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Cheating in Warzone: Can AI Technology Stop it Once and for All! Ep. 54

March 30, 2023 Goon Squad Season 1 Episode 54
Starfield Smugglers
Cheating in Warzone: Can AI Technology Stop it Once and for All! Ep. 54
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The Warzone Podcast Is Bringing The Heat With This One!  There is an Anti-cheat which uses AI to detect cheaters! Could this anti-cheat be the savior for gaming?  We will also cover New Metas, Over-pressured Rounds, 2 vs 2 Tactics, Warzone Update, Warzone News, and More!!  Enjoy! 

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Hey guys, welcome back to Goon Squad gaming Goon Squad gaming. Your go to war zone podcast. Throw in your armor plates, grab your loadout and drop in with the goons. Now, here's your hosts. The twins that get wins Goon Squad All right, welcome back to the podcast. You got the Papa goon with the little kid told you to put sound bites in all sorts of I'm ready. I gotta I got a bunch to what's this one? Well, the problem is apparently minor loaded. Dan that was that was so exciting. Great soundbite what is my? Of course, the guy whose dollars are working right now. All right, whatever. Anyways, welcome back to the show. It's good to have you guys all here we got man, we're gonna be going over something I'm pretty excited about. I mean, just even talking about it in I didn't even know about it. So you I think you mentioned it to me the other day, the AI software that's supposedly going to change gaming. There's some big, it's exciting. It's exciting. It's exciting for the possibilities. Now. There's a little skepticism in there, but it's just citing around. Oh, yeah. Which I think we should be sorry, I totally stepped on, you know, I wasn't gonna go anywhere. I actually trapped myself in a corner and I didn't know what to say now. I'm actually excited. We're gonna get into it near the end a little bit after our intro stuff. But man, it's like stuff I've thought about and been thinking about ever since we started our YouTube channel and got into the like, a little bit the cheating side. And anyways, I think there's some, it's, it's exciting. It's nice in the anti cheat world to have something to be excited about. And I think we all should be excited about it. So it's been too long, especially man, just really obviously when Warzone blow blew up and everyone's heating PCs. And then seems like cheating just went nuts. Yeah, and I guess well, I guess we just talked about, it's kind of why we started this whole journey and Social Media YouTube podcast. And originally, we started the YouTube channel to like, give a voice to the regular guys and girls out there that just want to play legit, and they're tired of watching people that are obviously cheating in the game. You know, right. Like you watch some of I mean, not all of them. But there's definitely a handful. I can name a handful. I'm not going to right now. But that like 100% I would bet my house everything on it. I would say that's like extreme. Like it's gaming, you know what I mean? So there's different levels. There's some guys like we there's one in particular, we watch recently behind the scenes, and it's like, he doesn't even try to hide it. Oh, it's so blatant. Like, at a minimum there's walls being run when people run around the map. Just solo in are just going from one person to the next kill kill perfect positioning, it's you got to just take you know what it is. So right, then there's some that I think they legit just don't care. It's just like they're over it like they haven't been caught. They know they're probably not going to cut it maybe No, it's a content game. You always gotta get content. That's why I thought a lot of people are cheating in the first place. Because we've talked about that. Not that I'm gonna be on this big rant already. But we know that it's hard to it's hard to play warzone, especially when it was filled with cheaters. But yet some of these streamers still were prosperous, always have big high kill games every day. It's like, come on. Is that realistic? I would say no, I would say it's not. But yeah, that's why we started originally give a voice give our opinions on things. And then obviously I was looking at patterns in the gaming which is funny because that'll come into this AI thing a little bit. But trying to point out patterns that I see that are just not normal gameplay. And anyways, it's almost like coming full circle that now there's some software that may be able to do this and identify cheaters, so we'll get into that. Anyways, naughty we last podcast Nani's moose became a member again. So again, we just want to thank you for that it's appreciated. Chateau Nany know if anyone else wants to be a member to YouTube or Patreon what we've got here is fake. Okay, my sound bites are working now. Just wondering I think I have this you're gonna love this wow, that was did something play is the horn. It's the stupid hoard that streamers use. Anyway, I see I can't You hear that one thing? God, it's too loud for me. Yeah. All right, so what we're gonna go over today, we're gonna hit warzones news. We're gonna go over just some updates and some different things that are happening in warzone. We're going over some to v2 tactics, some new attachments, new meta possible weapons, I'm telling you, there's been some changes. Like the yesterday I was we were running some trios, and I was using the Lachman and the hemlock. And it felt different from it's funny, like, a couple days later, things felt a little different. So I'm always I'm always thinking they're like, nerfing things without telling us, which is I think they are, I think they constantly are adjusting and we probably don't even know probably better if we don't to be honest. Yeah. Then we're gonna go over the whole we're gonna have a big section on cheaters and AI software. We'll finish up with question answers. And that's pretty much what we're gonna go over. It'll be good. So exciting. They i steps really interesting, though. So the NCAA Tournaments going on right now. Right. Right. And we had an internal bracket and apparently it's over. Yeah, so and you know, it's funny in a lot of the brackets I'm in. They're all almost over with maybe one person get points because the Final Four is not who you're expected. San Diego State FAU, Miami and that final team. They got knocked out. Oh, UConn. Okay. Yeah, I'm going for San Diego State. Got it? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. That FAU is that who's FAU? If they could make a run to the end. I mean, that'd be amazing. That'd be good. I always root for the underdog and especially like smaller schools. But you know what's interesting, I was talking to grumpy. And with that transfer portal, it's really changed things. So a player can play on one team and immediately transfer the next year to a new team if they don't like their situation. Whereas before, you'd have to take like a year off. I remember when I played football, our coach, everyone wanted to leave the team. And the coach said, if you leave, I'm gonna make you sit out for at least a year like he was gonna or a year or two sounds like sounds like a good way to do this. That dude is now the head coach of two lane. And in they're actually really good. So well, Iron Fist, right? Yeah. I mean, he did. He always had good teams. He was just a like him very much. So yeah, that will that will happen. Yeah, but the tournaments. Awesome. I've been having a blast. I tried to throw it on when I'm doing editing and stuff. And it's fun to watch. But yeah, grumpy took it down, took down the Goon Squad turn. Don't be. Do I want to. So I want to do is like, I think we should put him on the website somewhere. And we should have every year just like have that like, just like, I don't know if it's a page or something. So you could see every year I want to do the NCAA tournament, and we can see the winners. Yeah, I wanted to see what the what we by the way, guys, we have the website, the warzone Simple. It has all our members, you can check out their links to their pages as well. My favorite feature of it to be honest, it has our schedule, you can list all the podcasts, whatever you want from there, too. But yeah, I'd like to do even with custom lobbies start making a leaderboard of like the wins in the customs or sub sections back if we could do a resurgence and like have some tournaments and stuff that would be ideal. But we're I think a little ways from that. Yeah, but no, you're right, that would be cool. Because that was my idea. Back in the day. I had an Excel spreadsheet when we played customs and I had, you know, we played so many times, I had probably like data from 20 different games and so I could see a leaderboard. And that's also where we started to suspect some people were shady, shady Enos going on some of those customs but it's to be expected. So, okay, we're gonna switch topics here. hard transition, Resident Evil resideo For not remastered remake. I mean, okay, so what did you look into this? Yes, I've been watching playthroughs of it. Okay, so what I didn't have time yesterday I was working. You don't know about that right now. But so so what is it it's reasonable for remade? Yeah, so they basically did like a full remake of the game. It's like so basically, it's keeps the core storyline. But they've changed up like they kept so far it looks like they kept a lot of the best parts of you know, versus evil for but they just made it they've tweaked it and made some of the areas that weren't as maybe exciting some of the fights and they tweaked it and it did it looks awesome. It looks great. It I mean, I want to I'll probably no buy in it. I don't remember which one was resin evil for. It's the one the village was kind of modeled after. I mean, I'm not to Castle. It's really cool dude, you would be into it. Oh, dude. Okay, well, let's do that and get back to you guys. This is one of our oldest games that we like, got us like way into gaming was Resident Evil. The first one it like blew our minds of how a game could be like, scary, exciting, but kind of fun. But you don't really want to play it alone. You know what I mean? Yeah, it was that first one is a funny thing. Funny that we've talked about this before. The funniest thing is when you go try to play it back. It does not work. I mean, it's still good, but it's just I can't play it again. But yeah, that game. It was like, terrifying. We were younger, too, but not terrifying. I mean, no one. But it was it was scary. I thought, Hey, I was scared as a kid that when there's dogs jumping out the window, and the first time you see the zombies and yeah, you're right. I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be afraid to say that. I'm scared sometimes. You're scared. Oh, all right. Yeah, that's pretty much our other stuff. So let's get into some war zone. How's your gameplay been? Oh, well, yeah. So no, that's what I was gonna go into. You tricked me. So I've been playing actually quite a bit. I've been playing on my son. Well, I just like last podcast, I said, we do all that thing where we just trade remotes, which is fun, right? You know, he plays once I play once question on the PSP question, whose account are you playing on? I actually want to play on mine when I can because I need to level up to the Battle Pass is going to end soon. I don't want to pay for that thing. Again. You're not done with the Battle Pass? No, because because a lot of times because if I have to play if I'm playing on my account, usually I'm out of my office and I don't like to play then I'm outside. I'm not with a family at all on the way. So a lot of times I play inside of the PS five and sometimes I've wanted to just play on my son's account just to help him because he's trying to level the battle pass up to right. I guess you didn't get the little token glitch either. No, no, I did it. But but the gameplay has been good. I swear. Dude, I do feel like the movement has changed quite a bit from the beginning. And I don't even know if that's like, I don't have any hard facts on it. It just feels like it's faster. It feels I feel like the whole game is just shifting back to you know, back to the movement from before. Right right. And it is funny. Watch I'm not mad about is as long as the I don't want slide cancelling back really? But yeah, I'm not mad about it. Like it plays nice on on resurgence. Uh huh. I think it plays really well right now. Yeah, and let me just say I just play resurgence right now. I haven't been back to the almazan a while which kind of tells you in my mind where they that mode is at. But one thing I did use that pistol I told you I said basketball is a free basketball fan. It's a Harry Potter animal or something that there's there's a pistol so there was a beaver I forget the name of a close. I think you might you might have heard it. Maybe that's it. I use that I didn't put any attachments on it. That thing is powerful and close. I think it is just like a to shatter. And it's a slow fire. Right. Like it's like a shot. Yeah, yeah. So but it is cool. I was running that with the Lachman. So obviously it's a short range loadout but it worked well, and it was fun to play with. I like to experiment with different weapons now. But the only thing I'll say with the my current gripes with resurgence, there's still just those moments where, where I'm, for example, there's one scenario where I'm on the second store. I'm looking at the stairs. I know someone's coming up, and the guy comes up and he kills me even though I'm at Essence, I saw my pull the trigger and I miss shots, but I get just deleted so fast. Yeah, that's that's what I'm saying. I still do feel I still don't like the TTK up close. Like, No, I'm just not a fan of it. I feel like it does need to be stretched out a little however they want to do that. But yeah, I was I was using that Lachman in I don't know, before the hip fire spread. It seemed like he didn't have any maybe I changed the build, then haven't remembered or something. But playing yesterday just didn't feel exactly the same. Like I was destroying with it before. And then yesterday I was maybe I was just off yesterday to I don't know. I'll say my opinion. I think the Lachman still has good hip fire. I think it's pretty much at least my build. It's pretty on it doesn't it doesn't. It's good, but I'm talking. It was like getting a distance out there. And there was like no spread on that thing. Yeah, you're right. When we remember that one time we test a shoe like across the map and yeah, so but I still do I still do like the hemlock. Mr. Stone good. My son says it's terrible, but he doesn't know what he's doing. So he refuses to listen to me. He's like, he wrote some elegy with a time or nine times. Savage. He's actually got really good though, which is fun to watch, you know, the progression of that. But one thing I was gonna say about the TGK what's also hard, is legit. We know people are cheating. We know Cronus is out there. We know, there's obviously that's like a legit thing. And we're gonna talk more about that later. So it's hard to know if it's really the TTK sometimes, or if it's just a shady player. Right. And I think that's what frustrates a lot of people I know. And I'm speaking as for me, too, it's when you're playing the game and you just feel at times you're getting like taken advantage of where you're in a fight where you have the advantage, you have high ground, you know where they're at. And somehow, like, they tend to make the perfect moves on you. And you'll take you'll reposition and then they're on you. Now, of course, there's a million ways now, of course, that you can, you can see you could have been paying the could be radar, you could ever you're gonna have a portable radar, whatever. But you guys know what I'm talking about. There's a time when it's like, you see the guys that they'll push extremely hard. Do a 180 on you and just pile. So yeah, then that reminds me I was listening to Doc Talk about this back in Warzone one. Oh, baby. Doctor is yeah, you played the soundbite for yourself. Good. Good. Okay. Yeah. So I was listening to him talk about the cheating situation back then. And he was, you know, the same things that have existed since Warzone came out, where there's just these moments where you just feel in this what he was saying to is just feel like you're being cheated. Regardless if it's even happening. If it's like real or not, you know, if the guy's really cheating or not, there's just times where you feel like you're being cheated in the game, but that's hit registration. Right? That could be a thing to frames. I don't know what it is. But it's just something about the game that like causes frustration. I wish they could mitigate that somehow. Well, I know one way it's TTK No, I mean, if they get this cheating software, and we know we can identify people cheating off video footage, then, I mean, that's going to cut back on a lot of these accounts. And there's some really interesting stuff with I want to talk about that so but let's just let's move into our to everything else for gameplay. No, unless you had, we're gonna we're gonna do the raid. That's we're gonna do it this weekend. But things didn't work out. But I want to do that raid. I know Skippy you've talked a lot about that. I want to try it because it seems like fun and I'd like to switch it up. Right. I'm gonna be honest, I may ditch deer and and just play with you guys on this thing. I can't get this guy to sit down to do this. Okay, that is a lie. Because I did sit down, but then we ended up playing resurgence. So that was more of a mutual decision. I can play the raid. We just got to schedule it. Maybe tonight? I don't know. Oh, actually, yeah, I probably could today. Maybe we'll do it. Yeah, we gotta just get thrown out there, dude. It's not infrequent, we get wins usually, which is been good. But yesterday, we got a couple of wins. And a couple of them are like grinding. Like there was one where we're just playing. It's like the end of the game. And one of our I think Cain was dead. I think it was me and Joker. And it's like, we're kind of like split it's survival mode. It's like half in the water half on where there's a little bit of like land and concrete and some stairs. And I was just like serious like riding on the stairs. And there's guys literally above me and below me. And same with Joker. We're both just like in horrible spots in somehow the zones rotated. I had a durables. I stayed in the gas Joker took like a further up position. And we ended up like just weeding out the rest of the teams. But we had some fun games. But oh, that's what I wanted to say. The weirdest thing to me, it's like, it seems like it's like different days. Some days it feels like I'm in just good. Bobby's not bad, not super sweaty, just solid, fun lobbies. But recently, I feel like I've been in the skill bases lobbies, to where we catch a win and it's just destruction after that where you're playing with guys that seem a little suspect are guys that are just good. You know? Yeah. So I wonder if what's happening because this happened before in Warzone when people kind of started going away from the game. It felt like all the sweats were the only sweats were left in the game. And I feel like that's kind of maybe happened because I felt the same way because again when I'm playing on the PS five, put on my son's account On top case lobbies really easy, it's fun, it's a good time, then I want to play on my own account even on the PS five. It's like it's a clear difference. And sometimes it's just you're just with killers and it's really difficult. You just can't make mistakes. Yeah, it's just funny to me how it seems like it's almost like it'll go weak of, of sweat lobbies, and then I'll go back a little bit, maybe it's because I'm in the sweat lobbies and getting destroyed. And then it lowers me down. I don't know. Yeah, who knows? I mean, it definitely would be nice and maybe win wars unranked, it is coming out soon report, supposedly, in season three, it would that's what's gonna be cool is maybe with that, when you play that you can see your ranking. And then you're gonna should be in lobbies and people similar ranks to you. So I guess that's similar to SB mm, but to those in your ranking up, you know, you're going to be going against like some high level players. So mentally, it's like, you're not going to be running and gunning as much to be way more tactical way more tactical positioning will say, it'd be so nice if they just shut SPM off, or at least if they were transparent about what exactly is going on. Or if you can see, like, if they can give your lobby ratings, I guess. I liked that. I actually liked that idea. Like you're in an ATR lobby, or Yeah, so at least you at least you know, what you're dealing with when you go in? And, you know, it'd be kind of cool. Yeah, if you won. You get like different little this is okay, we're going to have big ideas. I was gonna say you get like you've won five at your lobbies or, you know, six st or lobbies. Was that was that was that was it? Well, I miss the what was the point of that I missed it. I was just just ranked lobbies, whatever. That's half baked, because I gotta hit a half page real quick. While I was listening to my brain music going to sleep last night, I got all sorts of thoughts come into my head. And, and oh, I didn't talk about that on the podcast. That was that was for the live, by the way for listening to the podcast, we do a live stream on YouTube. So check it out. So I was thinking what if Warzone just a different type of mode? Where what if you had a mode, that was really tactical, and here's what it would be something again, you have the same player count, you have same player count, but it's like a two hour game. And it's, you'd have to change the game around. But it'd be more of like, you guys are looting gearing up gathering intel. And being real strategic about how you move around the map, the map would have to change I don't want don't necessarily like, oh, Missouri for this style, but maybe even a bigger map. But the idea would be way more tactical, and slow moving and really working as a team opposed to like the war zone style. I love. Like I love this idea. Because that, to me is what we're all kind of looking for more, maybe. I mean, maybe we're kind of looking for it. In a way it's easier to say we're looking forward. If you play that type of game, maybe not. That's a long day. And that's why they have a resurgence. Because you if you don't want to play a game, you play resurgence, middle ground would be war zone. And then this would be whatever the new thing is. But could you here's what here's the payoff to me, is you spend two hours, it's a long investment, and you're really working as a team. And the payoff to win that type of match would be huge. Yeah, the thing about that, you'd have to have a really high TTK because if you're putting that much time in, like do you need to draw out the gunfights a little more? Draw out? Oh, I don't know, because I kind of like yeah, you're kind of right, you can't be too fast even. Maybe not too much. Maybe just increase it a little bit. Because it's a map the map would have to change though I wouldn't want a bunch of buildings. I was thinking more of like a mountain the terrain. I'm a big fan. I gotta say some of the Oregon flights I love the most in this scheme. Or on the hillside those rocky hillsides where it feels like you know the lone survivor like the it's you know the story Mark it's a drill Yeah, if you guys have watched that or read the book or anything he just what I always pictured them being on a hill like that. And it's just something like when you're on it, and you're fighting uphill like it's I don't know there's something really cool about that and you're taking cover behind rocks and like trees you know what I'd like to is like different environments with different fields and what I mean is like if you're up in the forest, so in my head I'm already imagining you're in like again like the Oregon forest very green grass, it looks nice with like a little fog in there. But then you if you want to go to a different area, it's like a different then you can like rotate down to like the beach area or I'm trying to think maybe there's like a new high tech City area. That's more bright and neon, just like that different feel when you go to the zoo. I don't know if you could do the brainwaves if you broke me. It's a great idea. But what I'm hearing is like take like the most awesome looking maps, and stick them all on one giant map. But there's no real crossover. Like, this is totally half baked, but I'm just saying areas that look cool. This desert with buildings that look like all shot up and boy done a million times. All right here. Okay, we gotta move on. Because I want to get like I think we'll probably move around our schedule here. I think we should move up the catching cheaters of AI. Because I really want to get into that. I think we can talk about that for a while. But let's go over the news. We'll do the warzone news and updates coming at you live. Right now this sound bites a little long. I could tell what I was listening to because it comes through where I didn't know if you had pre recorded what you were just saying. Just talking so start us off the bone. All right, so Aiden Aiden, the streamer if you're not familiar with who he is is I'm not a big fan and he's a streamer kind of disgusting but he is stepping away from the BR content shall be cheek punk kid oh yeah so I think Okay, so what's what's his reasoning behind it first, okay, so I've kind of kind of bullet pointed this so that so a lot of this is a bigger point kind of be made but the game is still nothing new or exciting is happening. Because so contents dry, no new content. Warzone two is not enjoyable or rewarding. This is kind of his words. Uh huh. There's no tournaments going on no big tournaments. Those were kind of the main points which I agree with. I agree with most that you know, it's funny it's like we're so we're so add now where it's like the game is still it really didn't come out that long ago. No, no, didn't like this. This whole content wave and like needing things now is relatively newer, right? Like the BR concept. I mean, it's been out for five years now. I mean, at least Warzone I think ish. But it's still like a work in progress. For five years no way. Is it three years three maybe. Yeah, so But yes, it I will say I agree that it Warzone if you're talking about all Mazara because resurgence to me right now feels good. I like it. It's fun. We do need more updates. It'd be fun to have but I'm having a good time playing it again that goes back to my previous point is like if it's that still the some of these guys it's probably because you shouldn't be playing video games for eight hours a day. That's not what we were designed to do as humans don't controversial take controversial take. Yeah, I find it interesting. So there's a couple of things one right now Warzone the viewership is down for these guys with like these high level dudes that you know, make a lot of money off it. So that's probably one factor that's playing in. Well ruin not only not only was viewership down another thing too, and this goes is YouTube as a whole content saturated everyone. Everyone is making content now. And so not only is viewership down and worse, and you also have more people like filtering in to create content. And so it's getting more and more competitive. So it's, it's just hard. It Aiden find out about this possible AI anti cheat before he made this decision. Who knows? Who knows? Yeah, so here's my thought, if you don't enjoy playing the game, don't play the game. Like it's simple, right? Like it's, especially it's a streamer. I mean, if you don't enjoy it, and you're not having fun, yeah, go play something else, then. I mean, it's easier to say when I'm not making a grip of money off doing it. But like I even if, even if I was I wouldn't play a game that I didn't enjoy playing. Like it's just worth the time. Honestly, that's what they're doing. I mean, because they made a lot of their money off this content from playing the game. And now since that's not happening, they're trying to find a different avenue. And the problem is a lot of these guys were purely just, they were found playing warzone. And honestly, a lot of them don't have like great personalities, so it's gonna be hard for them to transfer. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know how I feel about I mean, I do agree, though. hold tournaments like, that did seem to push Warzone back in the day those big tournaments everyone's excited about them. I wonder why they dropped off the tournament scene. I wonder maybe because they get dev errors all the time and you're right to be honest, the games for I was too unstable for it right now. It really is. All right. Well, I am stepping down. Onto the next. Yeah, whatever. I mean, I honestly it's if he doesn't want to play, that's fine. It's a bad look honestly for the game, though. I mean, I'm not a fan of his. But it's about look for the game when streamers are just leaving it is streamers or not, but let's be real. He'll he'll be right back. They all do this. Oh, yeah, it's not permanent, for sure. And I think with season three, you'll see hopefully some positive changes and some more excitement. They need to build something to make the game a little more exciting to drive something to make people to want to come back and play. Yeah. So you had some leaks on here? Oh, yeah. Just little things they said. So plunder if you're into plunder, that's coming back season three, supposedly, and Warzone rate again, like I said earlier, that's supposedly coming in season three as well. Yeah, the warzone? You said Warzone ranking, but you mean ranked? Right? Yeah. Ranked. Okay. Yeah, that'll wait does the late night Miss type. That'll be fun. I think that'll be libri. That'll definitely breathe life. And I guarantee you'll see a lot of streamers play in that mode, just getting in to try to level up. And I think that'll just make it more exciting. Just adding a little bit extra to it. It'll be interesting to see how they do that, though. Like, was it a win based system? It's got to be right. For the ranking, I imagine that's similar to multiplayer, which, um, we went over I can't remember exactly what it was, but it's got to be they have to have some sort of algorithm. It's It can't be just solely based on wins. I thought it was like, it switches like in the beginning, it's this maybe more wind based or maybe vice versa, but it changes when you as you play more, I think it changes the way you're scored. Okay, that would I mean, that would be fun to get a squad together and just grind ranked for a little bit. I think it'd be a good time. Yeah, it's, it's something different. So I'm down. I'll play it a little bit. But again, that big map is hard for me to invest that much time into in it for ranking. Realistically. I don't know how much I can get ranked. Okay. Yeah, you're I'm gonna be honest, maybe you were I don't know if rinks for you right now. It's hard enough to get you on here then let alone you know, ranking. So yeah. I'm watching you. You're doing something you're you're often Lalo and oh, I was I was gonna I was gonna tell everybody in chat. If you want to leave a question. Just use that pinned comment and we'll read them at the end. Yeah, okay. Because I could tell I'm sitting here trying to like type the message and I'm like, I don't know how to say it and then I'm watching I'm like, look it up like this guy's not really paying attention. He's trying to do something and I'm getting like little wordy answers. I have been I've been very clear I cannot do two things at once. Very one track minded Okay. All right. So John Wick crossover. What is that about? This is this is not speculate, just purely I just saw a lot of people they wanted because we got the shredder skin and I still stand by what I said we need the turtles in the game. I want a Ninja Turtle skin. I don't care if it looks like a turtle. I just want the turtles in the shredder without the turtles. It's silly. But, but people want John Wick crossovers and John Wick in the game and I think that'd be sick, especially with color warzone. Because obviously fortnight had John Wick it's like why can't Warzone have John Wick? It's like a perfect fit. That's funny because I was thinking isn't John Wick in the game already? But that's I'm thinking a fortnight. Yeah, yeah, it was in fortnight because actually fortnight hadn't Oh, well. I'm gonna get into it. Yes, they have the John Wick skin. But again, they're missing. shredders cool. But John Wick is like a perfect fit. That'd be really people want it, I want it. I think it'd be really cool. If they brought to the game, I might actually have to buy that which I don't want to buy it. But I'm gonna, I'm gonna. I'm gonna get off John Wick real quick. Cool. We have John Wick. I just saw a comment in there. It'll be there said there should be a voting system for approval of streamers. I wonder like how many people actually like most of these guys, it's hard to say because there's obviously when you say streamers, that's like a broad group. I'm talking about the elite Warzone streamers. My problem personally, I don't like a lot of the people I just don't like their personalities. I shouldn't at all. Don't want to. I don't like casting a broad net because there's some guys that are like, nice guys. But I've said it before. There's a very huge lack of maturity with these streamers. I mean, they're younger too. They're, I would say just insincerity and there's like, I don't know why we the YouTube people get on and they become different people. Like you. That's not their real personality. You know, yet like there's showmanship, whatever. I mean, dogs. I'm not about dark the he like nailed his thing. But I'm talking about like guys that you know, they pretend to be like over enthusiastic with their crowds but they don't even really like relate to the people that they're like their their chats just like emojis and stuff all day. There's really not a relationship there. And they're not really there for their fans. They're just there because the money from streaming it. So it's a weird, I honestly think guys blew up really fast and just got these huge egos with it. Yeah, that's what I would say is what I noticed is the ego and like you said, the lack of sincerity. I know that's probably hard to do when you get a huge fan base. But yeah, I don't know. I'm not a fan of a lot of them. I don't even know what my point was. I just want to get that out there. Do you want to do you want to go straight to the AI? Then we'll throw this other stuff in at the end? Sure. Okay. Because I want to because we could end up talking a lot about this. And and I want to, so I'm pickle ray. So we have Okay, so what's this, there's a video out right, that's where this all came from? Yeah, his name is homeless. Basically, homeless is the guy. Wait, hold on. Actually, before we get into this, I have one thing. As you guys know, we're proud to have manscaped sponsoring this podcast and they sent us some products that I really want to share with you actually one in particular, the body buffer. Now, I never even thought I would need a product like this until I tried it in the past. I'm not proud to admit it, but I have used a loofa I just put bodywash on it scrubbed down now the thing that annoys me the LUFA one, it's a little abrasive, and you kind of have to wring it out after you use it. But moron bring it out kind of annoying. 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Now, back to the show. And we're back. All right. There are these days you guys didn't know when Daniel said, Well, we are he said what do you have wherever your outro is into the clip. I was talking the whole time I didn't know that he had sent you guys to a clip some behind the scenes behind the scenes stuff. Alright, so cheating with catching cheaters with AI so yeah, a new video got put out. It's called Saving SP oh my oh my gosh, wow. Wow, saving. Well done saving FPS games with AI anti cheat. So the funny thing is one of these groups, the guy who's doing the video, I've heard of them. Do you remember hearing about them before? Like they were trying to develop some type of an anti cheat. And they were just like getting off the ground with it. And the but they were still like a ways away. This is like a year ago. Yeah, I had never heard of him. And now I knew things were out there. And we had been especially obviously when we were into the hacker hunting stuff people would contact us with stuff about similar or they had big ideas but no, I had never heard of them before. Okay, so do you want to give us the overview of it like you watched? I watched it too but you had some Yeah, so the whole idea right? The problem so the problem is this AI anti cheat came out right? Not sorry in AI cheat in AI cheat that would allow players to basically aim for the players. So how it worked is that this is crazy. This AI cheating system would use your live stream and it would read it would basically read your screen find the enemy and then send that data back to your system and then he would aim at you know it obviously send the controls to send your aim tube where the player is reading the reading the screwed this is from what I've obviously as you're talking Okay, let me switch. Let me switch back to the screen. Hold on. Okay, so you're saying, this is a cheating software? Yes. So this is the problem is this AI cheat software came in with AI cheat software's Learning Reading the screen and sending data back to you, and then sending their controls and moving them to where the player is. Yeah. And so I did watch that part, too. And so basically, there's no way it's like undetectable. Because from what I understand, it's watching. It's not like getting into the code. It's all the software is like, reading the screen, the video feed and adjusting off of what you're seeing. So it's not even like in the code to find it. It's it's like running in the back, I guess. Right? Yeah, it's like almost the way they describe is say you're playing on your PC, you have your PC, you have this AI software, and then you have the game. And it's kind of the middleman. And it's yeah, it's it's taking those video signals is reading the screen and sending data back to you. How does that work, though, then? Yeah, then it then obviously makes the adjustments to get you the kills. So basically, there's a cheat software, that's just like ridiculous, right? No. Cheat software. Scary. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's I didn't even know they had stuff. Like that doesn't surprise me at all. But then they came out about a year ago, I had heard heard of it before I hadn't looked into it, obviously. Yeah, so it's it's crazy though it in this is we all knew this would come eventually, everything's going AI this deep learning machine learning. We I knew this would come now the positive sides of so that's the problem is basically like Dan said, there's a cheating software that just is not being detected. And I don't even know if they have the ability to detect it. Until maybe now. So. So did you want to play a clip? Or, you know, yeah, we can watch, we can watch a little bit in all of the audio for the podcast of how the AI anti cheat works. You want to do that? Okay, so okay. Yeah, so I'll just play, we'll just play this a little bit between someone that is say using like an ESP and a game, versus someone that isn't what we do is every player is providing data about how it is possible to perform the game. So let's say you have a reaction time, when you find an open end and move to there, there is different cognitive skills that we apply when we're playing a game at which we can extract from these behaviors is this cognitive skills that are being applied on on a specific moment? They are not human? So it's, it's learning constantly. Is that? Okay? Yep. Yeah. And so what percentage of people would you say are cheating in some form, we always start with a very high threshold, meaning that we do not necessarily catch everybody. But everybody that we're catching, we're 100% Sure, we usually see between maybe 1015 20% of players that are cheating, we are fairly certain that the phenomenon is much higher than that. And again, that's why we created an Andre created and in my kind of estimation, based on a bunch of different numbers, it was around 30%, or using something to improve. Yeah, yeah. Okay, we're thinking along the same lines here. And they're under NDA, so they couldn't tell me exactly which game but they had data to back up these claims, every time we get somebody cheating. What we need also is multiple moments that has a very high probability of being somebody using a name. But so a pro will have very few of these moments, because they are just very good, right? Yes, that's, you know, the first to make them validation actually get flagged, have you using that surname, but in the game, that means that we will have make moves that have a very, very high probability of being in bots, and doing that multiple times. So let's say hypothetically, I'm only using a very small amount of humanized Aim Assist. Is this something that you think your your system would be able to detect? Yeah, so Well, first, and 12 of people who see using that smell adjustment that is, yeah, make it invisible on the video, or if they're watching the stream is so difficult, because the differences on human eyes, it's almost impossible to catch, but the way we interact is clearly possible to make it as a human. Can you expound a little? So already, that's I already like, it's nice to hear other people say, you know, like, there's such a high amount of cheaters in these games. Yeah. And so let's, let's give a because we jumped in the gun a little bit. So that is the AI now it's our solution to the problem, which is the AI cheat software, we now people are creating an AI based anti cheat software and that's any brain and that's what we just started talking. And yes, you're right. It is nice to hear like them say what we've thought there's a large amount of cheating I mean, 30% out of you know, how many million is a big number. And then I think Mobile thanks. Yeah, I think they're being conservative cuz, conservative. That yeah, I was gonna hit you to the wrong but we'll we'll just slide on that. So. So that's exciting, right? It's exciting that people are developing this. And the theory of it sounds great, right? They're saying this is a permanent solution based on on how they're going to write they are how they is going to learn is going to be able to detect human movement from AI based movement. Yeah, so that was something like I've always thought, especially when we were breaking down videos. That's what we're trying to do. Right. That was like trying to do with our eyes, which we do not have get. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, our vision is not great. We have to wear glasses. Yes. But I think there is a there's truth in like, you can see patterns that are just not normal. But now, that's the again, and here's the issue we ran into with the whole thing. Is that, yes, that looks suspect. But is it proof enough to like to really prove someone's cheating? Sometimes I think it is, but But obviously, it's not going to affect them. It's kind of a joke to do it off. You're like naked, I just watching. Like, you need to have like definitive data points that you can say like, this is like what it looks like with him. But that's not human movement. And that's what this almost like, if I feel like Can't you get the actual data that's being sent to the server when you make a move? Like there's actual data being sent, which is interpreted right, and then on your screen, it does something? If they could get that data? Shouldn't they be able to tell? And I don't know if they do? It's because to me that sounds like it's all based on the video. So from what my understanding No, no, I think you're totally right, because they were saying, so what they want you to do is send them your video footage, so they can plug it into their software to hold on, you're getting the mixed up because the AI anti cheat to any brain. So there's to be clear, there's two versions. So there's two different things. They are anti cheat, which we just saw those guys from any brain talk about that's different. That's I don't know, if it's, they may they must work with the game because they said it's installed on one game already there. Can't say what game it is. But I think that's like they work with the game developers and installer, install their software with a game. I don't know how exactly that is working. But then there's the other thing, which is the wall division, which is what that home, basically homeless is working on. And that one is where you send clips in. And then they analyze the clips through various software. But they're both aren't they using some of this? They're like trying to partner with him or something, right? I don't know. I don't know. Because the way the video went is basically that basically homeless was trying to create this AI software to detect cheaters. Then he realized that there's already exists in any brain is the creator of it. Okay, yeah. Well, I mean, it would seem well, that's hard, because that's now you're talking money to get them to partner up. But from my understand, okay, so the any CI in the any brain, is that analyzing video. I don't know how I don't know what I didn't hear the details of exactly how that one is working. Okay, so let's, let's just go to this wall division, what they're trying to do is anything that makes more sense for like us, and that's the one I think I understand a little more, because the other one, they need brain, they're kind of seeking day to day, it's like proprietary, so they don't want to talk about, like how it actually works. They're kind of vague on it. But right, it's cool that they actually have that. Like there's something going on there that there seemed to be doing a good job, right. There's, well, yeah, we'll go into that one a little bit more. But if you want to go talk about okay, well, here's go go into it then. So, so the basic thing with any brain, which I thought was interesting, so what my questions are, they're saying first, they can detect ESP and aimbot. Which is cool, right? Because you don't and I'm curious, they didn't mentioned Cronus. But I'd imagine that would fall foul I, from what from the explanations. I think it would fall into the same thing, because they're because they're looking at move, like they're getting a baseline for human movement. And then they compare that right. Yeah, so I guess to how it works at a large picture is that they're using the human data. So we're all however this is working must be when you're playing, they're taking they're ingesting all that data, right from all the players, and they're getting a baseline for what is normal human movement. And then they're using that to then analyze and if they see some movement that does not fit within that dataset, they Then they're flagged. So it's like, those people now are suspected when it when it doesn't look like normal human movement. Now, to me, that's the big part is like an even set it like well, pros, it's a pros will have this unusual movement every once in a while, right? Because they're so good, they'll do things that we normal players wouldn't be able to do. The problem I have is, so how many times are pros going to have that type of movement? Right? How do you establish this player? Like, usually pros can have force for suspect moments, right? So it just, and that's gonna be the question, can they really determine and identify the differences between that? Yeah, and then we'll get player and AI? And then it's like, what's their baseline? I guess, if they have enough data from everyone, like, how do you differentiate between just off when you build the data off of normal players? Versus if somebody is you're using data? That's maybe a soft team, but you know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, that's, those are all good questions. Who knows how this is built? I mean, I mean, if you guys have more questions, watch that video, the saving FPS FPS scheme was basically homeless. But yeah, I've just, I'm a little skeptical on it as far. I mean, they seem confident, they seem confident that it's catching people. And it's learning where and what I'll say is, then they said, right, if you make small adjustments, so say a lot of people run aimbot, but they're that smooth, whatever that setting is. So they it looks real smooth. So it's hard to tell the difference. Between you know, if they're cheating or not, that's gonna be the hard cases, I think to find, but if anyone's like, clearly using a button, maybe not even rage hacking, but just to smooth, this just set up a little bit higher, maybe it's going to be easier to see. Because if you can see it, because we see it, right, we see some players like okay, hold on. Like, this ain't just like snaps over there. Assuming it's not a frame issue, right? You can see that when people are cheating. So if you can see it, surely I can detect it. Right? That would make sense. So, yeah, so how that works, who knows? Hope I hope it'll, I hope it will work out good. I'm sure they're gonna put a lot of time and effort into it. It's exciting. That's what I'll say. The whole thing to us, they said they can detect within five minutes, which is nice. So if someone gets in there five minutes, and they're cheating, they have that, you know, each suspect moment, I think they said they get like three or four flags or whatever. And then then they'll be identified as a cheater, they have to have multiple of those moments. Yeah, and from what they're saying, it seems I'm trying to think like, honestly, how people are getting would get around it. I mean, if it says accurate, and they have a base, that just like they know, are legit players, or I guess if they have data points that it's like, you can't move physically move the stick that direction that fast, because that's what I've learned, too, when you're looking at videos, like the path that the centering you know, travels, like from when you go to ATS to like where it gets to the player. Like the different paths that it takes. Uh huh. So you've got to be able to measure that. Yeah, well, and I also think if they say this is putting the warzone, they should be able to see your sensitivity, and they should know how fast you can realistically move your aim from one, one point to another on that sensitivity. And if it moves over that amount, then that's something else. Right. And I really think it probably comes down to those like micro adjustments, like when you're on target, and those little tiny adjustments or lack thereof. You know? Yeah. And if you think about it, cheating software is adjusting the aim, obviously, to the players. And in the way it does, it is not doesn't matter how much they try at this point. It's not human like, right, they can make it close, but it's not going to match. And I think that's what they're kind of saying, they're able to identify that it's not going to match what a normal human would do, or the speed at which a human can do that. Or meet that reaction, all that type of stuff. So yeah, from what I watched of them, I'd like to actually like watch some more videos later about them. The any brain because they were purposefully vague on their descriptions, but they seemed like they have it down and it's working. So that right there is huge to me. And that's not even really the thing I'm the most excited about. But I mean if they haven't been working anti cheat, that they're actually like people you can see talking about it and like what they're trying to do. Hey, more power to them. I'll try to like I'm gonna go check them out and see what I don't know. Give them a like, follow whatever. Yeah, and so supposedly, so again, supposedly, they said it's already out in one game, and it's they're expecting it to be, I guess, mass released or maybe incorporating more games. Throughout this year, so we'll see how it works. If it really does work, I'm always skeptical of these types of things. It seems like a very difficult thing to do. Well, something else the is now is this, the one that has the biometric profile? Right? So that's that. Yes. So they have the biometric profiles. So what they're saying is they can detect you, you from what I understood, they can detect you from your movement, and they can say, Okay, I know this is this player. And if you ever Sofia band, they'll know if you ever try to play against it doesn't matter. If you create a new account, they'll be able to tell Hey, this is Darren is added again, ban him. Yeah, that was, which also seems very difficult to do. But it's aI learning. You know, it's, it's beyond my comprehension. Yeah, cuz they were and they were confident on that. Yeah, but that's the problem is a lot of these people are not saying they're, it's, I'm not saying it's not real, but I'm just saying, I've heard a lot of people be comfortable with things in the past, and it just doesn't work out. So yeah, because that biometric profile sounded crazy, because there Yeah, them saying that you can get banned, even like hardware ID bit. Well, whatever you can get banned. Come back on our new profile, whole new system, whatever. And they'll still detect it to you. Which seems crazy to me off your gameplay. But yeah, all I know. And like, how would you do that? If you if someone was using an aimbot? before? But then they don't use? Let's say they come back, but they're not using aimbot? I wonder if they'd still get banned? I don't know. Because you think their patterns would change? But I don't know. Yeah. Again, it's aI learning the capabilities are endless it this will I'll tell you right now 100%, we will be able to detect to detect, oh my gosh, detect cheaters. With AI that will happen. It's just a matter of when. Okay, so now let's get into we get into Walter vision, or Walter. So this, this is cool. Because so the wall division is the one where they you basically submit clips, they analyze the clip ideas, eventually you'll send a clip, they analyze and they'll be able to tell you if that person is cheating or not. Okay, so the Walter vision is like, way up my alley. Like the wall their vision is what I've been dreaming of. Since I started a YouTube channel is like in I tried to do by myself just by watching and identifying the patterns from my own eye. And what do you think you did? Alright, but having something like with AI software that can really detect those movements, I think it would be awesome. And from what they said, it's like any footage. So to me, the exciting thing is like if they get this developed and working right, you can plug in some streamers footage from a year ago. Right? Right. So that you're right, that's the exact point I was gonna say is it's exciting because hey, guess what, even if you don't cheat now and you did in the past and that videos up, you can submit that video and get caught. Now, you know it'd be funny if you started seeing mass deletions of logs and or VODs or whatever. You know, you and I out there that'd be that'd be Yeah, who knows? I don't know if they I caught and it was working on a project tonight. Yeah, but Waldo I just man it seems like such a huge undertaking and I'm sure it is. That's why they've been working on it for years here. But just because it's like for one if you have this Walter vision, it's got to be game specific. Right? So that's one thing I was thinking old videos. I wonder if you have run it on like for dance. Who knows again, who knows how it works? Maybe? I don't know and then it's just then you have to factor in like frame rates, you know, controller settings inputs, but I guess if you're at the level of what's humanly realistic, and like I said, that's why I think it comes down to those little like, micro adjustments if you can read that. And that was always the hard part. I've tried so many things I put grid on screen I've put grids on you guys have seen crosshairs I've done all kinds of thing tracking tracking but what you don't realize is when you play a game the background moves and so tracking is so freakin hard. Yeah because your center is always your center the center of the screen doesn't change this he'd already read the background that goes in into yeah to track anything is I mean you move so fast that the thing you're you're set to track is going to be off the screen you could track the player but then when you add is you lose sight of the player. There's jobs which will break the tracking right do we have yeah, I've we've messed with it. Because I wanted I was watching people's patterns and I wanted to see like visually and show visually how their aim is moving is so hard but AI won't be able to do it. It will. Yeah. Because that yeah, that was exactly what like I wanted to look at the point at which a player, like, the enemy player comes into the screen, how their aim like stops next to him. And then when they go into their AEDs, that movement from where it stops to the player, and then the shots on the player, I wonder, like, track all of that. Extremely difficult. Yeah, especially now with the AI the AI cheating software, borderline impossible. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's, it's tough. But I mean, I think we all know, like, the eye test. When you watch some people, you just know, there's something off. And I can say that when I watch somebody who's legit, I'm like, it almost shocks me when I find some legit guys. And I'm just like, Okay, this does not look like they're cheating at all. They don't have walls. They're not like finding people that they shouldn't know. But you can tell pretty quick. And then there's some guys that you're like, Man, I don't know, there's the in between guys. We're like, sometimes it looks legit. Sometimes it doesn't. And then there's the guys that are just like raging on there that they just don't care. But well, you know what, it'll be nice. What I'll really enjoy is being able to watch streamers and not even question it. Right? I want to be able to watch someone be like, Okay, this guy is legit. Good. And he's fun to watch. This guy's amazing. I can't do that right now. Because too many people especially at the top, I just don't trust them. And it just doesn't look right to me for a lot of them. Yeah, and I don't know if I should, but I let emotions get in a little bit where it's like, Michael. Yeah, I'm like looking at their personality. I'm like, I don't trust him. His gameplay looks super suspect. And you know, and he's, he's got the chat filters where you can't bring a VPNs or anything else. You know what I mean? That's like, yeah, yeah. But the good thing is this will be coming out soon. And I cannot wait for it to drop. Yeah. I think we have. It's exciting. I'm actually going to all send, I think they're looking for clips without wall division. So go check that out. And I'm gonna, I'll probably send some clips and see if I can help anything I can do to help it like, I'm yeah, we'll do and we'll look into it more both these things because I want to see how they're progressing. Because I saw Luke, I thought Luke had said that Waldo hadn't been updated in a while. So we'll see. Hopefully, they just don't forget about it. Because while the vision is cool, though, if the idea that you could submit clips, and then even if it's from a long time ago, and just identify cheaters, that'd be awesome. Like I said, working on it at a low level. I've dabbled with this. And it seems extremely difficult. So if somebody with a big brain can figure it out, that'd be awesome. I'm rooting for him. Like I said, I'll do what I can, which is not much but thank you for it is exciting, though. It's I feel like that goat video that called out the Tarkov cheaters. I feel like there's some energy right now, in in, you're getting a lot of like higher level streamers that Nestler necessarily aren't like warzone. But like just higher level guys that are talking a lot about the cheating issue here because the worst part is when it's swept under the rug, and it's just acts like people are acting like it's not a thing. Well, that people were say have been saying that streamers. Were saying it's not as bad as people are making it out to seem and all this stuff. It's like no, no, it is bad. I mean, you can see how just due to goo Warzone cheats, there's all sorts of cheap providers. So and that's the issue too, when they're saying 33% of people are cheating. Right? And that's like a conservative number. Yes, sir. Mentioned in chat that might have been in game 33% of the players in a game are cheating. I don't know. Yeah, that's that's how I took it. But okay. Or either way, then you got to think with skill based matchmaking. It's going to all those guys should be in higher lobbies, then you think the streamers who have these six Hadees are in these lobbies? How could you compete against them? You're going to have at least at least you're going to have one cheater in a game or two or a team that's what I always was like, How could these guys go around the map and just delete everybody and like not even like playing that tactical just like we're sprinting IT teams deleting them when you you're gonna run into cheaters that are going to be walling so it's like they know it in their defense they did they do sometimes, but it's Yeah, I don't want to get on the stream I think it's more of a Brian actually talking about a select group of people is what I'm talking about, but it's cheating. Yeah. There's the word wants to browse watching you Oh, I'm not gonna say his name. But dude, this dude straight and he's a big time streamer on Twitch. And he in fact, I saw his name in chat earlier. He, this dude, one knows where everyone's at, I saw him. So he was on the top of this building, there's a guy who was who must have just flown down, he was AFK. But he was sitting on this hill, but he wasn't in view of the streamer. But you see the stream on this building, he turns, looks at that position again, can't see him visually, but he this guy's behind the building on this hill, just sitting there, he turns looks, and then you see him run around, jump over, jump over the other building closer, then he does a sweep. Like as if he looks past him and then goes right to him. So he's like playing the game. Like I saw Ron, look at him multiple times, look right at that direction, again, through the building, and then go and find him and kill him. Yeah, that the one the guy you're talking about is bleeding. He's blatantly doing it. And it's like you said a lot of times they'll look and they're looking at it like the side they're not you always like gonna look right at the person. But they'll kind of like look in the direction to where they'll see someone when they're using walls. And then they play it off and then they just happen to stumble across them. And it's that guy's not even it's not even close. He's yeah, there's no doubt that by the way, tip I mentioned it before but I want to remind people use your compass for the red indicators when people shoot that is a huge help. Yeah, I wish actually the dots were a little bigger. Maybe I don't think you can adjust that. Now you're talking about the compass on top I'm just saying that so we're all tells you northeast Southwest and the little Yeah, that's something I neglected for a long time. A long time and I'm still waiting when you're playing game to actually move your eyes up there. That's a huge help. Yep. All right. We're gonna have to cut a couple of things out because we that's why I wanted to put that AI in because I knew we were gonna go long on now that that is okay, so we talked about the new matters or we could talk about two v two tactics. Let's go let's start with tactics. Yeah, because the matter is we can talk about the next time in it those are really YouTube videos people made I haven't tested yet so I'll test them out. I did use a one of the attachments just briefly what they say to us over pressured rounds. I used it on the Lachman did not work out well, but I could have had a bad build so Oh, I didn't tune it. You have to tune it anyway. So to get maximal velocity and damage range, okay, yeah. And then here we'll just say replay them face swag says the FS s hurricane is the meta with this the barrel is the FS s can't Oh, dude, can you say that word and Canada DOD can any enemy I don't know. I underbarrel is Agent grip optics, Corona, Mini Pro stocks demo fi Pro Stock, rear grips, Phantom grip, so try it out if you want to see he says the meta. You know how that goes. Yeah. I'm still stuck on a lock in but I need to play around with a couple. Because to me, I don't know. I feel like they touch the Lachman. They did something. But yeah, Lachman Stockman solid. I still like it. I mean, I responded without even listening to you. I like the Lachman. Still it was working yesterday when I was playing with it. All right, let's go to two v two tactics here. I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. Chubby cheek punk kid. Back to two I love that dark coin to talk who says that? Yeah, it's dark. Oh, I didn't I didn't put that together. Okay, so two v two tactics. So it's kind of funny. So when you're talking what do we were talking about resurgence for this? Right? Pretty much I ran our tactics recently, right? Yeah, so it's funny because it is a different game. Like you do have to play different. Then play with quads, or trios. Oh, yeah, it's a whole different game you have well, you have to be more careful on quads, you can kind of just be a savage if you want because most likely your team's going to your team's gonna be alive you can just go and die and then come back to me to it's it's a lot more risk right? Right right. And I like your first point and I've I've preached this all day long since I started doing it but simple run smokes guys run smokes because the smokes like they'll just get you out of so many spots that you don't even like really you don't even realize it until you're using them you'll think you're down and you're gonna get finished but just having the smoke will keep people from pushing it because of that and oh and I talked to Dan and we even tried like me running stones one I don't necessarily love the Sun's right now. Like the radius is big enough if like you have to be pretty accurate. So we tried that running him running smokes I run stance but then we there's times when we needed smokes I didn't have them and it got us caught so I honestly think smokes are just matter right now. You got to run them just to get yourself out of bad situation or Are rotations if you've got a road, I don't know how many times I've used them on rotations in game, smoking across, and then you just get ahead of everyone because they're busy fighting each other. As people you don't people don't even realize they look at the smoke. And they just they're instantly like, Okay, I can't worry about those guys. I gotta worry about these guys over here. Oh, it's true. Even when I see it and I see someone smoke, I immediately disengage because I know, I'm probably not gonna be able to kill them. And if I know someone else's around, I'll focus on them. And it also tells you if they smoke. They probably unless they're on thermals, they probably can't see you either. So it's almost like a blanket of like comfort like, okay, they smoked that way. I don't really have to focus over there right now I can look. Good point. So not to mention, when I see someone smoke, I'm kind of like, that person's probably decent. There's a thought of that, where you're like, Oh, they're smoking across, they're probably working together. And also, here's another smoke that I use all the time is if it finishes in the water. And you know, you have to come up for your breath. And that's usually like where you get killed, right? I mean, unless someone's underneath mailing your has a pistol. But typically in a game when you pop up, that's where he killed I smoke out in the water. And then I come up in the smoke. Nobody can see you. You can get your breath and then dive back down. Yeah, no, absolutely. Yeah. We preached most for a long time, and just trying to make sure everyone's on the page of this same page. And again, we're not experts. We're just telling you what's helped us. Yeah, it was help a time. Yeah. So the next point handhold sort of you know, the funniest thing with this, and I feel like it's just because we all watched a lot of streamers back in the day and watch them play in their gut, this whole negative, like connotation to like, you know, holding hands and you know, being on top of each other as a team that, oh, they're stacked up? Well, there's a reason people don't like it, it's because it works it Yeah. I was gonna say that that exact point is why you should do it. Because if streamers don't like it, and they play the game all the time, they're really good, then it probably means it's something you should do, because it works because it frustrates them. Yeah, because they're not going to be able to run in there and just gun your whole team down, especially in this game. So it does come with a caveat, right? You can't be too close to each other.