Starfield Smugglers

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded May Be Out Of Ammo 😲 Ep.49

March 13, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 49
Starfield Smugglers
Warzone Season 2 Reloaded May Be Out Of Ammo 😲 Ep.49
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Welcome Back Guys/Gals! Here Is What We Got:

  • Warzone Private Match Recap
  • Current Glitches & Bugs 
  • Easy Wins In Al Mazrah 
  • Ashika Island Go To Loadout
  • Warzone Season 2 Reloaded 
    • Shredder Is Here! 
  • Fully Baked Idea! 
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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. We cover everything from weapons and tactics to hacker hunting and have some laughs while doing it. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop it with the goons Now here's your hosts the twins that get wins Goon Squad and Keno boo All right welcome back to the show he got a pop a goon here with Mr. Quito What's up Mr. Quito? Hello What's up guys? Just stirred Cheeto. What's that off of? I can't remember what can hardly wait. Oh, no, it's great movie. Great movie by the way. Yeah, those are like some old like high school movies. We used to watch you know, high school party party movies were like the best Yeah, Little did you know that actual high school parties? Not really as cool as the movies let's be real. Did the guy the girl girl always off you got like stuck up girls I don't know there's all kinds of all the girls are smoke shows too much. No offense to the high school girls just usually doesn't happen. Yeah. Hey, we're not beautiful guys. Either. It goes both ways. Wasn't Seth Green in that movie? Yeah, that's just her Cheeto. Oh, he is just yeah, that was so good. All right. So if you guys didn't know and you missed it, shame on you. But we had customs yesterday. So we're gonna we'll get into tell you guys how all that went. It was great blast playing with you guys the ones that made it and thank you guys all for the support. It was great. So we're gonna go over that we're gonna talk about just some stuff in game like the bugs it's like they're multiplying I mean, if you listened last podcast it's pretty clear words or you know Activision whoever Raven Software whoever has lost control of the bots. But I think they've lost control the bugs as well. You know, yeah, because it just seems like the bugs are just crazy. So I'm gonna go over some that I've run into. I'm gonna do a couple corrections I missed up some stuff on the last podcast we'll correct that we have a podcast review that I really tell you that we'll talk about in a minute. We Okay, the big one we have a new Strat that is guarantees you easy wins in Missouri. And there's a big part of me that almost doesn't want to say anything. I mean, I've heard of this strap before I'm just gonna say maybe not to this level that it's being implemented now. But I thought it was mitigate I thought they changed things so you couldn't do it you're talking about a separate stret we'll get into this to see our resident expert is our member keen razor So King You're the man we I participated in this as well and it works this is what you told me about it. Allah died laughing I'm like that actually works and I'm still confused on exactly how okay well talk I should have had Kingdom Come on here and talk about it maybe we will in the future. Because he like is gone deep into it. And I'm just a beginner so anyways, we'll go over that. And then we're gonna talk about a sheik Island. We're gonna give after we played all this and you guys probably are no but we're going to just get a hit real quick. Down and dirty the best loadout to run on a chic Island and give our take on it simple. And then we're going to finish up with Season Two reloaded Ooh, that was a Hurst My dear like Oh, whistle Season Two reloaded there's some notes on that on what's coming out what to expect so we're gonna kind of read over that for you guys as well. And maybe do half baked idea we'll see if we have time you guys know how it is. So anyways, let's start with talking about customs. What do you think about customs yesterday? Customs well, so just so you guys know we The plan was to play on the sheik Island, the big map. But the problem with that is of course Activision changed it to where you have to have 50 people in the lobby to start a match. As you can imagine, getting 50 people to start a match is very difficult. So we tried it. We got like 20 something in there. And then here's the great part too. It keeps you out after like five minutes to do it quick. It's I don't hate that they do I understand. I mean, it honestly, we weren't even close. Like I'm just gonna be real like I knew it was gonna be a hard time to get that many people because we've done customs In the password, it's usually what 2025 I think you're 23 or something, then we've had it up higher, like, but that again, we were very actively, like live streaming and doing customers a lot, you know? Yeah. So we'll keep trying to do about really, our new tactic is we're going to try to team up with some other streamers, maybe around our kind of subscribers, whatever, to where we all can group together and get a big customs game. That's like the plan in the future. Because otherwise, we just don't have the following and can't get that amount of people. It sounds crazy, because I think on YouTube, we have, like 60,000 subs. It's, I'm telling you, it's the weirdest thing on YouTube, it didn't matter when we had 5000 versus 60,000. Our live streams never changed. Never. We laugh about this all the time, as the number always sits around 3020 30, while usually around 30 to 40 is kind of what it would be. Maybe dropped to 20 Towards the end, I think we're doing a lot we ended up getting around 50 to like 70 ish. You know, that was like our best stream. So you know? Yeah, so it's, it's a grind. But you're talking like, we're getting YouTube talk a little bit here. Sure. But yeah, you're talking we weren't from like, seven or 5000 people on the channel or subs to 60 and the correlation in the live chat has not there's been none, in fact is done nothing. Yeah, and there's a couple reasons to like all a lot of our subs came from shorts. So when you have they don't correlate to your long form content, which is live streaming videos, so it's weird, I'll put out a video and can't get 100 or 200 people to watch it. But a short can get you know, 100,000 people, you know what I mean? Yeah, so and then we like we try we changed our content, too. We got out of the hacker hunting stuff. Yeah. So and that's honestly most of it's kind of to be expected because yeah, we stopped doing the hacker Hunter stuff totally changed what we're doing. We're more we're a podcast now and margin content on the game like that. And so you're gonna like obviously we're dealing with a lot of fans that no longer are fans of that kind of stuff. So which is fine I have no problem with that. So you're gonna get lower numbers and stuff which is okay, but but just so you guys know we did try our best to promote the heck out of this thing because we really wanted to play customs like I wanted to play on Mazda with our with our group. Yeah, we put it on everything and we got some people in there but it just not even nearly enough you know so we like Dan said we have to coordinate with other people to do it yeah, we'll find a way to get it done and eventually getting there either way though. I actually had a blast he was playing we ended up playing Modern Warfare two and just did multiplayer customs and it was it was actually a lot of fun just playing with you guys and you know it's funny when you killed by somebody that you know him and you're like getting these little gun battles back and forth. Well yeah, there's little rivalries that happened like I was going after planet what planet was destroying me he's executed me once. It was funny but did like Jackie Joker was going out with someone else. There's just all these little battles that it get when you know the people it makes them more fun. So yeah, then we have chat tried. We had tape in chat trash talking, you know, whoever. If it's trash talking what play so it was a great time again, the only problem is just like multiplayer to me. Like I literally can't play it for that long because they'd like my eyes just start glazing over and it started just like, I don't know. It's a it just exhausts me. Yeah, no, I get it. Yeah, but I thought for like doing a private match just to get together especially because it was shocked because we couldn't do warzone. It was still fun. I still like it was a it was a great time. It was fun to do big map. I really would like to do one when if that Texas Chainsaw Massacre thing comes out. But that's kind of hard because people have to buy it and stuff but it would be fun to do it. Oh your time out for that game. I know I was thinking for customers too, is we've talked about this but finding a fun game that we can play together. I used to do that we did fall guys and we did. Well fall guys. We talked about fortnight but yeah, there's opportunities because I don't know that I want to do multiplayer again. I'd like to try something else. No, if we can't, I don't know. Maybe it's because one of us is a potato. And you know, maybe he doesn't do so good a multiplayer, you know what I mean? I was terrible in the BA it's all good. It was a blast. So thank you everybody who participated. We're gonna try to do them. I mean, what are we thinking like once a month, maybe once every other month? Something like that. Yeah, you know, the only one Our time is doing on a Saturday killed by Saturday with the family now, so that's really negative, but maybe once a month, maybe, yeah, it's kind of you guys can let us know to especially our members, just let us know what you're, if you have an idea of something you want to do, we'll we'll jump on it. No big deal. We have a new Apple review. So we're at 49. We need one more to get to 50 reviews, which has been a big goal for us for a long time. So we're, so I'm gonna read this. We have it by car. He said. This was actually pretty funny. It's funny to me. Well, it's funny because he said that what he says we talked about in the podcast, but the funniest part is you were telling me so it starts off with Yeah, no, it says First off, thank you all. Thank you all go for what you do. Great content, tips and strats fun to listen to y'all. But just one little annoyance I found difficult to get by finding it a bit hard not to get distracted by goon fathers. It's now Papa goon. offerees have ya know, after almost every statement, he says, still five stars for great content you guys put out but maybe just tone down the sentence fillers for ease of listening. So you know, that's a good common dude, by the way this because we've read this earlier weird. This isn't a surprise, but he says we talked about it. And it's so in my head to not say that Val, which is not a bad thing. Okay, so here's I'm gonna Yes, thank you for the comment. And believe it or not, well, I appreciate constructive criticism. But it is so difficult and I'm going to try not to do it. I guarantee I'm still going to do it this podcast because I don't want to be overthinking it and maybe you know, losing the podcast like what I'm saying just because I'm trying not to say something but it is really difficult because we're on Discord. You know, we're not together so I almost have to like finish a sentence to let him know. It's time to talk. So just by saying, ya know, I want to jump right there too. It's like my way to tell him like hey, I'm done talking it's your turn now you almost begin No, I agree with him but then again, like we said, the funniest thing is Daniel was telling me that I do it too much. What's the podcast? Was it the same? Was it you know? Yes. Oh my gosh, that is so funny. You're calling me out yet he's calling you out unless you get the names reversed. But anyways, yes, I agree with you. I can understand that would be annoying too. So we will try not to do it as much no guarantees but I will I guarantee you I will give it my best effort here. So and we do have a new member a new old what planet re up so what planet welcome back. Thank you. It's appreciated. Thank you planet. Yeah. All right. So anything else with customs you want to hit on? No, it was a great time I had a really fun time playing that's it well, ball we hit up a sheik afterwards are surgeons and we popped a couple dubs to which was not that we played with members. You know it to me if we can't get enough people to play a Sheikha or not Ashika? Well, hopefully customers come to shaker because that's a different story. But if we can't get enough people to play all Missouri and customs, that to me, the next best thing is playing with members on a sheet. That was a lot of fun. Yeah, I think the members is actually a blast to play with. You know, yeah, yeah. Well, we have a great, we'll be honest, I have a really fun community. Like I said, we bust balls, and they're all good people. So it's fun. Yeah, yeah, we have a blast. All right. So I want to go over let's see we did the podcast. So gameplay. Alright, so this is some stuff. Again, I just have noticed when I'm playing like stuff that glitches in the game that need to be addressed, right. Okay. So one of them. I have the bounty. Now there's no name on the bounty. I don't know what happened every every time. It seems like pretty consistent. I've seen that a lot or I haven't paid. Honestly, I just usually pick them up and I don't even really pay that much attention now. But I've noticed that name is blank. There's no name of who. So I don't know what happened there. But now we have no names. It. It honestly is baffling. How bad this has gotten with the glitches, but nothing is working smoothly at all. It seems to be kind of falling apart to be like it's not getting better. It seems to be He almost like, Well, I would say getting worse. It's a snowball picking up steam. You know? That's I know. Oh, we gotta We gotta stop thinking about it though, because we're gonna keep doing like a little jar you put $1 Yeah, like at the end of the episode like, hey, we never gonna have to donate $500 Because we say, but yeah, I just think I would have expected a lot of these things to be fixed, or you know, to fix one thing. The problem is, I feel like they fix one thing and it breaks another. Yeah. Well, I definitely agree with that. See, I almost said, you know, there and I stopped. Okay, that's a win no more. Here's the rule for the rest up. So no more even talking about if you say, let it go? Because I know. Yeah. You know, you said, I said, I know. Okay. So another thing I've seen in this is this one is crazy is when the doors don't render, and it seems to happen on strongholds and black sites. And they'll be it'll look like the doors. There's no door at all. But it's just not rendered. So you'll go to shoot a bot through the door. Because you see the bot. It looks like he's standing right in front of you. But there's a door between you so you'll start shooting him. But you're not putting damage on him. Because there's a door in between you. It's just Yeah, I've seen that I've seen that's been in the game for a while, I think because I saw there's a game we were playing one time someone was trying to open or they're opening and shutting a door that wasn't visible, but you could hear it. Yeah. Yeah, that's weird. Exactly. That's really strange. Another one I had, when I was playing with cane the other day, we both did I talked about maybe I did, I don't know, we both hit the buy in, I couldn't get into it. Like it would open up the menu. So it open up like you could see the equipment or weapons and whatever. And then it would immediately kick me out. So not only do the buys not carry all the stuff that we need. Also, sometimes they'll just kick you out, and we'll let you get in. So it's bizarre as to why that happens. Once in a while you think just the mechanics of the way the buys station works. It will work the same thing way all the time for everyone. Why would there be a situation where someone can't even open it? Yeah, I I don't. I don't understand that. I really don't. It just wouldn't work. So which was really frustrating because we needed it. And of course it I think we ended up dying to try to go somewhere else and whatever. Well, again, it just goes back to I'd love to know behind the scenes what is going on? Yeah, I don't know what their plan is here. What they're going for. But do they got so much work to do on this just clean this game up? Please, please. I'd love it to just play without these glitches. These are like, again, it feels like this is day one this game just launched. And then these are things that would annoy you even with the launch. You'd be like, Oh, come on, man. Especially the ball. Let's get into the DC and this is connecting. Now. I don't to be honest, I have watched some other streamers that it happens a lot, too. I don't really have it happened at 10. I don't play as much as them. No. So maybe that's what it is. But I watched some guys go in for nooks. And they're getting deseed on like a three or four game win streak. And it's like that whole new thing is done. Now. You don't have the wins yet because DC counts as a resets the whole thing, right? I believe that's what it seems like. So that's brutal. Well, I just think like, I honestly think what has happened with them is that they start with this, they start developing this game. It has some issues in a war zone comes out, they kind of patch some stuff, but it's kind of duct taped together. It's not they never really spent time fixing the core problems with the game. And now we keep adding on to the game with these new versions of this war zone. You know, war zone two comes out, totally change up the game. I don't know if they use the same code or not. But regardless, it just feels like it's gotten so overwhelming. At least the code is to where they cannot they don't have the ability to make changes to anything without breaking something else. Well, it is like the physics of the game itself or just a it's it's the code but it's jacked to where like the collision bought like a by stations and stuff. They it's not set right in rocks and whatever, but you throw an ammo box, and if it's not on a flat surface, it can just disappear. You know, and we in they fixed they fixed that other issue where you were dropping guns and they just fall through the map at the end of the game. Uh huh. So they fixed that but it seemed cuz that's a lot of the issues of where you're dropping ammunition goes into the buyer something are you get a black sight the advanced is in the wall are there's that one black say where the base stations like sideways in the wall. Like it's not even center. It's been like that for a long time. I don't I don't know what the deal is, but it's like, come on guys get it together. Like you know what they needed to do. I mean, here's the problem. We've all had the problem about climbing rocks in this game since Warzone since for dance. climbing rocks is horrible. Like, you should be able to climb everything like it's similar to Assassin's Creed right? You can just climb up things and explore I want that mechanic in Warzone I don't need to be blocked by a mountain you know. I do what I the part that I don't agree with you though, because I do think there's some areas I like there's like a mesa on where's that it's by the police academy, just like kind of south of it. And I liked that area because you can hold it because no one can climb up the front. They have to come around the sides. But I know what you're saying. I think I think there should be a clear claimable rock. You know the little boulders and stuff you can kind of shimmy up but if it's like a face, you know wall a rock face. No, you're just no you can't get up. You know? Okay, I will I do all kids, I'll concede my point that you're right, if it's a straight vertical wall, that they don't want you to climb fine. But it's those that those little in between rocks, where it's like, you should be able to just jump up and climb. I mean, most of the time you can, but it's a real hassle to get up, you know? Yeah. This guy's rude does like the podcast, you let us know one thing too much, because it's, it's the title of this podcast goon squads over daata eak. Alright, let's get into the new strat on Oh Mazara. So I'm telling you, this isn't like fluff. This works. And now, it's not for everyone. Okay, there's definitely some people that are gonna hate this. But we're about getting wins in this is a way to get a win. I mean, I'm gonna say it's, it's going to be looked down upon. The goal is it's within the rules of the game, right? There's it's not cheating by any means. No. So, and this, I would argue is probably the best strategy to get wins. And it's honestly easy. If you understand what people are doing. It's easy to take them out. But let me explain so that again, well, gee, okay, here, okay. Okay, well explain the strap. So, again, this is from Kane razor, one of our members, the man and we we've been taught he we go talk about taxes all the time and stuff. And he I think he found this and then he's kind of refined the process to make it as easy or the most efficient as it can be. And we're still working on some things. There he is. And I'm and I'm into it a little bit, you know, you know, yeah, so what'd you do? He goes, he gets a chopper, right? And there's some variations here that I've the way I would like to do it is do our normal thing, hit a stronghold get the resources then and have the chopper with us then you own the strap, but we're still figuring that out. What he's been doing he hits the chopper he goes and hits all the gas stations or not all but he gets like for gas cans, right? Okay. He gets the gas cans. Now you want to know whatever we you need to you need to get a gas mask and preferably a self revive and preferably a durable yes mask. So the gist of it is you get all the resources you need. Then you just hang out with that chopper on the side and try to keep it healthy during the initial circles. Once I forget what circle he goes into fly mode. He goes into flight mode and then you just sit in the sky in the chopper and fly around as the zones close. Right. Okay, so this is a question. This is a question. I'm just curious. I don't use gas cans. I've never I've never done this strategy. Do the gas cans automatically refilled the chopper? Do you have to like click on you have to close them? Okay. Right. So as he's flying around now, sometimes like we died a couple times doing this because once a team focuses you if can be, well, you're high up. But if you're flying in the wrong area, and they're on a hill and they focus you you get taken out or if they have a rocket, you know what I mean? Might be over. So anyways, we fly around or he flies around. And then this is the key when it gets to the very end. He stays that chopper right until the zone shrinks to nothing jumps out. Now he has a gas mask. And I forgot to mention on the tactical is rockin stems, restock in the flies. He flies to a gas station, like out of there. So he jumps out, he flies the gas, he shows not gonna get shot out, goes in the gas station opens the med cabinet pops, there's two more stems that fall out. So as soon as the gas mask is done, he started to pop and stems. As soon as the stems are done, it's the self revive. So well sell providers last last last ditch resort, right. Yeah, yeah. Self revive would be the last Okay, so So why are you can sell itself and maybe hit a stem to you know? Well, there's a key. Okay, so there's a couple I do. And there's a couple things. There's a couple of things. So, to me the initial part of gathering the equipment, like that seems like to get a gas mask, where are you? You're just looting and finding that are you by hitting the gas station. You might find one there, but you're getting money from the gas stations as well. So then once you hit those, then you go to buy station, hopefully they'll have the gas mask. What I think I would prefer to do is land get the chopper like we normally do you go to a stronghold or a flag building. If it's not a stronghold, you just pop the white boxes, you're gonna have a ton of cash, go hit the buy station, and then get your resource. I don't think you'd be set that way you're doing it as well. Okay. So, but really, once you get those resources, the key is like keep that healthy, safe, and out of the way. Okay, so that's a great strap. I like it. Kane, you're a genius. That's really funny. Because I was dying when he was like telling me how in depth he was going with it. Well, yeah, I was laughing. Yeah, he calls me up doing the dishes like, bro, he's like, Kings GET wins like crazy. And I'm like, Well, how? No offense but just like, how does he How does he get somebody wins, you know? Yeah. You know, as I said. So how did he get so many wins? And then dadoes goes on to tell me Well, he's doing the chopper Straumur he's got gas and stems. Mask. I love it because it's different. You know what I'm, you know what I mean? I think that's my new you know, you don't need to transfer it. Oh, sorry. Anyways, yeah, hold REO talk. Okay, so to go on to this point, I actually have an improvement to the strategy. Here we are. I don't know if he does this. So he has the gas mask. He has restocking his stems. So what's he holding in his inventory? His backpack? I mean, whatever else he found, I mean, preferably you'd have an airstrip. Okay. So let me get into this part. All right now because let me tell you where I think you can make a big improvement. Let me tell you what we did when because he doesn't so as most of the time when we did Duo's. I was trying to like help out and find my place in the stret. So what I felt like I don't need to have all the resources like him. I got a durable instead of keeping the durable I gave it to him because we're both in the heli at the end right. Now what I like doing because we both don't need to do the same thing. You just need one guy to outlast. Right. Right. So what I did is, you know, hopefully I'd have a durable and everything like he does as well, but I did it for game I gave him my durable. And what I did I when as soon as that circle closed, I jumped out and took the highest spot, there was a building I could land on. I took the highest spot in those enemies. I jumped I want I tried to jump a little bit before him so that the chopper still shows someone's in it. So I flew down landed on top. Well the players in the Zone, I'm telling you, they did not even know a helicopter was above them. They didn't know so I landed above them. And he's he's standing because you know, they they know. They know. They think how we're gonna get through this. It's great, it's great. It's best to be up so much. It's so they, you know I don't even know how to talk without see. I know. I know. So they're in the center circle just trying to stay in the non gas, whatever, whatever. And they're looking around Boston using giving in my mind it's like, as long as you don't see everything in sentences produced a first grade level they're looking around trying to find that team because they know it's gonna go to a gas play. Yeah, so they're just looking around all over the place. And if they noticed the helicopter, they're going to be looking up, right so when I land on the building, I looked down I see the guy just looking around. I shot killed him game over. Now worst case scenario I Landy kill me. King still off doing the stim thing, you know? Oh, God. So, so in Kings mind, like when Cain does this, he's making a stim play every time. Right, right. He's doing a gas play. Whoever's flying is going to be that guy. I mean, it seems it almost seems like you as both you both should just stock up on stems. And then just have both you over in the in the gas. Have we dropped all his stuff for the other one? Oh, that okay. That could be a better play. Just now. I know in in game popping stems like that. They go fast. You got to pretty much just pop pop pop. So, but I think that might be a better play. I'm not sure. Well, and also, I was thinking about when I asked what he was holding, because what he could do is since he has restock and stems, he can store those stems as they're restocking. Say, you know, you lead to restock. You drop them, pick them up, put them in your backpack to Murrell regenerate, so you could fill up your slots with stems. Now sometimes, okay, this is another part of it, though sometimes you don't have your loadout he's he's not even prioritizing a loadout because it doesn't really matter that much. I mean, he'd rather have one. But I don't think he necessarily prioritizes getting that restock on. I don't think he's had too many issues with those plays. Because by the end of the game, most people stuff's depleted anyways. And let's be real, those. Those stems are easy to find. They're everywhere now. So you don't need to have restock. Yeah, but I do think like you said, really? The best would be to land with him. And I'm just dropping my stems to him. And then yeah, and then he goes he's pretty much the one that takes it from there. Now we also took a cluster mind from the the chopper, if airstrikes mortars, anything like that, it would be great. Because you could jump especially I mean, that's he's flying I throw a mortar right on the center zone that's gonna push them into the gas burn off their gas mask as well. It's interesting to me that it works. It works. I want to see it. I know but I want to see but it seems like he's in the gas for a long time. Well, the one we did it wasn't that long. See, I think the thing about it one again, it's better in like solos and Duo's, I think the more people the less chance you're gonna survive, but it's like the people are gonna get shot out in a team will focus you and you're gonna blow the chopper up. So really, it's like a solo duo strat I think. But by the end of the game again, most people have like burned gas just on rotations and stuff. So I don't think a lot of times I like the game we played I killed one guy. I think there was another one the other guy just died in the heat like he either didn't have a gas mask or something. So can be played with I think you're right. If you're doing like a traditional All gasp play. I think I should land with him at the end and just dump him stems and stuff and let him finish it. So it's funny. It's funny that that still works though because people were doing this strategy now they were doing with the heavy chopper which got taken out of the game if you guys don't remember, they got a ticket out. And they said they were gonna do some stuff to it. And of course, it's just, it's gone. It's never came back. So it is what it is, but, and I had heard of other people doing the chopper play, but I thought that had been like, they had made changes, so you couldn't even do it anymore. Well, we will. Yeah, we'll know that. I mean, it works. And no, obviously I'm wrong. I'm not. Obviously I'm wrong. You know, the funny thing about it is in my games, I never see people do this though. I think it's like I said a solo do a thing that you may see people try and people will focus you in that chopper. Like, if they see you flying around, they're gonna focus you so it's, it can be difficult. But I'm telling you, Keynes Keynes got it down pretty good. He's got it down. It's one of those things you're probably not gonna brag to your friends about doing it. But then again, when you have 100 wins. Does it really matter now you don't have to tell him now there definitely was it is a little slow especially when you're riding in the passenger seat because you're just kind of flying and I'm just spotting people and seeing where people are rotating. So it is it is a little sunk. I think Kane likes to flying his he's just trying to avoid people so he's kind of active in that but I mean hey, like you said a wins a win and that's a way to get them and we're here to share some with you some tactics so again big thanks to Kane for going in depth like he's got it down yeah shout out okay, that is hilarious and it's a smart way it's a smart way to get wins it really is absolutely man absolutely it's not there's nothing shady about it it's just playing the game differently Yeah, that's a funny show to like people talk about camping and you know we watched some we watched some people that are high level guys that would get a ton of wins. And the funny thing is they get a lot of kills too. But really it is camping like you can't buildings and you take high points but that's like strategy. So if you want to run around running gun that's really like resurgence in Missouri you want to get wins you got to camp but not I'm not talking about camping in a corner I'm talking about taking the tactical positions there's a difference Yeah, to be honest this that run and gun style straight up to it doesn't work unless the reason that got so popular the whole running around getting high kills that got popular popular because streamers were doing it and they were doing and VPN lobbies so it looked easy and so everyone tried if you try to do it because if we try that we're playing a lot we tried that and it did not work at all and it's really frustrating but if you get in those soft lobbies Absolutely you could do it it's not even it's not even hard because you're playing it's probably children well especially yeah especially this game because of the high TTK and the slower movement it makes that type of style really hard to pull off. So you're right that that I do agree with you that's like how that whole thing developed. The funny thing now I honestly don't even like check my my kills hardly. I really don't so you mentioned earlier which I don't either I literally like when we played in customs I did in multiplayer. I did sorry I did a multiplayer but when we went to a resurgence I didn't check once because I don't care which is actually what I want. Yeah, cuz what planet hit me up is we got to win with him and then we got to brag. brag, but seriously, because he's like, Dude, we were frying that game we played really good as a squad. Honestly, we really did. We kept high ground and we played a greater thing to get that win. Like that was a total like we had power position and weren't even that worried. You understand me? Anyways, but playing him yeah, he's like, Dude, you had like 10 kills that game. And if I had no idea I could have had two kills it didn't even like that's the thing now. It's cool to get high kill games like it is but I don't even focus on that at all. When I play it's so it's so funny how the paradigm has changed like, honestly, it used to be so much about kills in for dance when we used to play and even on resurgence everyone's checking their kills. I can tell when people would be disappointed when they didn't get enough kills. And now I literally don't care at all like I'll laugh, sometimes I'll notice if I don't get any kills, but a laugh at it. I but I don't really care. I just want to get wins. It is you're right, the paradigm shift is real because in rebirth I'm I'm going to be honest, I probably lose, cared more about kills than wins. Yeah, there was times when we get wins and it's right. No, you're right. There's times where we get wins. And it's like, well, I only had two kills. And it wasn't for some reason that wasn't rewarding there. But now if that same situation on Sheikha, I'm happy. Yeah, we're, well, we've changed up the way we think about everything. So yeah, I guess I guess it all just goes for what you want. But the problem is, you're not going to get high kills like you used to be able to? Correct, correct. All right. Well, we're going to take a quick break, because we want to go over one of our top sponsors here, top sponsors, our only sponsor, says the top sponsor, the number one sponsor, for Goon Squad, the warzone podcast. So anyways, I'm not going to do a pre read ad or anything. I'm just going to go over a couple things. let you guys know what they have. Because honestly, their products are really good. We wouldn't tell you that if they weren't again. Yeah. Yeah, just so you guys know, they legit sent me stuff and they sent Dan stuff. So we both have tried it out. Did the packaging is next level first of all, gourmet packaging. I don't know that that's the right word. But great packaging and that nose hair trimmers. Legit. I use that every day. 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Anyways, we just want to tell you guys that there they manscape for sponsoring us again, we love when we do love their products. So they're good. Yeah, I didn't know I would I do. So anyways, so go ahead and use that code and we will move on with the pod now. So after that, that seemed as if it was a pre record, like it seemed like we just did it live but the way you cut it before, and then after it made it seem as if we have pre recorded that whole segment. For the pre record, in reality, like legit that was all off the cuff. We just went for it in. He didn't get job. Yeah. So Sheikha Island, I want to talk about one thing and one thing only. What is the best loadout to run? Because right now I can tell you I know the best loadout and I'm going to tell you right now, it's like a clear cut to me. There's not even a whole lot of wiggle room with this, especially in the close range meta. So to me the best laid out you run the hemlock, and you run it with the fire shotty right. So the problem is I have not unlocked the hemlock. You ever know. I don't know if it's not unlocked. I haven't leveled it up something I saw. I haven't even read the hemlock. But I believe it's better than the Seiken that we're running. I don't like to say can I mean it's okay. But the the second is good. It's just it's an again, it's an LMG it's a little slow. It's especially distance this fell into bullet velocity isn't great. Okay, you can spam bullets. So that is what it is. Yeah, that's good. But the hemlock to me it's the top assault rifle like that. Is it beam. I agree from everything I've seen. And just because it's an AR I would agree that that would be more viable than on G on a shaker. And then the KV Broadside is the shotgun and you get in you have to put on the Incendiary rounds. That thing is up close and actually not even that close. You can just spam in a distance in a hole. It's like telling a 20 something round magnet and you can just fire that thing and with Incendiary rounds, it'll just down people and finish them. It's o'clock there's no question that gun smeta issues gonna go it's getting there. So, I know I know we're talking about it's probably the last time because it's gonna it'll get nerfed into the ground. And we'll move on but the one thing I don't like about the Broadside, which is the fire shouty is when you have automatic text burning on which I do a lot of us do, I think I get caught in when I'm like in between a sprint and trying to hit fire. There's a there's like a little delay in there that kind of messes me up. So you almost have to like jump to so you're not going to be in a sprint while you're shooting. Yeah, see, I haven't used the fire shock and either. I've used that shock and just No, I guess I've used that shock and just not what the fire rounds. But I ran into the same issue. It's weird. It's almost like if you were gonna use that I would turn off tax Brent. It's it was like this back in for dance to the whatever the doof doof thing was, I had the same issue with it. Why don't they just let you shoot it while you're sprinting? I mean, maybe there's reason. I mean, there is it'd be really fast. So you could just hit fire everything. I know. I know. But if you don't have the Broadside the next backup that for SMG is the Lachman sub that things money too. I love I actually enjoy using the Lachman more than the broad side. But you are almost forced to use the broad side right now. Yeah, 100% locklin's Guy use the Lachman still. It's great. And by the way, if you haven't leveled up the Broadside, don't do it. Because that thing is, we're gonna get to it. It's getting nerve soon. So yeah, it's going to be gone. But let's move on season two reloaded. We have an update. Activision put out this whole, what is it like a press release? I don't know what it is, whatever document on what what's going to be upcoming what we have to look forward to? Yeah. And so first of all, season two reloader drops on the 15th. So that then three days from today, two days, probably from when you're listening to this, I think it's on a Wednesday. Is that right? Sounds right. So on the 15th, it's dropping at 9am Pacific Standard Time. So you do the math on that one if you're in a different time zone. So there's a couple. There's a couple of things before we get into this document, which by the way, the way they release information is extremely confusing to me. I have a hard time finding where it is. Look, I have this blog website that they have. I know they've released all their blogs, but I can't I couldn't even find this newest piece of information. I had to google it then it took me to what loads at the same site except for I couldn't see it initially. So it's it's weird. Yeah. It's weird. So before we get into that document, let's go into some tweets because there's some interesting things that they're that they're going to be doing with this season two reloaded. Okay. Okay, first thing exciting audio updates are incoming. So, submit that. That is exciting. It's exciting. I like the sound of that. It sounds great. Funny, real quick in multiplayer, I noticed I could hear the footsteps a lot better than I do in resurgence or for dance or a Mazda? And I don't know if that's because there's so much other noise going on. But in multiplayer I could even hear to the point where I pre fire and you know around corners and stuff. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I agree. I can hear a lot better in multiplayer to where it's not even an issue. Yeah, it's weird. But so the first thing they say which is funny because I don't know if this is a type of this is an actual word sub mix fixes that were affecting enemies footsteps, volume or enemy footstep volume. They said submix Is that an actual thing? I've got sub max or did they mean submit fixes? Maybe submix is a thing that's a thing they're saying like the audio. There's other like audio that's mixing with it or something that's creating or overriding the footsteps? Yeah. Interesting. Okay. equalize sand footsteps to better out through the mix similar to dirt in concrete to better okay sorry my sorry for the image I'm looking at a little the resolutions low so better to better cut through the volume or better cut through the mix. So equalize Sanford Samsung Samsung today Jr. Come on. Look at issues and footsteps. I mean, if you're in the sand, the footsteps probably the last thing you're gonna hear. I don't know how many people had snuck up on in the sand I guess. endzone. Did the problem is I'm really I need to bake this bigger. There we go. So PC users will have audio update. allowing users to select stereo or surround outputs. Okay, yeah, again, I don't know Okay, that's like whatever I don't even Zack gonna help things maybe. So here's more so that's the so they're making some sound updates. That's good. We'll see if that helps. Like I don't who knows they're gonna fix anything. Yeah, so then Infinity War did so this is infinity infinity rewards tweets here. Season two reloaded will include several global weapon balances including damage reduction to the KV broadside and Dragon's Breath rounds. Okay, so they're nerf and Incendiary rounds with the Broadside. Yeah, so straight off the bat. Yeah, that thing is getting nerfed into the ground. Probably. Yeah. Another one. So this is a this is a really good one too, because this is Raven Software. Now. With the season two reloaded update the bomb drone will be disabled in Warzone two. Oh, thank God. Yes, thank you. Yeah, so when they say Battle Royale while exploring additional balance options for this killstreak. And I feel like that's the sentence of death, the additional options for the killstreak just like Birdseye while exploring how to like balance. This option really means it's just gone. Yeah, just like private lobbies. They're working on the private lobbies for better experience gone. Yeah. Another thing that's interesting, so I guess it's been three years of war zone, which is awesome. Congratulations. Crazy. I know. To be honest, I thought it was more. I thought it was like five years. But to celebrate three years of war zone. There's gonna be seven free items over the coming weeks and ends in game store that are themed around map seasons and memories made since launch on March 10 2020. Dude, that's crazy. I thought it's been out for so much longer. No, I know. It's been a lot. It's been a lot in a few years. Yeah, so basically, you're gonna get some free stuff. Have you got the store? I guess that's probably gonna be lame. I don't know. Yeah. I mean, and one of the things we'll talk about in March, you want to save the shredder for the patch notes. Let's Yeah, let's just go through the patch notes or just good or the blog real quick. So there's a brand new core multiplayer map the hamlet Himal Matt, Mo Matt Expo. Matt sounds right. But maybe him Let him Oh, Matt. Yeah, here. I don't know what Hamlet Hamlet um, by a mole mat. It's a European. It's on a European mountainside. It looks kind of cool. So and that's 66 multiplayer map. So that's cool. We don't play it. So this is what it is. It'd be nice if that came into L Mazara. Like a new piano. Yeah, that'd be cool. There's return a more multiplayer party mode so they have dropped zone I'm not gonna go over all these well, maybe I will capture and hold drops under and points in this chaotic team based mode. So then there's all or nothing equipped only with a throwing knife and a pistol and that's kind of like the ideas that idea for different modes, you know, just switching it up. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's cool. I mean, they're keeping it fresh at least. So yeah, one in the chamber loaded Nomad for the pistol and one bullet pistol one bullet and three lives each player fights for themselves in a single shot any part of the body earns an elimination So that's kind of interesting to one in the chamber that's fine. Actually I some of these I wouldn't mind playing a little bit a bit our next customs to then there's all the free gifts you already kind of hid all over over all those here changes at a glance. Oh, no way this is okay, this is the camo challenge is basically they're all tied to different weapons. And it's assault rifles, Battle Rifle subs, and it's all about getting headshots. That's pretty much it except the launcher you can just go for kills to get the cameras so you'll probably unlock I mean everyone's probably going to lock the assault rifle and about the battle rifle but anyways, if you're interested just check it out in there just different guns you have to get headshots with to unlock those cameras. Now we have a new weapon, the tempest torrent. So initially, when I see a new weapon at my first thought is like, this is going to be the new map. Eventually, eventually, even my second thought is gusting I gotta level up a new gun. Right. Those are the two thoughts by the way double xp I think's coming up on the 15th I want to say it may be when it's, you know what it must be with the launch is I think so. Yeah. Alright, so I'm gonna read a little bit about this. So it's a new marksman rifle. The Timbers torn. This weapon offers impressive damage and fast filling a firing mechanism them making a great primary weapon choice when deploying to the new Expo multiplayer map or like how they're already plugging their new map. Yeah, and they said Ara Sheikha which is funny because they didn't say l Mazara. That's weird. Well, maybe just because the style of weapon I don't know. So it's a fast firing. We'll read the next sentence and that this is going to tell us this is good. Listen carefully because this is going to tell us everything you need to know this hard hitting DMR from the tempest armament offers the versatility of infor platform and the velocity and impact of the 762 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on target shots and quick kills. So what's your first thought to new DMR? It's the new DMR the Metis back. If they didn't say all Mazda, I just don't think you'll have the range that you did with other DMR. Maybe, but it's something to keep your eye on, right? If it's a hard hitting a fast DMR 20 rounds. And then just deleting people that can be interesting. It does say it's recoil, though predictable requires a steady hand with a quick but notable kick up to the left. Or the right and you're good. Yeah, down to the right down to the right. This thread, they have an update on those little ninja stars there are. I'm going to try to say Shuriken shurkin. You can't actually equip them. They're in resurgence, but you can't equip them. But it'll be available with the new mean you can or you can clip them. No, I'm sorry. You can't put them in a custom loadout Oh, I was gonna say I was I was using those. By the way. There's, there's a little easter egg where you find those stars, at least where I found them is where it's like kind of that. What does that part? It's like, ruins a little it's like kind of ruin the buildings kind of crumbling? It's by Beach Club. That's what it's up on the mountain. Yeah, it's by Beach Club though. It's just yeah, and there's like for just for what is it the dummies that pop up? You will you just take that those stars and you hate each one with each of the dummies with a start. I think you get like a reward. There's a pop up. Yeah, you know, like the inflatable decoys. They just pop up. Well, they're I think they're just there. Oh, yeah. I never noticed that. Even killing dummies you didn't even know. No, I think I've seen it and I just thought people are throwing decoys out. No, no, no, they're just there for that little easter egg. I think so the interesting thing with this weapon, though, in they said here a new lethal equipment piece that grants additional projectiles in exchange for not being revival. I don't understand what that means. Yeah. Does that mean you can't be revived if you're using them? Wait, let's read that again. A new human that grants additional projectiles in exchange for not being revival retrievable data retrievable now revival okay, this is bad. I've read that like five different times. It doesn't make any sense to me. That's like revival what does this have to do with be revised and I'm like to just this mean like your people are using those and then you just instant die you know, like, beta idea poison poison ninja stars. You hit them once they can't even be revived. Now, now we have the groundbreaking new character, Emperor Foot Clan Leader operator shredder coming in season two, John Doe. Yeah. I think this is awesome. I mean, we're Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans. Come on. It's really cool. But did we know my first thought is what we have to be able to play with the turtles like I need turtle skins. I gotta be honest. I'm not that impressed with the shredder skin itself. It doesn't look they're cool to me. Well, I think shredder honestly kind of looks lame. He's not that scary like the helmets oversized, is you have the big helmet the claws are cool. But then the his outfit itself is just kind of like you'd like to be all metal and huge to look like you know, menacing in my opinion. Yeah, I do. I mean, hey, I mean, Ninja Turtles are awesome. So like that's obviously one of our favorite cartoons back in the day. It's cool that they brought shredder and I I wish they would have made him look a little cooler. But I mean, is what it is. Do we need the Bebop and Rocksteady? You know? Yeah, I wouldn't mind if we just had some straight up cartoon looking characters in here like, as long as they kind of were like intimidating looking or cool. You know? I hit it I hit it, too. Yeah. Honestly, I just want like interesting skins. And I don't mind making the game more fun and less like just military, you know? Yeah, God. So anyways, this anyways, it's cool that they're doing this integration. I hope there's more. And it might this might be it though. Yeah, I don't. I don't see much, much more in there other than what we just went over. Which Yeah, again, there's not a lot on El Mazara. They really didn't seem to I guess the new weapon, but they didn't even mention our Mazara. In that one. Maybe there's maybe there's going to be a new update or something. I don't know. There are there's going to be patch notes on the 15th I believe they're going to let you know everything that's in the game. And we'll have a big podcast on that for Thursday. So we'll go through all that junk. But I don't think that actually is going to be anything other than shredder. In my opinion. I feel like the turtles aren't going to come it's just the throwing this one thing out there because I don't know how you may turtles in the game. Because unless you do like a hybrid human turtle thing. That would be that would be tough. That would be tough. You could have like a character that's like, dressed similar with a turtle shell on his bag. Yeah, maybe give him the little bandana the orange and Michelangelo whatever. I feel like that might look lame, though, you know? Yeah, it's it could be interesting. Yeah. I thought there was something else I was thinking about that but the update Oh, where's Russia coming? I was wondering if the Russia was already here. I thought he was but maybe he's not. I haven't noticed a new bot but I mean, we just anyways, so I literally thought it was already in the game. So I'm not sure maybe he's not in yet. Maybe he's coming in at that date. You know, it's funny and that's the old blog thing we're reading there's just a brother religious promoting a bunch of their stuff like they're really promoting that the tracer packs and the the Bible items. Yeah, I noticed that I kind of skipped over that stuff. A lot of different bundles that are coming out that the tracers are frustrating, they make you pay for a whole pack light and it's specific to the weapon so that's kind of annoying. That's really there. It's they're just trying to squeeze every dollar out of you. Yes, really what they're doing by the way, one thing I noticed with I was reading it on Twitter, the bundle for shredder I want to see let me pull up real quick. The bundle for shredder This is according to why someone I think someone had tweeted about they said there's three weapon blueprints one of which is still claws this so that'll be cool, right? Instead of a knife I guess you could probably use your claws that I actually like that. That's cool. You get a weapon vinyl. Here's the one that I saw. Again this is according to whatever I was reading at the time. They said you get a vehicle skin but it's for a light tank. Like it's for like groundwater maps or something. Yeah, but it's how could you give a like clearly most people are playing resurgence. Mazar, how can you give a vehicle skin for somebody that's not even in either of those modes? Why would you give a vehicle skin that's not in those modes? I know. It should be for it should like the skins should be for anything. You could put it on whatever vehicle you want. I don't Yeah, I don't like that. They make it specific. Again, that's bundles. You buy it for one item that you want and then the rest is junk. Yeah, that's the problem there. They know what they're doing. They're not gonna give you everything you want, which is why I don't like it. All right, let's finish up with a half baked idea. All right shoe. This one kind of this is really a tear customs. Okay, how about this isn't even really a half baked idea. I'm gonna be honest, it's more of just me ranting. Can we just have a lower entry into the private lobbies? 20 is just fine. to keep out like everybody from doing it and overload loving servers or whatever they're afraid of, like getting 20 people into a private lobbies tough enough to have it at 50 is just ridiculous. And I don't think most people are utilizing it. People don't have that kind of following don't even do those lobbies. That's the funniest thing is just think about this. How many people can't even get 20 people in a lobby? Like, you have to have some sort of following to do that unless you just have a ton of friends and like maybe in high school or something? I don't know. But yeah, I'd say if you had a bunch of friends that you could all just, you know, bro get together and but we played in high school did we couldn't have pulled 2020 people at one time to play a game. Well, we didn't have those LANparty things we might have been. That was 2016. Me. Yeah, it would be it'd be tough. But the 50 I met my personal opinion, I think they just want to have the private lobby for tournaments. And stuff like that, because they have a Comcast are on it and stuff. Well, or something in multiplayer, but they'll have it for that too, probably. But I think that's their big thing is they don't even really want it to be used the way we were using it. Right? Well, but you know why when she comes out, it's going to change, they have to reduce that number. What do you mean, she could? If she could comes to Castile say imagine it would then you reduce that overall amount of players to play the map? Yeah, maybe. Hopefully, that's that's what they're doing. Because if they could do 20, we could do customs no problem. We Yeah. But the problem, the real problem is too when you do these customs, people jump in, people will show up. And if you're not hitting the numbers, they just leave. So then you're losing people as you're waiting, you kind of have to hit that number off the get go and get people interested. So we've seen that like The Best Times we had customs is when we just did what you said we gotta go and then we got a ton of people in there you now well, then it got to the point where we didn't you know, people weren't getting into the lobbies because there's so many people. Yeah, that would be nice to do again. Well, that's a great idea. I don't consider that half baked. That should be just logical. Like let's reduce that cap. That's a baked idea. Full interface. It's ready to go. And it's already been out of the oven. It's already baked out of the oven. Ready to serve. Yeah, eat up. Eat up. All right. That's it for this one. Sorry for the whole you know, things that comment messed me up, man. But it's good. We need to stop doing it. We do. It's just gonna take some time. So hang in there with us. Yeah, we'll get there eventually, guys. Thank you guys all for the support. Thank you again, for everyone who showed up for customs. Thank you for our reviews. It's all appreciated at the beloved. So we'll catch you guys in the next one. And now you know