time doing that? You know, I mean, that's all my life has come to it's like whatever simpler is what I want. I don't want anything to be complicated because it's like when you're running dual PCs I have like a switch where I can switch my mouse and keyboard from one to the next. And I have four monitors in here it's ridiculous I have like an awesome setup for me but you know you know with PCs though anything that can go wrong does and so then now you have two different PCs to troubleshoot which ones look problem audio. The audio was a pain but I got that dialed in anyways now now it's like perfect his I can record do everything I need to on this PC, the other ones kind of amusing for some other stuff. And you know now it's just this in my MacBook that it's so much easier. Sometimes simpler is better guys, simpler is almost almost always, oh, by the way, another thing I'm going to be in a wedding, my my buddy shout to Cisco is getting married and he surprised me. He invited me over his house and then he gave me like a little groomsmen gift, right? So I'm a groomsman it's it's funny that you have friends that are getting married now. Like I haven't been to a wedding in years, you know? Well, I feel like a lot of our friends have like missed the boat. The ones who were gonna get married or potentially already have another one's probably not gonna get married. Yeah, that's a that's accurate. All right. So let's, let's, before we get into the gaming news, we got another review. We were for weight loss podcasts, right an apple? Yeah, yeah. So now we're three we have 47 reviews on Apple. So thank you, whoever left that five star. So get three more hit the 50 and we'll leave you alone about it for like a month. Then we'll push you to 100 Yeah, okay, guys, we're gonna get you to we're gonna get us all to 100 So hey, it's never enough it's never enough No, thank you the baby. We were very much for the Rios Yeah, almost. Yeah. Anyways, what do you have on Patreon here? Oh, no, I just want to say if you guys want to and if you want more content, you want to help us support this because we spent a lot of time and money into this thing. Patreon YouTube membership the best way give you free content. And yeah, and get access to discord. We have some great people in discord. Yeah, yeah, very true. And we have bonus podcasts. We put out an offense stuff, so check it out if you're interested. Yeah, yeah, that was it. Yeah. All right. So let's get into some gaming news. Now this one you're gonna have to carry because you're the fortnight guy over me. So what's like your you call me the fort? I mean, I was into it for a while you you're like a stubborn dog. You know, like when you want the dog to come in, and you got to pull pull them on the leash. That's like you with fortnight I tried to keep getting you to play just would not do it. Well, it's I do like it like when we play with windy and stuff like or whoever it's usually windy is who drives it. I mean, it's yeah, it I always have fun. Like, I always have a good time with it. It's just I don't know, I feel like I had my fortnight phase and I'm kind of done with it, you know, like, building the building really burned us back in the day. controller that building was crazy. Yeah, but But, but I do think I think Wendy said it that this last season wasn't that great. So I haven't heard much hype about fortnight. But what's coming out though, is pretty interesting. So fortnight's gonna have a first person shooter mode that comes out first person mode, I guess. So that's going to be a game changer, because here's the thing I like about fortnight. It's like fresh, they're always changing stuff, right? And I feel like it's a well run game. I don't. I honestly don't remember. And again, I can't speak from like, recent experience, but in the past, I don't remember having many issues with the game as far as like crashing glitching any of that stuff? Yeah, I agree. Actually. That's a very good point. I would say that two things. The map designs awesome. Always. And they change like you said, they change it up so much. That's great. The in game events are actually cool. Do they in game events are a lot of fun. I mean, we went to a concert one time. Dude bite? Yeah. I mean, my kids even like, we're we're excited for some of the events. It's actually exciting to be a part of them. Oh, yeah. Do they do it right like fortnight goes big with their events, lots of changes. It's a well run well made game. The only problem I think is like people are hesitant to go to it because it has like, because it's animated or it's cartoony looking. Right. Well, I feel like people don't take it sir. Other thing about it, too, is like the bloom with the guns. So the bloom does. Yeah, I don't like I don't like where you're shooting doesn't match. I mean, it's kind of annoying, you know? Yeah. And for my understanding what that means, if you guys don't know, it's kind of randomized. So even for me read someone. It's like it's randomized. If you're actually going to hit them, it's not like you automatically get that shot. If you're pointed at someone. Yeah, it's like, obviously, that changes and yeah, obviously, there's some algorithms so changes with distance. Like if you're close, you're gonna hit them, but yeah, but no, I mean, I'm excited. I'm I'll definitely try it out. Yeah, well, I mean, I'm sure I'll give it a shot. We'll have to do a windy game night. You know. Goon Squad fortnight podcast. Yeah. All right. So this you put this on here and then I did some research but Counter Strike too. So Counter Strike huge game. We know never got into it. Like it just I played. I played late, which was like five years ago and did not have fun because I just got steamrolled. It was cool. But again, the graphics so like, even back then it just wasn't, wasn't like good. You know, it's an older game. It's an old game. So yeah, my experience with it. Yeah. I mean, I like the competitive nature of it. Like people are way into it, you know, but yeah, it's one of those things. One Yeah, the times fast and like to go in there now. Like you said, I'd have the same experience. Yeah, I wonder, you know, I think I feel like I heard people are still like competitively playing that game. But as far as casuals, I don't can't imagine there's that many that still play, but maybe I'm wrong. Yeah. So anyways, it sounds like people data mined like Nvidia drivers or something, and found some files that basically alluded to a counter strike to beta coming out. Right, okay. I don't even know I just I just saw that people were tweeting about Counter Strike to coming out. Okay, so, so I watched a video you guys can just search YouTube Counter Strike to beta. There was a guy named Tyler something, a bigger channel, that kind of did a breakdown on it. Just look for Counter Strike. Tyler subs over 100,300 or something? Yeah. I'm sure he's some big name and Counter Strike or something, you know. Anyways, they basically said and I might butcher some of this because I don't know all the details of this stuff. I don't follow Counter Strike. But it sounds like it's theirs. They basically like updated it. He's so he said Counter Strike Global Offensive source to Israel. Not a whole new game. So it sounds like they've updated I don't know if it's the graphics or what are the engine that it's on to source to? I don't know. I don't know what that means. But it's not a new here. It sounds like the same game that they've updated. So I don't know. But like you tried to describe what sorts to I don't know. Well, yeah, I have no idea. I just legit we know nothing about this game. Yeah, yeah. I'll say I'll say just from my point of view, and again, I'm speaking out of turns, I have no idea but to me, it seems that like valorant a better version of Counter Strike, but I don't know. I guess it's got the abilities which don't want I would say that's probably a big downside of it is a velar it's very cartoony you know, yeah, colors to me that my impression of Counter Strike is like those are the hardcore FPS guys, you know, yeah. It's like holding the angles, you know, like these really precise shots, stuff like that. The thing I don't like about I don't know if I'm gonna play like as a casual, like, I'm just gonna hurt the team, and they're gonna get like pissed off at me. Yeah. And and we're like, we're kind of the battle rails. So a Counter Strike battle rail. And I don't think that we're not I don't think so. All right, so let's move on. That's our gaming news little segment there. Let's talk. Yeah, let's talk about war zone now. So the skill based matchmaking. Now if you don't know what that is, basically, the better you are, the harder lobbies you get in, the worse you are matching people have an equivalent skill. And from their perspective, it's to keep like the players happy so that these monsters aren't coming in, you know, these demons that play all day aren't coming into some little kids lobby and destroying them. Now, we do know that it is a heavily abused system that most streamers, use VPNs and stuff to get in those easier lobbies in the past, you know, I mean, I wouldn't even say just streamers. I felt even a lot of casuals do that VPNs. Again, you can tell I mean, the marketing, they're all over the place now. And I will. I'm talking about I'm talking about VPN specifically used for gaming? Oh, yeah. I mean, we've been hit up to do advertisements for VPNs and stuff in because they know our audience would buy would probably purchase, um, you know, maybe not ours, but you know what I mean? But the gaming audience in general, but no, so the I'll be like, 100% real, like, I've never used a VPN. But I have played with you on your son's account that one time. And we got in lobbies that were amazing. From a content creation perspective. I understand why someone would do that. Because the lobbies I've been getting in lately are so sweaty, they're all extremely difficult, you know? Yeah, no, well, we played on the just the other day. I played on the PS five in the house again, because I was watching the kids so I had to play on the there well, therapy is five now but I was playing on my account in our lobbies were very difficult when again on my account with you because we have decent KD so we get through on this hard lobbies. If I played on my son's account, I'm telling you and I watched him and somebody else play like we'll take turns playing on his account and man it is like it's night and day. And so I understand why as skill based matchmaking exists and like because like for like, you know, kids like him. It is fair with the people he plays against however, there's repercussions are the better you get like for people like us, it's harder and it's not fun. Yeah, it's not too bad for us because we're not like full time content guys like trying to get when we play for fun we like to play in that's like our gaming is like when we get some downtime. We jump on and play a little bit. It sucks when you get in these lobbies that are crazy, but I mean worse. We still have a decent time. You know, you just have you know, like today I jumped on for a couple before this. And I just did random Duo's and Dude, we were just in the sweatiest of lobbies. I mean, it was just it's almost like the slide cancelling you know, type stuff, more guys throwing their bodies out, but like you can tell the plays people would make like you're getting pushed hard by people, you know? Yeah. So I just Sargon Well, I was just anyways, I was doing I was I was gonna talk about I was watching Ahsoka love or SoCal. I'm calling him SoCal love still have no idea how to say his name. But yeah, it's so Cal like he used to live there. It makes sense to say SoCal love, but he lives in I think he lives in Florida. So is he not repping Cal anymore. He's still rep says it's so kinda thing. Is that something? I don't know. But I do like watching the guy because he plays usually this quads. And he like he gets a ton of wins. And he's totally like, his gameplay is totally legit. Like, you can tell it's legit, and I enjoy watching somebody who can get wins and you know, they're legit, you know? And no 100% And the best thing about him is comps dude. He like they he's got that team run like a machine. Oh, yeah, they and I liked their comps are on point. And I like a lot of the guys he plays with because they're all kind of similar. It's like most guys are low key and they just do their thing. You know, they're part of that team. So it's fun to watch him but he did do us today. And dude, talk about having a rough time. You could tell in his lobbies. He was in the sweatiest which you would expect because he's like, I mean, he's got a super high KV because the way he plays and stuff, you know, in terms of when so he was in the sweatiest I think today, he only got like maybe one or two ends which is he usually gets like six or seven, you know? But I'm not Yeah. And it's it's not that he wasn't trying I watched his games and dude, just every team they ran into just extremely sweaty and it's to us, so Dude, it was harder anyways. You know? Yeah, well, no, I'm with you. I mean, just from my my little sample size, it does seem for whatever reason we're getting in hard lobbies right now and it just isn't fun. One thing I'll say about him, which is funny, and just this is the reality of him. He's not the best player like if you watch Ahsoka love play, he's not like the he doesn't have the best shots. He's not like a demon or anything. But just because he plays so tactical, they win a lot, which is which actually, I like about him. You know, I appreciate a guy that can miss a few shots here and there. You know, it's refreshing. It's totally reliable, like watching because when I watch some of these other streamers, I'm like, Hey, I've tried. And I'm not even like making commentary on them. I'm just saying I straight up can't do what they do. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yep. Anyway, so long story short, skill based matchmaking is real. And it's in full effect right now. At least. Yeah, and also one of the things I just I just don't like skill based matchmaking. If I think back to like, when we used to play multiplayer, I don't think skill based matchmaking was a thing. At least I wasn't. I've never been aware that it was. And I had fun and you'd run into demons. And it was actually fun back then. Because it was like a, it was pretty cool. Oh, dude, this guy is like crazy. Like, I want to, like try to get him you know, I want to try to beat them or be challenging. Whereas now it's like that. I mean, that exists if you play high enough, but for these younger guys who are say, like kids, you're not really gonna run into many demons. You know, I guess maybe you will occasionally. But I like the challenge of it. I just don't think it's needed at all. And there's too many negative side effects even having it Yeah, I think the community as a whole vote skill based matchmaking out. Yeah, and no one will no one wants it. And so again, I think the only argument I've heard is that a protects these younger plants, or are people asking to be protected like that? No. It's just, it's just to keep him in the game. As a kid, you'd like to play against harder. People like oh, man, those guys are really good. You know? What, because you should want to get better and be like, Okay, I'm not where I need to be. There's clearly another level, I need to work harder. But the skill based matchmaking makes it actually a negative thing. If you work harder, you just play gets harder people. Yeah. Yep. So. So I feel like right now in warzone, in general, the bugginess of everything is out of control. So like the laggy lobbies have been horrible. The servers are terrible right now. I don't know what's going on with them. It's bad though. Like it's the other day, it was just laggy lobby after laggy lobby, every single one. You know, you just see constant laggy lobbies disconnections. And we actually talked about this off off pod that like, there's no tournaments going on at all. And there's like, there used to be always these different tournaments, we watch these streamers and even some, some lower guys that lower level guys you haven't heard of, maybe we could get in, or like they have the big tournament where everyone can just, you know, try to compete and qualify, but there's nothing like there is nothing at all about this, which actually kind of kills the game because there's like, no excitement to it. And I think the reason why is because the game is so buggy, you can't have a tournament right now. There's no shot. If somebody because people are just going to air out, and then it's going to make the game even look worse. Yeah, it's not uncommon dude in a session to have like, it happened multiple times to people, you know, like, yeah, the divers and it just it makes for such a bad player experience, you know? Oh, yeah. Well, it's frustrating. It's like, that's how I feel about this game is frustration with these different issues. That shouldn't be a thing now aside from like, the style of the gameplay and like, the way they make the game feel now and look at what that's like a side just that how the game performs is bad. Yeah. And that's like, what should we dialed like that? This is the that's like one of the, like, top tier things, you know? Dude, this is like a $1 billion company. I mean, the game is gigantic. And they like put this out with this many problems is crazy. It's crazy. This is like a normal thing now with them. Yeah, it doesn't seem like they're that concerned with what they're already they're already working on the next game. You know, like I said, they're the next release, you know, and it's like, we know you guys gotta stop like, stop working on other things, fix this, and then move forward like get these things fixed. So it doesn't happen again in the next iteration of war zone three and war zone four if they're lucky enough to even get there, you know? Yeah, like I would love if they just closed down the item shop and said, Hey, If we're not going to work on any of this stuff until our game is fixed. I mean, the problem is cash is king here and they got to make their money. That's the problem. And so you have this. I feel like it's we're stuck on a hamster wheel where they won't stop chasing its tail or whatever or eating its tail, whatever it is, you know, you don't it's certainly a hamster hamster wheel. hamster wheel does the same thing. But yeah. Well, buddy knows. So this is the first time this has happened to me personally, I think I've seen other people but dude, I'm in Duo's, I got a good teammate. We're working well together getting near in zone, I hit the base station by my weapon, it was a regain, you know, I buy my weapon. I'm stuck in the base station zones coming in hot on me. I can't get myself out. I'm jumping around, I'm switching weapons. I'm trying everything. Finally, I just start shooting and it somehow pops me out of it. But I'm deep in the storm and die. is a fun experience to have. It's just No, it's not. No, it's not. It's just weird. It's like what mechanic makes it so you get stuck in a bind station. You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't know. But I was wedged in there pretty hardcore. And it felt like I was standing on it when I bought. So I don't understand how I phased into it, you know? Well, you know what it is and what I feel like because a lot of these a lot of things that we've seen, like the glitches, like we had the same kind of issues in the previous war zone, or preamp previous war zones. And it's like, eventually they kind of fix them. But these same typical types of behaviors happen over and over. And I just wonder if they have no idea what's actually wrong. And they maybe just find a way to patch the first one. And now for all these? I think so. I think so it would make sense. I'm not positive about that. It seems like the clipping into stuff and like stuff, you know, falling into the ground. And that's like just never ending. And it's worse now I feel like than ever. You can't do ammo boxes on rocks, so go through it and stuff. And it's just like everywhere. Yeah, I just feel like they're coding. It's probably like, out of control. Like if there's code everywhere. It's not organized. Well, they don't know how to fix it. Like they have a term called spaghetti code, right? where everything's intertangled you touch one thing and break some million other things. You know, it's like I feel like that's what they're working with like old code that was never optimized they never took the time to really fix it and make it easily modifiable if you want to say that and so that's why the kid with a can't fix up the RB don't want to because they're afraid of the repercussions fixing that might have other places. Yeah, all of a sudden, we got invincible players again, you know, wanted surprise. I don't think there's been any, like huge things that we had, like Inver danske as far as like, just game breaking glitches you No no, no, you're right. I haven't. I'm trying to think of the last one because he had invisible players we had invincible, and they just kept keep coming kept coming back in for dance to where you would go into the game thinking you're gonna get a win. And then there'd be somebody stem glitching or something and like are invisible or invisible. Whatever. Hey, do you remember actually, this is a side note. Do you remember the greatest play ever? Where I killed the invisible or invincible guy? Or do that one? That was the best. That was the best. I do remember when I tell the story. Okay, so back in for dance. There was some I think it was an invincible invisible glitch. It was the double whammy where there couldn't see him. And they would just kill you. So guys, and I forget how they did that one. I don't know if that was the helicopter one where they're switch seats and crash it and now they're invincible, indivisible. It might have been that. But anyways, so these guys will be on the map and you get deleted. And you'd never see them and you can't hurt them. But there was one way somebody figured out. If you wrote back, back back up or run them over, I think maybe you could run them over as what it was, I think is what it is you can shoot them but you could run them over now guys, you can't see them. Right? So we're playing. And it's our squad, right? And this is back when our boys were playing with us and stuff. So this is a great time. But we know this glitches in game, it's extremely frustrating because it's impossible to win, you know? Right? So. So we like we're hitting a battle with an invisible, invincible guy. No one can see him as soon as someone dies. They're like, Hey, dude, this guy was like right on me, you know? And we're like, he's we can't see anybody this dude just toying with us, right? He's taking us down. So it goes to where I'm like the last one up everyone's dead. And there happens to be a big truck right there. So I just jump in a truck. I can't see this guy. I just start reversing around, and I killed it. I killed that bastard. That was the best probably one of the best moments of our gaming history there. I would say it was because we caught a cheater. I mean, he's not a legit cheater. He's just breaking the game in a different I mean, that's cheating. But he he's a low level cheater in my eyes. But yeah, this dude thought he was just gonna toy with us and just destroy us. And he got run over like an idiot. I mean, how do you get? You're invisible. The only way you can die is getting run over and somehow he got trucked away you die and stay near that vehicle that's trying to run you over? Well, dude, I just remember he was such like a shot in the dark. And when I read him over, we were all just like, cheering like, Yeah, we went nuts. I remember that. That was That was awesome. Because of doing that are so slim, you know, because you can't see him, you had no idea where he was. You're listening to this podcast, you're a real idiot. thing I wanted to mention I was thinking about and this is something that they could do to improve the game is when you so say like your internet goes out, or you know how, when you're in the game, and your internet goes out, or something happens like whether what network connection, they need to have a way for you to reconnect to the same game. You know, because other games have that where you can like you disconnect, but then like it should still search kind of keep hitting you every like, maybe try for like a minute. And then if you don't, if it doesn't kill your internet connection doesn't get back on, then you can do you. But there's times where you're going to go out for like, you know, 15 seconds, and then boom, it's back on. And then you can jump back in the game. This doesn't have that ability. And I'm fairly certain other games have that? Yeah, that would. I mean, that's like a much deeper level than I know how that would work. But it sounds awesome. It sounds like a quality of life improvement in the game that everyone would enjoy. Oh, dude, that'd be huge, right? Yeah. Because how many times have you had somebody get kicked out of your wall one people just get there's a problem right now people get kicked out for like, God knows what reason. So they need to fix that first stop disconnecting people, and then also handle the network issue. Yeah, I saw I've heard of multiple people that are kind of pinpointing things that are causing them to get like diverged and stuff. And I think one of them was the sniper rifle. Like there was something with the sniper that they thought was causing it to DC them from the game. Actually, no, I think that's I was saying that I would love to open the developers why that happens. Like what where's the connection that anything on the sniper would cause you to get booted from the game? Yeah, if I mean that was like a theory so who knows? Now I would love to hear why these are happening and how they're going to fix them is what I would love to hear. Well, yeah, we're gonna get into the disgruntled community because a lot of this has to do with that. Yeah, yeah, a lot of it has to do with this we're on Ashika let's talk about the new event that's out oh the data heist yeah so data high scheme now there's data heist and then there's the that that soldier hasn't shown up yet the What's his fruit the name the rusher Banshee in Russia, where he's gonna come in like choppy very creative name. He rushes at you Yeah. But he's not in the game yet. But so the bots so they have these data heist events, you'll see it when you're playing it'll be like a big yellow circle over the data heist area. And it ties into those if you want to unlock the crossbow. It's one of the you have to do like a few of those. But anyways, they're not bad like I did. I've done a couple of them the bots the nerf the bots they didn't put very many in there and they're pretty easy to take out it's kind of like nothing honestly it's not it's not bad. I don't think it's exciting really you have to just go to these stations you upload something a file that you have to kind of guard or whatever and then it's done. So do you get did you do all three in one match? No I haven't done all three I've just done like one at a time. It's so what happens when you do it? I don't know I just unlocked the thing nothing really. You didn't get a bunch of loot or anything maybe you're supposed to do all three well they did say in the what is it the release notes of the season two notes whatever they said that when you do all three you get like better loot I thought you go remember we were making fun of I thought they said you they give you a claim or something. Oh yeah, it was like the lottery system thing. Yeah. Yeah. If that was the fish feeding the SIL thing was the lottery thing? I don't know, I don't I don't know. I never have tried honestly, I don't really care to try. It's kind of it's a pain. Because it's usually at least when I've had it's kind of a little later in the game, and depending on where they put it, it's like, is it worth it? I don't even I don't really care enough in the game, I'm more playing to try to get away. So I'm trying to think of like, what type of mission what I actually want to do, like bounties are cool, right? That makes sense. You have a team that's fun. What are their missions searches aren't fun, but you get the idea about around you, what about like a jetski game where you have to like jump off stuff. And like, hit a bunch of like, triggers, you know, like, go through little gates. Okay, that'd be fun. If they again, the problem of the day jet skis, is they didn't make them so you can really launch them and there's no jumps, like, right? Now, I mean, you could kind of jump off things, but it's not like fun. Like, you know, like when you play some other game. Wave Runner, for example, in 64, or something like it's fun, you're bouncing through waves, there's jumps, this one, there's like waves, but they're not big enough where you can really launch these things. Like they need to make them like faster, may need to make him so you can launch them off things. I want to launch off the jetski into the middle of the map. Okay, what about, okay, we have a half baked idea. I'm going to save it. I'm going to put it down in our notes down here. And I'm going to if you guys got to stay till the end to find out what it is. Okay, well, while you're doing that, one other thing I want to I want guns on the jet skis or rockets, like make them make them fun. So you have that and you're actually kind of dangerous, because right now you write them. And to me, they're not like, I'll use it if I have to escape, but I'm not really wanting to write those around. You throw some like machine guns, mainly rockets. I'm gonna rock it on there. So you just launched rockets, and especially for those in games, then they're actually useful. I don't know. I don't know about the rockets on them. I actually think they need to be faster though. I think they need to fly. So I think they need to fly. And then it's all good. All right. So another thing in Warzone as she kept related here is phase booya. Another content creator here has put out a load out which Charlie Intel did an article on. Of like, what let me read you the title because it's pretty aggressive. Phase Bucha proves Warzone TOS best AR is perfect for a Sheikha island. So I find multiple things wrong with this one. It's not known as Warzones. Best AR. It was beeping before the update. Or one of Yeah, it was up there. But so they're talking about the what is it tech? 5656? Yeah. What is a good gun? It's not bad. It's just not top tier metal gun. So anyways, he has his loadout for it. And I actually tried it. It's okay. It's not bad, but it's not as good as the hemlock. The Hemlock just is the metal gun right now. Yeah, and I think the at least the thing I saw just looking at briefly, it's got that oh, well, the laser right. So you can add is quick because you're not looking down the skin and different. That's the cannon. But what can its canted? Delete? No. So you're still looking down site? Yeah. Oh, well, then. Yeah, I don't even get why do you use that one you want? It's yeah. So I'm telling you. No, I tried to if you if you liked the tech 56 It's not it's a good build and everything. It's just not like the hemlock or I'd rather go Hemlock are seeking over right now. Well, and that's this the dilemma of the streamer is because a lot of these guys push content on YouTube, obviously to promote themselves, then people go watch them stream. Well, there's only a few meta guns. So then what do they do? They just keep using other guns, make them look good. And then call them meta and then put a video out, you know? Yeah, so I would not say that. I think that the title of that one was a little overstated. It's just it's clear right now, like, in my opinion, I'll give you guys the loadouts to run. Run a hemlock. It's great. Love it. Seekins great love is Sapiens, it's a LMG. So your reload and EDS time reload is specifically takes a long time, but you can run a giant like 100 Round magnet, so you wouldn't even need to reload but we all have little rat brains and we reload constantly and I cannot break myself from that habit. I can't stop it. Stop reloading. Yeah. Stuck in that animation so many times. So those are money. The Lachman or MP five whatever you want to call it, that things dialed in money. Hipfire monster. Use that. Yeah, that's good. And the Broadside with the Dragon's Breath rounds is money. So if you're going to close range, broadside Lachman for meta, if you're going a little mid long the hemlocks taken in the room LM G's up there. I never use their own G much but no, and I'll say this. I feel like because I like to say Kim but I'm gonna move towards the hemlock just because I die a lot when I have this taken out and some guys surprised me, and then I don't have time to AEDs on him and it's even just slow. Yeah, I think I think like a resurgence the hemlock Lachman or Hemlock Broadside is a pretty good combo. Yeah, I that's what I want to run. But I'll say this, dude, if you have a team button open, you have that Seiken you can just move them down. So that's the positive that is and a lot of people are liking them for two right now. So okay, so someone in the comments talked about in the YouTube comments talked about the M four. And I, when we were playing, I was using it. It's like just ground loop. It was pretty good. So that's something to check out. Yeah, I've picked it up ground loop. But I was all over the place. I mean, that's probably more of a me issue than the gun issue. But But by the way, a little side, side note here. Like I said, I play with Dan on the PS five on my TV. And shout out to everyone still playing on a normal size TV because it is hard. Like especially for my eyes were a little tired that day too. But with the big screen and just the input delay, I feel like it's just slow moving, you know, especially playing on a PS five compared to like, the PC setup where you have the remote overclocked, so your input, just like snappy play on a smaller screen. It is so much better. A higher refresh rate. Higher hurts, you know, like everything. It's a different game. It really is. Respect. Potato dude, you were announced. That was so hard. Like, I'm not gonna lie about it. It was so bad. Like, it was every gunfight. It was one of those and I know you guys, you guys have had these moments, where you feel like you're like, you know, I would get down and damage a guy and then dared would come in and not be able to finish any of the dirty laundry. The funniest part is listening to you because I know you're getting frustrated and you're trying to be nice. In your voice. It was bad. It's hard to switch over. And I remember feeling like that when we played caldera before we had PCs. where for whatever reason, sometimes man I just felt like it was every movement was like I was stuck in mud, you know? Yeah, you were you could tell it wasn't just I mean, your gameplay was terrible. But it was just like out of swords playing on it. Like you were like, it was like Derek over here. Hey, Jared, I'm pushing these guys, Derek like, a little icon. And it's just like, it's good for you. When I can tell off your icon that you're confused. There's a problem. Okay, there was one time. I don't want to admit this. I told you that they gave there was one time where dad's like, Hey, I'm moving over here. And I'm like, okay, okay, I'm following. And then Dan's like, where are you at? I'm like, I'm right behind you. And then he's like, you're not even close to me. And I look, I was following myself on the menu. Yes, okay. Okay, I remember this. I didn't understand what that even meant. How do you follow yourself on a mini map? I thought I was right behind you. So I looked at the mini map, and I'm just looking at my arrow, you know, and I'm like, Okay, I'm right behind him. I'm just running. I couldn't see you. But I was like, Oh, I'm just okay. Because the area was kind of Terranea. You know, high. Mountain, so I'm okay. He's right in front of me somewhere. So you follow me so close. It was exactly the movements. We were gonna say. That's exactly what happened. But for some reason, I thought I was following you. And I was looking at my own arrow. That's so funny. Because I remember you saying that, and I was laughing but I'm like, how, wait, how do you follow yourself? Again, I had been up really late working that night, and mentally I was out of it. I'm gonna be honest, that was like part of it as well. And I don't know how I did that. But uh, hey, congratulations to me. I don't know many other people that have done that. Yeah, so let's move on towards on season two reloaded. So that's the load is our new thing to say. Right. That new the updates in this new season? It's reloaded. Not patched. It's reloaded. Yeah, yeah. So so, you know, I don't know too much about what's gonna happen with reloaded. Obviously, there's gonna be a lot of different gun changes and stuff. And I think that's in a couple weeks, right. Did you look at the I tried, I couldn't get dates. It's coming up though. Yeah, so a lot of lots of things are gonna change they always do and reloaded or midseason updates. But the one thing that's for certain is that they're gonna give you all squad modes. So you're gonna have solos, Duo's trios and quads and Ashika, which thank God I don't know why we're waiting. Till then, but you have to wait till the until you play all the different modes. Yeah, that that's the one thing. It's not even I'm not even. I mean, I'll be excited when I find out what they're doing with it. But the thing I was seeing the squad size, like that's what they're like saying they're going to do is crazy because it's like why that should be here now. It's like, well, it's really funny. It's like hey, you're getting reloaded now you can play all squad sizes. It's it's like, shouldn't have been on like launch. Yeah, it goes back to like the whole beta aspect of things where they're releasing these games like DMZ beta mode and all that stuff where these games are not finished when they're putting them out, man, the whole thing's almost a beta like, it's not done. And then they these updates were on here we are, it's now we're gonna go to the season two, I guess. Okay, she could just email but it's kind of go to reload it until you can actually play in different squad size, which is not something that I think is something you wait on, you know, like, no, and you know, to be honest, man, I'm just not optimistic about what's even going to be in the update. Because you know, when they used to update, like, the whole time I played for dance. I always had hope. I'm like, Oh, this next updates gonna be sick. You know, it's gonna re re energize the game. And then every update, it's just like, it's been disappointing. I in fact, I can't even tell you one that I like thought, oh, this thing was awesome. I agreed up Halloween was the only one that was amazing. But that's like an event. Really? Right. Yeah, that's how we've been. And I do remember the zombie shift crashing and we thought there was going to be some crazy changes. Now it was just a ship with zombies that crashed and that's about it. Do well that's what I'm telling you about the game like the code why like the development wise? Excuse me of the game? I don't know why it just feels like they have a hard time making many changes, if any to it. You know, everything is slow moving. Yeah. I mean, again, you look at fortnight do they change the frickin maps all the time, like the terrain they know the blob penalize and just, this thing just isn't that they just aren't even competitive with fortnight on that front. I mean, they updated the El maaser map with like a new poi the plane crash or whatever. I'm gonna be honest, I don't even in the tunnel system thing. I don't even realize that's even in the game. Like it's so well, insignificant. You know, in fairness, in fairness, I haven't even played all Bosphorus since that date. I don't believe I have played resurgence. But yeah, it's like you make it, you got to do something to make people want to play it. You know, like, that should be the goal, like, season two is coming out, guess what, we're adding dinosaurs to the game. Like, that's like, whoa, that's weird. Here's the like, here's the basic line here. I'm gonna help I'm gonna help out the developers here. You're gonna do an update to the map when you land or you're when you're dropping in, you should be able to see this update. You know what I mean? Yeah, from the sky from the sky. And she'd be like, Whoa, it should grab you your attention. And be like, Whoa, what is that are? Wow, that looks crazy. Or you know what I mean? Like, give, like, some emotional response to this update that's released, not like, Hey, wait, I thought they updated something here. Is there a period? Yeah, you know, I like Yeah. Where's it? Have you been? Have you even seen it? Now? I don't even know where that is, you know, like that you're, you shouldn't play the game for multiple hours and still not even know what it is that they update. I know that that's a that's a great point. You're right, you need some sort of emotional response. Excitement would be the motion, I'd be looking for that sadness. I guess they get sadness a lot out of this. Yeah, you take it for a second. It's raining. I gotta check if the dogs are inside. This, I'm telling you, this guy and his dogs. It's just never ending here. So the next thing we're gonna talk about is kill cams. Because I wanted to talk to Darren he's got some stuff he wants to say too. But there's multiple issues I have with these kill cams, and Darren is gonna get into the back of like, how they work. He looked it up and I don't know you guys know how to probably have nothing to say that he knows but you know, we'll go on with it. Anyways, as you can he's not with me right now. So that's why I'm saying that. Anyways, so the issues I have with the killed cams. I have a couple of things. One, I don't know how even reliable they are. Especially like, you know, when back when we were like, looking to see if people were cheating and whatnot. You they to me the hill cam was totally unreliable. There was like a lot of lag with it. And it did it looked suspect back then. And I would say now it's worse. And half the time I actually don't even really get a hill him. I'll kill someone and I'll just go Straight to gulag, and I don't know what the mechanic there that happens is sometimes I don't see it. And honestly now I most of the time I skip it. Because every person I see, it looks like they have a bot or something. And I know it's not the case from when I'm playing. It doesn't feel like that right now, most of the time. But there's definitely sometimes I'll look at the killcam. And I'll see it and just be like, that looks like the most suspect thing I've seen, you know, but even more than that, when you're looking at the killcam. You don't see like, if you were paying, you don't see if they have a UAV up, you don't see any of that. And that's where you get killed. Do you think people have walls sometimes? Well, if you got pinged by an enemy, you wouldn't even know it off watching that. killcam you know, I see. It's a great point. It's a great point. Yeah, no, I in the context of this, this was brought up in an article like how to fix like the false report problem. And someone someone proposed this idea of like actually showing you if you're pained or like, I don't know if he mentioned UAV, that'd be good to some indicator that you could know they saw me, you know, for whatever reason. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, there should be an easy way to do that. Like your markers. I don't know. But I because I do think a lot of people falsely report because they forget that. Oh, yeah, I guess the enemy team could have pinged me. I'll tell you what, I bet you 99% of people forget that. That's even a thing when they're watching you feel cam? Because I do. I never thought I was just gonna say dude, I literally do not even I mean, we stopped even like watching kill cams and see if that's what I just, I legit just don't even trust them. But yeah, you're right. I forget, like, I bet there's been a lot of times where I'm like, Oh, that guy suspects like, oh, well, he they paid you or they had UAV, you know, well, that was the funny I was watching someone play the other day. And I saw they pinged a player for their teammate that was like, really far away. And they were separated from their teammate, you know, and I'm thinking there's like a classic example of like, you know, why did that guy pre fire me or, you know, around that corner, he's gotta have walls? Well, if his teammate who's not near them, marked him, you get killed by that guy. You see that? His teammates, nowhere near him. So you're like, Oh, well, there's, there's teammate couldn't have told him anything. He's not even around here. And the guy runs around, like he pre fires you around a wall. You know, you're gonna just think instantly I had walls or something, when in reality, probably you got pinned. You know what's bad. This is how bad cheating has got it. Like, this has to be a thing because people don't trust anyone in the game anymore. And you need to kill a camp just identify if that guy's cheating. Yeah. So I mean, honestly, this is like when I get killed now that I just look at their hills, like, how long does this guy have? Is it worth even like watching him just, you know, from my own life? My own knowledge if I think he was cheating or not. And then if it's a streamer or something, I will maybe go watch the stream, if I want to even go that far into it. Most of the time, not but you have a so one of the thing I watched this video on how so he was talking about how the kill cams work. But still he was talking about this is how even call it the I think the title was about Call of Duty, but I just don't imagine this is but I'll tell you why. So he was saying it's not actually replaying the video. Like it's not storing that video information, like the pixels, right? And well how it looked like, if I'm storing that guy screen? Yes, yeah, it's not storing that. Because that would take a lot of space, it's actually storing the inputs of all the players, and then replaying it. However, that works. replay it, and I don't know how they get the image behind it, but they do. Maybe it stores the image up positions to I don't know, but and that's how they get the killcam The only problem is, well, how does that make sense when I'm looking at it? And then the guy is like jumping? You know, it's like jumping around. It doesn't make sense to me because like we say you don't trust the kill cams, because a lot of times it's off. Yeah. So I'm curious on how this how it is. Good. Yeah, I think it's more of an understand the issue here is I mean, that would make sense if like, the inputs are stored, so you're watching those inputs, but it's not lining up, right. Like the frames of the image don't match. Like because to me, they all look really snappy, even guys, I'm not even suspect of a lot of times it looks really snappy. Like there's missing frames of that image. You know, you're that's a good point. Maybe it's just the image that's the problem. Yeah, there's something off with it though. And honestly, it's, I hate to say it, but like maybe just take them out of the game because it makes it it It's more frustrating to watch bad kill cams than it is if you just didn't have one in the first place. Yeah, but that's an edge I want. I want to see that. I know I gotta kill cams, it's a huge part of the game like, and you want to you want to see if you were really outplayed. Like how it worked, how the whole thing went, you know? I mean, I'd even argue I'd like to even see more of it, like making me have a longer so you can really see how they got you. Well, that's, you know, that's the funny thing is, like you said, Now, it's like, you wouldn't watch a killcam necessarily. I mean, honestly, I don't watch it to see like, like, what was the move he did there. It's like, my first initial thought, and this is what's messed up with the game is, once you Chidi The first thing you watch is his aim, like didn't snap to me. And they all look like that. I mean, some obviously are more a little more than others. But it's like the hill cams jacked. Well, in Virginia, I mean, honestly, in for dance, the CIM prom was so bad that that's why everyone still thinks like that, for the most part. And that's why we talked about like, hey, when we play, we're not talking about cheaters anymore. I don't even care. Just play, because it gets so like in your head and it causes frustration and it ultimately doesn't matter. You have no control over that. Yeah, actually, that's a good point. There's a paradigm shift that we've done, or we're still working on. We're always a work in progress. But it's like don't even care if like, obviously, I care if they're cheating, but it's like don't make that the focal point of your game. Like, Oh, that guy's cheating. It's like God, I would suspect Alright, move on. On to the next and honestly, I usually try to go and kill him anyways, like, I may land far away and hopefully I've seen him at the endzone. You know? I mean, honestly, I know there's still cheaters in the game, but like, the majority of the time, I don't feel like I'm getting cheated. So that is a positive thing about it right now. Well, dude, the rage hackers, like I'll say this, like, I have not seen one. I don't even know the last time I saw rage. I think I saw one at some point. But like, I'm seriously seeing one inverse dance all the time. All the time. Oh, yeah. So for dance was nuts. So something's working. Or they've just finely tuned their their bots so that you can't tell anymore? Which is good, because then maybe they'll miss more shots. I don't know. I don't know there. are speaking of disgruntled and cheating, you have a little category war zone community disgruntled and then under that was war zone to a failure. Yeah, so we'll hit that failure just to talk about like, big picture war zone stuff. But I you know, on Twitter, I just like, it's, I like it, I don't, I have to follow all the big streamers, because you gotta kind of get a pulse of what everyone's thinking, right? And they do like it or not, they do have a lot of influence with the game. And so I hate it though, because sometimes they annoy the heck out of me. But in this scenario, I've just seen it like it's everywhere. Right now everyone's complaining about the game. And I'll tell you a couple little excerpts that I've seen. So first of all, talk about Iceman Isaac, he's he's pretty outspoken about a lot of things. But he says everyone is. I know a dear if that's the problem that Twitter to get into anyways. He says seriously, it's that easy console with the players in the community, you know, like they used to, to create something that rewards players progression and Warzone would explode back to for dancing numbers slash sentiment. Hmm. That's interesting. Well, it's interesting first, so it sounds like he's done the loop here. It sounds like they used to go to these top content guys, or these higher level content and get their opinion on stuff. Which isn't necessarily bad. But it sounds like he doesn't have the input that he wants in it, and is not happy about it. Yeah. And I'll say this, like these streamers, like him or not, a lot of them play the game a lot and probably have good ideas, you know, on what should change. The problem is there's too many voices like which one do you console which ones right, which ones are um, but I will say there's generally there's general things with this game, the new one that are issues that they all seem to have agreed on, like the movement they all don't like, you know? Yeah, but I'm against changing. I think the movement is fine right now, especially with that played the plating. Like, I'm sure they're all against that. And that's a I think that was a good fix. Like being played faster. Yeah, I think consulting the streamers, okay, that's fine. But the whole community as the community as a whole needs to be consulted. They're not as important as they think they are. Just my opinion. This one's coming from Huskers Warzone two might be the most unbalanced and still game from a triple A studio I've ever played in my 20 years of gaming. Never Have I seen a studio leadership's so out of touch with the game and the community? It's a damn shame. I mean, I agree with like, I agree with the out of touch thing. Okay, so from like a communication perspective, it really feels like there is zero communication between the studio and the gamers like any of us I don't feel like we have any idea what's going on. don't really feel like they listened to whatever one wants the I just feel like they're just gonna do it. Yeah, it seems like they have like a roadmap that they're following. And they're not deviating from it even if it doesn't make any sense like the base stations not having all the things you can by the for some reason they're not changing these things. You know, well yeah to me or it's it's the quality of life improvements in the game, you know? Yeah, and in fairness, they have made concessions like the loadouts came back in the game those weren't going to be their perks right person was going to be the game and all those came back in so they have made little changes but like you said, there's other big things still out there that everyone hates and they will not change that like bots in the game. I don't think people really like bots in the game. Yeah, I'm okay with bots at strongholds now, but again, is that the haften Like that one stronghold is literally almost unplayable or the black site just because there's so many bots and you get third party and it's just not fun like and nobody everybody knows this, you know? Yeah, I mean the one part two is like the unbalanced I don't I don't really know what he means by unbalanced I don't think it's unbalanced. Unbalanced and still game. Still, I understand. I do think that still I agree with still I mean, this is from March 3. So it's not that long ago with updating everything because I mean, maybe you could say unbalanced as far as like the inventory stuff were guys who hit those black sites and they're just dominating I don't know what his perspective is there. I think the game is actually the weapons are definitely balanced. Yeah, I don't know. What do you mean? Yeah. Which is a party from like a you know, they talk about skill gap. I would say as far as skill gaps concerned, it's probably the most balanced that's ever been because right from their own words, it's not there's no skill gap so totally balanced. Know, that's hard. It's hard even like you said, I don't know the context I don't really even know what he means by that when people say skilled Yep, it's people that want to drop higher Hills than they can in this current state of the game. Well, we'll get into it when I talk about the war zone ecosystem, but I guess we could talk about now too, is I think the real problem streamers have and I understand it's not as an exciting game to make clips from like it's harder to push this content out because like in the old game, the movement was so fast you can do some crazy stuff make some crazy kills and it actually was interesting to watch. Yeah, does that make sense? Because this game I don't see any crazy clips really coming out anymore like I used to know it's I mean now on a Sheikha it's a little different you can you can pull off a little more moves with it I don't know why but maybe it's it's just more people and resurgence it's more close combat stuff. But on a hell Missouri you're Yeah, you're right. It's it's more strategic and more tactical. That's like the way to play you could have a cool clip of like the way you push a team just off you're using your tactics and like tacticals and stuff, you know, but tactics, liberal tactics, tactics on getting views. Yes, the reality watch on my team tactically killed this other team. Everyone snipe now now. Well, yeah, now and let's face it, a lot of a lot of the content guys aren't about teamwork and stuff. It's more about individual play. So yeah, 100% you're right with that the map definitely the game itself doesn't cater to that. Now, last one modern war zone. He's the guy who pretends to be war zone. This is like hilarious. Yeah, he said Twitter basically is Twitter's is modern warzone. Which everyone like I when I first saw it, I thought he was actually affiliated with the game, his emblems. If he's affiliated with a yeap, it all seems like he's affiliated. He's not at all. Well, the funny is that he tweets from this one. And he also tweets from his other profile too, which has far less viewers. And the funniest thing is on his tweets, you see people talking to him as if he's the game developer. He's involved with the studio. And he again, he's not also that I just find that funny because there's still I would say, a majority of people that are like, subscribe, what do you do? Follow him on Twitter? I would guarantee a majority of them have no idea he's not affiliated with a yell. He's smart. I'll give him credit. He's smarter. Got it because the way he worded stuff not in this post in particular, but it's a lot of his posts. He words as if he is part of it, you know like, oh god. Yeah, no I'm not hating here he's done a very smart thing. I need to make my name like Warzone three Call of Duty Warzone three modern war zone 2.0 Well here do you think he already did I suddenly someone did I saw someone else did do that oh I'm sure. Anyways he's he's a just so you guys know he's a very stream he backs the streamers streamer fanboy? Yeah. So he says see a lot of people who are tired of seeing streamers complain about Warzone facts. The reason most creators are fed up with the state of Call of Duty is that we gave our feedback months before launch and most of it was completely ignored. frustrating to put it as putting it lightly. I love that we like we are you because I legit don't even know if he plays like he I think he maybe streams it. Yeah, I don't think he's a high levels streamer guy, though. But yeah, he's definitely lumped himself into the group. But it's Twitter's big. So we'll give him I guess we'll give them that. Yeah, a lot of people retire. And I've seen streamers complained about it. Okay, so what's his? He's saying because they gave feedback and they were ignored. Well, that still doesn't take away the fact that all they're doing is complaining. Well, and again, I'll say this, some of that feedback was taken and it did make changes. So it's not like all their feedback. Again, the loadouts the perks, things people wanted even the plating recently, they they altered for again, that was a lot of what streamers were saying, and no one liked the slow plating anyways, but they're not all getting ignored. And the streamers complaining is legit annoying, because again, I'd have to follow people on Twitter. And I see the same people complain about the same thing. And so they hate the game. It's so boring. It's like it is annoying. Everyone does get to the level of like, Hey, if you don't like it that much, and it's causing you that much like mental stability was what's the word I'm looking for? If it's bothering you, that might just go play something else. Like the center man, if you want to get real about the whole thing. Here's the thing. A lot of these guys are stuck is Warzone guys. That's their content. That's what they did. A lot of them probably don't even like this game, but they're just doing it because it brings the money in from the views and clicks and all that stuff. So that's why they're frustrated. They don't like the game. They don't want to play it really but they're kind of stuck in it, you know? So it's if you're if you're doing it for money, it's not worth it. If you hate the game, go do something else. If you like the game, it's another form of voicing frustrations but just to constantly just you know hate this game and play it all the time is it's not good you know? Well no and like you said another thing I've seen and I legit see this a lot is just like different streamers who say the same type of thing where they're saying like hey man, like um, like they they all do this but they apologize to their fan base like I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry I didn't bring the energy I'm sorry I wasn't that you know, enjoying the game like I used to I've just going through like a tough time with this game. I'll be better the next one I see that over and over from like the same people and different and then I'll see the same thing again the next week again the next week and then I'll see I'm like turn around like oh no, I like this game I'm back in and then it goes back to doing this again. You know it's the same repeating pattern with these guys. Yeah. I want to bring up one thing back on Huskers where he said the game still still game from a triple A studio. I will agree. And I liked the game. I do like the game. I liked playing I liked the teamwork aspect. I like the tactile aspect. It's fun I wouldn't not play trust me if I didn't enjoy playing it. Having said that there is something about the game that is still like it didn't really bring a whole new aspect or something that really grabbed us you know at launch. Okay, and we'll get into like wars into is when we talk about wars a failure comparing it to like what really changed from Warzone one to two. I guess let's just jump into it. Well, one thing well okay, then we're gonna talk about the ecosystem afterwards because I want to talk about that ecosystem. By the way, I'm just saying this I don't think we're going to get to current events today. We are getting into current events. Well, we can go to ours and whatever. Anyways, so is wars into a failure. So let's like let's try to time travel guys. We'll try to time travel in our heads back to where we're playing any you were playing in for us. We're playing on rebirth Island, right? The game was still fun. It was you know, but we're on the same maps. We did not like caldera at all. We hated it. So we were looking for something new. We We're all a little tired of the slight canceling stuff. Not all of us but us personally. We're kind of tired. Maybe Yeah, maybe that's an older crowd thing. I don't know. I was looking for something more tactical now. They dropped all Mazara there's no rebirth. There is DMZ though betta mode. So we hit the map, the map looked great. They slowed down movement, which was a little different. Inventory, there was a different system in play. The guns were balanced, but we were all lost in what we should even use, you know. Now the map looked good. Not spectacular, but it plays great. I think. So yeah. So let's Well, let's go through each one. You know, relatively quickly. Yeah. So weapons right off the get go. What we saw when wasn't too dropped recoil. Light, right? Remember, recoil? It was a lot. There's a lot more recoil with these guns than there were in the previous warzone. Okay, that's right. Yeah, there was. So that alone was different. I'm not gonna say good or bad. I don't know. It was just different. I don't really have any thought I didn't care. That was fine. Right? Yeah, usually at this point, we're still trying to figure it out in the beginning, you know? Yeah, movement was slow down. Again, the positive side of that more tactical. And to be honest, I find it less frustrating. Okay, wait, let me go back real quick on the weapons. There was the whole implementation of extremely a lot of math extremely a lot of that's, that's words that make there was a ton of attachments for all these weapons in the way to unlock them was already really frustrating. Especially for those who didn't buy Modern Warfare two. Yes. So there's already a lot of frustration in that realm with the weapons. Because we're locking up and putting on attachments was a little overwhelming, then the UI is a disaster UI is awful. Yeah, they everyone agrees. Okay. But in the game, the game came out really buggy, too. And it's still buggy. So that's right. It was yes. Okay. By station came out. You know, and perks away. Let's talk about personal quick perks were a disaster in the beginning, some of them work some of Dennett. Now, they seem to have perks as they should be where you can actually customize them. And so they've gotten perks now to where they're essentially the same as they used to be right. Yeah. Good enough. So the buy stations fell. Yeah, base stations absolute fell, especially in the beginning, not very many extreme hotspots you couldn't your loadout and the base stations were treacherous. Yeah. And then the items the position had limited. UAVs not all biased missions have the same items. The I just hate the base stations as they currently exist. Yeah, they just there's some easy fixes that need to be done. Yeah, let's think what else like Gameplay wise, again, more tactical, like map map design itself? I think it's great. I think the design of the map is great. As far as the high points, the different strong. I wouldn't say strongholds, but like strong areas to hold, you know? Or I think they're good. The buildings. There's Yeah, now that we've played enough that you can you know, the buildings are we know better the buildings like, you don't want to go on rooftops. Some rooftops are not good. Some are so I think the map itself plays great. I don't. There's the water. It's kind of irrelevant most of the time in the maps. Yeah. So I think the flow of it is pretty good. I still would say verdienste. Probably seen and maybe that's the selja. But we're gonna answer the flow of that map. Still seems better. But I think the flow the maps good. I think the coloring of the map. Not great. It's back to kind of just bland, you know? Yeah. And that's what I was gonna say as the color palette or whatever they use it just, again, I like the poi is they're good. They're all fine, but it's all the same type of thing. And I've said this before, it's like this rundown buildings shot up like a war torn Island is what we're playing on. And it just doesn't look nice to play on. For the most part. It's okay. Yeah, it would be nice honestly, if it kept the same map but had it with the color palette, like in trees and stuff like they hadn't caldera and now again, taken away from that will say visual noise or whatever you want to say where it's almost like you couldn't see anything on that map, even though it was very colorful. Yeah, yeah, I mean, but even those colors like when I look at it, it's just really green. It's not like vibrant. Well, what else someone a vibrant visually, and we haven't even really talked about this. I have no problem seeing enemies on this map. No one that in your right, that's a good point. Because there's other masters like in people would complain all the time. Like I can't see anyone, none of that and this one. So that is a big positive. That's a huge positive that no one's even talked about because it's fixed to where I don't understand when they're really far how they turn into this like, little pixel character that doesn't move anymore and just slides across the map. Does that still happen? Oh, yeah, far distances, they just turned into this weird, you can shoot it still. It's hard because it's so far. It's like, it's so weird when you see that. It's just like this character that just moves around. But they did fix that, like, I have no prior. I've never thought like, I like there's a guy here. I just can't see him. It's like lost, you know, when they're in the open or something. I see him pretty clear now. Okay, well, so. I mean, that's a positive, big negative that we haven't talked about sound sound. Better sound is it's non existent. Yeah, I don't even use it like to it. You just can't rely on it. You know, there was a point. And I feel like he was in this game at some point where I did think I could like footsteps were dialed in. And then something changed. I don't know. Well, the multiplayer. I feel like we could hear it in the multiplayer. Well, dude, we played especially in there's like, the noise are so messed up like the helicopters get in and out. Like you can hear him then they're gone here gone. The explosions are crazy. We didn't even there's another thing, the air strikes that it shakes your screen, when you're across the map when an air strike is dropped is nutty, that that's a thing. That's so dumb. We should have, we should have saved this for another podcast, we go in depth on like every single thing. I mean, maybe we will. I mean, I would like to like compare each item. And then I really think out what it is now what it used to be. Which Which one's the better version, right? Yeah, actually, we could we could do a whole maybe we'll do a little Patreon one for that. Like in depth, deep breakdown, whatever. Maybe we'll do it on here. We'll see. But yeah, so. So going back to the original question was wars into a failure? And I would say no, I would say it's not a failure, in that. It's the things that I said back in the I mean, you'd probably go back and listen if you'd like. Could be very awful, though. I said, because it was long time ago. But what I would believe I said, they need to know the map design and make it fun to play. Anything that was the biggest actually, to be honest, I think that was the biggest thing I said, is that it has to be a good map to where your rotations feel good. The whole, like, filling of the map is good. And I think you're right. I mean, you know, failure. Like it's gray. Right? To me, it's not it's not so black. I know. I'm the one who came up with the question. Yeah. But is it a failure? No, it's not a total failure. But it is far from perfect. I mean, it, it still did not. Well, it's not like an extreme success. You know what I mean? It's not groundbreaking. It's not the game that everyone has to play right now. No, it never had to fill up for dance when that dropped, which I don't even know if that's possible, because that was so new and like kind of groundbreaking. Yeah. And one thing I didn't mention is the implementation of the strongholds and black sites. Originally, I was very against it. I didn't like it. I still think there's they need to lower the price on buys and low buys for quads. It's ridiculous. But yeah, it's way too high. Yeah. But once we got into the strategy of doing the strongholds blog sites actually liked it. So it's kind of funny. I mean, so I do like that they've made here's the thing that they tried to do they really tried to change the game and make it far different than wars in which I appreciate trying to change it right. You need to keep it fresh. Yeah, the problem is a lot of changes were bad. But in the stronghold aspect or thinking related just to strongholds, that was a good implementation, because it did make you change the way you played. Plus it does force conflict. Everyone's going to strongholds as soon as they can. Yeah, now I think I think black sites and I said this when they launched the update, I think they're almost irrelevant now. Like there's other than getting the advanced UAV it's kind of like me, you know, if you feel like hitting it, it's good. I mean, the if the zones ending around that blog site, obviously that's a huge perk to have that UAV up all the time right there. But other than that, honestly, most games I'm not it's kind of an afterthought. Yeah, to me with the black site. It's like the again, like we said, when they made all these changes in the last update, it's like the if the risk isn't worth the reward, I'm not going there, which I don't just Don't think it is. Yeah. And I think simply put, like, the game itself, you got to just look at the community as a whole and how everyone feels. And there's not that much excitement about it. Like, there just isn't. And I wish there was, I wish this thing was poppin where everyone was pumped about it and excited, but it's just not, it's just not there. And honestly, I don't even know. Like, this may be like, it's almost like, I almost want another game to step up and just knock this game out, you know, just step change. Well, again, because I feel like we're stuck in the hamster will and I don't know that anything's going to change it never has never done like so. But I'm gonna be honest, when they hit the ground, I feel like before Warzone came out, it was like dead, at least in my opinion, it was not doing well, there's just the franchise, and then Warzone came out, they found a way. So it's like, what is that next thing, and we all know, they thought DMZ was gonna be that and it's not. This is going to be a controversial thing to say. You just see sweat dripping from Derby is going to be controversial. I should get rid of the CDL. We talked a little about it. We talked a little bit about it on the last podcast. I think they should get rid of the CDL and just invest in war zone and make it competitive. And we talked to you guys and listen back to the last one. We talked a lot about it. But I think that would be the best way to drive up some new excitement with the game. Okay, maybe not. Okay, maybe not get rid of the CDL. Okay, that was a little much but definitely make the warzone league something to that effect where they're playing in person. I'm in Okay, well watch. I agree with them like and and they throw one in California, I'll buy a t shirt. Depending who's on the roster, you know? I mean, no, I completely agree, though. Yeah, maybe not get rid of the CDL. But from an investment perspective, put your money and time into making warzone, competitive and less into the CDL. Because I just don't think there's that much interest in it. I know a lot of people like it. But I think the general fanbase does not even pay attention to it. I think there's a much, much bigger audience. That would be into the battle royale scene of league versus the CDL I think there's a huge audience for them that are dying, a dying for content like that. Like you said, well in the tournament systems, you know, that kind of stuff. And guess what, if that pops off the game that people are gonna be playing Warzone more, because they want to be like these guys, you know, and it just drives general interest into the game. Yeah, dude, we'd be talking about the league nonstop. Like, fast. I would love to deep into it, you know? In fact, hey, you need some announcers? We're ready. I mean, if I want to do like commentary, maybe like a side thing, you know, yeah, we'll do our own stream. Guys. Don't worry. We'll just we'll just like take your stream by commentate on it. By the way, we're still looking into doing customs we're gonna do on. We just need to find out time I'm going to be gone next weekend. So it can't be next weekend. But maybe the following. Okay. Yeah, I've kind of we've been holding off live stream until my neck, things all fixed up. And I'm getting close. I think in a month I'll be right. I like rolling. So all right. Well, that's, that's a huge horse on top. So okay, so we have 202 paths we can take here. We can go to current events, or we can go to half baked ideas. Let's hit current, I want to current events. And then yeah, we'll save half baked for the start, you're gonna have to save your ecosystem for the next one. I already pushed it to the next. We'll talk about it as well, because I have a lot I find. I'm just gonna say historically, I find the warzone ecosystem fascinating with what's happened and what's happening now. And when he says the system, he's talking about all the different social media parts that go into site streamers. Yeah. player that everyday videos. Yeah, there's, there's a lot to talk about there. Because we're kind of in it. So. Yeah, I guess we are part of it. Yeah, we're a podcast on it. I would say we live in a system somewhere. Maybe not a big fish. But you know, we're growing. We're growing. We're getting there. Yeah, thank you guys again for listening. So current events. First thing I got to talk about the Murdoch trials. We should we should Joker Mehta on as a guest for this one. As he was in his while I was in history chatting with him about it. I didn't realize he was so into it, but this thing's like since sensationalized now it's just like, it's just trending. Like everyone's talking about it. Yeah, but so yeah, Murdoch, Alec Murtaugh was the verdict came in on Friday, I believe is Friday. Ditto. It took him a few hours. The During the delivery, and it came back guilty on all charges he has been convicted of killing his wife and son, woof, woof dark. And I'm so into it. I'm now listening to podcasts about it because there's so much stuff that goes into who he is. And like how he got to this place. That is fascinating to me. For example, they think the whole The whole reason he did it, and he in my mind, there's no doubt he did it. Because because their family was this known family for like years like they've been known like they're the Murdock's like, do you know? Do you know this? Like they say Alex said it and his son who passed away he used to say to like, when you get troubled by Do you know who I am? You know, they really thought they were this prominent family, like a big deal, right? And so anyway, because you hate that comment anymore? I know, I doubt they will they talk about and they really go into depth of like the his behaviors and his what's the word like his mental state, I don't know what the psychology, the psychology of him. And it really comes down to they think he wanted to preserve that name. And his son Paul was screwing up, there's a big court case coming up. And he thought in his mind, he needed to do something to get him out and save the Murdoch name. And then there's a lot of complexity to undo that because there's also he was saving himself. He wanted to save himself because he was getting because of Paul, and this boat. This you gotta watch it, but this boat, murdered Well, somebody I killed when they were riding on the boat. But because of that, that caused all this stuff to come up. And then Alec who is now sentenced in prison, because of all this stuff came out about him stealing money from people. And so I think all that factored in and came out to the Whoops, oh my gosh, I'm like a spasm computing my core. You are as well. Yeah, I know. All that is what drove him to do what he did. And so it's fascinating. You gotta check it out.