Starfield Smugglers

The Battle Of The Maps! Ashika Island vs Rebirth Island vs Fortunes Keep! Ep. 53

March 27, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 53
Starfield Smugglers
The Battle Of The Maps! Ashika Island vs Rebirth Island vs Fortunes Keep! Ep. 53
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Welcome To The Warzone Podcast LIVE!  Today we are going to focus on one question "What Is The Best Warzone Resurgance Map!" Find out what map wins the Goon Squad debate! We will also cover the following: Warzone Meta, 1 shot sniper, Tempest torrent, Counter Strike 2, Drinking While Gaming, and much more!  Let us know what you think!

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And we've already talked a little bit about it. We're doing a live stream on kick in on YouTube. And we're gonna be putting it obviously in our normal podcast formats, Apple's Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, all that stuff. So it's, it's interesting. I'm using that whole new software for the it's called restream. And so far, so good. A little couple kinks this morning, but not bad. It seems to be running well, from my point of view, you know, oh, I think you're doing just fine. Okay. Glad to hear it. So today, our majority, the majority of our podcast, what we're going to do, because, you know, we try to think of things that would be fun and interesting. And I'm sorry about that. We're going to be going over all the resurgence islands from the rebirth Island to Fortune scheme. And as she said, we're going to break them down. Then we're going to give you guys the grade of what is truly the greatest resurgence about that will be fun. That'd be fun, because I've wanted to talk about these maps for a while and even just reminisce about a few of them. You know, actually that is true. It's more like a little bit of nostalgia, but honestly, I don't even have a winner right now in my head. So it's gonna have to be like when we do the break, and we have some categories we're gonna go through. Oh, it's totally impromptu because I'm the same way. I'm not even entirely sure which one I think is like my overall favorite. Yeah, I mean, I'm leaning a little bit. I don't know. I don't know. We'll get we'll get to it. Hey, always, but before that, we're gonna talk to you. We got a bunch of like random stuff in the beginning. There's you know, Darren has Dungeons and Dragons. We have Counter Strike too. We're gonna talk a little bit about drinking in gaming. There's a clear storyline arc of if suddenly, when you drink in gaming, we're gonna break it down. There's a patch patch note that like a little patch that that came out and there was one thing in it that I was actually pretty excited about. We'll talk about that. Some of our normal gameplay stuff how we've been filling in the game, how she got Island Doing playing or playing the big map? I don't know. We'll talk about it. And then we'll finish up with q&a. So that's pretty much how the the show's gonna run. And yeah, hopefully hopefully you guys enjoy it. Oh yeah, absolutely. I thought you did a great job running that down there. Thank you for your support. And speaking of support, if you want to help support the podcast, go on Patreon. Go on Patreon. Go on our YouTube become a member we have. I don't even know what's going on a kicker at this point. We'll figure that out as we go and see how that thing develops. But I'm sure there'll be some Follow button or something on there. I think you can follow actually. Yeah, if everybody goes and follow us on Kik, that'd be appreciated, too. And leave a comment. That'd be great. I wanted to show you guys I mentioned last time we have our war zone podcast up as well if you guys want to check it out. It's our website. So it's called the war zone podcast kept it pretty And if you're a member, we have you on here, you can go and we have clickable links. For instance, windy here you can click you can check out her YouTube channel. All these guys pretty cool. So that is pretty neat. I meant you guys were waking up at seven in the morning for Yeah, so throw the throw a dog a bone, you know, I'm saying anyways, it's all for all the support everything you guys absolutely they heal in. So we had a we got to talk about doing another one to the members games are just community games really is what it is. But members get priority, but we have an interest in me we have space. So I'm working on a little highlight video from our last one. And I'll be putting that out here pretty soon. So just some fun things that happened while we're playing. Oh, a lot of fun. Yeah, no, absolutely. That's uh, like, the highlight to me is playing with the members. So and especially if we hit I'm hopeful Resurgence is gonna come like their custom game is going to be available Resurgence is going to be available in the custom game, because I think that would be something we could easily do. Yeah, so right now, if you don't know the private lobbies are all the way like you have to have 50 people joining which is a lot to ask for like smaller channels, I guess. So. It's it's a lot but we hit we can get like 2025 Sometimes 30 We've gotten like 50 before but that's like when we're rolling you know? Yeah. So anyways, we'll work on that. Let's see what else we got. We're also working on the world not working we're gonna be doing the members only podcast which we're going to go over the I mean, it's gonna be a fun one because we're going to break down the worst type of players whether it's, you know, stim guys using the stuns with riot shields cheaters I mean, glitters, you know, we'll get we'll break it down. There's an overly confident players. The trash talking players I know, we'll go over a lot of different stuff. So that'll be fun. That'll be a blast. Alright, let's get into something here. This is well, I wanted to say. Let me see if we got the button. You Darren, you. Why you got me down. So the fighter in the kid podcast. You sent me down the rabbit hole of that subreddit. Oh, dude, yeah, chains, PF or whatever they call it? PF Changs and homeless. They call themselves the homeless cats. Yeah, right. So if you guys don't know, I've watched that fight in the fire fighter in the pig. The fighter in the kid podcast it's been on for 10 years. It's it's it can be good and it can be bad at times. But anyways, Brendan Schaub, the host of it gets a lot of heat, because he tends to lie a lot and does other things that aren't great. And so anyways, their own Reddit page, which was started for them has turned on him for years and they are like the biggest haters of Brandon, who's one of the podcast hosts weirdest funniest thing ever like, I mean random brings a lot of it on himself. And these guys have YouTube channels and they do full log videos all the time. And did you see it just at a live they'll have the little like cats in there and stuff. They throw little funny things in dude you can't even talk about it briefly because it goes so in depth with their insider jokes. Oh yeah, but but it is insanity. The hate that goes towards Brendon as far as like how much of their it there is no, I'm saying. I'm gonna say it's justified in a lot of scenarios and it's not even so much hate just kind of pointing out on issues that that he, he lies about his lots of like, I mean, just contradicting himself they are on it. And it's it's hilarious. I mean, they have their own way of talking to in the chat. Like they talk like cats are silly like, I don't know if they're making fun of him, but there's like a whole like lingo to it. Oh yeah, the whole things. It takes a while to even understand what they're talking about. And I suppose that I mean not that I really want to but, but it is funny where a lot of the names come from anyways, we'll talk about that later. But yes, it's a rabbit hole. Okay, so on another note, we got the NCAA tournament going down. I don't know if you guys are fans basketball, but my favorite, favorite, like sporting event is March Madness in the tournament. And there's dude, it's like, you know, you know, it's good when I'm watching the live stream on my laptop and I got to take a shower, and I haven't playing I put my laptop on the counter. And I haven't playing and I'm in the shower, and you know, I got one of those glass, clear glass, you know, showers, we're using a little squeegee thing to get the water off. And I'm doing that while I'm taking a shower to watch the end of this game. You know. You're talking about the Gonzaga one. No, it was the one before that. It was a nine seed verse. I forgot to stay. FAU Yeah, yeah, the game and that FAU those guys looked. They were good. They play hard. I'm rooting for him. They're a nine seed. So a nine seed in the Final Four is pretty crazy. They just got just candy last night. Holy cow. At one point they were shooting like 18% from the field. That's shocking. That's shocking. Yeah, yeah, it's what's you have Dungeons and Dragons on here? You want to talk about it? I do. My buddies at work. You know, I'm a programmer. So I've worked with you know, let's be honest. Like we're all nerdy in our own ways. No judgment, but carry into this Dungeons and Dragons style games. Specifically, they play Pathfinder, but I think everyone's aware of like, what Dungeons and Dragons is, right? Somewhat. Okay, that that's, but this is my point. So Me too. I'm like, Okay, well, they're like, Oh, we play this game, you know, we all get together. And they're describing it to me, kinda. And I'm like, Okay, so like, you have a board you guys play on it that maybe a little icon things you move around, right? No, that's not how it works. So these I can't remember what the name of the style of games are. But how it works did is that they all get together at a house. And this is once a month together at a house. And they start playing and I think it starts by you have to everyone picks their own character types. So like, you know, you're like this orc guy knew and would that character you have different like power attributes, you know? Like it was a memo. Okay, it's the trade name. Yeah, I know. It's just RPG style. Like yeah, RPG. Yeah, so you everyone has their like, there's strength or all these different attributes. Well, then, but the game itself, there's like a leader so every master dungeon master dungeon dragons will say that's all called. He actually comes up with the whole game like he does research and like, planned out. But and this is all in his head. You know, it's hard for me to fathom hasn't planned out and then so the game starts and he'll throw a scenario at the group and the depending on what they do. Maybe it goes on the path he expected. Or maybe it goes totally off the rails and it's improvised. Yeah, it is the most bizarre thing. So anyways, I'm gonna go sit in on our buddies or my with my buddies. A couple of weeks to watch because I don't understand it. Totally. You've been invited in. I was allotted I was granted approval by the Dungeon Master. What do you what do you see yourself as? Like, I play I'm not ready to play. I couldn't be like an ogre. Or I know right, the typical like Blair ogre. I don't know what I'd be like some little night elf or something. I'd be like a spindly wizard. You know, like a little wizard dude, like, shady wizard. I don't know. Yeah, that's funny. I've watched there was some comedy podcast. And I forget who did it but they would have a dungeon master come in. Maybe it was a barstool thing I forget. And they'd have a dungeon master come in, and he would lay out. Like he would do it. They put them through the game and they did it over the course of like, I don't know five or six podcasts. Dude, it was great. It was hilarious because they would always, you know, I think it was barstool and they would do like crazy. They would somebody would make a wild play and betray everyone. Like, there's just hilarious things that happened. That world to me is fascinating because I did not fully understand what went on. I didn't realize it was like a story, this this dynamic story that was happening in real time. And the guy's got to come up with it off the top of his head. And the more I hear about it, it actually sounds really cool. It's just I never was exposed to that type of thing in high school. Yeah, it sounds like I knew a little bit more about it than you. I've watched a couple of things on it. I never participated though. Dude, that stuff is huge, though. You know, they have those. Some of those channels on twitch or whatever, YouTube, where they're professional actors playing the doing this game. And so it's like you're watching a movie? Yeah, yeah. It's crazy. Yeah, that'd be maybe one day we'll do that would actually be kind of fun. Do a podcast or we're, we did a little segment kind of like that. Like you do a little segment of your we bring the dungeon master and he lays it out. There's, there's definitely a skill to being that guy. Like, oh, it seems like he you better be good at improvising. And you better have I think you need to do your research on what this world your crafting looks like. Yeah. It's kind of cool that it's off the dome, though. Just imagination. So I know. That's what I'm saying. I'll go first. I was just like, why don't he is doing and then once they, I mean, this was at that party when a few weeks ago that they were explaining it to me and I was like, this is like fascinating. Yeah, yeah. I watched yesterday, Tim, the tap man had a exclusive Counter Strike limited tests Counter Strike two Limited Test. Again, they're calling Counter Strike two. We talked about it a few podcasts ago. It's pretty it's like Counter Strike. It's like an remastered game. You know what I mean? Like it just they touched it up. Oh, okay. So it's just a remaster? I believe so because when I watched so I watched him play a little bit and it looks it's like, editions exactly the same. I wasn't big into Counter Strike. I never really played it to be honest. So, but I've watched a lot of game playing like tournaments and stuff. It looks like the same maps same, you know, similar like same mechanics, everything just looked really clean. You know, what's interesting is why hasn't Counter Strike? Why haven't they like picked it up? Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think this is picking it up. Yeah, but, but it's the same thing. Just reskin. Right. Or like, a newer version of the same thing. Right? Yeah. I just have really loyal fan base, like of people that play the game. Yeah. But if it's so popular, why aren't they doing like, oh, you know, I love Warzone type thing. We create a new version like, hey, let's get a new map. So that's totally rehaul this thing like for version two or version three? Yeah, no chemistry. I'm trying to think if they made it bold. See, the problem is, it's it's more you know, it's just like, it's valorant movement, styleable Bellavance, more counter strike movement style. But you know what I mean? Like, you move differently. It's all about those sight lines. And I don't know, maybe they're afraid to mess with it. I really don't know. I don't know, the studio or anything like that. So yeah, I either do I'm just curious, because it seems like it's always been popular. And again, if they put a lot into you would think that they would think there'd be some payoff, like they think they would like to again, be developing new versions of this game all the time. One would think so but I don't know. I mean, this game has been out for a long time, man, like, strips been out for a while. I know. I know. I mean, we'll probably want to mess around and play with it. And just check it out. Yeah, I'll give it a shot. For sure. We'll see. Yep. Now it's time for warzone. Darren last week gave us some great advice. And well you want to talk about it. Yeah, I would like to talk about it. So I would like to so when I talked about the red eye but I I did preface that well first of all, tell them what you're talking about. Okay. So I talked about how if you spam a cash register I'd seen in a Reddit post if you spam a cash register, you'll be done seen it pre in pregame you'll load into the game with cash. Yes, I remember I told about this little Yes. And I did say I did not look at much of anything and it could be totally fake. Well come to find out it is from all my research now. Totally. And that's why you don't trust the red and it was all fake. Yeah, it Just now, from what I've seen, it does not work. I think he should formally apologize to everybody. I don't think so. I think I warned everyone. I said, Hey, asterisk this, it may be totally like fake All right, so the other day we played and I had a few drinks, right? Do you remember we had games with me? Joker game? review or this dude's have a dress that didn't even tell me. Well, you jumped on also into the session after I was what two hours in? That is funny because now it made sense. Now it makes sense. Why you were so tired. This is the first time I'm finding out he was drinking while he's playing. You actually it's like three? Haven't I'm ashamed almost say what I was drinking. But they were like claws. I did. I rarely drink now like, it's like once a month. So this is not a bad thing. No, no, it's not. I'm just kind of over it right now. But yeah, so I had like three white claws. And it just helped me think because I mean, we used to we used to play war zone all the time. And we'd have a bunch of beers. It'd be like the guys night, right? Right. And we'd all just hang out have beers played. It was fun, had a blast, but we've talked about it. There's a clear arc when you're drinking in gaming. Okay, and I'm gonna take you guys through it because I've lived it multiple times. You start off, you know, it takes it takes a little bit to get you know, till that alcohol kicks in. You get the overconfidence, that's the first one that hits you. You're running around the map. You're feeling like you're just slaying people you're trying moves in there working like you're doing 360s You'll, you'll Delete. Like, you feel like you're unstoppable. Like it hits a point there. Then that unstoppable nature, it pushes you you start drinking a little bit more, then you fall into reckless now. What's your reckless, reckless stage? Can you hear me by the way? Yeah, I hear you. Okay, thank God, my God. So our app crashed and I'm like, Oh my God, if this like screwed up the recording you're gonna kill me. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, good. Yeah, sorry, go. Alright, so you go from overconfident to reckless now. This is where you've you've put you've been playing great. But now the alcohol is getting in your system your hand eye coordination is getting off a little bit things may be getting a little fuzzy on the screen. longer seeing in high definition you're now in standard definition and you're but you're like you're still have the overconfidence that didn't go away. You just now have reckless as well. So now you're like you'll over push you'll over peak you'll ego challenge. You'll do all that. And you're just wandering in then then with the reckless comes the blame. Where's my teammates at? Where's everybody? When you're the one pushing way too far, way too fast. You know, and then, from reckless, you realize a couple more drinks, you turn into the trash can. It doesn't matter if they're standing in front of you. You can't hit anything now. You're just getting destroyed. You can't focus and then you go into this tunnel of looting. I noticed that after like too many drinks. I'm just I'm a looter. I'm no longer a killer in the game. I'm there to loot. I'll just go from box to box my head down. Fight to pick up you know. Yeah, I get that way too. Especially if I'm tired. I can't stop myself from looting even if it's late in the game. And then at some point, I just think like what am I doing? Why am I what am I getting this stuff for? You're totally right the arc because it's really it's up you're gonna choose to have some drinks. There's really that sweet spot of like, it's really your first couple of drinks and then then it goes off the rails rather quickly. Yeah, the best way to do it is you just have a few and you space them out. Which is hard for all of us. I get it Okay, anyways, I just want to talk about that because that's like something I have experienced and I it always goes that same path that same arc where I hit the overconfidence, reckless and then trash can and then I'm out and I think I hit I was hitting trash can by the time you were on another night so yeah, you know, I noticed you were off and it's funny that now you're telling me drinks because now it makes sense. I was like, I was like man I got on again just didn't even seem tired. I'm different I noticed my spidey senses were going off something was up. Yeah. Because to me I have to really like focus when I played think about rotations and think about how moving in even in the gunfights like I'm always thinking about cover like trying to stake you know, just using heavies. And making sure you're positioning right. Well, after a couple drinks, I'm no longer even really thinking about that. It's just like running around. So yeah, it's that happens. We play Can we talk about our recent play? Yeah, I was going to tune in a little bit down here, but we can just go to try and see if we can do it. We can wait go ahead. Okay, so a patch note that came out this is like a very, they put out the small patch. It's on their blog. If you went check it out. Activision, blogger, Raven, or whoever blog. Did it's always confused. Yeah. It's like there's so many anyways, they did. Do they have one fix that I I'm actually kind of shocked they finally did it. They fixed an issue causing some killstreaks by from the base station to drop under the map are behind the base station. Hmm, that's good. Because that was an annoying one, right? Oh, yeah. Every time we buy a killstreak in your if your inventory was full. Oh, sorry. It was kicked out. And then you'd always go look behind the buy station every once a while you'd find it there. But a lot of times you wouldn't even find it. It was just like gone and apparently dropped under the map. Oh, yeah, that's, that's that wasn't an annoying one. That's a good fix. You know what's funny, though, when they, when they do this thing where they say like, oh, yeah, this has been fixed. It feels like me when I sit down. Because, you know, I send out these projects and I send out, you know, I have to send out a, you don't know, I don't even know, I said that. I have to send out an email saying like, hey, this error you're getting it's it should be gone now. And I probably that's what they're doing. They're just like, Yeah, this thing should be fixed now. But sometimes I'm like, well, very likely could still be an issue. Right? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So I want to address a question we had here from Harris. Spec, I have a question. I have no idea how people can lock in other players and stay locked in until they're dead. How do they do that? So I want to address this because we were gonna go in and we meant to do it, we just haven't done it yet. We're going to go on and test that killcam we're going to log in on so we're going to load in a game on try to be on different teams. And we'll just kill each other record it from both sides and test those kill cams. Because I agree it I mean, obviously there's okay if somebody is locking on you. Obviously, they could be using aimbot Cronus words really sticking that kind of stuff. But I do just think the killcam is Miss representative misrepresent my work. misrepresenting, misrepresenting, like what's actually happening? I think it looks worse than what it is. Yeah, I'll say this too. I messed up my settings. I mentioned this last podcast and I want to do a video or something and share it. Because I feel like my aim is like is really sticky. Like, especially on PlayStation. Maybe it's a PlayStation. They want to play on the PlayStation. I feel like it's really good, really good aim assist. But even on my PC when I'm playing controller, I feel like it feels like like you just stick to players sometimes. Yeah, I mean, I definitely think Aim Assist is through the roof. Like that's just a fact. That way we tried to go to the keyboard and mouse and I loved the filling and playing with the keyboard and mouse but the aim obviously for us we played long enough on controller that's a hard switch anyways and going I mean we lasted like a week went back to controller and it was just like oh wow. Oh like having trouble getting you know, four kills on keyboard and mouse five kills and then you got a controller and like instantly, like bigger games, like without trying. So yeah, well, we'll never go back to keyboard or mouse that was a disaster. Not for not for this game. Now I'm not against it. Like I do like it. I just I feel like there's something like you're more a part of it using a keyboard and mouse. It's just I don't know, there's some maybe it's just because growing up as a kid, we were doing keyboard and mouse or something. Yeah, and I'm not saying I don't like it. I'm saying for where I'm at in life. I will never take the time to get good keyboard and mouse. Yeah, that's understandable. Okay, so how's your fillings on like Warzone right now? I mean, where are you? Oh, so I like Ashika a lot. I have not play as so. Oh, transparency. I'll Missouri have not played it in probably a month or so I just do not have the drive. I don't want to sit there and play that game because it takes too long my opinion and it's fun. It's fun depending on the people you play with. Like if I play with like our guys, then it's fun, but I'm not gonna play that solo for sure. So there's times with like, I just don't have them. I have like, just a little bit of time to play. That's why I really like a chic I can just jump in. Like yesterday, I'm watching the kids. And I'm hanging, we're hanging out. And I was like, Okay, I'll just throw some Ashiq on and played a couple games off. done great time. And I like it. Again, I've really noticed we keep talking about this. It's a lot of fun now with that, if you know what you're doing. And I do think a big strategy is rotating away from the hotspots. And it's worked to me for me pretty well. Yeah, no, I definitely agree with you. I mean, we played I play well, I play a lot more than you do. But I played last night with a I think it was it was just me Joker and Kane. We're trying trios. Anyway, we got a couple of wins. And we only played like four games. But like, yeah, it was. I mean, I think it really comes down to just sticking together being on the same page. Good call outs to where you're, especially in your own game, you're watching position so you don't get flanked. And then yeah, the rotations, if you see multiple teams fighting, especially in early game or Resurgence is active, don't unless you're going for like just a high kill game. Just fell out of there, because that's fine. It's just gonna go on and on and on. Are you going to third party or fourth party? And then you know, it's just tough? Yeah, I mean, I don't know how many times I've gotten a win. And I thought like, the I thought there was still like, 15 people. And it's just crazy. It's crazy how people just drop off, sometimes I think they just on, it's just that rotation, they all are fighting on the edge of that zone didn't they rotate in and just weeds them out. And then if you're already in there in that area, holding down and holding down and stopped bad. I'll tell you straight up, if you're at the end zone, you know, one of the end zones at the end of the game. And there's a clear power position, for example, like a big house or a big like building. Do not go into that building, because everyone fights there every time. I mean, it's not bad if you're like holding the roof of it, or it's, it's different on a sheet. There's not a ton of like powerful buildings. Go and see you say but you say hold on, it's not that bad. I'm telling you, if you hold that roof, everyone is going to be gunning for you. Well, again, it Yeah, you're kind of right. I mean, it all depends. It depends on which part of the zone you're talking about. Because sometimes if you can get in on the edge where it's, you know, have an early push over to it through the gas, and you take the top of the building, you can clear out a lot of the people rotating in your Well, you're right, they're always different variables. Now there's different variables, I'm just saying, as a general rule, I avoid that hotspot and it works well. Like the shift I've had in my mind is really thinking about like the next rotation and trying to get ahead of it to where you're in a position that makes it easy, almost wherever the zone pulls. Now, obviously, sometimes, if it's a complete opposite zone pull to you. It just is what it is. But at least like coming up with that plan of like how you're going to rotate. Like if it does pull because there's if you can take high ground most of the time, that's the best way right? If there's like a hill near it, that you can be on then you can jump off and rotate anyways. Yeah, that's what I don't know. I'm going to switch back to what you said the El Mazara I do agree with it is really long. And it is I mean, I prefer right now resurgence as well. A couple things, though. You mentioned solos, they took helicopters out of solos, so the and they haven't added in drones redeployment drones or anything like that. So now the best solos and now Missouri Yeah. Oh gosh. Yeah. So there's no helicopters. So rotating on that. It's just it's it slows it down even more now everyone's in vehicles. Yeah, that's not a good change. In my opinion. They gotta add some better ways to get around the map. I think they should honestly just put the drones and read over. We're gonna go into the hallway. We won't go into all Mazara I'll just say this. Like I said before in a previous podcast, it's to me it's 100% of my issue with the map. Is it just not interesting as far as the poi is? Because I just don't want the war torn desert. I don't find that fun to look at our plane. Yeah. Even though it's all it's all I mean, it's all kind of under the same umbrella of like being In this war torn country, right? And it's just not like visually pleasing. Now they've done a good job at a lot of things. I'm just saying, again, is it fun to play in that type of environment? No, it's kind of like just depressing. Or I don't know. It's not like nice to look at it. Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's true. But there is something very rewarding about winning on that map. Oh, I love winning. I don't I don't hate the map. I like the map. It's just not I know more. Well, here's all I know, I don't want to play right now. So that is what it is. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. By the way, I want to say Sheikha right now. I feel like they're tweaking movement, like just like a little bit of tweaks each time I play as I was playing, and I feel like my movement was really good. And it was fast. I was switching weapons fast. But even jumping around felt good. I think we're just slowly reverting back to the old movement. Yeah, I think so. I don't think so. I don't think we're going to be seeing the slide canceling come back. But which it shouldn't because it wasn't really supposed to be in the game. But I think they've they've sped it up. It feels good right now. Honestly, if she could feels good, the movement feels good. The gunfights feel good. I don't really have a lot of complaints with it. No, I actually, I had fun. I when I was playing again, when that when I was watching the kids and me and my son, I'd like to do that taking turns thing. We were both having a good time. It was a lot of fun. By the way, dude, if you. I've said this before his lobbies, because we'll switch accounts. And sometimes I'll play on my account, then we'll switch accounts, I'll play on his account. So he, you know, obviously, his lobbies are different than mine. Dude, it is just shockingly different. Like, like, I'm like, I'll be like, Oh, gee, I'm like this guy right there. This guy right there. And you know, in my game, I would have just been just deleted, because you guys saw me in his game. The guy's shooting all over that he can't even get on him. That's crazy. How much of a difference. So I mean, that just shows you how the VPN works with people. Well, yeah, and you you wonder if skill based is a thing. I have 1,000% proof. It is a legit, there it is strong. There's no doubt. I mean, there's times I run in Well, not this last session I played with the guys but the one I played with you. We had rough games, there was like everybody, it was like super sweat lobbies. And it mean it was a battle every fight a battle. I wonder I wonder if you're on PlayStation, if they tried to get you playing with more people on PlayStation, or on consoles, whereas if you're on PC, they kind of try to lump you together with PC players. Because I noticed I say that because I even feel like when I played on the PlayStation under my own account, that it was not as hard as it is when I play on PC. But you know what, though? Here's the caveat to that. I usually play on PC with you. And you have a proof when we play together. We've always been tough lobbies. So yeah, that's Oh, we're gonna do member dolly as well. Like you remember before, but will will welcome back. Thank you, Nani. And well, thank you so much. We'll get you on the website. By the way, everyone, everyone. Sorry, everyone in our YouTube chat. If you have any questions, click that link at the top leave the question. We'll hit it at the end of it. We can address some live. Yeah, yeah. So let's go over the metadata. Yeah, thank you. Well, it's obviously I've talked a lot about the meta for me, and it hasn't really changed a ton. It's still dude, I'm slaying with the Lachman and the hemlock, simple. And I even I even run i i don't know how you guys feel about this. I read it with the halo therm scope. So it's just so he's got the thermal. Yeah. So it's got that orange thermal, I guess you call it. It's different than like a thermal thermal, but it's orange. Like people stand out. And I use it all the time. And I'll throw smoke to the other game. We're playing I had I didn't even realize it. And I was laughing and telling you. I had 10 kills. I don't know what was that in like, what the first five minutes or for three minutes. Game? You were? You're absolutely slay you were doing really good. That was the drinking. I do. Right. I think that was that was when he was on the come up. Yeah, yeah. That was the overconfident just slaying out just let's just say Dino has a tendency to just leave. I'll tell you straight up when I played with him. It's just me and him. Like I'm talking to them now as if you're not even here. Yeah, but when I'm playing with him This dude straight up leaves me and it gets mad that I'm not around him habits all the time. So and when he drinks not that even again, I don't know the last time you drink and play with me. I told you I didn't really don't do it. Yeah, just doesn't even we don't even do that anymore. Because you're not old, but it's true. But do you drink? That's like, times 10. Like he just goes on his own, like you're just a nomad. So I guess when I'm playing to because I kind of pick the locations and you know, I kind of run the show, you run the show for sure. Which again, it's not even that I want to do it. I just kind of have to otherwise we don't we kind of get stuck. So I just do it. And I figure if I'm going like sometimes I'm bad at communicating that but it's like, just follow me and we'll make the rotation. Right, right. Darren to meander anyways, he's the kid on the baseball fields like picking flowers and looking at him. You know what I mean? He's totally who I like, bro, we rotated like you're way far away. I legit like to look around the map. And just like look and see what's even around. Sometimes you just play you don't even like realize, you know what you're even looking at? And I'm saying like looking at like you're in a room and just see how it's designed and like, what they're talking about. Sorry, sorry, I don't know, I just like to see what what they built in this room. What is this? You know, like they got some sinks in a bath and like some artwork and that type of thing. Yeah, you'll be good over Yeah. Darren is interior design orders. The next one, but not just that. I also for the podcast. I like to look around and just see like, okay, what are these buildings? How are they organized? How does this work? You know, I just think about different things like that sometimes when I'm playing. Alright, you guys see what how do you deal with something like this? You know what I mean? Your rotations trying to win this case on interior design. So you know what I find myself doing too sometimes. By the way, I again, just straight up I really like a Chica. It's I think it's their editor. They're doing a great job with it. The only thing I would change is the lighting. I don't like how it's like dim. Right? It's our it's yeah, it's a little like foggy. It's like overcast. Yeah, I don't like that. But but if they change, I don't mind it now like the way they did it. But let's change that. And definitely don't put the sun like bright, just make it like, you know, well, let's, we're gonna save some of this because we're gonna be breaking these down here in a minute. So but I sometimes find myself where there's been people are in a fight. And maybe in the scenario where there's like a loader and then I'm running away trying to like loot up to get ready to fight. And sometimes I think I need to prioritize the fight instead of getting some blue. Does that ever happen to you? Yeah, I think that happens to everyone. So what you're alluding instead of fighting? Yeah, it comes to a point where it says there's there's always this blurry line. Because your your teammates are in a fight. It's like, well, you can like say you just came back and then but there's a loadout. But it's not really that close to where they're fighting, I always find myself in this gray area where it's like, okay, I could help you. But I'd be better off I got my loadout. So there's a lot that goes into that you have to weigh out the distance of the loadout. If you hit your loadout can you cover them then? Because that's probably worth it. How many guys in the enemy are left if it's like, you know, one v one, and maybe you should land and help your teammate out, you gotta you gotta gauge and that's your own internal thing. Did you know it's funny to when you when you I when I come back? I'll look at the fight. So say we're playing with four people, I'll look and see usually, like maybe one or two people are dead. Well, maybe in the second. So say one of the person is dead. They don't look at the health bars and see how they're doing in the fight to decide if I want to go back like while I'm while I'm lowering down from the top of the map, you know, as I'm parachuting in. I mean, it also is a strategy that sometimes you have to cut your losses and just regroup. When you know there's multiple teams around even if players have one or two guys or your team left. Like in you know, it's not going to go well it's time to catch toes. Well, here's the thing, too. If you're playing it's a really good team. There's times where I don't care what anyone else says on my team. I'm not going back because they'll they'll say they'll get like a couple of them down. And then they'll make the call out like hey, you know, come here. I got a couple down. Well, they don't realize that they're on resurgence their teammates are probably coming back to and if they're really good, we probably shouldn't keep engaging in this fight. I don't know. I'm hearing a lot of like Darren just making excuses to not help the team You, but I could be wrong. I'm just throwing scenarios out at you, you know, hypotheticals, nice hypotheticals. Well let's talk about what's real. Back to what I was talking about is the matter weapons so again, I'm seeing him luck. Luck Lachman are my two favorite but theirs are used for other guns the sake in the bowels of elnec elnec as neck that one's good. Now the tempest torint is the new weapon that came out once you can get 20 double kills and multiplayer with a marksman rifles and Marsman battle rifle. Whatever it is, they are you can have somebody has it, they can go in the DMZ drop it for you can get it or you can buy the bundle. That's really the three ways to get it anyway. So it's like a DMR bill or it's like a DMR. So it's like a single shot, and I leveled it up and everything and used it it's pretty good. Pretty good. So it's probably like a tier. That's what that's that's what it's ranked as right now. I think it's funny, I can tell just by the way people talk about it were probably sets and that's where I would, I would say it's good. It's especially surprisingly up close. They can put people down quick. The only thing is again, it's like a single shot. And when I'm weighing between using that especially on what I'm talking about resurgence using the tempest versus using like the hemlock it's just that fire rate and just getting bullets on somebody quick and you can miss a couple and like really you know you can recover with a hemlock but with a tempest you know you're doing single shots so you kind of got to hit your shots are also you can get taken down pretty quick. Okay, so that's where I found a little bit of a gap on resurgence with just that. It's kinda like the tip the to me, the hemlock just the fire rate just makes it a step above you know, do you do you tune your hemlock? Did you tune it? Shoot, I think it did, but it's been a while. Okay, well, when you shoot do you find it's like the recoil is kind of erratic sometimes so especially Okay, so the thing about it I use that Thermal Scope or you know, the halo therm Uh huh. Which looks crazy when you're shooting it and I've gotten used to it I pretty much aim a good distance down to the right. It kind of bounces around my kit the player it's with that's why I'm saying the Aim Assist is weird where it feels like it will grab onto the player sometimes. Oh no, I 100% agree. I just noticed with that. That Halo therm or hollow therm whatever you want to say. And what the heck get what's the game we're just talking about a hemlock that it seems to bounce around a lot on me like the recoil is a little erratic. That's why I was wondering I was wondering about switching up some of the attachments try to get a smoother recoil. Yeah, you could you got to kind of mess with it and build what like I haven't built perfect towards I'm comfortable with it. You just have to go in and test it yourself and find what like recoil patterns you're comfortable with. Get used to it and then once once I'm comfortable with the gun I just don't even really want to touch it and the metas change and whatever I'll say I haven't even tuned it to be honest. I kind of forgot that was the thing. I haven't tuned it and that thing still with the bill that you gave me it hits really good it's a good it's a great weapon. As soon as I get it I felt like that confidence was which is what you want. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I want to talk about this weapon. I'll throw it over to this real quick. This is a Charlie Intel article. Forgotten Warzone to SMG has a nasty TTK after buff in season two reloaded again, this is I guess, metaphors the one that's claiming this I always am like sometimes feel with these out these no recoil and I'm skeptical because I use them and they have recoil. So it's funny how that works sometimes but anyways, so he's so apparently let me get down to it. He's claiming here. I'll just sum it up. I read it. He just basically you can build it with like no recoil and it's got like, I'm on. What? It's the MX nine. You've picked it up as ground loop but nobody really Yeah, often. Okay, and he says there's no recoil. You can ask the TTA right. I just do my problem. Yeah, I'm not buying it either. But my problem is that the Lachman, I don't even ATS that thing. Half the time I just hit fire and it is so accurate and fast that I just I find don't find much to compete against it. Now. I have heard from sources reliable so versus you know who you are. That Camaro is really good as well as close. Oh really? Yeah. And I'll pick that up as ground loop and play with it but I haven't had a build on it for a while. So you run the cameras and SMG isn't an SMG or isn't classified as it was an AR I thought maybe maybe it is. I always thought of it as an AR that's why I said that. Who knows? Yeah, interesting. All right, well, maybe give it a shot. Okay, and then weary The other thing I want to talk about before next guys next section we're going to hit the maps and everything right after this but I want to turn it into also had an article on the top five snipers. Now the reason I wanted to talk about it one I love sniping on Al Mazara. Which is funny because I never was like a sniper. No, not since ver danske in the beginning. Yeah, yep. But now I do especially on that map, like when you're holding power positions and just picking off teams. I enjoy that. And they obviously they nerve to snipers. I was using the signal 50 they nerfed it a little bit but it's okay. But I think so when they and I talked to you about I think you're the one who told me this. When they did the St. Patrick's Day update. They put in the Victus once one shot sniper I never did use it. I think that was like one was that just one shot headshot? Or was a one shot anywhere down to about the one end of the rainbow. Yeah, I think I thought it was one shot anywhere. But I never test I never got it. So I don't know. And so there's one shot everywhere though. So and I believe you said you heard that the devs put that in as a way to gauge how people felt about a one shot sniper. Right right. That is exactly why it was in the game. I'm saying I'm pretty sure I'm gonna switch off. Well, whatever honey do there's like eight ads running on here. Thank you for that. Anyways, so my thought I'm pretty sure they're gonna buff snipers and make them they're gonna have a comeback pretty soon. I'm like, I would guess you're gonna get the one shot headshot down for selective snipers with the right builds. And then probably two to tell you I want I want the old he almost forget the names of the K that quick shots sniper that people would use on the other car. I do think that'd be a lot of fun to have because again, men in resurgence you if you're fighting, let's say three on three and you take one of the enemies down. Now it's two on three. That's a huge momentum shift for your team. Yeah, I'll tell you right now, I'm not afraid of snipers on resurgence. Like if I see it now, I'll challenge them with the hemlock. And they have no problem because you can take. So that's the lame thing about it. The headshot down. I would like I would like that. And I think it's going to come back. So I'll go over the top four. They have the SPX ad at number four, the MCPR 300. And number three, I use that a lot in the beginning of the game when I'm talking very early on actually like that. But now here's really the top two the Victus they have that number two in the signal 50 Number one. So in signal 50 is still number one. Hmm, yeah, it is on the ranking list as well. It's picked more than others in honestly, I like it's got a pretty quick fire rate. I like it. I've always enjoyed it. It's got a good distance. It's a good sniper. Okay, but it'll be interesting to see when season three rolls around what changes we're gonna get, if any. Yeah it's not I mean, I don't use it on resurgence I'm talking all Mazara I don't use any snipers on resurgence right now. Oh, yeah. Well, do you even play? Do you even play actually amaz are very often Yeah, like what I like to try to do is at least run one or two in a session. So play you know, majority is resurgence but I will jump in and just keep fresh and Omaze are here and there. And honestly, a lot of times I do the little healthy strategy that came I like Ashika so much that I don't want to even spend time on all Mazara it's like I'd rather I'd rather again my time is limited I'm like I'd rather just play as Dziga right enjoy and that's okay. Because even like even when you're in castled like traversing, jumping on these little walls and then traversing up to the top of the building it is kind of fun when you get the movement and you get the feel for the map Yeah, no I agree with that. Yeah. I'm gonna do is like one time I jumped up I was on Castle towards the can't remember Westside is one of those. And there's a load out on the other side. And my team was I was just randoms on the PS five. And so I just ran up on this, I just kind of did these jumps pops up on top of the one of the buildings. And then I was looking at the load out where this other team was just kind of doing a head, just a little head peek or whatever, over the side, just taking them out one by one. And it was awesome, because they none of them thought it would be up there. Yeah, yep. I love it. All right, let's get into the meat. We're 50 minutes in it's time. We're already 15 Okay, all right. Yeah, it's time to go over. What is the best resurgence map? Okay, so we have a few categories we're going to run through, we're gonna go over map design. So like the physical characteristics, the poi has visibility, who may have stuff in different categories that you may not agree with, but hey, you know what, it's alright. Just get over it. This is this is on the fly. It's not like we like really went into each of these details and have already had a pre planned, like, I don't know what he's even gonna say, we planned, we planned the template of what we wanted to go over right? The raids to be off the cuff because hey, we're given our honest opinion on it. So then we're gonna go over like gameplay, the flow of the mat movement will know or like power positions kind of penalize to traversing them out. Have by station, by the way by stations on Ashika? Well, we'll get into it. We'll get into water and we can talk about water now because we haven't Ashika we don't have another one. So we'll go over that. And then we'll we're gonna we have like kind of a broad category. The fun factor. Just how fun is it? You know? Okay. How much enjoyment D playing on the map? Yeah. Okay. So fun factor is arguably the most important of all points, some would say some say that. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna get into position for this one. So, what position is that? I'll call it the perch position. So let's start with old rebirth Island. Okay. Alright, so we're gonna create it, I guess we could do one a grade each one or just one to an overall grade. We'll do it overall grade, because if we grade each one that's like, way too detailed. And I don't want that would take a lot more thinking. Maybe? And yeah, we'll break it all down. Yeah, we'll do we'll go into Okay, So Matt, let's start with map design. And if you guys are listening we have on YouTube will have the maps up if you guys want to watch it. So and on kick. So, map design, overall flow. So the overall like appearance of it's funny, like you don't think about it until you start looking at all the different maps. But on the resurgence, it's like jelly jelly bean, you know, it's just like an oval, really. Maybe like an avocado shape. But it does. Yeah, it's kind of the avocado shape on it here. But the good thing about it is you have like the clear lanes of travel, you know what I mean? You're just going from one side to the other almost linear. Yeah, and that's the funny thing I was thinking about too, is whenever the zone landed, you're really just moving one side of the map to the other. In like you said, there's really clear, really clear lanes of what you're gonna do. Right, so the water obviously isn't playable. We'll put an X on the water not playable. the poi is now This to me is a big difference in Well, I think it's actually in a lot of they've, they've I feel like they've almost nerfed puis like the power positions even at all moderates I don't feel like it's as strong as it was in ver danske where like so here you have you know the big power spots and I may miss a couple you know bio Chem could be another actually to be honest, all these buildings are really good Chem prison roofing game is huge. Control was a huge control was one control was really really good one especially you know, especially when you're getting near in game, the security area I wouldn't call that a power you're always playing low. But if you're down here obviously there are some buildings and certain scenarios, but from security area, the bottom the one where they used to they put that redeployment. Oh yeah, it's named different on my map because I think they I think that area did get modified. Yeah, a lot of this. There was a lot of changes that went on So those were like, I mean, even factory down here was an actually I think it was called Nova. But he was down here they had like really strong power positions that you could hold these routes pretty easily. And it made it fun to get to those spots and then you battle with the other power positions, and things like that. But it had clear spots that were just, you knew if you got him, it was a good spot, right? Bio, especially it did all again, everything depends on where the zone is. But bio sometimes can be so like overpowered. Because if it's late game, it's rotating towards bio and you're holding the top of that thing. Good luck on the team trying to take it. Yeah. And if you have a gas mask, like you can hold out on the top, which we like, like we've talked about back when we played we weren't as tactical back in the day. You know, it's funny, it is funny to reminisce about playing this map, for example, even when we started we used to go decon zone all the time. And we'd lay in there then we kind of rotate that place that was that was a terrible start a terrible starting. So yeah, we'd always land right? Yeah, rain decon, then we'd usually rotate up to that by station. You know, the one that was? Yeah, yep. Or there was one at the other end, we'd hit here. But the problem is, most of the time you have a team pushing from bio. Sometimes that team from Kim would push over. And then you always had guys like fleeing prison that would make their way over and again, my mouth is older too, because there's actually like a walkway around around the courtyard and people would sit up in that like second level and they would shoot down on YouTube so well, I honestly think that little area we're talking about that's on the shoreline with a little shack is the worst spot to be in. And we were constantly there because because you have prison looking down on you. You have any if anyone rotated to decon to the top of it looking down your BIOS always looking that way was just a death trap and they had that boat out here that people would hit the balloon and then they would fly over or they'd sit up on the hill and shoot at you that way too. So yeah, you know, you said it right there are a lot of power positions which made it fun except one place that did not like is factory Nova factory I thought it was tough as you harvest and looking over you as well it's a big building you don't have that much height on the building because it's kind of lowered yeah there was I liked it because you had like kind of good little heavies you could use on it but you also had people coming up from the stairs beneath you here or and then you had a zipline people would come up or they could jump on a box and get over it there's there's a ladder on the other side so there's multiple ways up it and people would jump off prison and fly down onto the building too. So there's like you just had to be there's a little more to watch on top of that but in game it was pretty fun to play on Yeah, so yeah then you have living quarters in the tents that always got wild in there too. Oh that was that was like chaos zone at times because you had a lot of people overlooking you're just running through trains that's like regained spot just try to get some loot and stay alive a little bit well you know what it is especially if like the Map Zone rotated away people would instead of rotating through prison I feel like a lot of times they try to go low and go around either towards factory or Nova or opposite towards control depends on which way they're rotating from but you try to go around prison rather than running up and throw it into that area we get insane Yeah, I actually liked like especially if the zone was like finishing down near the bottom the bottom right here I like actually going through prison and then you kind of have like a higher ground and then you can jump on some of these other buildings or try to fight teams at headquarters whatnot. Anyone you know what and this ships to shuttle Luke I saw you the ships were i The ships were pretty good to land on as well. That was our that became our starting spot because you can always get there and have a relatively easy time to like loot and get a loadout Yeah, yeah, I like to ship we always landed the ship at bio that became like our new spot and then we would end up fighting the team control I always used to I'd always call them different but we'd always end up fighting that team controlled and usually worked pretty well for us. Yeah, because but the boy hard part is you'd have to rotate up and fight control which sometimes can be insanity because for some reason people love to land there. Alright, so A physical characteristics of the map I like I like this map. Again, nostalgia or not. I did appeal eyes. I thought were great. I love the PI's on this map. Now, the giant building was cool. The visibility on the map was a problem at times. Yeah, it was hard to see especially, again, going off the dome with memory here, not my strong suit. So forget. I felt like it wasn't it grainy at times. And not to mention that when they started messing around with the sun, then a guy insane. It turned it dark. Yes. went off the rails there. Yeah, it was it was like it had that little, you know, the dust particles in there. And then, yeah, when they put the sun, man, they messed up. You couldn't even if you were down at the security area down on the south end of the map here. And you look up like towards bio. You are like blinded, you cannot see. Yeah, it was my favorite. One of my favorite shorts I did is when I said like, yeah, hit with the light of the when I say kind of forgot what I did. But I did a short on that. And it was shocking how bright it got when you look towards that side. It was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous that that was in the game. Yeah, it was literally like blinding light. Yeah, so saying that, like for sure. Visibility was not great at times in that game. Yep. So what about overall gameplay flow? The rotations regains that kind of stuff. Flow I thought was great, because they had ways to maneuver around the map. They had the portable balloons, the redeployed balloon sights, even the lanes of travel, sometimes you get stuck, and it would have helped if he can actually get in the water. That would have been great. But at this time, but I feel like the flow was great. I never thought that we got pinned down a bunch. Right. I felt like I there's always ways to maneuver out of the situation. And I thought the gameplay of just even rotating from poi poi was fine. Yeah, they had I totally agree. Because even they had little routes that you could get around like chemical had that tunnel that went underneath into decon. So you can move through there, they had obviously, like the main paths of travel, the roads that went down the map that you could use, you could go through actually go like through prison. Or you could play like high and low. So you could go on that North End, where we usually hit that by, you could just kind of skirt around that way, or you could skirt around the bottom by Harbor. And just there was a lot of different paths to take in their linear. So it's not like you're running all over the place. You kind of run in a straight line, but you can kind of choose your path. And when you look at the Pol eyes, there's not from any PLI there's not a POI very far away from it at all. And like because it's that avocado sheep. Everything is every day's close to each other. Yeah, yeah, it was made for fun, a fun game and the PI's were good. Like they were powerful POA so it was I think they nailed it honestly with that did legit I don't remember being caught out in the open very much at all. And if I did, it's probably cuz they made a mistake. I mean, I'm sure you're just forgetting but yeah, there's there was a lot of cover to what do you know, we've talked about this sometimes you just say things I don't know. feels right to me, right. So yeah, I'd say the power positions traversing the map, those were all good. The movement now the movement. At the time, I wasn't like totally anti slide cancel. I mean, used to it. It was a little faster than I think I would like. Well, I got a little tired. The problem is that the stems and when you hit the stems, like just like putting crack right in your body. I don't know if crack makes you faster. But imagine doesn't imagine doesn't slow you down. You don't need to say steroids How about that? Not that we could do that either, but we don't condone that as well. But, but it is with those when you had the stim dirt because it was fast moving already with a slide canceled and people would stem and do you remember you'd slide and just fly right past the person? It was insane. Yeah, the stems combined with the slide canceling was, I mean, that is you literally could run around somebody before they turn. You know? Yeah, it was a little crazy. But it was it was fun. It just is a little almost to multiplayer style of like, sofa as you like, you're not even like thinking it's just all reactions. Yeah, I would say it was fun. But it also was very frustrating. And you felt you felt like you had cheated a lot, because I feel like people would just jump around me. And I would never see him and then I'm just dead. Well, I don't know if it's a frames thing, or if it's legit cheaters too, right? Well, I think there there was quite a bit there was a time there's so many a lot of cheating in that mode. I mean, guys that they would run around you and you'd watch them and they'd slide past but their aim as soon as they turn just stopped on you, every time. Yeah, it would just track you so well. You'd run into Diem and again, thank God I don't I don't fill it in this one in a Sheikha yet, but you've run into these teams where I would just after it after we die. We just be like, Dude, we never had a chance to win that fight. Like there's no way we're gonna beat that team, like teams would haunt us. Do you remember? Customs and customs? We had that happen, but I think that was a stream sniping thing. But yeah, people would just hunt us it just take us out and there was no chance we were gonna beat him. And we were good. We're not bad. Yeah, it's almost like they knew where we were at all times. Yeah. Okay, so then regaining on this map. I'd say it was good. I would say it's pretty good. Yeah. And the base stations were decent and all they had a lot of them I don't remember even have a hard time to buy them. Yeah, buy. Buy them to find a way that a Freudian slip there that you could also buy or not buy? Yeah. You got you found on the portable, portable device stations were good too. They weren't overpowered or anything. Why don't they why don't they have that in a sheet here? Because those are needed so bad. Well, we need a standard by station before we start getting portables. Well, I'm just saying at least Jay, if you don't have time to rewrite whatever the heck's going on, just throw throw some portable buys and boxes and let us do it ourselves. Like that'd be a huge free in game. Yeah, huge, huge. Okay. So the water again, we didn't have water plays so we can do it. We need to talk about that. So fun factor playability. What he said, again, the I liked playing it a lot. I'm trying to you know, I'm trying to remember what what was frustrating. So obviously, the play style it was so it was too fast, especially with the stems in there. You got crazy during that time period. But it's hard to judge this map because it's it changed a lot as far as you know, different things would make a change. But my overall, I had a great time playing I thought it was a it was a lot of fun. The map design was fun to play on. And the movement was good. So I liked it. Yeah, I agree. I think it was fun. I agree. I think it was just a little too. The stems with the slide canceling was a little a little much. If they took out the stems and slide cancel, I'd probably be totally fine with it. But I can't even remember what matters we used on this map on McDarrah armor gear was oh, that Yeah, but that's during the speed thing tier. That's That was during the time where people were stemming and it was insane. But army gear was great. Yeah. What was our What was our er, I think we would rotate. It's hard though. You said I remember we we were rotating through a bunch of different guys. The Cooper was good for a while. I forget. But I know there's a lot of different metals on this. So in total and and styles are though it's hard to disconnect from that. Yeah. All right. So what would you give zero to 10. Overall, score one to the score at the end. Ready? I'm not ready to like make a decision to go through. And, yeah, okay. We'll just rank them. So okay, and one other thing I wanted to say about that map. I don't know why they do this because and I especially noticed that when I edit is I have to edit shorts. The frickin yellow gas is hideous to look it does not look nice. I agree with that. I actually changed that. When I was editing it one time, editing a clip, and I hated the yellow so much. I actually was able to like flip the color to blue. It looks so much better. Blue gets in the game. No one wants yellow. I mean, B gets to be worse than a brown gas is floaty at you. It just doesn't look good. I don't know why they chose that. I think it just looks more like a realistic gas cloud. Yeah, but it's ugly. Especially when you edit clips. It's like this is awful. All right. So we got to get moving through some of these we're like an hour now. Whatever, who cares? All right so let's go to fortunes key member buried its members from South Park member Oh yeah. Members I think it was I'm gonna switch scenes Darren start talking about fortunes keep what do you think about it? Okay, so this is gonna be interesting because I am I'm kind of feel like I'm on my own on this one or this I don't think data loggers in me I loved Fortune's heap I liked the style of the map especially like the way it looks because there's almost it was almost like a pirate theme right and I felt like it looked I feel like it's important to keep us really clear. And I love that pirate design. Right They have like the cove with like the treasures around there felt like you're in a movie almost. Yeah. Okay, go on. Oh, yeah, well, I'm gonna I'm trying to stick to our little system here. So the overall design this is what I call us avocado This is maybe more like a kidney being a being of some sort. It's been I don't know you know what I like to think when I look at this almost think of it as a triangle really, as you have town winery and keep and it's like this little triangle because those were the big spots. Yeah, I guess I guess you're right. I guess you could you could look at it like that. Oh, wow. Man, this is a big day guys said I was right. Yeah. The overall design of it like the it's a little different, because it's not like resurgent rebirth, where it's like a straight line of travel across the map, you know, you're just going from one side to the other and rotations. Now you have a little more leeway where you're kind of going around things and it's a little more you know, you're pushing out your rotations a little bit times yeah, there's a there's a lot more open space and you can just tell right off the gate go there's so there's pls around but there's really again like there's really three main puis and then to rotate from one to the other. There's a lot of open space. Yeah, so really, I mean, honestly, what I do kind of like that they did is they may keep like a Big Boi like it was high you could see across the map and you can play on that roof and multiple angles, but I mean, at the same time, you know, you could get run up on two so I liked that poi yeah I don't think it was overly strong because even when you're at the top again there's multiple ways for people to get up there and challenge you and it happened I agree I like keep us good terrace the areas of Roundup were good yeah, the only thing i and this is just me like that town that foveal area I would call it it just was a little too cluttered I just was like madness be in there yes sometimes what sometimes was fun because it was insane. But there's a lot of times where I just got over stimulated over stimulated sounds weird, but it was like too much stimulation in there I just don't know what to look at. I don't know what I'm where the people are. It just was too much. Yeah, to check. So I like to overlook like he winery. The lighthouse had a good power spot and these little they're called terraces the little circle things. I forget the name for him. But those were like all Yeah, those were all the to me that really good poi is obviously there's more on there. I'm just kind of picking out. Am I even like this little building between smuggler's Cove and Lighthouse like that little area is kind of a little it's kind of so you're right in that town area, like scanning those rooftops was so much visual like clutter in town. Yeah, it was to me there wasn't great on it. It was hard to really like pick people out and spot them in their graveyard was kind of a zoo but fun at times. Now they so what they added into fortunes keep is this cave system here the Grotto. So there was a cave that ran like under and it would come out over by the lighthouse. Good the grotto was death. I did not like the Grotto. Yeah, like I love the style. Yeah. And I love the way it looked. If you can't tell I'm big on the looks. I love the way I love the way it was designed. As far as the aesthetics of it. It's just I can't tell you how many times we get caught down there. Or we'd say hey, it's near the end of the game. Hey, let's and we'll play low. We'll go down. Terrible. Well, I remember one time so specifically where we went down there. And it's like, oh, shoot the zones moving. And they gave you ways to get up to the top right through a repel or something. And so when we rotated out I think past mother's smuggler's Cove and then took the zip up. And just a team was just sitting there waiting, like, there was no chance they're going away. They were waiting at the lapels and we just got deleted. Yeah, I remember multiple times playing low coming up, coming out on that side by a lighthouse. Where you come out in the team was all above and just looking down on us to where it's like you tried to I think I tried to throw smokes or something and tried to get around but it's like you're pretty much pinned. So yeah, the key I like the idea of it. I didn't to be honest. I don't think it really helped the play a 10 down there like that smuggler's COVID You're just you're just overlooked by everybody. Yeah, did smaller scope was just the nature of a right you're just at a low position. So if you go down there to regain you might grab some stuff then getting up is brutal sometimes so what I would say about it though, is that the penalize they were good I feel like we lost some of the more like rebirth had really powerful puis I feel like with fortunes keep we kind of lost a little bit of that. Do we still have good powerful puis here you know, but not as much as Reese resurgence or rebirth? Yeah, well one of the things I just want to mention I did I did like the winery camp area lighthouse that kinda like area and even up to the wall but the map I'm looking at the North it'd be north east towards the towards the well yeah, we were there's little buildings there's usually a buyer out there Yeah. Towards Bay. That's right. I like the fighting even in that little area. And I know that you're at a disadvantage towards the edge or at a lower level than the winery but it was wasn't terrible rotating into winery and then when you went winery itself was chaos. Yeah. And with the winery, they had these this little like stack kind of hills where you could like just enough you get a little like Headies on it. Most of the time winery was fighting so when you're rotating from Bay down to camp, you could take the low path and go to where winery can't really see you are you can go up on the road but you have these little hills in kind of hide behind. But then you got to watch the camp but yeah, overall, I liked a lot of these rotations on it. I guess well, let's let's move on. Well, first, let's talk visibility, then we'll get into the gameplay but visibility on it, I would say was better than is decent. It was better than rebirth. I felt like but not as good as the Sheikah. Yeah, if we're going to start Yeah, for sure. I would agree. It was the the the art style was cleaner. Don't you think? I just feel like everything looks cleaner. Yeah, they made it more colorful, a little more exciting, the aesthetics. It just looked better. Which was cool. It played different. Obviously with these, the stuff they added it was a different rotation, little style. I guess it wasn't as much that linear style of rotating, which wasn't a bad thing. It's just a couple like I said, we talked about there's a couple DUIs the Grotto and smuggler's cove where you get caught down there it's tough. Yeah, and I think again, that is something we kind of have to think about too if we're going to judge the maps against each other is the would play styles as its concerned to the enemy players. So rebirth I don't feel like people camp that much at all if you're playing rebirth usually there you know for the most part people are moving around or just keep I feel like because the the way the maps designed sometimes people would sit in position and camping for a while it was a little more campy then rebirth in my opinion. Yeah, I think it was easier I guess what I would say is is it was easier to get keep at points like there's some areas where if you're stuck in them people know and they can get keep because if you're on these are they called terraces whatever the big circle I forget the name of these things yeah, there's way I can't I think yeah, just circling terrorists the terrorists is if you're on one of those No I think they're called something else but what I'm looking at it the name says terrorists well isn't that's the like air okay, we'll call them tears. It could be talking about the individual itself. Yeah, I forget the name of those. Anyways if you're on those cycle building because this rotation across the middle in gatehouse, but above grotto like the rotation is tough. Like, so you kind of had to rotate low or high and like go through buildings because being out Nope. And you can get held very easily. And that same thing goes If somebody's down in grotto you can easily hold them yeah they've said Rotunda Rotunda that's the word I said. No, thank you. Yeah that's exactly what I was looking for. And then you know lighthouse was a strong position to if people are rotating across Lighthouse you had you could see all this area well from the grotto from gatehouse if they're rotating over so how about the top of winery when it was the zone to move towards winery and everyone has to move from the left side of the map over to the right so rotate from keep you know in gatehouse and oh, yeah, that is that was a tough rotation if you're having to move into winery and people are already there Yeah, yeah, winery was definitely a power spot so again, it's a good they had strong penalize right? So did so overall the movement or the I would say rotations. I think they were better 100 rebirth. I just liked the simplicity of it, I guess. Well, you didn't have the rotations were easier and you weren't getting caught out in the open as much for sure. i i don't care i There's something about this map that just hits home with me that I just even the time we're playing it was fun. I liked the in that like the way it looked. Now. Yeah. Playing playing. Okay, well, I'm not gonna go into full breakdown. Yeah, I would say overall, the puis were good the town like he said, though, the big glaring one for me is the town I did not there was too much going on down there. Other than a town in Grotto in the smuggler's Cove, I think those were not great puis if they made if they made the cove more like a Sheikha where you had more paths to travel under the map to other penalize that may have played better but everybody knew you're down here near in game and you're gonna get help it's gonna be tough Yeah, and you know this map wasn't out for very long it really compared it's kind of crazy it's really crazy that they just said forget it we're just getting rid of it when it really wasn't I don't know the timeline but I feel like we're just keep wasn't very long at all before they just got rid all resurgence Yeah, yeah, it seemed it was pretty quick. What about regains in by stations again off memory I don't remember there being a problem. I feel like this game got really hard to regain on. Oh, yes. Okay, so to regain alone I agree with that. I felt like it was difficult because people were holding up their positions because the PIO eyes were strong and they had height on them that when you're flying in you it was tough to get to the ground at times. So yeah, cuz if the zone is any Indian anywhere near keep it you got to fly in your view everyone's gonna be looking at you. Yeah, know exactly where you just went. Yeah, I feel like especially later in the game the regains were a lot harder than rebirth personally, personally. So traversing by station by stations, I think we're all right. I don't remember complaining. I feel like we always had bias that we could hit no big issues there. Yeah, I don't remember having an issue with the bytes. So I'll say okay, thank you fun factor playability. Okay, so I thought it was a lot of fun to play. So I'm trying to think sometimes it got a little sweaty and campy again, like I said, that was my only negative towards it. But I especially towards the end, I was preferring to play this over resurgence or Bali rebirth over rebirth. Yeah, we would we would prioritize like playing this map. Over one I feel like I don't know if that's controversial, because I feel like a lot of the people we played with light rebirth, and then I would kind of try to steer them towards this map. Yeah, I think part of it too. It's a new map. So we're all looking for a little bit of a change, which is why I played on it. But I'd say overall, it was fun. I do feel like this map. I don't know if it was a skill base. I feel like it was super sweaty at times. And I guess that goes with anything, but it seemed like it was maybe it was like the cheating had ramped up or something at one point. Maybe that's kind of what I'm remembering. Overall, it was fun. I felt like there were some frustrations in lunk rotations. I would say the fun factor is a little bit less in my opinion than resurgence or rebirth.