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New Update Breakdown! Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded. Ep. 50

March 16, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 50
Starfield Smugglers
New Update Breakdown! Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded. Ep. 50
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Welcome Back!!  Lets Talk Warzone!

  • Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded
    • Everything you need to know 
  • Ashika Island Getting Dubs 
  • Whoisimmortal Calls Out Cheating Problem 
  • Warzone 2 Tips & Tricks 
  • Game Improvement 

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop in with the goons. Now, here's your hosts, the twins that get wins Goon Squad All right, welcome back to the podcast. You got up again with the Keto keto what to do. What's up, Papa? Good. We got I mean, we didn't even really talk about it. But this is our 50th episode, bro. We made it to 50 Congrats. Thanks. Hey, thanks everyone for hanging out of those two. Yeah. Together. Dude, it's super easy, like 50 episodes already. It's been an insane journey from when we started the YouTube channel that direction doing a full pivot back to this podcast they and now this is like what we love to do. Yeah, we Well, I would say we found our passion. You know, we're at it's you know, it's it's the typical it's the typical thing where you know what you're good at. We talk to each other constantly. We we talk about talking to each other constantly. I don't know why we just didn't click didn't click in the beginning that we could do a podcast by now. I know it will. I think we like talked about it. But it was it seemed like when you don't even know about like how to do it. It seems like such a far reach to do one. You know, they're not that hard. Yeah, he also we got to remember to before we started any of this going live and putting yourself out there on the internet is a is a big task. It's a lot. You know, it's funny you say that because I work at a fire station and well, I did before I've been injured for months and months and months. But I work at the fire station. I'm now I mean my close group of guys that I work with a lot they know what I do on the side. Kind of they kind of know, but I don't know if they understand it, but they know but I'm starting I gotta pull minded Yeah, I had a guy hit me up the other day. He's like, bro, I just found out about this like you gotta do you gotta have merch like I'll buy some merch we got merch we got it all what you want. By the way, check out our merch if you guys want some goon squad swag. Honestly, you can find it all through YouTube. Yeah, we got the we got like OG stuff in there. We gotta like get a little tour. Maybe we'll do some summer collection stuff. But yeah, hey, but that's the incentive. Get it. Now before we update the collection. Boom, baby. It's easy. Just go to the YouTube channel. It's linked all in there. Still, the funniest thing to me, by the way has Skippy Skippy as a one of a kind misspelled shirt. Yeah. He wanted to keep a shout out Skippy. Yeah. Yeah, that was my bad skips. But hey, you're the truth, you know? Yeah, I really wonder if they're a real data dude. So we are gone. Oh, I was gonna say with the 50th episode. You know, we hammer you guys about the comments on Apple review. Because the comments in their booster show whatever. We hit 50 review or 50 ratings on our 50th episode. Oh, whoa, that's huge. That is, it's so hard to get reviews. It just is. It takes time. So we appreciate everyone that has hit the little star on Apple. And especially people left us comments. Yeah, you guys are the best. It's awesome. We have a great community and we're growing. So it is great. And I can't even believe we hit 50 on the 50th. I know. It's like it's meant to be we got to 100 on the 100. I don't know. I mean, I would like to see a little earlier if we could I'm not going to be I'm not going to be greedy though. We got some time. Yeah. All right. Let me give you a quick rundown. And then we're going to hit a couple of new the new comments that came in. And let me start off by telling you guys what we're going through. So we're gonna go over our game recent gameplay we had man, we've been just catching Dubs. It's great. It's great. So we'll talk about that strategies that have worked for us what doesn't work, just go over who's kind of the fun stuff with that. Who's immortal put out a video about cheating is out of control. So we'll go over that talk about it. See what we like what we don't. There's a bug in the game that may give you a little advantage of the start. Now Now I'm gonna put an asterisk on this one. My source is a Reddit video and I couldn't actually even click the link. So this is going to be hearsay. And that through that Michelle? All right, that's what I bring to you guys in the show. Now, so let's just keep rolling We'll talk about it after talking about a 50 word tweet, and then we're gonna get into some tips and tricks, and then finish up. Oh, what am I talking about? I almost skipped over the biggest thing about this show. We're going over Season Two reloaded. Yeah, it's huge. We've been waiting for a big update. We got it. We'll let you know we think. Yeah, yeah, we'll go over the patch notes go over at all. There's some interesting stuff. So we'll hit that. So lots of changes. Yep. So that's pretty much what we're gonna hit most of it's gonna be about season two reloaded? I don't know how I missed that in this thing. Oh, there it is. That's why I didn't have any bullet points because we're gonna hit that. What do you call it? The notes. We will indeed we'll hit the notes. Alright, so let's go first let's go over some reviews. Now. This isn't our fault apples got these it's weird. It seems like some of the reviews come in like at different times. And they're like sorted out of order on as far as the dates so I don't know what that's about. But anyway, so if we missed you I'm sorry. We tried to hit them all but we're going to hit the ones we see that we know we haven't read and I'm going to start off with Jeff wit 00 So great show love the show my dad over 40 and have a job and other things going on like you guys talked about. I played cod multiplayer for years started playing Warzone when Vanguard came out was never any good love that was in two came out decided to jump back in looking for ways to get better I found your show and it's been great. I'm really happy to be or I'm really happy here that there are folks like me casual players have limited time to play it really enjoy the game want to be better. Thanks for putting out the info making it enjoyable. My man Jeff there love to hear that love great common Jeff Deathstar show you Jeff is us. Jeff was back when we started this like, hey, we want to do we will actually was like, kind of we're in the YouTube stuff like starting that too. It's like we want to put stuff out for like people like us, like normal people. We don't play all day long. We're not like really streamers or anything like that. We're just normal guys. We have normal jobs. And we like talking. We love playing the game and we just want to talk about it. That's all and we're not going to give you guys BS that was like, it really comes down to being grill. And when when we were when we were looking for content, excuse me to watch or to listen to. I found a lot of the people that I listened to or watched just were putting on x and I hate that part of it. Yeah, I understand. There's a showman shipping old to being a streamer. I don't like it though. Yeah, we're not we're not talking about the podcast realm here. That's more of the YouTube side. But there's some other words on podcasts that are bad. Yeah, this. No. You're right. I listened to a couple of them. So I do as well. All right, so we got another one Annie and Adam. Just wow. I mean five out of five. But I would like some more tips and strategies on the Sheikah but still a five out of five Ps goon father needs a new nickname like Darth. Okay, we can't change it. I'm sorry. I love the I love the enthusiasm with it. But I'm I'm Papakura now that could have been before because they believe that comment was a little bit older. No, that was two days ago, sir. Oh, okay. Yet again. Darren? Right on top of things. Nailed it. Nailed it. Thanks so much for the comment. Yeah, well, we'll talk well, I mean, I'd love to deep dive into Ashika and we till we talk about honestly that's all we played pretty much now. Yeah, well, he's got Yeah, we're gonna be we're gonna be hidden. We're going to dig we've been talking about digging a little bit deeper on some giving you some, like more insight on stuff with the island. I mean, whether it's going over puis like I mean, honestly, I feel like I really got to deep dive that underground cave system even you know, in fact, you know it's funny we just in one of our games today, I found a cave on the mountain that I didn't even know existed in Colorado he got us a win. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you something right now you guys didn't see this or hear it? Because we recorded what did we record Oh, we recorded that session where we were doing gameplay breakdown. Oh, yeah. Remember when I said that? There was there's like a tunnel under I told you I got killed and there was a team underneath. Castle right? Yeah, she got Yes, there is a tunnel under there. Really as you were making fun of me. Yes. There's like an underwater tunnel or something. What are you sure does not inspire calm. But it's problem is playing with my son and I remember seeing it. And I was, in my mind, I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna talk to dad, I gotta tell him. And then now I'm thinking, was that a dream? No, no, it was real. It was real. Okay, well, I wish I could go into the island with nobody else on it and just explore and look around. Because we've, we've gotten to where we have our spots and our rotations, we're starting to kind of fall into the pattern, where we like to go. And it's been working great. And we'll talk about that here in a little bit. But you're right, though, for me, I want to find jump spots, different, like hidden jump spots in the game, or just power positions. But I would like to, like you said explore without worrying about getting killed. Yeah, that's the funny thing is there's I mean, I wouldn't say I jumped spots you figure out but yeah, I mean, that's not bad. But I like more different like that cave saved us on a rotation. I think we won the game because we went to my today. Yeah. Well, we had a little bit of a fork in the road where you wait in the cave, and I didn't trust you. And I went around the I wonder. We did almost have a revolt against Papa goon. I believe you and Joker Mehta? Were not on the same thought process. Same type of leader, I believe somebody said, No, I'm not going in there. Like I don't know if there's a way out. So had to go solo for a minute. And I was like, Oh, 100% I see the castle. So we're good to go. Yeah, it actually was a great play. By the way. It was not so good. I survived. But it was tough. Yeah. Yeah. You didn't go through the cave you actually build? Yeah, I didn't go with you. I went around. Joker, this is what I have to deal with. It's herding cats. You know what I mean? Turn off the wild card. That's what I bring. I'm a wild. The funny thing about that is I was the wildcard back in the day. You still are though you still have that tendency to roam and to overextended times. I feel like I just have to scout. You know, I do. I understand the scouting. I'm not going to critique your gameplay because honestly, you're you're better than me. So I can't say said it will be noted at 11 minutes and 35 seconds. Urine has conceded at this moment in time or wait, sorry, let's get back to everything with the comments. Do we have more data? We're getting comments. Yesterday, I just want to say thank you all for leaving those I understand. It's a little bit of a pain to go into the comments. And it's kind of weird and apple and stuff. So not everybody listens on Apple. So to get 50 comments on there, you guys are the best. It's awesome. Again, thank you so much. And warding the comments is not that I need to deep dive into this wording that and then publishing it is hard to because if you're like me, I take about an hour to craft a sentence or speak so. I'm just gonna say this real quick if you guys want to join the community, because we're going to actually, let's just go into the next topic because the NCAA Tournament is going down. And if you guys want to, we have brackets, a goon squad bracket, it's up, we're gonna put it on Patreon for free. If you just want to go to our Patreon it's below and in support the show click that button. It's Patreon. I don't know what it is Goon Squad, whatever. Anyways, click the little button you can get there for free and just join if you want to play in the bracket with us because we love the NCAA tournament. Not game not video game related. But we it's honestly my favorite sporting event. Well, yeah, a lot of people play in the tournament that don't even watch basketball just so you guys know we're talking about the basketball tournament March Madness. Yeah, for those guys overseas. And yeah, a lot of people that I that are in my other brackets or other groups, they don't even watch basketball. It's just fun. It's fun to just pick teams and see if you can win Yeah, and then when the tournaments going on you just it makes it more like more well, more engaging when you're watching games and it's on the line where you want that team the big upsets and whatnot. So yep, yeah, so anyways, that's free so you can go to patreon check it out, maybe check out what else we got and maybe become a member no big deal our YouTube either way. We'll put it out there we have a great community and once you become a member you get in discord and free episode of podcasts engineering episode of podcast, a free podcast episode. You know what Kane Patreon members Well, Kane gave me a great idea for our next episode, or next bonus one. Okay, it's great. We're gonna share yet yeah, it has to do with different types. We're gonna go over the different types of players but we've talked a little bit about it before but we're gonna go in depth. I love working different players. Yeah, we're gonna rate the worst kind, whether it may be a cheater, or maybe it's a camper, or maybe it's, you know, there's Ryan Shellder could be a lot right shoulder. Anyways, we're gonna, that'll be our next bonus episode. And in fact, we may record that a little early because we tend to wait till the end of the month, and hey, we're middle. Why might as well knock it out? You know? That's true. All right. So as usual, I see something on this list that will see puzzles me. Oh, who, you know, we've gone far on the intro. We'll save that one for next time. Chris Ramsey puzzles. Check it on YouTube. We'll talk about next podcast today. I had a great pun for that one. Okay. I do like to save it. It's funny. You mentioned it. But I've watched a ton of those videos too. But we'll talk about that later. Well, you watch them first. And then when you stop watching them, then I started. So anyways, we'll get to our next episode. Yep. All right. Let's go over some of our current gameplay or thoughts in the game. We put some time in I put some time in. Well, I put a lot of time in today. Playing the new update. And you played we played together. So what do you think? Chad to get through before he have to calm? Yeah, so So first of all, yeah, so we had the update today. It's interesting, because not a lot has changed. But I think they fixed the world may we'll go more into depth later into what they did. But as far as gameplay, I enjoy playing Shikha still, I'm having a lot of fun on that map. We have gotten we have gotten tactically, we've gotten it down. Like when we played we I think we won two and got second a couple times. And then maybe a couple of them where we didn't place in the top three. Yeah, we're always in the game, which is definitely different from how it used to be for us. Yeah, I think okay, so this is gonna get into a little bit of tactics for those who want to hear it on a Sheikha I think what we do really well, a we don't land super hot, right. And we and we all the objective, as soon as we land, we're all gathering money resources, and we buy a primary right off the RIP. Yeah, our our. And I say this, I think almost every year, because I want us all to be on the same page. It's like, as soon as we get money, it's like, Hey, we're hitting the buy in hitting the primary. And usually, I ended up picking, I don't really care, but I ended up picking the landing spot. And I always try to get it nearby, I try to go and so I like last landing residential, depending on the flight path, because that can be a hot drop. But I like going residential are there's like the ruins on I guess the east side, whatever you want to call it. There's there's a few different spots I like landing. But typically out of the hot the hot jobs, typically nearby where we I like to look at a spot where you can land loot and then rotate to the buy and not have to find a ton of people right there. And that tends to work once you get your primary. Well, now you got the gun you're confident with. And if you guys if you get in an engagement, you're probably going to do all right. Yeah, so totally agree. And then also, one thing I do that, I don't know if a lot of people do, but I'm constantly picking up AR so I have an AR SMG. And I always want backup AR ammo because you're gonna run out of it, especially on a Sheikha especially we play we shoot a lot, right. And so I'm always storing ammo in my backpack, at least I leave one slot just to store extra AR. And so if you like you throw munitions, I dropped the AR that I have currently for that weapon, pick up the munitions that loads me up, then I pick up that dropped AR ammo and put it in my backpack slot. Yeah, on that same note, I do shields I get as many shields as I can. Barring that I have like airstrikes and stuff. But I'll try to load up like there's some games, my whole inventories almost all shields, because the last thing I want to do is run out and it saved us a bunch like, well, sometimes some other guys don't have it or in then you have the extra to give. That's exactly the point is it's not just even for you, it's for your teammates to who may not be doing that. Right, right. Or maybe they're just getting leveled, and they just need show. Well, I would say a big part of it too, is we're playing consistently with the same people. Most of our games, and we all are getting you we're pretty used to each other now. And we communicate. Well, like I mean, there's always room for improvement. We all have our own little own little quirks, you know? Yeah. Which is normal, which is funny. But yeah, I think we communicate really well and we stick together like we stay pretty close together for the most part. Yeah, and it's we're not even hand holding. It's just we're in the same area. And what I've noticed because I pay attention to the mini map and where other players are looking where the arrows are pointing and a lot of time our teammates it including you. You're looking Deray like we're covering angles, which is really good. There's hardly a time we really get snuck up on. Yeah, I think we've just learned to work with each other like that we're in sometimes I'll call it out. We're like, hey, I'll cover left and then other guys will be covering the right. And so we're just working together holding down an area. And we Dude, we just we thrive on the mountain. Oh, yeah. Except for that one more, we got pinched in the way that was a bad bound. That was a bad mountain to hold. We got a bad zone pole, he turned out they had to go through the cave. No, I'm talking about when we were up the freeway, it was towards the water. Oh, that wasn't a mountain that was by those like ruins and we were holding like a little like concrete, you know, was really just like a walkway. We weren't even by the way we got attacked by the stupid gun actually caused a lot of problems for us. Yeah, surprisingly, maybe we need to think about using it because we saw that demo and kind of dismissed it. Oh, yeah. And all of a sudden, we were fighting a different team. And that gumbo kind of destroyed us. Yeah, it made it. So we had to push up towards the other team, we got us in a bad position. But which is funny, because that's the first time I've been shot by gunboat. I didn't even know you can shoot again. Even other ones again. But yeah, but overall, I think the biggest advice I would give is just keep comfortable with your rotations. And try to stay away like from these engagements, the never ending fights, like that's the way I see him. When you get these engagements with teams where they just keep coming back and back. And you're not getting squad wipes, you're like too spaced out. Sometimes dude cut ties, if you get a couple of down kills, whatever. If you if you know you're not going to squad wipe, just just go get your rotation go around. I don't know how many times we've just rotated around a bunch of teams fighting. And we get better and better position, let them fight it out. And now we're at the end of the game. And they're depleted. And there's a lot of times it's just making it to the end honestly. And like to go with what you said, a lot of times we will pop you a V and we'll rotate to the non busy the inactive side of the zone where less players are right. And then from that point, we get a power position in that spot. Or make the road rotate accordingly and get a good spot that we can hold. And then most again, we win if we're in that position at the end most of the time we win. Yeah, yeah, if we're in on a big part of it is we tend to make it with all four players. At the end. Yeah, and I've what I've started doing is almost like holding off on some engagements until I see that resurgence go off disable. And then it's like alright, now it's time to like start wiping some guys out. Yeah, that's that's totally true. That's a good point. Yeah. Yeah, overall, I would say I had a blast playing today. I enjoyed every bit of it. So yeah, Resurgence is good. And I played on El Masri a little bit too. And it's good to the only downside in which we had it for later but we can talk about it it just fills like the especially all we can go back to that comment where or review we had when you don't have a ton of time to play putting you can only add so many games and almazan They're long those games go what like 30 minutes I don't know they I don't know the exact length of time but I do know it's too long. Like you said they need to really shorten down that mode. I like it you know it's even like take a minute off especially the big the beginning zones because I don't have time and if you have a job and it's hard to find you know two hours to play a video game well here's here's what it comes down to when you're playing the game you want to get in some engagements you want to do rotation you want to work as a team and like getting these and you want to do that kind of stuff. And if you look it's very like feasible you'll is that there were Yeah, I guess I'll word sure that you go into that game. You loot up you get everything you need. You make some good rotations. Maybe you went to a gunfight and then you maybe have a bad rotation bad zone pole and you die like that's possible. And then it's like he's now spent, you know 20 Something minutes and he really didn't get in very many engagements in obviously you can land hot drop and do it differently, but it just Yeah, man. They just seem a little a little slow paced. I think you nailed it. Those moments, like you described, if you have too many of those moments where you played for 20 minutes and you really didn't even get to do much. And you feel like you just wasted your time. That's it am killer. And it wasn't fun. Right? That makes me stop playing that mode. Yeah, man, especially because it's been now I don't know what the update didn't play enough to say, I don't know if they change like, I know they mentioned I thought they mentioned about rehabbing opportunities that the well we'll get to in the patch notes we'll see if they do well they you know, they have that redeploy thing, the pack or whatever it is. Well, yeah, that's a future stronghold. Yeah. But which obviously we usually do, but I don't even know what I was gonna say. One other thing I wanted to mention about Ashika, by the way, I do like the drones the what do they call them the redeployed drones or redeployed? Yeah, yeah, whatever the drones you take where you can fly around the map, I liked those. And I think they work pretty well. I think that gets you high up off the map, which is cool, too. It's not low, I think it's a good balance, because so I don't know if it's even talked about much, but a big issue or not, it's not an issue, it's actually I think, a good thing because I can't stand when this happens to me. You can't, it's hard to fly down and land on somebody. And in especially in resurgence, they're gonna probably see you or hear you, and you're gonna get killed, like I die a lot in the pregame trying to land on somebody that I think I'm gonna like, it's not like the old game where you could just pull your shoe quick. And you It's like your guns out immediately. There's like some degrees in there, that if you do that, you can die pretty easily. And I think those deployment there, those redeployed drones that's like, well balanced, because if you take the redeploy, that's a risk, right? If somebody sees you, you're gonna you easily you're gonna get deleted, it's a lot zip up, and you get you get high. So it gives you good opportunity. But if people see you can get shot out of there, too. So it's like, you got to play the game of is like your path you're gonna fly to? Is it worth the risk or not? Yeah, I agree. Well, and let's give Activision credit, right. The big problem and rebirth is you get landed on people that hit the redeploy balloon land on yo, you'd never even hear I mean, you'd be dead as soon as you saw him. Or you sometimes you won't even see. That's, that's what I'm saying is that doesn't happen. Really? No. In fact, a lot of happened to me. They don't seem like they're even utilized that much. What's your it's a good? No, I think it's a good balance. It's not bad. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. I feel like it's working really well on the map. Yeah. All right. Well, we gotta get through some of this because we got to get to those patch notes. One thing that they changed, I know for sure, Holly's are out of solos. So I'm still I'm not gonna lie. I'm still doing the heli strat. It's fun. It's interesting. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't, if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's grabbing a bunch of gas cans basically. And there's more to it than we do. But I'm simplifying it for this. And you get into Heli and you basically stay up in the air all the way till the zones done, then you have a gas mask, you jump out. And every time I've done it, they die before I even hit the ground. So every time we've done it, they the other people die. Usually the guys that are left, it's and I only do it in solos or Duo's, which not cellos anymore. But yeah, typically because they fought in the maybe they don't even have a gas mask, or if they do, they've already used these were in the rotations. But when I every time I've done it and jumped out of the heli they've died before I even hit or like right when I hit the ground, my gas mask is not burned out and they're alive. And they're alive. Oh, yeah. Like I'm having stims or something like that. Just you know what I mean? Okay, I see. I see where you're where you go with that. Okay, it was hey, I mean, it's a it's a, it's a dirtbag move, but Well, I've died too, because I've been in the heli and then if people are smart enough on top of buildings, and they see you, they'll just start shooting what they should they should or if somebody just had a rocket you almost came over. So honestly, teasing about a beard thereby we will honestly it's not a bad strategy because it's not cheap. If someone just took the time to look up, you're probably going to get erased if the team starts focusing on you. Right? Right. It's funny a lot of people don't look up I guess. I don't know. Someone in the comments said that had data stress drill a waiting for you. I've secondary me and me an old cane razor working on secondary strats. So what else do we got thoughts and update, give it a rating? Well, we got a tie update. Oh, so we'll do that we'll do at the end. Yeah, we'll give it a little while. After we go over the patch notes. We'll go over Sorry. Okay, so let's go over the who's immortal. So you watch this video? I didn't watch it. Yeah, there's really only a couple talking points out of it mainly, we all know Activision was implemented. At first, it didn't really seem to actually work very well, then it seemed, to my opinion like now, it's working very well, as far as you don't get rage hackers, however, it does feel and from what everything I've seen other people, including the streamers talking about it, that there's a lot of people that are Walling, which has always been an issue. And if you don't know, a Walling is they have a hack, they download hacks on their computer where they can basically see you through walls. So and I believe that I feel like they're in again, Cronus we've talked about in the past, that's still there. That's not being there's no mitigation technique for that. So there's still ways people are cheating, and it seems to be everywhere. So ricochet again, they updated their CI seems they've gotten a lot of the rage hackers out however, the CI providers have also updated their, their techniques and their code. And I feel like they've caught up now. And so we need in my opinion, we need Activision now and ricochet to step up and get some of those other cheaters out of the game. Yeah, and I think it depends on like, what you're playing honestly, like, this is the honest truth for me. I don't notice a ton of cheating. But I haven't died a ton in this is on resurgence, it feels like there may be more, but it's also like a lot. It's the pace is a lot faster. I did feel like when our surgeons came out, it seemed like there was a lot more suspect players all of a sudden, I don't, I feel like it brought in a lot of shady or people. Yeah, I honestly think to what we've gotten out of even like doing that I try not even to talk about cheating, to be honest. Because it just frustrates me. But I do think we've gotten used to it a little bit. I bet we run into more than you'd even think because just think about again, just even Kronus alone. Hundreds of 1000s of those. If not, I don't know if it's in the millions yet, but are using that product to help. They're aimed. Yeah, yeah, no, that's in there. I guess my thought on is like, Yeah, I mean, I don't see rejecters I'll say that. I just don't at all. But yeah, a lot of these software hacks. I'm sure they're in the game, they always will be it's a cat and mouse game. It's back and forth between the developed cheat developers and then the developers of ricochet whoever's working on that. But I think he can be mitigated and I think we do mitigate it by just having good teamwork and working together so if there's somebody beaming somebody well we got shots at him from another guy so I think we get around a lot of that's maybe why it doesn't feel that way to me. Right. And also, I would say again, this isn't even me talking about the scene that cheers because I'm with you, Dan. I just don't even see it that much are you I'm not even that suspect very often when I play by this is more people have been saying about ranked multiplayer which does make sense because when you put a leaderboard out what do people want to do? The top Absolutely there's no doubt in it for zone to win ranked mode comes for it. You're gonna see the same same thing unfortunately he is paradise. Yeah, because that's gonna give them a little whatever cheaters get off on you know, just ruining people's days but whatever. Anyways, but anyways yeah, that was that was the gist of the video is that it's time for ricochet to make a move. I mean, honestly, even we need to hear from them about it. I want to hear that they're doing something now. Charlie intel on Twitter posted that according to him, record their harder workout or Activision is hard at work on ricochet right now. They're they're beefing it up. But the frustrating part is I'm hearing that from Charlie Intel not from them. So yeah, they used to put out or some updates and stuff I haven't seen it in a long time. No, no. So it was a huge like a flash of light go across to you. It's my it's those Casper lights we have they're, they're charging so I guess they're done so they pump there Yeah, it's like a beam of light went across to you. Okay, so let's go into your, your very well researched topic you under bring up here. I've contacted multiple sources on this. I've tested No, I've done no research. I just thought I'm ready. And I'm shouting out to you guys, because it seemed from the comments that this is a real thing. Apparently, if you spam the cash register pregame that when you go into the game, you'll have a bunch of cash. So can you actually get cash in the pregame? You Yes Do you know that's a great question no idea no idea, but it wouldn't surprise me because the weird things happen for example when you're flying into the game sometimes grenades blow up for no reason so I wanted to pry some money did somebody get killed by one of those grenades before? One of my favorite clips someone started the game and somehow died in the plane from a grenade. That's out of control. That's funny. That is that's a really good clip All right, just spam those cash registers let me know All right, so let's hit these issues so you got a tweet up here Yeah, so with this update there's been a couple of issues obviously one I heard I think the the store the Battle Pass items I think some of those didn't even come through yet. Like they're showing the old bundles or something but that's not confirmed just shredder in there no no, not that I didn't see someone posted in our Discord I think Luke I think Luke Luke did say some shredders he said yeah, he said you could see it in the you know the character fit with his character selection screen but it's not in the bundle yet so I don't know what so you can't out by it. But it's there. Yeah, got it. So any video word put put out tweets and we are working on a small update to correct irregular animation and behavior to tactical sprint. The change is unintentional and due to the current investigation around the melee sprint reset exploit tattle sprint, sprint behaviors should return to normal once the update is live. Oh, that's funny. Okay. We were working in a small to I've no, I noticed that today. Yeah, I noticed the tax for in like some when I was doing I was doing multiplayer trying to Guy grind that new Tempest. I'll talk about that later. But I noticed like sometimes I go to sprint and it'd be wouldn't sprint and sometimes it would sprint. And it was really odd. It felt slow, like super slow. Yeah, well, I'm wondering what was that exploit male? Oh, yeah. You know what I did see someone do a video on that. I just I don't care. Honestly, I don't care enough to do those kinds of exploits. But there's something when you use melee spraying, you can reset that. That tactical sprint timer. Oh, didn't even know about that. Now. All right, it's almost time to get into the season two reloaded. But, guys, but before we do, we got about manscape manscaped. And, you know, it's funny, before we even like, talked about the salaries or anything. I was thinking at work. So again, I work at a fire station. And there's two ways to be immediately outcast. This is not a joke. This is real guys. You know, I talked to the truth here. Two ways, leaving pubes on the urinal. And on the bar of soap. Now it's a big no no in the firehouse, sir. A big no, no, you know how you can prevent that? Using manscape? No, but seriously, and just to let you guys know, it's seen in the fire department as kind of a savage move to even use the barf. So people usually bring their own stuff in. But I mean, if you get a fire too, in the morning, and you don't have your stuff with you got to do what you got to do you know what I mean? Oh, yeah, yeah, anyways, nothing more disgusting. And I totally agree with that, like these little curly hairs all over the place. But we have the solution for you guys and manscaped. Again, huge sponsor the show. We love it. We love their product. They've sent it to us. And we actually have used them which I never thought I'd ever say that in my life My wife thinks is the funniest thing. Not the lowest, I'm just saying the fact that we do. We're sponsored by bad ski. I honestly their products are really good. And I'm a big fan. Absolutely. I've used all of them lawnmower. Hey, it works. It works really well. I was really, they give us like talking points. It's not the first generation not the second, they're on their fourth generation. So this thing is like it dialed in. And they have this I mean, this is kind of an ad read, but it's skin safe technology, which like legit, it won't like cut you or anything, which is great. And also waterproof, so you can just use it in the shower. I can vouch to both, and um, no, actually, I didn't know this. I didn't use it. But it has a spotlight on it. I don't know if you want the spotlight. It's there. Maybe an emergency light made me a little uncomfortable but yeah, it works. I don't need a spotlight. All right, guys. Think of it this way. You're in the shower, right? You're getting your groom on all of a sudden catastrophic power failure. You got no lights in the house kid. They're screaming downstairs. Dad says flashlight. Saved your entire family they used to manscaped and using code Goon Squad 20 20% off free shipping. You're welcome. I just saved your whole family. Thank you. nose hair trimmer is awesome, too. Thank you, Darren. You and actually, they have it on there. And I didn't even think about that. You can use it for yours too. We're not at that level yet. But if you are, that's a side thing. I haven't noticed your hair just yet. But eventually, guys, hey, we're all gonna get there. So anyways, again, use code Goon Squad 20. Just use it in the checkout, you just put that code in immediately get 20% off free shipping. You're welcome. And thank you guys. Thank you, and you're welcome as well. All right, let's go over these patch notes. Okay, so well, we'll Tips and Tricks real quick. Isn't that what you might on the wrong spot here? No, I skipped over the patch notes to do that read. Okay, sorry. It wasn't and again, it actually wasn't an ad read. It was just us talking. So anyways. Yeah, so we have I'm gonna pull it up on YouTube. I got the for the YouTube listeners or the podcasts. I got it on here. If you guys wanna check it out, you can if not, no worries there, you pull it up yourself, whatever you want to do. The world is your oyster. Also, one thing just right off the bat for a season two. I'm not gonna hate on it, because I think they're doing what we asked for, in that they're good. They're fixing a bunch of issues. Well, the downside of that is I don't there's nothing exciting. That's really come to the game, right? Yeah. This patch, this update isn't groundbreaking. Alright, it's not going to change your life. It's not going to. I mean, it's not nothing that crazy. But fixing the little things is what we talked about, it seems at least today, I know server issues, which was big. No, no, it felt pretty good. game played smooth. It felt good. The only thing like I said that was kind of weird was that sprinting thing that I noticed? But obviously that's going to be addressed. Other than that. So pretty pretty much the same. I now I haven't tried the new weapon or anything yet. I'll tell you this. Here's how I measure the game. Do I want to play it? And I do. I want to I almost want to play after this podcast. But I have to do some, some other stuff for the podcast or else I would say and that tells me the game's fun. Right? Yeah, that's, that's actually true. Because there are times that's actually true. Yeah, normally, Darren just lies. So this one's actually true. This one's pretty you know, you're totally right, because there's some times where the game just gets so kind of still and you're just like, well, we need to play because we're, you know, we need to know what we're talking about. So let's put some time in. Yeah, that's more you. I'd have a lot of free time. Right. Well, kind of a lot of free time right now. But it depends what you ask him to do. Sometimes he has no free time. So a lot of side hobbies will say that. This guy thinks he's a coder. He's a fighter. He's YouTube. Well, we'll see the firefighting things gonna be held off for a long time I talked to the well was I talked to the doctor today. It's gonna be a long road. I didn't realize that but we're looking at a few more months. I'll probably go back on light duty here pretty soon but a few months and then I got to talk to a state doctor and it seems a little sketchy on even how long he cleared back with the injury I've sustained so we'll see how this all plays out. It is it is crazy. It is but hey, buddy, you're working on programming. You had a job right here. Are you off to interview for them? We'll see but never know bad you never know. Hopefully not but we really we you can work in my office for sure. I got you bro. You got me. So anyways, let's get into it. So there's the events. It starts with events, the new path of Ronin challenge. So what is this about a new unlock new camos there's just those beautiful okay, it's just new cameras that are in there or whatever. There's so yeah, the ronin challenges you can read up on that you just do a bunch of stuff we kind of talked about the last one that's the that's the same thing as the crossbows right? I don't know. That's the path the road maybe they maybe I thought so. But maybe there's a new old there's a new path so now maybe there's multiple paths of Ronin I wonder you still gonna be able to get the the crossbow though, right? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I'm gonna be honest, the crossbow crossbow wasn't I was gonna say Do you really care about the crossbow? No I tried it borrowed somebody's and I used it a little bit it just for resurgence it's not even close and there's too much dropped with the arrow that it's it's just not worth to you it's it's fun I mean I guess it's one of those things it's probably fun people to troll and you know you don't want to die to a crossbow but using it needs to be a one shot we talked about that before it should be a one shot kill. Yeah, I mean it to make it a viable weapon that you'd want to use because the reload times long and the shot has a lot of drop to it. There's a lot of things that have grown against it. So yeah, I mean, whatever. It's a new weapon. So whatever. This is kind of interesting St. Patrick's Day, you never know what you might find at the end of the rainbow. But you've got one shot to find out if you're lucky if luck is on your side. No Mazara actually, that's funny. I didn't even I looked at this picture that I didn't realize they have a treasure at the rainbow. Well, where do you see that? I don't see that. I just read it. Well, no, I saw it. I was watching a stream today. They said it's a one shot sniper. Is that the end of the rainbow? Well, if there's a one shot sniper there, that means you can build one out unless that's a hole now and doesn't mean that Yeah, I think it's a specialty like hey, go to the end of the rainbow. You can get a one shot sniper, which is that's cool. I guess that's cool. Okay, hate on it. It's interesting. It's cool. Will it be worth it to go there to get it? Maybe no. Maybe well, doesn't doesn't make me want to play the mode to do that now. And the green the Greens cool. Again. I wasn't expecting anything huge from this patch, but whatever. That's cool. They turned to me, at least like that. They're doing something different here. Okay, sorry. No, they missed the mark though. You need like a beer or something. You need beer in the game like you can lose you get a beer slam a yes. slam against us. And boom, you're running fast now. Maybe a little blurry vision though. But you're running fast. Yeah, that would be kind of funny. Incorporate something like that. Well, they're not gonna can't put beers in this game. Kids are playing in stuff other than this. Okay, come on, man. They're not really drinking it. They're again they're also not really killing it that's a good good point. I'm complaining about Yeah, kids had beers of the game. They're murdering people. I guess beer would be like a secondary to murder. So yeah, they already have gambling with a seat tokens. That does fill very well it is gambling. It's like a slot machine. I don't like anything about the C tokens by the way. No, that is that is a complete zero. Yeah, please just pull the vending machines out. Get the C tokens out of here just like the dog tags. That's a 02 You can't even forgot about that. I pick them up sometimes. And I'm just like, why? Yeah, it's totally not not necessary. You know what they need honestly, I want in the St. Patrick's Day update. I want to freaking leprechaun Oh, there shouldn't be a con running around. I don't want like a normal leprechaun. I want LepreCon in the hood. You remember that movie? Did a little guy. I want him in here. And he's talking to you while he's running around and he's like he can attack you and stuff. I want the leprechaun coming at you. Oh, that'd be great. Like if he's like again, we keep going back to like the scary horse style, but it would be fun if this little dudes chasing you talk and talk and madness right? Dude, that would be that would be fun. Like it'd be funny to like the stuff he'd say. I would love it I would love it they needed a leprechaun did leprechaun by the way the movie check them out if you haven't Jennifer Aniston was in the first one. It's called it well the one I remember is LepreCon in the hood but there was multiple right well, leprechaun The hood is like yeah, the fourth fifth whatever iteration there's leprechaun, I feel like leprechaun went into space at some point. You'd have like Fast and Furious now but horror version of it just keeps going. He kept going. Those will actually enjoy those because they're horror, but like funny, corny horror in the LepreCon was hilarious. As he Yeah, he was crazy. He was bad, but you kind of liked him. Right? Right. He was funny. Yeah. All right. There's a new raid episode. We got to try a couple of these raids. I don't I never done it. I'm kind of interested we should we should run a couple. Yeah, we really should. I heard the first one was just okay. And the fact that I didn't hear much about it tells me it probably wasn't that great, right. But I would like to run the second I don't even know what they are. Now. Yeah, I don't even know what a read is. So anyways, but for this one, it's Adam Grodd episode two. And you unlock bad bunny operator for Captain Price. So we got we got to check. We'll check those is out. Well, does I actually want to do a couple of those? Yeah, that'd be fun. We'll get a crew together do some Raiden How many do you need Jimmy? Like a squad? Do you need like three? I thought it was three. I thought it was three. But don't you remember the first raid you had to? They did something stupid where you had to like unlock some stuff before you can even play it. That is weird. This one's not that that I think this one's like odd right off the rip you can play. Okay. New weapons. We have the tempest torn Marksman Rifle hard hitting DMR. So based off of the infor platform, velocity impact of 762 rounds. So what else say keynote will result in Target shots? And quick kills? Yeah, we we talked about this, I believe the last podcast from what I've seen and what I've heard, it does not seem like this is going to be that great. Yeah, I would, I would expect it comes out pretty mellow. But I would keep my eye on it and see if they appear obviously the throne DMR. And you're thinking that old meta from the DMR. They're kind of toying with you with that, you know, they're not going to make it like that meta and they it's it's a good thing overall, although that'd be interesting in Missouri, because it's so spaced out. And I don't know. It'd be cool. I mean, we'll have it we'll see. We'll see. I'm happy with where things are. The funny thing is, by the way, we quick meta talk. I was looking around before the podcast to see if I could see if anyone had established what might be the meta. And there is nothing yet. I mean, there's a couple people who have put out by the way, this is the shady YouTube videos. There's people who put out the top 10 meta games after that date. Literally when the update dropped. Oh, yeah, they've started they pre make them Yeah, so it's, it's like this clearly is false information. I will tell you right now what the meta is for me. I can tell you my meta because it works and we got some wins. And I'll tell you what I did. Hemlock Lachman done them for is pretty good. I don't have the hemlock fully unlocked yet or unlocked at all are so far behind? I know. I know. Yeah. In for them for hits pretty good. I tried them for two I need to I didn't have the build dialed in. So it didn't feel that great to me a little too much like recoil with it. And yeah, so I wasn't that impressed. But the hemlock still hits and so does the Lachman and even nerve block and a little bit we'll talk about it but real quick on the Tempest. So I spent a bunch of time multiplayer, I'm trying to grind it. So there's two ways you can unlock this. You can unlock it through multiplayer getting I believe it's 20 double kills. Or you can or the actually that's the only way or not actually, you can you can buy the bundle, which is whatever. And apparently you can go in the DMZ and you can you know what? I don't know how that works is King King told I thought he told me that you can go in the DMZ and drop it but you can't bring guns into the DMZ. I don't think so. I don't know so sorry came maybe I didn't read that message all the way there. But anyways, so yeah, what I did for it to like easiest way I found because I tried to of course when they put out ago is shipments gone. You can't find shipment now. So I'm looking for modes to play to try to get this thing unlocked quick. And the new map I forget what it's called Animal some I want to say humble house. That's a restaurant. It's a great lake tahoe restaurant. Yeah. Best German I mean it's great German food and beers. And right at the base of the mountain it's awesome. Yeah, it's great. One of our favorite spots. But anyways, the new map on multiplayer we'll talk about it when they talk about it here later but in my thoughts on them up to but that was the best way I found to get double kills. So okay, well, thank you. Yeah, and it's built on the infor platform which most of us have them for unlocked. So all your attachments are a lot of them should be good to go. Okay, so yeah, weapon balancing, we're gonna kind of breeze through this. The STB what is it? Minimum added minimum damage against armor. So got a little bit of above the rule M G. Let's see reduced forage, so they nerf the real mg they nerf star behave and more. The seeking got a nerf to the damage range, but I heard it's still alright. still viable. Okay, cross funny. It is funny how they do that they nerf that. I mean, it's by design, of course. But it's funny how they nerf all the guns everyone's using. Oh, yeah, it's just they try to change the meta, which it's pretty balanced. I'm happy where we're at right now. There's an we gotta give them credit for that. They've done a good job of weapon balancing their stuff I don't like the snipers I think need a little bit of a buff, but I don't like that they nerf the single 50 I felt like there was zero reason to do that. It was It wasn't overpowered at all. It was just nice to use and they drifted a little bit which made no sense to me. Yeah, I agree. I think they've done they've done a really good job and honestly, you have to change the meta you have to change the weapons or else the game gets stale. It does. Yeah, I mean honestly, when you're changing weapon metas like this, it changes the way the game is played. So it can make L Missouri not as fun to me when I can't use a sniper. I mean, that's to me the fun part is kind of like posting up and getting some long shots and working on that bullet drop. I don't know. I find that fun but I liked playing with the sniper on a Mazda I agree. So the crossbow increased time period to trigger double kills for challenge. I don't know what that means. Increased time period to trigger double Hill. Oh, so they increased the time when you you didn't get two kills in a longer span of time. So maybe before it was the increment of five seconds now you have 10 Okay, maybe that's just for the crossbow. So that's under you know what there was there? I was getting shot with a crossbow bunch of multiplayer, so maybe that's the thing to do is maybe you guys give that a try? See if well, it's crossbow considered a marksman rifle. It must be Yeah, it is. Is it's under that category. I didn't know that. I did not either. So maybe that's a good way to get double kills the increased the time gives you more time to go around but you're using a crossbow so kind of is what it is. I'm gonna skip over some of these subs a bunch of like, increased the boss P and whatever. I'm gonna hit the Lachman though. So the Lachman. They reduce the movement speed, they reduce reduce the aim down sight speed. They were improved recoil control, so there's like some nerfs and buffs and then this LM nebula barrel, improved damaged range and improved recoil control. The problem was, I went into my Lachman, and I, that barrel doesn't exist. So I don't understand what they're talking about. Really, yeah, it wasn't there. So I don't know if this maybe it's not maybe they're messing with it. And it's not in the inventory right now or attachments. I don't know but it wasn't there that three times so I'm like it has to be me messing something up. Maybe it is but well, but I'll say this there's been a lot of glitch Enos and just mistakes made in this update that I've seen already. So wouldn't surprise me if it just if they accidentally removed it. Yeah. And for this is a big one. This is a big nerf. Here's this shotguns the KV broadside, which was the meta for closer age. They've reduced the lower turret torso damage, the 12 gauge AMA has reduced damage, reduce closer age damage, the Dragon's Breath, emos, will has been nerfed. So they're NERT they nerf the shock and so probably not as viable now. It's I'm sure it's okay to use, but it's not going to get you the kills that it wants did. Yeah, I don't see anyone running anymore. Yep. And then they have a bunch of bunch of nerfs and buffs on attachments. I'm not going to waste time going through all that if you guys are interested, check it out. One thing I did find interesting is on the equipment. So the frags the claim was in sim texts, the damage against armor has been increased, which I think is good, because I feel like I've used some text a lot. And it doesn't seem to do much sometimes. Oh, that's interesting. I like that because I've run frags and some text, so that's good. Yeah, I'm with you. It seemed like I'd love them. And most of the time, it wouldn't do much at all. Even if it's like, if I throw right next to the player. Yeah, yeah. I mean, there must have been due to the armor like that's how the that's other adjusting stuff is damaged to armor, which is kind of interesting. But yeah, I would love again, I'd love to know how things work over there. Yeah. All right. This is interesting audio guys. I know we all complain about this one, too. Let's see what they did. submix fixes that were affecting enemy footstep volume. We talked about that. I think that had to do with things interfering with the sound of the footsteps other sounds that are coming through so that's good. equalized sand. Oh, Sanford steps. We talked about that. fixing the issue that caused war tracks to randomly stop playing. There's who away is war tracks, just the noise, your choices, the music, you know, you can have music in the vehicles. Shut up. Right. Am I losing my car? You can't have music in the vehicles Am I losing my mind afford now you can have music I didn't think there maybe I'm wrong I do not think there's music and vehicles. I know I'm second guessing myself what I thought that was you know when you're in the chopper sometimes the music just a little just kidding no some music the sound effects will just cut out so it's sad I don't think that's what okay, that we'll have to come back to this on the next episode. I think you can play music in here. I think there's soundtracks that you can have on vehicles I could be completely wrong and be thinking in fortnight. But what is otherwise a war track? They wouldn't call it a war track. I think we've turned off the sound for so long that you just don't know. That's crazy if that's true. All right. I don't think we will find out all right, then fixed an issue preventing war tracks. We're back to war tracks. I thought I was gonna get away from its back. Okay, we're gonna it's gonna make us look even stupider. Here we're tracks a patrol boats driver from being heard while in the patrol boat turrets. Yeah. Because I'm now unsure what tracks are. What the heck does that mean? patrol boats driver from being heard? While in the patrol boats, turrets. What again, my my assumption would be that the bow would be silent. You know, just the sound of the engine would be silent when you're in the turret. The patrol boats driver from being our if you're in the turret, you can't hear the comms of the driver. So maybe, maybe war tracks, maybe has nothing to do with music. I think I'm leaning that way now. I believe music was not in this game. I maybe I'm thinking fortnight Okay. UI UX updates. update requires restart. This is a funny one that actually annoys the heck out of me when you load into the game. So this is a PC thing, I think maybe have it's on PlayStation as well. I don't know, the next Xbox. But like it used to. But yeah, so if the title requires a restart due to an update, it will restart automatically. Well, it still does it. It just I guess doesn't prompt you it just restarts now. That's cool. It's just it's just a little annoying that you have to restart the game. You think the update is you update then you start the game? You can't? Why would you need to restart it, you know? Yeah. They have new menus for cameras and stuff. They have some new menus there. That's cool. New Party queuing. So we'll see how this is party human allows players automatically join a friend's party once they're finished with their active match. I haven't tried the party system. I mean, we have party systems, but I don't have a whole other system with the groups. I don't know what's going on with that off to try it. So I wanted to create our own group for us in the podcast. We'll have to see if it works. Hopefully, if it does, we'll put that out to you guys. So in that, that'll be a members thing. But and then I did notice, okay, well, they're there say to hear the DMZ combat record. So they have that now. I didn't know they didn't have that. Yeah. So when these are your stats, it was multiplayer and Battle Royale. And we were wrong on the last podcast before last. We said that it wasn't working. Well. It worked. It just wasn't. I forget. I think it's when you load into a game or something, then it wouldn't work. But it worked in the menu. So I wouldn't say we were wrong. I'd say that's a 5050 split there. Yeah, it works. Now I use it. So yeah, now it has DMZ stats as well, if you play, which actually I did jump into a DMZ game today. Yeah, it was interesting. They have a bunch of bug fixes. I'm not gonna read through all those. There's like a whole list of them. Lots and lots of bug fixes, which is good. They need to be done. What is this gyro aiming ratcheting? I'm gonna read this because I just don't know what they're saying. The gyro aiming thing. Am I wrong? Is that like a different type of controller? Like a Wii controller? Maybe? I don't know. But yeah. So you can disable it now. Okay, whatever that means. I don't know. Okay, here's one that we've been you've talked a bunch about and I actually turn this setting on the inverted flash. So you guys know how when you get hit with a flash that bright white light blinds you and then you can't you know you have like close to a seizure or whatever. A bright flash in your face. You can invert the flash now, and it goes to a blank screen, it just blocks out your screen. It's kind of it kind of throws you off. It happened to me today. And, but I like it much better than the white flash. Yeah, I saw a clip of a. And the good thing is when your view so I guess the black screen then it slowly transitioned to you to your normal view. I feel like it's a huge advantage because there's no light at all. And then as soon as it starts to come back a little bit, you can obviously see at least enough to like, see where the enemy is. Yeah, I don't know about a huge, huge advantage. But it's it's just it's an that's a good, like, quality of life fix, you know? Yeah, I agree. They did some stuff with SpecOps. Again, we don't play it. So it's hard to give too much info on it. But they did some stuff there. So you can check that out. And what else we got? Oh, we got to start with this. So the big new map that came out from for multiplayer is the Himal mat Expo moment. So that was close to what I said him Ohio or something. Him on that Expo. And honestly, this maps pretty fun at least when I played like my little I played probably, I don't know, 1520 games on it. That's probably exaggeration. Probably 10 to 15 Yeah, it's not bad. There's, there's a lot of little paths you can travel. And it's interesting. I I do like it, I gotta say, I think it's a cool map. I like that. It says mixing business with pleasure. And we can tell because there's a pool that yeah, so they have this open area where there's a second story here where you can it's big open room with a window where you can kind of get angles on these other buildings around. And I mean, it's a dangerous spot because everybody's always kind of looking there. But it's kind of cool. And then you can if you travel down the center path of the map where there's a pool and stuff you're probably you're gonna die you basically have to travel around the outskirts but the interior there's two levels in couple different paths you can take in there's same like up top and download there's a couple different paths with some like overlook rooms. It's neat. It's a neat I thought it played well and the flow was really nice on it so I think they did a good job with that we'll find out what you guys think I don't know that was very important and and we talked about this in the last podcast they have new modes drop zone one in the chamber and all or nothing so different modes you can play in normal multiplayer. Now rings play so we have some restrictions here. Rings players should we gotta do some ranked play games. We haven't even played ranked. But did I? Honestly, I don't know if I can play multiplayer. It's just not doesn't do it for me. Yeah, that's fine. Yeah, let's be honest about it. I'll be playing if I'm gonna play I'm playing resurgence following faster pace phone, like, play a little more tactical whatnot. I'm going to Elmira. Yeah, absolutely. So they did some weapon tuning the cast off 762 Assault Rifle, updated the updated rules about them. I don't know really what that means. So you guys probably do. There you go. What else quality of life. They did some stuff there and bug fixes. I mean, there's a bunch of them play ranked, but there's some improvements. Yeah, there's a bunch of quality of life stuff. They did navigation. pings increased the scale of navigation pings to the tack map and mini map for improved. readability. That's good. I didn't notice you know what, here's the tip. And I was gonna warn you this is ranked play, right? Is that No, that's worse. This is war zone. Oh, I didn't know you went to war zone two. Yeah, actually, you know what, I need to spend more time reading these guys because this is worse. Quality of Life, which is huge. Like that's, that's what we want them to improve. I wasn't even listening to you. I'm like, why is he still reading rate? We don't even go play it at all. Yeah, so this is actually probably the last thing we're gonna hit on these patch notes. But so killstreak availability, existing Arab airspace is too crowded message will now have a trilling for x seconds attached to it. So you'll now know how long until you can do your killstreak that's funny. I didn't even think about you know, having them implement that. But that's a cool little feature. Because it's frustrating when you're sitting there spammy and you have no idea how long it's gonna take. Yeah, yeah, actually, there did a lot of good stuff here. So cluster strikes and precision, improved air strike damage notification to be more consistent damage or a danger based on each damage location. So they improve the notification. That's good. Yeah, I didn't think it was like too far off. But that's cool. Improved directional tracing to prevent airstrike targeting from something landing behind the player, the players. So is that mean when you're you're laying there strike down, it's going to be more precise. So it doesn't just strike somewhere where you didn't want it to go to landing behind. So the issues I usually have with airstrikes is it locks on to something in front of me versus behind the players. So maybe maybe they haven't where you can actually, like, get it more, it just sounds like it's more precise. We'll just go with that. Now, cool. Players will not be notified when calling a cluster striker precision if they have if they're too close to the affected zone. So there's a warning if you're close and you call it. I don't know what that says, Oh, if you call it in. That's weird. Like, because you're the one calling and why would you need a warning? Maybe it's like you called it and hey, warning there in your own air air strike zone. When I played earlier, there was a noise, there was some alert and I can't remember what it was for. But there was a noise that alerted me. I wish I could remember what it was. But there was something that changed up there's an audio alert, and as far as they mentioned, they probably do have it in here somewhere but giving up timer consistency, so when you want to give up instead of getting interrogated, while downed is now more consistent across modes and will last at least three seconds. That's funny. I don't see many people interrogating at all on our Mazara Yeah, I felt like it tastes too long to be I felt like it just should be quicker. Yeah, it's kind of it's one of those things you just you just get your finish instead of messing with it and honestly, sometimes I interrogate and I still don't really know where the players are so it's kind of like yeah, whatever. Yeah, and then you're putting yourself in a dangerous situation too. If you're interrogating the middle of a fight right right unless you have that area locked down it's kind of a we'll see kind of thing armor break there move the text so now it's just an icon which is that's good. auto loading armor plates armor plates critical part players will automatically pick up armor plates as long as they have available inventory. That's huge. That's a great improvement. Yep, you missed one another big one navigation pings increase the scale of navigation panes and attack mountain it I said that I said earlier though. You were mentioned while you're not going in order yeah I mean I do what I want you know I mean, this guy spawn protection I don't like that spawn prediction is I like in resurgence I think it's needed there but not in all Missouri spawn prediction will now be disabled at 25 meters up from 19 so that's good so there's less if you're closer down you're not gonna get that protection. Okay, that yeah, they said it will continue to refine so we'll see how that goes. Resurgence kill fee the kill feed will not display who's about to redeploy when their resurgence timer reaches zero I don't even know that the kill feed will now display who's about to redeploy. Doesn't know on a Saturday, the screen doesn't show you 10 About we're seeing everyone that's redeploying? We're just people on your team. I think I think just people unless it shows that you killed someone and now that wouldn't be on there. I don't know. We'll have to we'll get back to you as on what that really means. Because my brains not gonna figure it out right now. Now. All right, so those are some bugs. This is funny bug fixes at 1130 Pacific Standard Time today. It's weird that they put that exact time in here. Yeah, fix them is fixed an issue causing the rainbow glare to appear on the horizon and last rainbow so so basically, there were some issues that were caused from that update that have already been been fixed. So yeah, yeah. Oh, and another big thing. Hey, resurgence now has all modes active. Yeah, that's that's, that's huge. Yeah, you can do solos Duo's trios and quads. Which is awesome awesome. That's on both maps they have all of this should have been out with day one of the game I don't know why it took so long. Now and again, we pointed out before but they tell you a sim assimilations off so at some point you're going to be able to Team A team up probably in some limited time mode LTM bomb drones are out of the game. Oh huge. That's good. I'm so sick of those things. Bomb drones are out there they're going to fine tune them which means that it'll probably never be back. So goodbye bomb drones don't miss you. See you later. So they this is a good one gameplay balance the so they are adjourned. Seeing the pacing of the game. So the two things they're doing the combat engagements in mid game and the regain opportunities li you so they don't really like elaborate what that means. Well, I think the combat engagements mid game, I think it's slow. So I think what they're saying is they need to speed that up. They're looking into it. That's what I would assume from that. And then the reading opportunity here's here's what they need to do is put more bias stations in the game. That's why easy facts. Yeah, that's 100% what they need to do the I hate having every single bias they just happened to when I was putting on Moscow, I was trying to get a gas mask. And I couldn't go to a base station every and I tried every base station when I was in the zone was camped on. And there are people on it. And I literally went to it because I was in a heli I went to every single one couldn't do it. I just had to loot now. Luckily I found one. But that's that's the easy fix error, right? Yeah, yeah. Future. Okay, so here's some future improvements. Let's see what they got for us. more grounded supply boxes, especially in the north of the map. Okay. Resurgence Supply Boxes being sprinkled throughout the map. To be honest for surgeons right now. seemed fine. Yeah, I don't have a problem with loot. Yeah, surgeons, it seemed to get a there's plenty of cash and everything. So I don't know what that. I mean, it seems like there's loot boxes everywhere. I don't know that they need more. Yeah, same. But okay. Additional ammo caches. Again, not a huge deal to me. And more. Again, here's the again, simple fix the bias Asians are okay. I would say put a couple more in there and make the base stations consistent, then. Yeah, problem solved. Also, this, you know, since the game has come out, there has been, I feel like they've made a lot of good improvements. Now. It got buggy, and it's still a little buggy. But I feel like they've done enough to really improve the game from the start. Yeah, yeah, I agree with that. All right. So this is the final part of the wall. There's DMZ. Do we want to? We're not going through DMZ. There's there are there's not much to it? I mean, honestly, they I love how they what did they put out asking what the DMZ was like? Oh, they asked for it. You still want to play it? There was something whatever Okay, let's go into some gameplay adjustments because these are these are actually kind of big so the light helo it's gotten so low so it's hilarious. We were doing we are protective of the solo squad size be fair and balanced experience game they're talking to you. And the light hero went against that he did that I don't think they liked that heli strat. I guess. They must be listening. Yeah, they increase contracts. It's just whatever. Okay, this is interesting. Final circles. Final circles. We are temporarily disabling final circles in the Northwest section of the map while we work on improvements for upcoming seasons Hmm, so that's this is all now Missouri. So as the North West is that track? Yeah, I think it's up in that area a little bit to the right of that. Okay, I don't know why. I'm curious why they disabled it but that's cool. There's not a lot up there. So yeah, but I kind of like it because there's those like, hills you can play on or whatever you want to call them. Yeah, I don't I'd be curious why they needed to do that. And it's not like that palm tree or I don't know if I even had many if any sounds finish up there. Now I don't know. I mean, it has but not not very many. It's pretty rare. So that's kind of interesting. All right. Sheikah we got redeployment drones we already know that they're in the game they told us that they're and this one's for you. AI companion the combatants departure I told you there was AI in there and for some reason you don't want to believe me? Well, I knew there's AI just in that particular location we play that today. I didn't think they were in that spot but you must have been correct. Yeah. All right. Yeah, that's funny. So AI is totally gone. Hmm yeah, that's good. I mean, they didn't overload it with AI anyways, but honestly, it wasn't even really needed so there's plenty of people to fight and it's jam packed I mean it's it's fine yeah, we don't need AI in there. Let me say this the man I totally lost my oh that new event. What is it data highest? Is that what's in there now? Yeah, I hate it. I hate it popping up on my screen. It's distracting. Do not like it. Yeah, data has is it's a zero. It's just no not even anything really. That's just again, when it pops off. It's more visual clutter on my screen and the noise. I do not like anything about it. Yep, yep. Circle balancing the first circle, the approximately 20% larger and more likely to be on land to better enable successful infill. So that's the initial circles more on land. Yeah, that's good. Okay, but yeah, I guess they're all good. I mean, honestly, you're probably just going to see most of it, like, centered around the castle off the initial circle, you know? Yeah. So what does that deer so it's gonna be 20% larger. So letting people survive, not not having it's gonna be there's gonna be less engagements, right? Yeah, I mean, yeah, I guess I guess so. Yeah, I think because if you haven't go more on the water, it's people are gonna land in that zone. And there's less land to be on. So well. Yeah, I think about if it's smaller. So how it was previously, if they had a zone that was kind of in the water a little bit, if the first zone kind of pulled the one half of the map, then you know how it is if you're on the edge of the zone, dude, there's been some crazy fights just in that first circle. Because everyone's pushing towards the, you know, the top of the zone or whatever. Yeah, yeah, good point. Pacing balance. Actions that affect the resurgence countdown have been adjusted to allow for more windows of opportunity to Team wipe the opposing team. Now that's, that's interesting that to me, so maybe they're decreasing the amount of time you get off when you open boxes and stuff. Yeah, so it's gonna take longer for you to get your teammates back. Right. Yeah, I think that's a good adjustment, because it is hard to squad wipe. Yeah, especially early. It feels like it's happened to us where we were killing this team, but they just keep coming back. And it'd be it's this never ending fight, and we've gotten killed by them. Because they just keep regrouping. And we're getting depleted from taking them out. Yeah, yeah. Oh, shoot, dude. I feel like in a hole right now, by station availability. improvements have been made to better spend, there's better spread the base stations more evenly through the map. Okay, cool. No, I'm still I'm still not huge on this. I think they need to put a couple more in a second reading. And we played today I still feel like on a Sheikha there wasn't enough, but we need a few more biases. Now. Again, with redeployable alone balloons or drones. It is easier to move around the map. So that's a that's a positive. Yeah, I don't think yeah, I mean, we it's not a huge issue. I don't think on resurgence. But I do think it would it would make the game play better. You know? Yeah. So that's so that's our patch notes. I mean, to be honest, there's a lot of good stuff in there. It's there's a lot of Call of Duty. I mean, they've did a lot of quality quality life improvements is what what we asked for, which is good. Yeah. Anyway, this is way I gotta read this and this was weird. So there's a bug fix that fixing the issue that prevented players from using the player report feature during the killcam if their entire squad had been eliminated. Oh, I see what they're saying I read this thing is backwards. Not as interesting to thought. Okay. Yeah, I've there the reporting system has been interesting because I've heard of people getting reported for like offensive usernames and supposedly getting shadow banned for it now. Again, with a lot of the shadow banned stuff I hear a lot of people say they're getting shadow banned. I've never been shadow banned and people close to us. I've never been shadow banned that are like legit. So again, I hear a lot of interesting things with that. I wonder I honestly wonder if with these streamers, one legit, obviously some of them probably cheating, too. I do wonder if some of them and it just has to do with the tools they're using to improve their PC's performance or interfering with the record share something is it is causing a false ban. I don't even know if that's true. pure speculation. I'm more wondering if they're using VPNs that are getting picked up on it or something. Yeah, that could be that very well could be true because I have not heard much about VPNs in this since Warzone two launched because that was a huge part of Warzone one and a to hit the war zone one and two because war zone one is caldera and for danske was into is just almost right at this point but anyways, you that was a big deal in the previous version, this version I don't even hear about people using them. And I And from what I heard also is when the game launched they weren't working. Yeah, I I don't know. Like, even with I mean, we've improved, we get a lot more wins like Hades higher than it was in the last warzone. And honestly, my lobbies seem fine right now i Okay, having said that there was an uptick where my lobbies got crazy hard for a while. But right now, it's kind of seemed to be balanced. So I don't know what's going on. But hey, whatever they're doing so far for my perspective on a Sheikah it's working. Everything is money. Yeah, Chico was great today. So we'll see. We'll see if this lasts for next episode. But as you guys know, things change quickly. So and it always helps me to get a couple of wins. Your life is good. Yeah, exactly. Well, we got to close this up. It's our 26th. And it is 11 o'clock, and I am exhausted. So it is bedtime. Again, guys. Thank you so much. We hit the 50th episode, and we hit 50 comments, you guys are awesome. Thank you as to all our Patreon YouTube members, you guys are even just a little bit awesomer you know what I mean? You guys are all awesome, but they're a little bit more awesomer Yeah, of course. Okay, everyone, have a good weekend? Yep, have a good weekend. Take care. Be safe out there. Get to the next one. See ya.