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The Bot Uprising: Warzone Has Lost Control....Seriously 😲Ep. 48

March 09, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 48
Starfield Smugglers
The Bot Uprising: Warzone Has Lost Control....Seriously 😲Ep. 48
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What's Up Guys/Gals!  Here is what we got for ya!! 

  • Developers Lose Control Over Bots...CRAZY!! 
  • Goon Squad Hosts Warzone Customs!
  • Resurgence Gameplay
  • Fire Shotgun Is META META 
  • Worst Ways To Die In Warzone 
  • Battle Pass Token Glitch 
  • Trillo Board Disaster 
  • ...and much more!!! 

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting, and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad and Kido. Boo. All right, welcome back to the podcast. You got the Google father and the Keto, you know, we talked about changing my name. I like you know, good steak. I'm Dude, that's funny. You say that because I read a comment today I forget who was on one of our YouTube videos. It's just like F keto, you know, it wasn't about yours. It's about my he liked Papa goon. And I kind of liked it too. I kind of liked I don't see the goon father to me. I'm going to be honest now. I've been mulling it over. I haven't fully invested myself. I haven't become the goon father yet. I'm still like, it's I feel like it's pretentious. Like you really think you're something you know, I'm saying it's I mean, it's like The Godfather. I know. And I used to have that name too. So it's kind of a weird thing. So I kind of like Papa goon because Papa goons, your buddy. Yeah, you know what I mean? I'm gonna say right now, Papa. Goon is the way to go. It's fun. I like that. It's fun. too serious. And I feel like I'm more of a puppet goon. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, you're not a goon father. That's weird. No, that's a good father. Just things he's not proud of. You know what I mean? Like he has to do a little dirt your father likes to play in the mud. Dirty, you know? It's real dirty. Man. Too much fun. All right. Well, let me give your guys a quick rundown. But we got we had some exciting news actually about some customs and we'll get into that in just a second. But we're gonna go have a resurgence. We just played some games. They got some new stuff going on in the game and they had a lot of stuff broken. So we'll talk about that. Meta, we're gonna go over the true meta. There's one gun you should be using. Absolutely. Good that. I'm sure you've all felt its wrath. Do it. I've just seen I've seen too many clips now that it's sold man. And I've used it even. Well, here. Well, I'll see ya Relax. Relax, buddy. Let's get through. We're gonna go over this is this is a surprise category. Darren doesn't know about it. The worst way to die. Just in leipers? No, no in the game. Dark glitch combat record broken the true Trillo board for rave. And we're gonna go through that. And it's interesting, because we're going to look at the date some of these things were reported and where we're at now. So we'll have fun. It's a fun look. Yeah, for the YouTube crowd. I'll put the video up so we can watch it look at it together. We're going on then we're gonna take a broad look. I like the warzone ecosystem going over streamers, content creators, the different website stuff. Stuff that's gone on. It's just really an interesting look at everything because you don't think about it. But this ecosystem is big. There's a lot going on. And the amount of money that's come that's came out of this game, like a lot of people have generated a lot of wealth from just being involved with this game. Oh, yeah, absolutely. And then we'll kind of parlay that into the war over war zone. Then we got we're gonna we may get to jagah talking about problems with war zone, but we'll probably hit a lot of them. And we'll finish up with some half baked ideas and in there you know what, there may be categories I didn't mention that might show up. I don't know. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. Let's start off with first of all, Darren, how are you? How's your spirit and good spirit checks good, dude, you know what you don't want to hear me this is a tip for everyone out there. You don't want to get on YouTube before you go to bed. Because like last night I was I was tired I went to bed and then I start going to YouTube and start watching this Harry Mac freestyles and then I start going into all sorts of Jordan Peterson stuff and I just go down the rabbit hole of like a content and I'm gonna keep me on for like, he's kept me up for like two extra hours. What am I doing a fun category to do on here like what you're watching on YouTube? Is history now. Because I'm the same way though. I go through these different phases where I'm watching a watch like streamers, not not like high level streamers, but you know good gameplay streamers. Yeah, and then I'll go from there. I'll get into speedrunning I'll get in all these They're different weird genres that I just like, get deep into. And right now, I'm on another one. I'm on. John Carmack. Do you know who that is? As a programmer? You should know who that is. Oh, John, no, I have no idea. Who is he? He's one of the He's like one of the greatest developers. He developed doom. He's like, he started soft. Oh, and him, John Romero and some other guys. But he's, he's a legendary programmer. So what does he talk about just his game design? Well, there's multiple podcasts I've been watching. So there's that Lex Friedman, who's like a computer scientist or something. And he gets a lot of really interesting interviews. Him and He obviously in John Carmack was on Rogan, as well, because he developed he was part of Quake. It was it was like obsessed with Yeah, so he talks. It's just interesting to hearing how they built the company up like issues they have, and just hearing him talk about programming is really interesting, because this dude's deep. I mean, he's, he's on another level, you know? Yeah, I'd be interested in the game programming side. I don't know anything about it. So it'd be cool. I'll check it out. Thank you. Yeah, it'd be give it a listen, if you're interested in that kind of stuff at all. Like, it's, I mean, he's it plus, I mean, he's the guy who made doom. And that's like, you know, come on doom. Doom is awesome. So how have you been doing Daniel? Good. I think I'm finally at the tail tail end of this nasty cold or whatever it is, like this thing has been brutal. So thank God. Right on cue. Right on cue. And I said, No, he said, No, queuing over me. I'm still here. So that's good. And you know what? My ears are clogged right now? Is it driving me crazy? You know, like, you feel like, you're like a, you're like a baby. Like a baby is constantly sick and whine. All right, well, let's move on to you. And that's your new name. Leave in the comments, baby girl. Don't like that. I don't like that at all. So we got some big news. Big, big news. Yes, I've seen the comments that discord has been, everyone's been hounding me in there. Everyone wants us to do customs again. And we're doing it this Saturday. 11 o'clock am Pacific Standard Time. So you guys, I'm sorry. I can't do all the calculations for you guys. So it'll be Saturday, the 11th. That's this upcoming Saturday, we are doing a live customs. So if you show up, you'll be in. Now I will say members get priority we're going to because they now there's a code you use. So we'll put it out in discord for our members. First they get in and then we'll everyone else can get in. Don't worry, there'll be enough spots for everybody. unless everyone decides to become a member, hey, that'd be cool, too. Yeah, join up. I mean, we're not gonna stop you. So on that note, guys, get out there, get in people's chats, whatever you got to do tell them 11 o'clock. pacific standard time we're doing customs get as many people in because we have to have 50 to even run it, which is a lot. I used to be like 20. And there's times we could hit that sometimes we couldn't. It's difficult to do. So we're going to all put out the YouTube video, I gotta work on the thumbnail and stuff. But I'll try to get it out tomorrow. So that then you can hit the bell notification and everything. And then when we go live, you'll get notified. And then you can also send that link to people or whatever you want to do. So we'll try it we'll be promoting and pretty as heavily as we can. And hopefully we'll get enough people in there because either way, it's gonna be a blast. I can't wait. It's been a long time. We long way Oh, no, I'm really I'm really excited to customs are awesome. It's so much fun. Like I've said before, the best part about it is honestly when we die and just watching people that we've seen in our community, because we used to do them all the time. And so we get to know we pretty much know almost everyone in there and it was fun. You know, who was a really good player who wasn't? No offense. If you weren't, it's still fun to watch you. Yeah, yeah. So it's cool. And then it's also like, there's some shady people that always show up for customs, which, you know what? It's fine, we'll find you and you know, we do we're going back to the system vote. If the guy will do a democracy. Yep, I'll put up a poll if they admit it or not, and you will decide together unless I just really don't want them in there. And then they just get booted that's just how it works. Yeah, so if you want to make sure you get in the game, become a member either on Patreon or on YouTube, we put an extra podcast out a month for you guys as well as well as extra content. So we love the sport. Yeah, I would love to get this thing these customs rolling to where we're doing them at least once a month. Now again, it's gonna take a lot of work by ever We want to get enough people in there, you know, but hopefully with our promotion and we'll organize help. We'll get there. Yeah, absolutely. All right. Oh, by the way, one thing I project Reaper said in discord. And he you know, because I was talking about how it's a bummer that you have to have 50 people in there. Uh huh. And he was saying that he thinks it's because they are he'd heard maybe that they just don't have the server space for it, or it's a server issue. And I agree. I think like you and we talked about this earlier. I don't think they want a bunch of people running customs, they probably don't have the ability to do it. Yeah, I mean, I would say that seems to be accurate, because their servers now are trash, like total trash and to run private lobbies. On top of that, I don't know the how that works. Exactly. I feel like I'm gonna use the word architecture is the server architecture work? But I don't know how it works. But I imagine they are having a lot of issues. And yeah, the man is there's a reason they put 50 CalFire minimum because that's a lot. No, no. Like, average streamer is or like lower level like our level, it's going to be difficult to get it you know? Yeah, yeah, you have to have a lot of people following you that will want to jump in. But I think if we promote it, I don't think we'll have a problem hitting it. Because a lot of people want to play in customs. And honestly, it's a good way to get exposure to you know, yeah, we've had that many before and I'm it's just yeah, it's I think it's perfect time to do it. So hopefully, that day, that server will be working in just smooth as ever, you know, you know what's funny, dude, I forget they just took it away from us, the customers away from us last week during Caldera, all of a sudden it was just gone and they said they're gonna bring it back and it just never came back. Yeah, it was that yeah, that that right there is the problem with this company with Activision Warzone whatever you want to say. It's like they just do things that don't even tell you and you don't get an update you did they? We just never saw it again. Yeah, I feel like they definitely have a very bad click there's a huge communication problem transparency as well. And it's like I don't even think the top level guys streamers are getting as much like input as well we know they're not because we talked about it now. They're not even getting the input. So it's like it is frustrating right now with the bugs that are in this game. So I think I I think it's fair to say that this company is a disaster like I'll bet you it's just run the way it's Ran is chaos. Just just from what I've seen the way the game looks, the communication just the way everything is played out since Warzone launched. It's like they have pretty no structure. Yeah, bad. It again, it's not even the base game necessarily. It's the bugs that are really just going to drive people out of here because I'm gonna be honest, when you have lets you know you're working guy you only have like, maybe an hour, a couple hours a week to play maybe I don't know, maybe more than that. But it's like, you get on hop on maybe crack a cold one. I don't know. That sounds like a nice thing to do. I mean, that was that. It's like the best Yeah, and you get into a game and it's a glitch like the The lobby is like lagging and half the game. You can't even tell where to go. And it's just like, it's just disheartening. You know? It's a soul killer, dude. It's a soul killer. Yeah, yep. And speaking of soul killers, let's talk about some gameplay. We just the best transitioner in the business, man. Yeah, so we just ran a couple of games I like I like to run games honestly, before the podcast just to obviously we're talking about it and I want to just like be real up to date with what's going on. We had some games we played some Duo's it was it was competitive. It wasn't overly like I didn't feel like our competition was too bad. But it was I think at a good time. It was hard though. It wasn't easy. Yeah, it was. Yeah, I would say I mean, I feel like skill base is definitely here to stay now. Like I felt like we were not getting easy lobbies that ain't gonna happen, you know? No, which I guess is to be expected but it's rough and running. You can get away with it and trios and quads a little better or more. Felt like Duo's is just ooh, sweet sweat fest anyways, in adding in skill base, it's a it can be rough. But no, I had a good time. Maybe it was fair. I mean, the only thing i The couple things I took out of that one. I need to get better at communicating because sometimes I play and I just don't talk like I get so locked into a battle that I forget to communicate all together. Yeah, we did have a moment where yeah, you're, you're asking me why I did what I did. It's like, bro, I have no clue what you were doing because I don't think you talked for like three minutes. Dude. I'm a terminator mode. I'm mowing people down and Net who died first? It was me. What happens when you're aware Dan sometimes to take a bullet? Yeah. So a couple of new things, though they have the redeployment drones are now in the game. So with the redeploy blah, blah, almost call the balloons. You might as well. Oh no. Well, yeah, right. Yeah. So with my first thought is one, just off the bat when you're looking at the map, they're hard to see the thing I liked about the balloons is they stuck out the big you know, the big red balloon stick in the sky was easy to see. It's hard to see that in Ashika this little drone floating around. But it is like there's a huge indicator on the mini map. So yeah, the mini map thing I don't like though, is that if you pop it in the mini map, they're not there. You actually have to barely you'd not much but you do have to zoom in to actually see them pop up. And I didn't even pay attention but I guess they do. I think they were moving with the zone and we actually used on one game we hit one drone because there of course there there was like no buys near us. And it was like a whole side of the map was no buys there's that in some other we kept running into I would say that's another issue we ran into. So like the whole I feel like every game we played today, there was the buys it was hard to even find one around seemed to be like clumped together and stuff. But like it's just good. Just make set by stations. We don't need to like hunt for them. Like that's that's like quality of life improvement. You know what I mean? Like if you had you know what the problem you have $30,000 It doesn't make your game better to go to die trying to find a buy or going into hot areas. You know what I mean? Totally agree. I mean, the problem I'm having with this game, and we're gonna get into it more but it's like all these little things add up to where you're just like, pisses you off when you really start thinking about all the issues. Yeah, and I've guys I'm trying to stay positive. I I found this we're recording this late, so positive might be hard. Yeah, that is true. That is true. It's just I still enjoy playing the game. It's just it's getting they're going to drive off a lot of the fan base with these issues that shouldn't be here. They should this get this game didn't just launch today, you know what I mean? Well, I mean, that's the frustrating part. I felt like towards the end of our then divert dancing, a lot of these issues were fixed and everything was working good. Rebirth was good. But then, you know, obviously, when they went to this new, though Mazar, what a modern Warzone to is it not confusing the names of these games, like a because you have like the multiplayer, then you have warzone. And it's it just confuses me for him to like, what you named it the same thing as your other game. Like it's the craziest thing, but it really is. It's so bad to even like, I was trying to look for stuff and I'm sure you're tapping everyone where you're on YouTube trying to search something up, and it's taking you to the old game, you know, like clips from the old game. Well, even when like we're when we're I was making us shorts, and I had to pick one game. Well, it was it was even confusing in there. I'm like, Well, wait, there's already an MW two here. Like I don't I don't know. It's all confusing. Yeah. So yeah, there's redeployment drones. Skippy. Gave me a tip. Okay, so sorry, I'm a mess right now. So you're told you your baby, baby giving stuff. So you know how your screen shakes and stuff. And I actually think I already had the setting turned on. But if you don't have it in your graphic setting, there's the first person camera movement and you can turn that you want to turn that to least 50% I think I already had that one. But that helps from the camera shake and stuff. So let's keep always comes through some good info here. So no, yeah. Speaking of good info. That's a great segue. The metal weapon we alluded to, and you all know it, it's the fire shock and that thing is just destroying people in resurgence right now. Like, yeah, you know, I was, it's funny cuz you know, back in the day, when like, something like this would come out. I feel like everyone would push it. And maybe they do. Or maybe I didn't see it. But I didn't see much about this until just recently. And you know, it's been that fire shock. And I remember hearing about it earlier when people were like, Oh, it's good, but it's not that great. Do that thing rips, like destroys people. Oh, if you're you, I mean honestly, we should have it to where at least one of us is running it for close quarters because having that if the team is pushing you man, that dude just unloads it he'll just drop him like it's not not to mention the visual distortion of fire because you use the Incendiary rounds the fire just count up Coming in to face blowing by your feet had to stop better the fire coming at you is that okay? I guess. Yeah, no, you're right. The visual effects are like right in your face. It's just it's hard to even see like, it's it's pure chaos and then you're dead you know. By the way we're saying fire Shekar it's the KV broadside if you don't know what it is. So and I think I think you do have to get that through the Battle Pass. I know. I'm feel like it's that I mean, it's in the Battle Pass so okay, I don't know. Yeah, maybe pay to play. I'll tell you right now you have to unlock to get the firearm then Cindy Arey. I think you have to do the X is expedition expedite, I don't know the shock and the starts with me. You have to unlock that until like level 20 Or some something ridiculous so be prepared. If you want those rounds. You got to grind that gun. I mean, there's no again no is beating a dead horse. But it's like how many times like you I hate having to unlock other guns when you're trying to level something up on the gun. Just you want to practice with the gun you're trying to like us? Why are you using a different gun to level up a different gun? Well, it's frustrating because yeah, instead of leveling one gun to get the load out, you want to get to level two, maybe more depending on attachments, you know, it's like the shotguns. It's like I don't want to have to go level a different shotgun. I don't even really want to level that shot kid. You know what I mean? So it's, it's the mess. Yeah. Just another example of something they added. That wasn't one. But yeah, since we're talking about the fire shotgun, I want to ask you, this could be it doesn't have to be your pick. But I'm gonna ask you. What is the worst way to die in warzone? getting executed? That's your worst way. While I may have someone who executes you, because it's like, humiliating, they were able to sneak up behind you. I mean, there is a humiliation factor. I disagree, though. I would say the worst way right now is a bomb drone. Oh, Toad. Yes. Okay. The bomb Joan. Sucks. I do they hate the bomb drone? Did they took it out? And everyone's like, okay, cool. Like, we're glad we didn't really want the bomb drone. And then they bring it back. And I feel like there's more of them. I seem all over the place. It seems like everyone's got a bomb drone. Like, they're all they are all over the place. And the worst part to me is like, you hear that buzz? That's and you're looking around and it's so hard to like, spot it. You know, you're like looking in the sky. It's like, Is that is that it? And then meanwhile, it comes up to the side poem. And then it's just like, you feel like you got like sniped or something. You know, like what just happened? And it's a stupid bomb drone, you know? Yeah, I don't know. Well, I don't know why they thought that would be a good idea to have in the game. Because it just I mean, I to be honest, I don't even like using it. I hate it. Same with what's the standard drone? What does I call recon drone? Sema does where it takes you away from your player, then you gotta like, you know, you got to manually like, tell where to go, then it would send you back to the player. It's like, that's not It's not how it should work. You should just be able to look at the screen or something. I don't know. Yeah, we don't need to get into the mechanics of using the bomb drone. I'm just saying. I think that's the worst way to die. The fire shock and I think he's actually close second, because you'll be in a fight where you think you'll have like the advantage on a guy like you've maybe put some bullets into him. And then he'll, you know, creep in jumped back out with a shotgun and you're dead. Like, it's just tough, you know? Well, dude, you can't push buildings anymore. Not that we were a big fan of doing that anyways, but you can't because there's always gonna be people with shotguns and there are the potential that they're there. And if you find a guy with a fire shock and you don't have one you're gone. Yeah, I mean, if you're close range who you're not competing with it, that's just the truth. You know? Yeah, you know, this isn't on the list of freestyling here. I saw a tweet from Dr. Disrespect I thought this was interesting. He was talking about what if they incorporated real money into the game for like and I don't know the context of it if it was like players I don't know if the winner got like, or how you get this thing but he was talking about like, it was NF T's or crypto like incorporating crypto into the game if you do something you get this money like Well, little world money or I mean it's a cool idea. But his I think his his idea is that like, talk about I mean this would from a viewership perspective, that Be awesome to watch back you're watching for example, Doctor disrespect, play a game for this brutal amount of money or even wagering and through the game. That'd be fun. But it can't happen, though. I mean, it's it's a pipe dream. If you're talking in order to get into those wagers, dude, first of all, you'd have to have like, Id identification involved to where, like, you can't have people just making new accounts and stuff, you know? And then, like, yeah, I would never my life put money in a game, like a betting money in one of these matches. You know? It's I mean, but it would be cool if you could accumulate real world money in a game. Well, yeah, the idea. I like the idea like, but I think it's just the cheating problem is just way too big do they be guys would be making all kinds of scripts just to like, get that, you know, well, here, let me read his tweet because it's interesting. And he said, Imagine trying to extract with an item you discovered worth worth $100,000 on the chain. Think about the entertainment value as a viewer, let alone the player. A new PvP experience is upon us. Dollars is your turn our warzone? That? I don't know if he I think he's just saying in general, like, like, imagine, like, that was the stakes. Like, you know, doctors disrespected a game. He finds his $100,000 item, and he has to try to extract without people, you know, I mean, I guess he's talking about, oh, excuse me DMZ. I was gonna say that's totally like a DMZ idea. I mean, dude, ideas. 100,000 is a little excessive. But yeah, well, that's totally excessive. is great. I just don't ever see how that would be implemented with the cheating that goes on. Like, there's no there's almost no way for an online game to stop that. Oh, and dude, guys would do everything to get money. You know what I mean? Like, if you could buy cheats for super cheap and you know, get the I mean, it doesn't. It'll never happen. It's a it's a cool idea. I get it again, from a viewership perspective. It'd be awesome people. I mean, everyone would be watching that stream or trying to do this or however that would work. But it just now the idea is flawed. Yeah, like it just yeah, it just won't work. Speaking of the doctor disrespect, what what's up with his game? I think it just I mean, they're still developing. What is it midnight society? Yeah. No, that's the company drop. Dead shot. Dead Drop. I can't remember. Yeah, yeah. Some vertical shooter. Yeah, I just think it's a far away out still. Surely a bad thing? Because the little pre release thing didn't really blow my mind. No, but it's hard to even tell it's so early. But yeah, you're right it to me. I looked at it. I'm like, This doesn't look like I mean, even the style, it's hard to tell. I hope I I'm holding out hope hopefully knocks it out of the park. Hey, I would go I mean, at this point, if if he put out a game that was even comparable, I would give it a shot over sticking on Warzone when they cannot stop. You know, they can get us on servers that are reliable. Well, here's what I want is I want a competitor to come out. Like I mean, we're battlefield guy. battlegrounds was battlegrounds player unknown. Pub. G. Pub. G. Pub. G. I don't know why. Where did pub G go? Why isn't there a new pub G game coming out? Or is there in the works? You know? Well, Battlefield, Battlefield dropped the ball. Like, there was a competitor and Mandy start making a I heard I think Wendy might have said it, I think I think it's gotten better. But I still don't, I don't think it's there. But if you had a competitor, it would force and people actually started leaving for that game. It forced Activision or whoever is developing the game to actually put more effort into their product. Raven, right. Well, it switches. That's another thing. You have a different studio and who knows Raven Activision. Other ones sledge hammer? I don't know. Yeah. Yeah, it's true. But either way, Activision is the parent here that runs the show. So it's a pop, Activision. Don't give them that title. Don't give that title. So the other day when I was playing, and it's funny, because you wrote it on this list, and we didn't even tell you about it. But when I was playing, I don't think I wrote on the list. Thank you. Oh, did I maybe I did. You're right. You're right. I totally think I did. All right. That makes sense. Anyways, but you were telling me your kid had the same thing. So when I was playing, all of a sudden I went to my Battle Pass and I had 56 tokens. Yeah, we're in and I spent them. Jared, I wish you would have told me, cuz I need those tokens. I didn't I didn't know what was going on. I just opened it because I was I was gonna buy some stuff on it or you know, use my tokens. And then I'm like 56 I thought I had like, two. So I don't know what happened. But I have 56 and my Battle Pass is unlocked. No, congratulations. Well, yeah, I was just telling Dan right before the podcast that my son was trying to explain to me how he got these extra tokens to and it wasn't making sense. But he was telling me there's some glitches, like, yeah, I just did that he just found on his own. He's like, I just did this and this and then I got extra tokens. I'm like, okay, so I don't know, I don't know what he did. I didn't do anything abnormal. I just went in there. And found I had, like, a ridiculous amount of tokens. You know, while he's, yeah, he's seven. So he didn't do much. close and reopen the source code. I mean, it's insane how many bugs are in this game? But hey, congratulations, you've profited. Let's go to another one combat record. You remember you guys remember that combat record you've been waiting for? I mean, we waited for months after launch. And we finally got it. Well, guess what? It don't work anymore. Oh, my God did everyone was waiting for this to come out. And then it just still is broken. And I didn't do this is the one you put on the list. I didn't we didn't talk about it. As I went to check my record, and it said I had to play five Warzone matches. I better get started. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I already did that. But okay. Well, I saw I was reading. Some guys said that he had told him that he had won five Duo's matches. And he's like, I haven't even played Duo's. Oh, to it. It's, I'm trying, I'm trying to stay out of the negative. But you know what, let's embrace it right. Now. Let's go to the Trello. Let's go Hill, let's go to the let's go to the Trello board and see what we got going here. So again, this is this is read by Raven, right? Or even Raven Software. So it's got like patch notes. Actually, if you guys are interested to check it out. Just Google Trillo Raven Software. Because it does have a lot of good information. Like it tells you when there's double xp stuff going on. It tells you where this patch notes are the you know, all the playlists for the week. So there's good information here. Yeah, it's got the schedule. Yeah, it's kind of neat in the double XP is kind of cool, cuz I never think about it, but like, honestly, I need to like watch it and then grant some weapons during those, you know? Oh, for sure. So like you I just never even know this one. You can't make this up. The first like issue I see on here. It started December 9, PC crashing and stability reports. And here we are in March with the same issue. Data. And I'm telling you, whether we're playing with people or even watching streamers, I see people crashing constantly. Yeah. Oh, dude, it happens all the time. Like there's, there's so many issues, and it's there's no info on like, what what's going on? Is the orange. There's orange and blue on some of these. I wonder if Orange means that's advisory. Oh, there's a lot of investigating. That's the blue. So they're investigating and they're advising advisory. I don't know what that means. Oh, advisory, maybe that is that because it's wanting you to help them or help report to them so they can figure out why it's crashing? I don't know. But there's another one down here. We're investigating an issue where some players are crashing upon startup. It's just so many. I mean, in in the voice chat like investigation where some players are unable to use voice chat. It's like that's been that's been an issue since day one where like the chat was screwed up. But then now even when when we use voice chat the other day, in the in game chat. It's like sometimes you just don't hear him. You know, it's not like when you're transitioning. You know, I know when you go into the game sometimes there's like a little point of time where you don't hear each other. It's like during the main menu you just won't even hear until you get in the game. Yeah, we've had that multiple times. So I don't I don't know what that is. But that was when you're on PlayStation. Maybe it's a pc playstation thing. I don't know. Man. Here's some resolved. Good pause and say bye and a couple other things that I just forgot. I just wanted to like revisit. Bird's Eye is still gone, though. And I liked that perk. It was interesting. They just, here's the thing they said you know they're trying to balance it or whatever. Guys do not hold your breath. They probably is not coming back. yeah yeah quick question for you Why aren't you using your mic filter? Oh I don't know I can use it yeah cuz your your Ps are popping sorry if I'm poppin I'll I will change that so there's resolved issues on here as well which I find funny so we're investigating issue because in some players get stuck when attempting to revive teammates so I find that funny because they may have fixed that but I'm getting stuck in by stations in I got stuck a couple times in just random spots you know? I mean, yeah, it's just like even I mean even climbing rocks sometimes I get like stuck or just weird behavior. It's just such like a buggy game like everything's like glitchy or just doesn't work how it should it's not smooth you know? Yeah. Oh, listen to this one DMZ issue oh, we're investigating reports of unusual AI combat and behavior becomes decrease damage and rage and large number of reinforcements so like the bots are taking over did like they've learned to group up together they're like hey, man, we we found an old stash of what is the bullets? What are the bullets that has to do the data the extra damage? And ciliary not I remember we used to pick them up and load them in your weapon old from old for dance. Oh yeah. Oh, what was that called? Oh my god. I can't even remember why they killed the joke. I was gonna say they found a study they found a stash of those there you know but listen to this investigative reports unusual AI bad behavior. increased damage air age large numbers of reinforcements. Are you dude, I think the bots are planning something. We found a bunch of AI smoking weed in the building behavior is party it's like wait, don't you control that? makes me question if they have control over the bots, how awesome would it be if the bots took over the game? They started creating like, there's just they just took over like you go on the map and they're all hunting you now, you know, strongholds anymore, you know? They're free to load out bots or come in there to get their stuff you know? That is That sounds so weird. Like usual. Well, it sounds as if they don't have any control. Like you guys. This is the developers. Yeah, it's like weird guys. Bots now are grouping up together like why is that happening? It's hidden and they have more damage and stuff. It's so bizarre. We keep nerfing we can turn the damage down and it just keeps going back up somehow. That is that is that's some weird so bizarre. I mean, honestly, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Yeah, I'm glad I went to that Trillo board is that is very interesting. All right, let's go into the war zone ecosystem. Darren really wanted to talk about this he's been dying to tell you guys about it. Well, don't to put that pressure on me. It's not like it just I was thinking about it sometimes I like to think right you know, get deep and I started thinking about how crazy it's gotten. You know, because I don't remember this type of thing happening with any other game before and maybe I just wasn't into it but for sure it hasn't to this level. And there's there's a variety of reasons obviously with COVID and a couple of other things we'll talk about but I find it very interesting how it's insane how many people profit off this game are involved with this game right? So you have just going over some like different people, different types of people that use Warzone content you have the streamers right? Yeah. And even within that you have streamers who are like like you have the entertainers like a doc you have killed chasers guys who just like Zelena right like you guys who want high kills. You have guys like iron who's all about winning. I just find that interesting off the off the RIP right there the different types of streamers there, are you No, no, yeah, there's all kinds. Yeah, that's funny. Then yeah, then you have then you have the guys that have put out YouTube videos who just put out content about the game. So you have like J God, right? It's all informative. What's going on dad talks about AMS just all those different things updates. True game data does a ton of that too. Oh, yeah. So again, their profit they got huge. I mean, they were to be honest, I don't even know if anyone knew Jay God was before this game even dropped. And he became like, think so? No. And he's got like life changing money on imagine from this game. Oh yeah. Another thing that I thought was interesting is like shorts kind of started coming out Tik Tok right around the same time, I feel like Warzone came out. And so then you have the short content creators. And you have like, again, you have the humor side of it. But you also have like, the cheaters, you have the I mean, really, it just becomes about making those like short little clips. And it just play that and people get famous off about famous I don't know, if they get a lot of money off just making these short little clips. You have websites like SPM M or SB Mm, yeah. That cod stat one different websites and just track your stats, or WC rate or website you go to just to find the best weapons, you know, the metas, which again, that also goes on to concentrate creators, then you have people that stream cheating. Then you have then you have hacker hunters, who go after people that stream cheating. And we may know a little bit about that at one point of our lives. Yeah. And then we have even people that were hackers that streamed hacks, and then turned into the hacker hunters to catch people. And then you have people pretending to be hacker hunters that are still hacking. It's insane. The whole thing's crazy. There's also there's also tournament websites for running tournaments and all different types. You know, there's leakers, people whose channel like either mostly it's through Twitter or YouTube channel, they just post like leaks that they have found. Or then you have podcasts like, people who podcasts on the game. It's like insane how many different areas this game has, like expanded to. And how many people like rely on the game? Well, I think part of it, so I think there's a few thing. Yeah, it's weird. I'm trying to think is there another game that has this type of as you say, ecosystem, you know, like, fortnight fortnight might? I don't think it I don't believe it's in the same level. No. I feel like war zone blew up so big. And everybody loved it. You know? And yeah, it's just like, people were ready to dive in. Like, all of us were just like, sold like, this is the game, you know? Well, dude, you almost got like obsessed with it, like to a point, you know, it's like this is so it was so cool. And it was so much fun, especially that idea of dropping in this map with your friends, and trying to win to be the best out of 100 or whatever, people in only one time. Yeah. And so when you do that, I mean, that rush still, when you get a win, I still get like really excited to get a win on the big map. And it's like, this was the first battle royale but this was like, the more the more like friendly. Yeah, like the only mainstream. Like anybody can pick this up and jump in. And the learning curve isn't as steep as like a pub G or something, you know? No, it went into like another stratosphere. I mean, you're having like professional athletes streaming and play, you know, like swag. Swag was, he was a YouTuber. I mean, he was he was fairly successful before this. But then with this game, it launched him into like, in another stratosphere, like he's huge now. Yeah, I think it did a lot of them. And I think a lot of them brought up some, like people around them too. And that's the weird thing now is that we have like, there's a huge gap, really, between like, the top tier guys, and everyone else, you know what I mean? I mean, there's a few outliers that are in between, but like, it seems, honestly, like it is just there aren't too many guys coming up. And we're in I would say we're in like a recession of sorts, with a warzone because of the issues we kind of been talking about. And yeah, yeah, I mean, I'm yeah, it's just it's weird. The whole the whole system. The whole thing is just a strange world. What's funny and I think where a lot of this frustration comes from streamers is a lot of people because the wave and you're right there that initial wave boosted these people to a new level to where they can actually quit their jobs and make a decent good living. I mean, some a great living off this game. The problem is now they're only known for being Warzone streamers. Again, like these guys like Biffle, like, even see laner like, people don't really want to watch this little side of the game. He's actually done a good job because he goes with Doc and he's been able to he for that reason he can transition out of Warzone actually, so maybe he's a bad example. But like I spent Isaac there's other guys that were just are just known for being Warzone streamers, and they're stuck. And I think that's where a lot of this frustration like you see it within this game, because they don't have another choice. No, that's very true. I think they're stuck in, in this ecosystem. Well, because he, here's the thing, they could jump to a different game, which is already going to be saturated with their type of content and try to like almost restart is what they'd have to do. And even if they do that, there's no telling if they'll even be as big as, as they currently are, you know, just sticking with warzone? Yeah, no, I think that's I think a lot of frustration is, well, it's money. You know, like, when you depend on the money, you're gonna get frustrated when the game isn't up to standard, and you're not? Honestly, I don't think a lot of them would even hear from if they were still getting the same numbers or their growing numbers. I don't think it really even has, I mean, they go hand in hand. So it's hard to say, but it's like, it is. Sorry, I was just gonna say I don't think I mean, right now, there's a lot to complain about with the game. But even if there wasn't, I still feel like they would not be happy. I mean, you wouldn't if your numbers drop, you know? No. And I mean, there's, we talked about this before, it's like, there's guys that I'd watch streaming when war zone was at its height. And you're talking like, you know, they have like, 1000 people watching or something. And now it's like, 100 or two, you know, and that's a significant drop. And then you talk about the money difference, you know, yeah, I don't know if honestly, anytime soon, we'll ever get back to the type of numbers those guys were pulling. It would game when the game would have to like make, it just has to get it has to be socially relevant again, like, again, like the reason got so popular gotten to mainstream, like everyone's talking about it. And it's not there anymore. I feel like it's really dropped off. Well, and I think part of that is like COVID, right? Like, when everyone was stuck home. That's all everybody was doing. Or not everybody, but we were playing a lot more games. People are watching on more streams. So like, I think ups but maybe problems maybe maybe problems. Yeah, anyways. Yes. So I mean, I don't know. Yeah, I just find that whole, the whole thing fascinating. Like, if you really just take a look back at like, from the start a war zone, what's happened with people just involved in the space, and maybe kind of explains why they're acting the way they are now. And also, they're all here, we'll get into the war of wars on but there's also some entitlement that comes what happens when people get popular and they buy into their own their own stuff, you know? Yeah, I think there's that. And then let's be real. There's a lot of dudes who were doing some shady stuff to get the clips that they needed to get where they were, you know what I mean? That's true. I mean, that's the thing with the game right now, though. It like it legit is hard to get exciting clips comparatively to like if you're playing the old, like even Caldera, like when I watched that game. It's like, it's so much faster. And you can you can outplay people by just running around sliding, jumping, you know, like, by with your movement, and it just that you can't really do that as well, obviously, in the new game, you can but to you know, yeah, you could in the previous game, like, you could like squat wipe, potentially, you know, it wasn't absurd, you know, to do that in this game. It's very, very difficult to get a squat away. Yeah. And I mean, and I'll say like, I mean, they're right, like the streamers are right in the fact that like, the lack of movement, to me, it made it more exciting. It did. Now I don't even know if I want to play that game. The lack of movement made it more accessible. Sorry, sorry. The movement in the old game made it more exciting. And it was given watching, I can see it it is more exciting. It looks like more fun to play. My only Flipside why I got tired of it is it also felt like sometimes, because everything was so fast, it felt like you're being cheated. I mean, and I even think like your internet speed mattered even more in those games. Yeah, I'm saying like your hardware really played into how well you're going to perform. Yeah, and I actually think the way it is right now is is better. Personally for gameplay. Like tactical? Like, I think it plays I personally like it better. Yeah. So but then that goes to the argument is it like, is it more it's really actually what you're looking for. It's like you're not looking for an exciting game to post like crazy clips and to grow the channel from those clips. You're not looking for like entertainment in that way. You're looking for something just fun to play and tactical competitive tactical. There requires good teamwork to win. I think right now more than ever, teamwork is like fundamental in this game. You have to have it to get a win. Like you can't split your team off on you know Mazara and expect to get a win when you go to To or something, you know? Yeah. So So from well, yeah, no, I completely agree. And from a tactical perspective, I agree. I think this game is a lot more tactical from an entertainment point of view. I think other games more entertaining. And I think that's the problem. And that's the thing. You're running into this like this the battle that's going on right now. In the war zone space. Yeah, I think you're actually I think you're pretty accurate with that, because he knows that you do have they do they still do wagers and like the kilrea stuff. Those guys, but I don't, I don't think it's happening as much because again, like in that realm, a cheating right? That's but take cheating aside, just like the blade like you know, a bot or using some sort of cheating software. The other thing that they run into, obviously is teaming where the other team will have guys in the game with them, not on their team. And those guys will go and kill the team they're trying to compete against Yeah, we don't need to go too deep in shame. But let me just say anybody who does wagers is putting real money in wagers What if you don't know just people put money on the side. I don't know if these websites are how they did it. But now they would bet on a match and they'd go in as a squad in quads. And then they'd split off with their teammate and whoever got more Hills out of 70 matches wins. If you don't think somebody who's doing that with random people on the internet is would okay I'll be nice about it would think about using cheats, then you're out of your mind. To me if you're playing wagers you're either ignorant or you're cheating I mean it dude like why would you ever play with a random person for money in a game that you know like cheating isn't impossible you know what I mean? Like it's here it's around but you're gonna put your own money on the line knowing that unless you unless you know the people you're playing against right it's ridiculous it's ridiculous a lot of them don't a lot of them are just they just queue up with other guys you know? Well and that's what happened they got cheated like that's a fact like that's that's been happening I think that's probably why it's not going on anymore yeah, I mean in this game how can you kill races are tough Yeah, I like tournaments and stuff but again you gotta go land you gotta be in person in on a different setup their own you know? That's another thing there's been I think might have talked about this last podcast but there's like no tournaments there's nothing going on. That's exciting with a game bring calm back bring Kong into the dragon. What's his name? Got the dragon back. I think we should just do Halloween all year long. Halloween all your old Halloween and for dance for you here. I don't even think we're gonna get Halloween again. Like I just don't even I don't even believe it's a possibility with how bad of a state this game is in. Here's what needs to happen. One, dumped DMC. Just scrap it for now. Put it on the backburner and take it out of the game? Gone. Okay, that's step one. Do it the problem is that's our baby. And they think that's their future. At least they did. You know, I don't think anyone would agree with that at this point. They agree that they thought that I agree. I agree. That is their future. Oh, no. I mean, yeah, I think we all see again, it's it's not even close to being like done. I don't even know what direction they want to take it. And hey, that'd be great. If they let us know. Do it. Yeah, yeah. And it's the same thing where it's like, you're you're always waiting with this game waiting for this like, Savior moment, you know, like, Okay, wait, I sorry, gone. Well, now I'm done. Talking ketchup. I have a perfect idea for DMC to make it fun. Let's just incorporate something else. I love throw Jason viewer. He's so Jason Friday, the 13th DMC let them harm people. And that's the game. Like just turn that into what Friday the 13th was, it wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't hurt. You know? I mean, it'd be fun. Like if it was crazy. Crazy to that, okay, you'd have to be a lot smaller. So it had to be like a resurgence map. Even maybe smaller. You may be able to run something like that where it's your squad but then the shooting aspect of the whole thing kind of takes away but Well, yeah, then so that's the thing we'd like to make it a horror game. I don't know that. I've seen too many with guns unless it's like a zombie style. You got to if you have guns, you have low ammo. Those that are having issues. You can't have guns because then if you don't want it to be you don't want Jason to be a bullet sponge then that's not fun. You'd have to be in this game. That's how they do it. If they make them, they just put more armor on him or more health, like the jug, you know, that's how they buff enemies, make them make them more powerful and make them just apparently now they're sentient where they they, there's gotta be they're taken over. So there's good there's gotta be a different way, right a better way to have a boss than to just make him be able to take a ton of damage. I mean, even if you could knock plates off at least that's fun like where you see part of him part of his plates falling off, you know his armor, you know, the JUGS helmet off. I mean, it's helmet I'm talking about, like different pieces. Get these bots out of my mind. Like the fact that the way they wrote that was so weird. It does make it sound like they're like doing their own thing. Maybe that's why there's all these glitches because the bots did they maybe that's their scapegoat. They're just trying to pivot that way. This is a personal note. Yeah, they did the data heist over on. Resurgence, they did the data heist, and they hacked back they hacked backwards. So stupid. Where are we at? The World War Zone. We kind of talked about it. But what did you mean by that? I again, I from what I've seen, and maybe you just don't see it on Twitter and stuff. I mean, there really is like a battle going on. And it really feels like it's streamers versus the community. And I don't know, and I don't even think all the streamers like make it that way. But it's the way it does come off where they're just there's a lot of complaining about the game and especially the movement, right, like the just kind of all the things we already talked about. We've been we've been complaining about it for like an hour now. No, I mean, and I agree with a lot of what the streamers say it's on a large depends, but I just think it's interesting. It's interesting that it's even happening that there's again, I see it that there's this us versus them type of thing going on. Well, I feel like it's kind of been that way for a little while as well. Yeah, the guys at the top are way out of touch with like, the normal us nine to five working guys, whatever the normal, like jump on, have a good time even get competitive with it, guys. There's like they're just not even in the same realm. You know, it's like, they don't even think the same. Well, and I would say they've also, you know, nice. Now think about this. They've also positioned themselves against the regular guy, the average person playing the game, well, then you constantly hear them say like, oh, the games just pandering. Everything bad in this game is just pandering to the nine to five guy who just wants to play you know, money. That's your audience, like, what do you talk about? And also dude, the rampant use of VPNs like if you whether or not you think people are cheating, that's your own thing. But like the rampant use of VPNs I don't know about Warzone too, but in the past and not a single maybe like a couple guys not the high level guys. Nobody will admit they did it. In that's like that right there says everything about him. You know what I mean? Like, if you can't admit, it's not even like that big of a deal. Honestly, it's kind of lame when you're posting like, you know, 30 Hill games where you're playing it's like your kid you know? Yeah. And it's like, in the funny thing is back in the day when I watched it always looked to me like they were ahead of people in the neck can be server things, whatever. But it always seemed like the people were lost when they were fighting. I'm like I don't understand. I don't see these type of players in my game. Like how is this like z laner playing against the guy that it seems like he's just like moves around and without the guy you know moving dude, I remember us talking about that this is way before we ever did anything any channels stuff. I remember us just talking about that you're like I don't even understand and we kept trying to figure out like why does it look so different when you watch them play compared to when we play? Yeah, and there's multiple reasons but one in particular is those dudes were in soft serve like lobbies the softest of soft and they would do it and then they tout how many hills they got and they refuse to admit they were using VPNs nobody will say they did it you know so I you know go type in VPN and your favorite streamers chat and watch if one you probably won't be able to use the word because they have a blocked if it does get through you're getting blocked. nearly guaranteed. It says stupid and and since you know like even like repulse that streamer. He's come out and said like it's blatantly everyone's using it like he admitted like he knows. I mean it's not there's no question. It's telling you man it was eye opening. And when we played together and you were on your son's account, because you're watching him and you had to play on the big TV playing in that lobby was unbelievable. And it totally made it click like, absolutely these guys are doing this because I could see dropping 20 isn't even far off in that lobby you No, no, no if you're no, absolutely. Because I even before I got on this podcast today, I played with him earlier. And dude, it the types of players he plays against are significantly different than our lobbies. I know. And I think it's, it gets watered down where some people beg Oh, VPNs don't do much. But I mean, that net Duma was a real one. They all were buying that thing. And I don't even I don't even know if you need a specific one. I've never done it. I don't know. But well, you know, what's funny is I don't I don't know if it's changed. But I've heard people say that the VP of VPNs weren't working when this game first came out. Maybe that's why the streamers are pissed off. I have watched I've watched the well we talked about him will mentioned we in SoCal, and he he's run into a few guys. High level guys, not the highest level guys, but well known streamers in his lobby swagged him doc, yeah, those are high level, but I've seen him around and other ones. And honestly, they hold their own against them. In fact, I think they won but the ones I watched it's like, so it's, I think there's some I don't know, I haven't watched the video guys. But I did you used to see it. When I used to watch again, I used to watch Zealander. And you'd see it when they're in the in, they'd all say it like when they finally got there easier lobbies like, Oh, here's the lobby as if it just randomly gave it to him, you know, but you could tell the difference when they're in a hard lobby, it's like they just want to get very mucositis just get wiped. And some of them feel like they just throw the game just to get out of the lobby, you know, and get try to get into an easier one. The next time there's a loss of like, you get it 100% It's like, from what I've heard with the VPNs it's it's a little bit of a lottery. Yeah, and there's a lot of if I remember back watching those guys, too. And there's a lot of like little code words that are used and little like, cute kind of talk until I seen it, but they're saying it, you know, they're like, oh, yeah, like, Hey, Dan, you're hosting, right? Yeah. Just like, grown into the thing. Yeah, same thing with a Cronus. Lots of jokes about it. But there's a lot of truth in there, too. So hey, yeah, we've we've gone off the rails. Oh, so one of the things I wanted to say is I've seen people say this. So we've talked about the movement, all this stuff, would you I think I already know your answer. But would you want to revert back to the war zone? One style of movement? Like what if they could just you know, wave a magic wand and boom, you can go back to the same movement even. Even let's go full. Let's go to make it further. Would you just go back to the same game? By the way as it used to play on for dance? Would you just switch back to for dance? No. Would you say with all my say I'd stay in Warzone to? Why? Well, okay, so you're saying a total revert? Well, I was I was ready for something new. Anyways, that game was a little stealth to me. Like, it was fun. I still like we didn't play the big map at that point. But I played we played resurgence or rebirth, whatever. And it was fun. But I was like over it when we played it enough where you needed to change. I was wanting a more tactical type of gameplay anyways, when I was doing that, I was tired of the like 5050 gunfights where it's like, if you see them first, you're dead. Now, having said that, we're kind of in the TTK. And this game is still kind of it's absurd at times, you know, up close. It's up close. It's bad. Now at range. I think it's alright. But no, and I don't know, they've messed up a lot of stuff. But I liked that they changed it up. I think I would have been I would not have been happy if they just put out the same game. Yeah, no, I agree. I think the problem is peoples tend to romance human nature. They tend to romanticize what used to be, but that's all remember, we were all everyone was sick and tired over danske and even the movement like we were very tired of it too. Well, I'll tell you the one right now that was in to just destroyed for dancing and visibility. Like the mouse is a million times better in Warzone to know I completely agree did this game isn't far off to me. Like there's just some little things they need to fix. And they just need to clear up all these like just the random issues like whether it's crashing or even the UI. It's just the unfortunate part. They tried to implement a lot of things that just straight just didn't work. You know, the biostation changing like that was a bad idea. I mean, In just a rattle them off again, it's like the game crashing constantly. The base station changes. The plating movement sucked at first, it's better now that's a huge good change. But yeah, the stats, the stats is the most absurd thing. That to me is the one that it just says everything is like you don't release with stats, you bring them in, and they're already bugged and not working. Like it just kind of like, I feel like it's a big fu to the player base. Like, you guys got to, like, we're waiting for you to prove to us that the player base that were we mean something in this, you know, it's like, it's like, it's just I feel like we just keep getting like slapped down. And you know, we'll remember I mean, that's there used to be fun to go look at your stats and you'd also go look at like your lobby your and see your plane. Sometimes I'd be like, Oh, do we really like streamers lobby didn't know it, you know? And then also just taking your key D. C, and how it's moving up? Are you are you progressing? Are you getting worse? I don't you know, that's my, do. I, I will I had when it worked. I go through and just check my KD from day to day and see like, alright, am I going up or down? Like how am I've been playing? It? Sometimes it'll surprise, you know, maybe his The stats are wrong. I don't know. But sometimes it's like, I'm thinking like, you know, my KT might have gone down and went up a little bit, you know what I mean? But it's a good, it's a good way for you to understand how you're doing other than just straight wins, you know? Yeah. I mean, it doesn't seem like a hard thing to do. It's like the data should be there. Right? Like, they can't imagine the data. There's something went wrong in this game, and they're having so many issues. And I would love to hear a developer just talk about it. You know what I mean? Like, just explain what is going on? Because there's something up with this development. There's a set did I think it's a corporate thing? I feel like the company as a whole is poorly ran. So it's, I feel like it's systemic. Well, ravens, like one of the development studios that they use. No, I feel like Activision calls the shots. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I feel like the I don't know how coding works was how they've been developed these games, has read the switch off and on, right, I feel like there's different studios that have worked on, you know, warzone, a different studio for surgeons to I forget, I forget if that's a whole studio that's doing that. But like, are they all working on the same base code, and so like to make a change to that code? So to make a change, that code would be pretty problematic, but it's going to affect all these different areas, right? Yeah. It would be, which is maybe why things. It's hard to figure out the issue or hardly even make a change? I don't know. Whatever. Yeah, let's move on. Where are we at? Look, I think we're gonna have bait. Our skipping over the jagah thing. Yeah, we kind of hit overall. I mean, the J God thing he just went over like promised the warzone, same exact thing. I mean, only one thing I'd like to also mention, we've said it before the lack of updates, that's a huge thing. Like, they really should be changing the meta often because it does, honestly, since this game dropped, it's been like two different metas. And that's it. I would rather the metas don't change as much more the there's updates on the map and stuff. But obviously, that's it's too much to ask for right now. And to be honest, from his perspective, and a content creator, they want different metas more videos, you know, I'm saying yeah, no, I get it. I get it. I mean, honestly, from a content perspective, this game has totally screwed these people, they really, really not much has changed. Because all the content is like negative, you know? Yeah. And with that, he talks about lack of new modes, like iron trials, like we haven't had anything like that. So I agree with that. Yeah, I mean, just matches being slow, which is whatever I don't know. I don't Yeah, Missouri's will Resurgence is not slow. All hell Mazara is slow, though. It's pretty long. But I don't know if like, I wouldn't want him to speed the zones up really that much more, you know, so I don't know. I mean, maybe, I mean, maybe just like shave like 30 seconds off of them. You know, just see what happens. Or I guess you could like change the size of a zone to like the first one cuts it in really, like a lot smaller than now. You know, let's change the shape. Ooh, let's let's just move on to half baked ideas and change the shape of the zone. All right. Honestly, that is what I'm looking for, though. Like like the PR has, especially war zone. It's fine. I started playing it but we need something game changing. And yeah, that was the whole zone splitting thing. Not really a fan of it. I don't I feel like I feel like it's just a big delay. You know? Yeah, I feel like everyone just goes and hides in their corner the zone and then it comes together then there's the fight, but it's not. Yeah, it's not exciting at all. No. Now I'm trying to think of what they could do with that. We'll have to think about it. They're a half baked it in there next time. Yeah, it's almost like the zone itself. Maybe we get away from a zone? I don't know. Oh, hold on. Yeah. Wait, wait, what can we do other than a zone? Because you have to have some incentive for action, you have to close the space of the game. You know, yeah. The zone, the map of the map just falls apart. I've actually thought about that already in my head. Just thinking about it. And that would visually I think that would be pretty cool. But they're no now the problem is, there'll be no place like you have to be in the zone. That would force very early rotations. Yeah, but instead of something coming in, it's just like the map crumbling? I mean, it'd be pretty funny. I mean, it's something that would look better than the gas, you know, I mean, replay different to you said, you can't use a gas mask, you got to, you know, go through, maybe they give you a hoverboard or something, you know, maybe instead of a zone you have like hunters on the outside. You know, this is getting out there baby. Do it. Okay, to incentivize people to stick around. If you die, you could be a hunter. And so you sit on the outside of the zone. And but your bullets only can register if they're in the zone, you know, I'm saying sorry, you have bullets. Let's just throw some predators out there. Shoot some lady things out. Or just pray. But you can't Yeah, you're right. You can't enter the zone. You have to stay on the outskirts. It's just like the zombie thing. Actually, shoot. Let's make it easy for him. You come back as a zombie. Same thing, vile systems. But you have to get those kills outside the zone in order to come back. Well, that's our left a limited time mode. Good idea, though. Yeah, no, I mean, it just like think of something different. I mean, they tried, right, they tried. They switch the Gulag up. They're trying, but it's just not. They're not creative enough. It's definitely not creative. Well, they're also played, they also play it safe. So yeah, that doesn't usually work out so well. Half Baked idea. Squad Wars. So first, you have to have the ability. I mean, they have those groups right now. Like I've said this one before. I think we keep coming around to the same kind of idea. I think you're right, it's Yeah, so my idea is you get a squat, and then you can, but you can choose, like different squads to play against or like saying you're in a game. It's almost like you they have to be squad specific playlists, though, I think, ranked mode, the squat, you know what it is? Okay. All I'm looking for. And we've said this before, I want some way to where you can play with the same people again, to get that competitiveness, like to get that rivalry going. That's what I want. However, that's implemented, I want the ability to be like, Oh, do we just lost this guy? Let's run it back. You know, the problem is, if it's warzone, you're going to this can be implemented resurgence. That wouldn't be bad, more, takes too long. You could do it on resurgence and just have like, I don't know that now. That's more almost of like a tournament style system. Where I wonder how you'd have to like, see how you implement that where there's kills and kills and what I should probably be just placement but you don't want people to care? Well, you don't. Yeah, we don't get in the tournament system, you could have an option at the end of the game, like run it back, like, map, run it back. And you everyone on the map, whoever selects that. It puts us all on the same game. And then you know, just fill it in with whoever. You know what it would be, but I kind of like the idea of having like, some type of ranking for your squad, you know, like in an emblem or something. That's good. Now, I know that's a lot. No, no, no, no, no, no, I I'm thinking it's like, it gets back to the point of like, what do you like, you're, you're trying to play towards something, right. Like, we've all got wins. I mean, if you haven't, I'm sorry, we didn't win a caldera. So we feel like oh, he hated them. But it's like, I've gotten wins, and that's cool. And I still like try to grind and we try to still get wins, that's fine. But if you had something else to work for, too, it'd be even more fun. Yeah, the reason for to keep people coming back. I mean, honestly, they need to think outside the box a little bit and come up with like something just different to change this up a little bit. You know? Oh, yeah. And something like that I think would work even though like the rain tourism would would work, you know? Isn't that give even content guys like the Grand the ranked mode something more? Well, it's is it announced or is it it's just people are saying no no, no, it's done no, it's warzones the rank warzones dropped I think I can't remember was it on? Point was in three series it's coming soon. That's like a fact I read it in one of the podcasts I told. I said I've repeated what they said it's soon. Right. That's it. That'll be very interesting to see how they how they do that stuff. Like as far as how I mean, that would be fine. It'll be just we'll be we'll be in there. Yeah, I'm just the only concern I have is like, I just thought like, if you play against killers sometimes I don't know. But with our strategy, the way we play, it's doable. Yeah, you can compete. You can compete with a good squad. Yeah. So especially positioning and getting the right resources now. Yeah, it would get tough for sure, like that ranked vote, but I don't know how much tougher it is in normal like jumping in, especially in Duo's and stuff with skill based. It's pretty tough. So, you know, it's funny, I was just thinking about, hey, again, going back to the streamers and all this, it didn't doesn't it feel like it used to be like, there's all these guys at the top and you knew like, these guys are just like, the face of warzone. And now I feel like it's totally scattered. I feel like there is no like streamers that are like the face swag, kind of. I guess he would be the face the one guy because he's in the commercials. But other than that, I feel like there's no, there's no one. There's no group that has taken that spot anymore. It's just wide open. But I think it's because there's just not that many people watching. Yeah, I think I think a lot of people aren't putting effort into it because of the viewership. And then I think the guys like you said the guys at the top are stuck. Because a lot of people, a lot of people are talking about jumping ship. But again, I just don't see how that's possible for some, but what do I now know? What do I know? All right, why we're deep in that was a long sorry if it was a little on the neither side but it's just kind of how we're feeling today. Well, that's just the reality of what's going on. It's is what it is. Yep. So this Saturday, September, September, God it's too late September a large March 11th is its 11th. Right. I don't know. What time do we decide to live in? Live at 11am Pacific Standard Time. So figure that out for your timezone? Yep, tell everybody you can and we will see you in customs but we'll talk to you before then. So yeah, leave us a review on Apple, please. We need three more, three more and more to get your 50 We can do it as you do it. All right. Thank you for listening very much appreciated the door members or Patreon YouTube you guys are the best and we will catch you guys on the next one. See you later.